New design cycling clothes with reflective fabric

Transparent joins the project of one of the most productive cycling quarries in Europe. The firm has collaborated since this season with the Spanish subsidiary and sub23 of the Quick Step team, the Quickstep-Telco.


Transparent has prepared for the young cyclists and their technical team some personalized poles that stand out for their particular cyclist style in street clothes. These garments follow the parameters that have made the signature designs unique and that link them directly with the bicycle tradition: back pocket, reflective detail, tight cut, seams advanced…


In addition, he has made custom fabric bags with the name of each of the cyclists and some exclusive reflective jackets. The Quickstep-Telco team, m-Timex was officially launched this week. The presentation of the Spanish subsidiary of the Quick Step was held in Pamplona and was attended by five-time Tour de France champion Miguel Endbrain. The Quickstep-Telco team, m-Timex will have 18 riders and will be headed in the technical direction by Juan Salas (manager) and Luis Vicente Orin (first sports director).


This is transparent first foray into street wear with reflective fabric in a professional cycling structure. Undoubtedly, one more step in the evolution of this young Spanish firm specializing in the making of cyclist-style street wear.


Wear safety vest at dangerous night

The Police in safety vest have clarified some of the first data of the investigation that the body clogs team is solving throughout this morning of Friday, when it has been reported the death of a man by abuses on the roads of Navarre.


This is O.G.F, a 43-year-old man from Cantabria, who was driving a truck on the N121A, at the height of the town and has been hit by a vehicle that was driving in the direction of Pamplona. The event took place near midnight, about 23.55 hours on Thursday. The driver of the car that has rolled this man was a young man of 19 years, neighbor of the municipality.


As confirmed by the police force, the darkness of the night has been able to have part of ‘responsibility’ in the facts. Early indications indicate that the man, who was driving a truck, has parked the vehicle on the right-hand side of the road. Apparently, he wanted to cross the national road where the events took place on the other side of the road, where there is a gas station, but he doesn’t wear any reflective vest.


The driver of the car may not have seen the trucker crossing the road on foot, a fact that has caused the vehicle’s impact, at speed, against him. This has been the state in which the car has been:

The same police sources confirmed that the deceased did not wear reflective clothing. For his part, the boy who drove has been negative in all tests that have been practiced, both alcohol and drug. It has been unharmed after the deadly accident on Friday.

Until the place of the events have been patrols of the Provincial Police and Road Safety of Pamplona. This is the second road accident in less than 24 hours in Navarre, as this same Thursday reported the death of a 19-year-old, who was leaving the road descending from San Cristobel.



The coolest costume by reflective material for a themed party

We know that the United States always hosts school year-end parties, and the boys propose themed parties to concentrate more fun with the proposals made, those planned follies, end up being the best celebrations of year-end.


For Ryan Danka and Gabrielle Farina did not skimp on rolls and rolls of reflective material and luminescent tape, better known as duct tape, which led them to recreate the “The Great Gatsby” to be winners of the costume competition at the party at Michigan High School , With an outfit never seen before taking as a prize 10,000 dollars each.


OUTFIT: These are costumes inspired by “The Great Gatsby”

Totally synthetic, using metallic gold-plated fabric, black patent leather and iridescent white, to this little pair of boys, they won despite literally sweating the fat drop, for having dressed in plastic. The genius and creativity of making the material versatile took them to the beat, using 12 rolls of iridescent reflective tape in the dark, these ribbons that shine green in the shade, which was placed from the hair accessories to the feet.


The dress very similar to the one of the protagonist of the film, has a cross between the chest, this one is of black color, on a golden dress in cut tube, until the middle of the thigh, adorned with white fringes, with golden ballerinas With iridescent white as well. He dresses with a straight reflective jacket, with white ribbons on the flap, and a back diagram symbolizing the film. Look at these photos the details of this impressive outfit, inspired by a film, also inspired in the 20’s.

