Magadan enumerators dressed in vests and will be given portfolios

Magadan. Kolyma-INFO 06.04.2016. Today territorial body of the Federal State Statistics Service of the Magadan region has reflective vest, reflective visors with symbols census portfolios with the inscription “Rosstat” identity copyists.
Magadan statistics spent most of the preparatory work for a national survey. At the end of 2015 time-consuming work on drawing up the lists of the census facilities, conducted Census Mapping has been completed – the division of the territory of the municipalities on the instructor and counting stations. On the basis of census geography determined the number of workers needed to collect information from the census objects and hand out reflective tape. The results are sent to all city districts for the selection of premises for instructor stations and storing census documents, as well as for vehicles and telecommunication services.
The census will be held from 1 July to 15 August 2016. It touches virtually everyone – from individual farms, gardeners, gardeners, gardeners to farmers and agricultural companies.
In view of sampling survey in the whole region to be a census of 11,000 objects (including individual and personal subsidiary farms of citizens housing – 9832, sections of non-profit organizations – 850). For the collection of modern technologies will be used information – tablet computers, in which census takers will immediately enter the respondents’ answers. This will require fewer employees, and the quality and timeliness of their work improved.
Magadanstat already started the recruitment of temporary staff. Temporary staff training will begin in May. They will learn to properly conduct the survey and fill out questionnaires, get acquainted with the terms and rules of operation load. Part census enumerators will conduct using tablet computers. For these enumerators will need special training and computer skills.
After the training, each scribe will receive a special outfit (high visibility safety vest, sun visor, blue bag) and a certificate that will be valid with a passport.
Preliminary results of the census will be announced in the IV quarter of 2017, the final – in the IV quarter of 2018. They will give an accurate picture of the state of affairs in Russian agriculture, whereby actual measures to support agriculture will be developed.
“It is important to convey to the public the idea of ​​the importance of WCA-2016”, – said the deputy head of Magadanstata Larisa Rodkina. “We need to know the residents of the Magadan region on time and tasks selhozperepisi not refused from participation in it. It is important to understand that the census forms will be impersonal, but because the information contained therein is anonymous. Truthful answers to questions do not carry any threat to the respondent party. Instead, updated data will help to improve the efficiency of the formation of agricultural policy and to define new forms of state support. “

Operation Snowflake Christmas traffic security again

Automobile and Touring Club of voluntary roadside assistance Operation Snowflake be held for the 45th time. During the operation, enhanced roadside assistance, men with safety vest are ready for going out on the road to help stranded displaced. Snowflake security traffic until 1 January.
Auto Union voluntary roadside assistance, men have participated in large numbers Operation snowflake already dozens of Christmas time.
Enhanced roadside assistance call Christmas time means that the vast majority of men roadside assistance is all the time ready to help on the road lurch displaced. On other days of the men on duty in shifts roadside assistance.
– Operation Snowflake Ella has a solid position in the Finnish Christmas traffic. At Christmas time people move around a lot and the weather can be cold. It is important to get help quickly if your mobile is lost on the road, the corresponding Auto Union voluntary roadside assistance Training Teppo Vesalainen says.
Winter has arrived this year to Finland at very different speeds. While the north is hätyytelty already 40 degrees below zero, on the south loiskuteltu kurakeleissä. Christmas travelers’ attention is drawn to weather variations on their way.
– Before traveling, must ensure that the washer fluid reservoir is filled sufficiently strong glass cleaner. Thus, the tank does not freeze and washer fluid is sufficient windscreen of the varying conditions. Car windows and headlights should be kept clear. Car ajovalonpesurit own do not necessarily kurakeleissä enough, but the glasses and lights is a good clean trip rod during coffee breaks. The same applies to the rear lights, Vesalainen recalls.
Warm clothes and reflective vest
Despite the good advance preparations many travel is interrupted again this year a technical fault. interruption of the trip is worth to prepare for, inter alia, by packing warm clothes and a warning triangle within reach.
The car is very important to have a reflective vest for each passenger. Reflective vest does not cost much and it takes up space in the car. Roadside assistance is worth many times to call assistance, even if the problem does not affect all big.
– For example, replacing a car tire at the side of the road can be life-threatening. It is sad cases where the tire changer has been hit by a car. Roadside assistance by calling the scene, gets at least in flashing to protect the car with tire change and reflective tape, Vesalainen advises.
a possible interruption of the trip should be prepared at home by finding out where to get help if needed and to make sure that the mobile phone is power.
Auto Union is open to all roadside assistance number is ordered through 8080. 0200 Line services are available for a surcharge and the price of the call is € 1.95 / min + local network charge. Automobile and Touring Club members have their own toll-free telephone number from which the ordered services are chargeable. Customer service is ideal for the price directly with the roadside assistance man.
If the optional breakdown service is not just customer need by currently available, this offered the opportunity to subscribe to an alternative service provided by the towing company. No one is left in the freezer without the provision of assistance.
Auto Union members at AL-Security is a toll-free phone number at which the ordered services are free of charge.

Watch out for traffic: Just less than half of the Finnish use a reflector

If, according to a survey, less than half of the Finnish use a reflective vest at night as it passes. Traffic to avoid many accidents and near-misses, if the use of reflectors would be more common in Finland.
– The driver is detected using pedestrian reflector much longer than without the reflector moving. Low beam lights while driving detection improves a dark road 25-40 meters to 130-140 meters. Far reflector lamps in a user already appears in more than 400 meters away. These figures show how important the reflector exercise of traffic is, says, If loss prevention manager Jari Pekka Koskela.
– By law, a pedestrian must use an appropriate reflector while moving in the dark. Without a reflector moving the pedestrians and cyclists endangering However, above all, his own life, so cycling should use the bulb and travels on foot as visible reflectors, Koskela says.
In order to appear more and more of us in the dark
If P & C has developed an internationally famous Finnish fashion designer Laura Juslin Great-made clothing, as well as to reflect the dark that are high fashion.
– Brilliant campaign does not intend to sell reflective products, but our aim is to provoke through their discussion of the importance of appearing in the dark. Within a week the reflective strip has been a topic in the news and somessa both private persons and organizations brought. If we had or manufactured conventional reflectors, we would not have lifted using a reflector the subject. This is so we as the other operators have been trying for the past several years, similar to If P & C Marketing Tuula Siren.
Campaign accessories are of high fashion, which is reflected in their price. They are made from high-quality materials, including soft leather.
– It would be great to have activated the Finnish those who do not normally attach reflector condition. Among other things, the young city dwellers, of which only less than 30 per cent of our research, according * to use in the dark is always a reflector, it is such a group, says Sirén.

If the car will stop there, you wish that you were prepared for this

A car may break suddenly, but especially in winter preparedness can be a lot of influence on what condition and how quickly the wayside are continuing their journey. Photo: KSML
Finnish winter is easy to forget, if you need to go out only between the front door and car. But if the trip is interrupted in progress, can be in front of a rugged experience: cold comes quickly, almost certainly it is dark, it is not always clear, from whom assistance is requested, or where is.
Be prepared for winter driving with your safety vest, at least in this way:

1) The batteries fully charged!

Many problems can be avoided in advance, and take care of the car, the main citizen security device, the phone.
– If the vehicle has been serviced, liquid condition, full tank and flows, as well as a car phone that the battery can be avoided in advance quite a few problems, says trainer Toni Mountain Transport Security.
Engine preheating can also be affected by the fact that the journey continues.

2) Clothes according to the weather – really

In winter you can survive kevyissäkin clothes, if staying in the main part of the day in heated indoors or in a warm car. But the great outdoors can suddenly get cold if the outside lives in longer than planned.
According to a rule of thumb should be reserved for those weather protection clothing and footwear, with the current weather usually stays outdoors.
– Down jacket does not need to be on top of the car, but there it is good, says Mountain.
According to the weather preparedness is worth, even if the journey will take the train or bus.