Reflective collars to prevent street canines

With the aim of defending and safeguarding the lives of canines in street condition, the Come dog and Mosques Foundation lead in Quindío an initiative that aims, through a collar with reflective material, to protect the lives of animals.


“The campaign is aimed at dogs in street condition. We did it because hundreds of run-over animals die every year. In many cases the drivers do not see or do not stop to brake or, there are cases where they do it on purpose. For that reason, we implemented it in the department,” said Cristina Duque, animal advocate and member of the Come dog Quindío Foundation.


The woman who fights for caring for the canines said: “What we are trying to do is to make dogs that are without a home visible through necklaces so that citizens can see them. The objects are reflective and with ease the drivers can observe them “.

The youth group, which was united for the welfare of hundreds of animals, said that it also wants to raise awareness in the community.

“The idea is for people to brake their cars and motorcycles, because animals are like children and they have the right to live and cross the street. They do not reason as a human would, “he added.


In addition to a reflective tape, the necklace has an “adoptee” message.

“The necklaces have an adoption message. The campaign is carried out at the national level. Anyone who sees the puppy on the street can adopt it. The idea is not for Quinines to buy, we want them to join the wave of adoption and for canines to have a home. ”


The initiative has already settled in municipalities like Calera, Armenia, Qumbu and Montenegro. “The idea is that people come together and sponsor a little animal. The necklace has a cost of 13 thousand pesos, “added the animalist leader.


Those who received the first reflective elements were the canines that frequently visit the dining rooms that are arranged in different parts of the municipalities. Over the next few days, Quindío would reach 80 of the reflective objects that were bought by godfathers of the street canines.


Reflective vests are obligatory already

From the beginning of November, drivers in Slovakia have to wear a reflective vest. Obligation, of course, also applies to foreign drivers on Slovak roads.


The reflective vest is mandatory for both four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles on all roads outside the village, both day and night. Persons leaving a vehicle due to a breakdown, defect or accident must wear a reflective vest. If the vehicle is not fitted with a reflective vest, a fine of between EUR 50 and EUR 150 may be imposed. The reflective vest must meet the EN 471 standard. The following colors are yellow, red, green, and orange each with reflective tapes.


The Ministry of Transport has decided to include vests in the mandatory equipment of vehicles. Unlike some other states, however, drivers do not have to have it in the car; the vest can be folded in the trunk.


Reflective safety vests are mandatory, for example, in Austria, Italy or Croatia. In some countries, for example in the Czech Republic, this obligation applies only to truck drivers.


Police in safety vest are searching for two robbers

Police officers who wear safety vest are searching for a pair of men who, on the 30th of June, overwhelmed two games in a few dozen minutes. According to new information, it is about Joseph K. and Peter V., who may be responsible for other robberies outside the capital. Police spokeswoman Andrea said on police website. The men, in the case of robberies in the games, threatened the service with firearms, then tied it and took tens of thousands of crowns from the safes. They are threatened with up to ten years in prison.


Both men are searched at the age of 40 and speak Czech without accent. One of them was about 170 to 180 centimeters high and had dark eyes. At the time of the robbery he was wearing a dark blue sweatshirt and blue trousers carrying a brown bag over his shoulder. The other was 185 centimeters tall and had black short hair. He was dressed in a blue jacket and gray sweatpants that had reflective ribbons on his calves. He had a light cap on his head, around his waist.


The men first defeated at about 7:30 in Prague 4, and the other had been attacked before 8:30 pm in Armoire Street in Prague 2. In the assaults no one was injured. “Investigation has shown that this pair of rapists may be responsible for other robberies outside the metropolis,” Zola said.


Criminologists therefore ask for further potential victims or witnesses who have come in contact with them and can provide any information about their current residence to call emergency number 158. The police in reflective vest have warned earlier that people should not try to detain themselves.