3) Equip view

Under the law, a pedestrian with a reflector must be in the dark. The same applies to drivers from which a pedestrian. Reflective tape is a superior tool for Nagorno says, it shows well, and it shows, even when it does not hit the light.
– Vests a great place to have the door compartment and in the trunk. Whether it gets turned on before the car needs to rise.
Vests is good to have others traveling in the car. For example, the vest per passenger seat.

4) Aids in shape

The car will also be available a sufficient safety equipment unexpected distress. The tow rope, first aid kit, flashlight, snow shovel and brush, at least.
The emergency center is also recommended holding a blanket in the car. It can be warm, if you have to wait for help.

5) Know what you ask for telephone assistance

If the trip is interrupted, it is good to know where help may be requested. The phone is of paramount importance, and therefore should be a journey in working order.
If someone’s life or health is in danger, need to call the emergency services.
The smaller help in distress, for example, a traditional and trusted Automobile and Touring Club road service number 0200 8080 or by Falck roadside assistance number 0300 44700. Other Roadside assistance is, and they will find, for example, the service number.
If the car need to get off the margins, you should ask the towing service service number. Also, your insurance company can help in some cases.
The sensible thing is always to inform also nearby where there are and what has happened.

6) Know where you are
Help is difficult to ask, if you do not know what is.
Smartphone map locating services is fairly easy, but the car can be a good idea to keep the traditional paper road maps. Navigators help, but sometimes they can be misleading.
Along the way, is worth noting landmarks. Before the trip, in turn, is worth a look on the map, what route to drive. It makes it easier to perceive, for example, along the way of municipalities, road numbers, and so on.
If the situation is bad, the ERC may summarily locate the phone. Good help is 112 dispatchers Finnish mobile app, which automatically locates the caller’s emergency call center.
7) Consider whether it is worth the car trip or continue to rise
In some cases, you should consider whether a car makes sense to get up. The middle of rush hour traffic or in the dark along the highway may not be safe to walk on, especially at night or in poor visibility. Nor, for example, the driver’s side tire may not want to start self-repair the road.
– Car rarely stops in the middle lane or damaged in such a way that it would be able to at least some distance to drive to a better place, says Liikenneturva Mountain.
If you turn off the car lights, not worth the journey continues. It is sometimes said that there is no need to stop the trip, unless the instrument panel warning light is not burning red, but the warnings may be differences, Mountain advises.
If the car left the road, keep to consider whether any harm or danger to traffic. rear of the car for export to the triangle warn others of potential danger. The triangle, in turn, must be exported as far away from that car drivers have a chance to react to any possible danger. In urban areas triangle may be a small area a car, but, for example, a motorway distance must be hundreds of meters. And when exporting triangle reflective vest is classy.
the story is based on interviews also Director of the Emergency Response Centre Kyösti Mr Lehtonen’s ERC operations development unit.

Safety vest: Transportation opens use among motorcyclists

Gomez-Lobo said a draft will be sent to force its use, which will include other vehicles.

Despite the drawbacks in their implementation, the members of the Transport Committee of the House supported the rule requiring the carrying of safety vest in automobiles. This after the minister, Andrés Gómez-Lobo, exposed thereon in that instance.

However, parliamentarians instance requested that the rule be extended to users of motorcycles. “I’m open to study, and they are using some, without being prompted, it is a first step,” said the authority. In addition to defending that initially the wearing of reflective vest approved via standard, he added that “another step would be to work a bill to establish requirements for other drivers.”

In that vein, Deputy Rene Garcia (RN), called for a clearer distribution of future changes, because “people understood that by law had to buy vest and blamed us us, when the institution had no concern ( as it was done by decree), while the minister went ‘piolita’ “.