Officers handed out 325 reflective tapes to the city

The policemen in reflective vest stopped the selected pedestrians for a whole week. But not people were committing misdemeanors, but because pedestrians had lighter clothing. Many drivers know about it. Few people in his life did not get to see the man who entered the road in the shadows. The action was named by the police very impressively and forcefully: Be seen – you survive!


“We shared 325 reflective tapes. In the morning, we handed it to people at bus stops, business trips, doctors, bakers, news stalls, gateways, and buses. In the afternoon, people who came to shop in the shopping centers, in the parks for those who walked or dressed dogs, the children on the playgrounds, “said the preventer of the municipal police Hanna.


Also, cyclists and mums with prams or people on the wheelchair have not been forgotten. Everyone could get ribbons adapted for strollers or medical aids. This was the first regional event of this kind in the field after the cooperation of the municipal police in the field of crime prevention. The Municipal Police of Karlovy Vary, Chekov and Island joined. These four components are working together on similar projects together.


“All reflective aids that can help pedestrians in road traffic, I welcome. Children’s things or school aids are already made by manufacturers with reflective elements. Especially for the elderly and their clumsy clothes, its worse, “said one of the drivers Petra Bock.

The government orders walkers wear reflective vests

Do you live in a village where public lighting does not work, or do you often walk in places where visibility is low? Then prepare your wallets. The Ministry of Transport wants to ask pedestrians to wear reflective vests or at least clothing equipped with reflective elements.


The reason for the proposal is according to the Ministry of Transport of Pedestrian Safety. “Particularly in reduced visibility, the distance to which the driver is able to see pedestrians moving without reflective elements on the road, in particular, leads to accidents, often with fatal consequences,” notes the Office of the Minister in the explanatory report to his Of the proposal.


The ministry suggests that pedestrians wear reflective elements in their garments, for example when they go on a road or other road without public lighting and reduced visibility. “Decreased visibility refers especially to dawn, twilight and night, during the day especially mist and heavy rain,” he says.


Costs for the acquisition of reflective material will not be too high, according to the ministry. “Given that the detailed specification of the features (dimensions, material) or the location of the reflective element on the garment (only a general requirement for visibility from other road users) is not foreseen, these pedestrian costs will be relatively low (purchasing costs A reflective band on the sleeve of about thirty to forty crowns per pedestrian) and, in principle, one-off, “the ministry said. These costs may be further reduced in view of the fact that in particular sportswear is often incorporating reflexive elements, logos, stripes and the like.


Reflective vests or sleeves will have to be carried in your backpack or bag almost all the time. At least, it follows from the Ministry’s statement: “The above costs for the acquisition of a reflective element will have to be passed on by each pedestrian, as he may be in a situation where he will be obliged to use them.” On the other hand, however, in places with denser buildings it is possible to count the existence of sidewalks or public lighting, where there is no obligation to have a reflective element, and therefore this option certainly does not imply a general obligation to wear, for example, after dark in the city reflective elements, the office adds.





The police in safety vest patrol the dangerous places

Police in safety vest are surveillance on some roads, but also the removal of dangerous sites on roads where marking should be improved. This is planned by traffic police this year. Places of serious accidents have already been checked by police experts over 600, some have already proposed measures.


Police traffic engineers surveyed 607 places where fatal accidents last year. In 42 cases, they proposed measures to prevent or at least mitigate the consequences of accidents. Police officers will continue this year’s inspections, also focusing on places where the drivers themselves warn them.


“We are trying to make these places safer if we find that their condition could have an impact on the accident or its consequences,” said Tomas, head of traffic police. Traffic police officers suggest wearing a reflective vest to keep safety, for example, renewing or changing the markings to guide the driver, for example, when crossing the junction.

“It’s about making the security elements so-called forgiving. That is, when the driver makes a mistake to prevent serious consequences, such as getting out of the road and hitting a tight hurdle, “Letch said.


Police officers also deal with drivers’ suggestions when typing dangerous sites. So far, unfortunately, there is no uniform system where drivers can report their traffic signs. That may change. “We are talking about a systemic measure with the BESIP department that would create a uniform application,” said the head of the traffic police. Already now, police say they deal with every stimulus they get.


In 2015, traffic engineers detected 11,288 faults on road signs. They also checked about 1,500 rail crossings where they found 755 things that could improve. “Of course, we check whether these defects are removed,” Letch assured. Most of the reported bugs the communications manager managed to remove.

Increased security on major sections of motorways, expressways and some first-class roads is also to be assisted by ongoing police surveillance. “We want to establish communications where regular police surveillance will be the rule,” said deputy police president Martin. In addition, there are also no hidden patrols, including fifty new civilian cars equipped with measuring technology.


In addition to improving traffic signs and repression, traffic police will arrive this year with several preventive actions. For example, pedestrians will give out reflective tapes that will increase their visibility in poor lighting conditions, drivers and bikers present at major events will offer again.

Last year, police executed 1,664 preventative-security control actions. They found nearly 3,000 cases when the driver ate alcohol, and 854 people were driving under the influence of narcotics. During the inspections, 24 stolen vehicles were found; in almost 580 cases, a man without a valid driver was sitting behind the wheel.

Pedestrians must now wear reflective elements

The number of road accidents caused by pedestrians is rising. This is due to the wrong passage of communication, but also walking along it, when a walker in dark clothing fits with the surroundings and the driver sees him at the last minute.


The most vulnerable people in road traffic are children and seniors, so the presentation of the need to use reflective vest is first in their ranks. Yesterday, the Territorial Department of the Police of the Czech Republic in Loom and BESIP held this issue in the Club of Seniors.


“It is the first such event in the Region. About 30 seniors, with the BESIP regional coordinator Jan, provided reflection elements and information on how to use them, “said Pavli, a spokesman for the Czech police.


Last year, police also solved 26 road traffic offenses committed by pedestrians. This number may increase rapidly this year if pedestrians fail to comply with the new mandatory reflex feature. This is stipulated in new paragraph 9, paragraph 53, of the Road Traffic Act.


He says: “If a pedestrian goes out of the village in low visibility on the roadside or on the edge of the road in a place not illuminated by public lighting, he is obliged to wear reflective material placed so as to be visible to other road users. ”

Pedestrians must remember their visibility using reflexive elements not only in the dark but also at dusk, dawn, mist or heavy rain. The provision does not say how the reflex supplements should look and where it should be located.


“For the minimum, I consider the dimensions of the reflective tape, located best above the ankle on the side facing the center of the road,” says Roman from the Road Safety Team. Because of the reduced visibility, the drivers are best viewed by pedestrians with reflective accessories placed on moving parts of the body. The moving fluorescent points react roughly three times before the reflective surfaces are statically located on the fuselage. Reflective accessories can be in different colors, more pronounced than white, which can blend in with horizontal markings, are red, red orange, orange, yellow or greenish shade to provide more contrast with the environment.


When driving, the driver should anticipate the movement of the persons on the roadside and adjust the speed of the distance to which he has a view. In surveys, it was found that a driver driving with dipped-beam headlamps can see pedestrians at a distance of 50 meters or less, pedestrians with reflective elements of 100 to 150 meters. With the lights on, the pedestrian can see a maximum of 100 meters, a pedestrian with reflexes up to 300 meters. The differences are therefore striking.


Pedestrians who fail to comply with a new obligation are subject to a new fine of up to CZK 2,000. Initially, however, policemen will use lessons, invisible pedestrians will learn about the dangers they pose not only to themselves but also to vehicle drivers. But pedestrians should remember that they are exposed not only to the threat of financial penalties, but also possibly to the obligation to pay part of the medical or other costs incurred in connection with a traffic accident.


Reflective accessories can now be purchased, for example, in stores selling sporting goods. However, it is always necessary to take care of their quality, especially their sufficient reflective capacity. Reflective pendants also fulfill their function. We found them at Altman and G3.