In addition to the above, members of the parliamentary commission requested that in the future bill impressions on the circumstances in which it should be used vest clarification.

Since the beginning of the year all motorists in France (also tourists motorcycle notes) will have to compulsorily circulate with a reflective garment stored in a compartment of the motorcycle

Having regard to the holder may panic, but blood does not reach the river. In France since 1 January 2016, it is mandatory circular motorcycle with a reflective vest stored for emergency use it.

Three years ago France was about to adopt a law by which all motorists were forced to use on the road with a reflective vest. Finally protests by thousands of motorists on the streets stopped the initiative, although the French government now has returned to touch this subject with an intermediate solution.

Since the beginning of the year all motorists in France (also tourists motorcycle notes) will have to circulate compulsorily with a reflective garment stored in a compartment of the motorcycle or where possible, to be used in case of stopping on the hard shoulder by breakdown or other incident.

In case of default and they have planned some sanctions, which are 11 euros if the police detects that the rider does not carry saved this garment, and that will rise to 135 euros if the motorist is stopped without wearing the garment that supposedly had saved .

Now there are many jackets, shirts, … leading some reflective tape, but that’s not enough, you have to wear a vest approved emergency, there are several types, with two bands, cross back bands … and colors.

This measure will be a headache for those motorists sobe all motorcycle models not specially adapted for carrying belongings with them. And according to the French Federation of Motorcyclists in Anger (FFMC) does not solve the problem derived not be visible until the motorist the garment is not put into question, something less straightforward than in the case of take a pledge under the seat in a car one can put comfortably before leaving the cabin.

Cycle to school with your safety vest

More than 123,000 students from rural areas, previously delayed hours to reach their schools, now do it in less time with this social program that successfully promotes the Ministry of Education in 24 regions.

The student Yahaira Reategui walked an hour and a half to attend classes at school. She is 12 and lives in the town Pinto Recodo, in the province of Lamas, San Martin region in the center. His life took a 180 degree turn when he arrived in his village the Solidarity Routes program: Rural bicycles and safety vest. Since then, the travel time was reduced to 30 minutes.

Now comes earlier, it does not miss classes and have more time to study, even to take a few laps before you start your day at school. Just as she, 123.040 students have benefited from this rural program that emerged in the VRAEM with the delivery of 2,000 bicycles. Not only they had to travel distances that students were shortened, but also motivated to continue attending classes. According to 2013 statistics INEI, a dropout rate in rural high of 8.5% between ages 13 and 19 years it is estimated.

School Management

This percentage increases in women and in areas of the Forest. Precisely, Yahaira lives in this region. Despite his young age, she has clearly not want to be another number that sad statistic. She has already chosen their profession and plans to be an environmental engineer.

“Of the 26 regions of the country, the program reaches 24. Lima and Callao are not counted because it is a purely rural program,” explains Javier Palacios, head of the Directorate General of Quality Management School.

In Cajamarca add 11,554 bikes delivered, it is the region with the greatest number. They followed Huanuco, with 10,595n and Huancavelica, with 9,895. In addition to the bicycle, each student receives a helmet, reflective tape and a maintenance kit in case you need any repairs. Another interesting point of the program is that bicycles are delivered on loan to schools targeted by UGELs, but principals and parents decide what children need these vehicles.

In the Ayacucho region, Solidarias routes are powerful. It operates with resounding success in the town center Sachabamba, Ayahuanco district, province of Huanta. Victor live there and Jefferson high school students from a public school. They no longer reach their school with dusty shoes. The bicycle has become a vital tool in their lives. “I come like studying, after doing my exercises and have fun with my friends,” says Victor, while Jefferson points out, shy smile, she loves the races that make their way to school.


Preference is given to those living in remote areas. “We take note that the road is not high traffic area, mining intervention, lofty, nor has precipices” emphasizes Palacios. He adds that this year will only receive bicycles high school students.

The idea is that each student be responsible for one and then return it to the school at the end of the school year, thus becoming a chain of solidarity with pedals. These days, in the hall of the Ministry of Education portraits of students who have benefited from this social program are displayed.


Solidarias routes come this year to 123.040 students, affecting nearly 10% of school rural population of Peru, considered by almost a million and through school.

Bicycles bought 60,000 and 50,000 private providers to microentrepreneurs.

The distances between homes and schools children may mean 1 to 3 hours away. In 2015 the number of bicycle and reflective vest delivery compared to other years quadrupled. This work will continue.

Vests that came from a Finnish child’s school uniform

Reflective vest came a few years alaluokkalaisten almost mandatory school uniform. Many local organizations have acquired vests for school children for several years. Neon yellow safety vests suitable for Finnish weather conditions in September and significantly improve traffic safety.

Safety Engineer Ari-Pekka Elovaara Transportation Security emphasizes the clear views of the reflector vests.

Visibility is not closed to appear, and the quality of an individual reflector. The lifejacket is equipped enough to the surface. It is good that entities have donated in recent years thousands of jackets for schools and kindergartens, Elovaara says.

One can not deny that a parent worries about kinky heart even slightly opened up, when the laddie leaves the mists of dawn even slightly shining.

Traffic Safety is published caps and local associations acquisition bra is an easy way to support the school children road safety.

First graders travel to school compulsorily reflective vests, especially in rural communities where no winter lights appear in the wheel of you now not to mention. Since the use of life jackets are so common exception is for those who can not find a safety vest.

This week has been celebrated Brilliant traffic -teemapäivä elementary school fourth graders around for more than 30 school practical arrangements Finnish National  Board of Education at the national liikenneturvallisuusviikolla. Tapahtumien has taken care of Häme Polytechnic.

In particular, the children have learned reflectors tuned creations to the importance of using crosswalks and traffic.

Traffic education is important to start at a young age, says Jouni Häme Polytechnic lecturer Kalliopuska. Day has been providing schoolchildren with information about, for example, shadow areas of vehicles.

Last year’s event received positive feedback from the schools Brilliant traffic -teemapäivä the organization responsible for traffic Häme Polytechnic student teachers as well as the Central Motor Transport Association and its member organizations.

Until a few years ago reflector vests intended for consumer use had serious flaws. The reflectors manufacturers and importers are obliged to ensure the quality reflectors for human use. They are defined in the EU Directive on personal. Pedestrian reflective tape and reflective vests belongs meets the requirements of the standards and be CE approved.

Pimp your bike in time for the winter

Weather cools is time to put your bike for the winter. According to a study of If’s about 15 per cent of those employed to fold more often commute by bicycle. See tips for bike turvatuunaukseen.

During the darkest autumn cycling it is important to use lights and reflectors or reflective vest. Also, the wheel winter tires you should invest. changing snow tires, the wheel should be as obvious as replacement tires, a spokeswoman Mari Hätinen C Insurance Company

The summer started to withdraw causes many to replace the bicycle in the car or public transportation. The right attachments, cycling, however, succeed well beyond the summer.

About 15 per cent of those employed to fold more often commute by bicycle. Commuter Cycling is most common in short, 5-15 minute-long business trips. Laiskimpia commuting cyclists are living in the metropolitan area .

Commuting accidents happen than a fifth of cyclists. In most cases, accidents happen in the winter . On a slippery weather cyclist you should be especially careful on bridges and in the vicinity of open waters flowing in you, which can be deceptively slippery. If possible, during the snowy commute you should schedule in such a way that the bike paths has already been cleared of snow.

Winter Cycling Checklist

  1. The wheel must have lights. Headlight addition to the recommended acquisition of a red light to the rear. Also the head lamp can be a handy extra.
  2. Importance of Helmets is further emphasized in slippery weather. Adjust the helmet so that it will fit under a protective hat in the wind.
  3. Equip your bike with reflective tape. Place in the wheel spokes reflectors will help motorists to perceive the dim light, that you move by bike.
  4. Get your bike with studded tires.
  5. Long and wide fenders protect loskalta and dirt – although they also collect snow between the tire and the fender.
  6. Get a saddlebag or etukori. Backpack is a tricky position when the site has a lot of clothes.
  7. Satulasuoja protection from snow and loskalta, as well as help you stay warm.
  8. Get a thick, wind-resistant gloves to get a firm grip on the handlebar. For example, karvavuoriset leather mitts are very suitable for the purpose.
  9. investing in high-quality warm clothing that insulates the cold but keep the skin dry. Dress up the top protective shell jacket and trousers from the wind. The firm-based warm winter cycling shoes are important. The condition of the soles keep your feet firmly on the pedals, even if the accumulation of snow on the pedals.
  10. Have the wheel before the onset of winter. At that time, bike stores have less

backlog than in the spring. Make your maintenance time, because the arrival of winter surprise that year.

  1. Also, use a safety vest for yourself or a reflector. Safety vest is the best way to stand out in the dark.

See the pictures: On board the ship Indian Dawn

All week the ship Indian Dawn formed the quay in the Port of Kolding. The ship is now

sailing on to Finland, and then we head to the Far East. JydskeVestkysten were aboard the Ocean 7 Projects co-founder Peter Grau.

She fills not really much in Kolding Harbour, Indian Dawn. So the blue ship, which has been the quay at the port since Monday night. Perhaps it is because there is a large crane beside the ship and the port is generally well filled.

The 112 meter long ship seems suddenly much greater when you walk up on the deck and look down into the nearly empty holds. Here there right now stored 730 tons of steel from Holland, and it is no bigger than a small fraction of the space.But actually working a group of men in reflective vest to any space.

Indian Dawn is located in Kolding, because we need to raise some mellemlægsstationer, so we can make more room in the cargo hold. The ship should be to Finland to pick up some big engines, says Peter Grau, who in 2011 founded the company MLB with his partner, Stefan Nordby Petersen.

Last year broke MLB with their former partner, and since 1 November, the company has been called Ocean 7 Projects – a more or less direct allusion to the seven seas. Office – or base if you will – is located in Kolding, just a stone’s throw from the harbor. Here sits ten men, some of whom make freight agreements, while others try to put the puzzle, that is when you have to fill a ship with cargo.

Ocean 7 Projects are good Danish a shipbroker company. This means that the charterer ships – that takes loads around the world that the ships can ship from one port to another. Unlike other cargo ships sailing Ocean 7 Projects’ ships are not a direct route, but will instead orders along the way to pick up cargo at different ports.

And unlike a ship owner Ocean 7 Projects not even ships. They rent them and their crew who wearing safety vest, from captain to engineer. In addition, the company is an agency, which means that they maintain the ships and load and unload them in Kolding Harbour. However, this happens almost never that one of their big ships that Indian Dawn’ll visit the Port of Kolding.

There are not so many of our cargo coming through the Port of Kolding, so I will be as proud when I see Indian Dawn in the harbor with our company name on the chimney, says Peter Grau, who says that the company name is on the chimney, although the ship hired because they have a close cooperation with the Dutch shipping company Abis Shipping, which owns and built the ship.

She is a young lady, Indian Dawn. It still smells of paint, when you walk around the ship. And take the trip up the stairs, you can see how a modern wheelhouse looks. Here are comfortable leather seats, large GPS displays and other metering ensures that the captain can keep the ship on course. The floors and panels are made of dark wood, and it makes the wheelhouse in a manner reminiscent of a combination of a control tower and a holiday cottage – especially when his eye on the balls that are on the table.

This has been my home for the past two months, and Peter has made sure that there has been plenty to do, laugh the Dutch captain, Adelino Duarte, who tells him, before arriving at the Port of Kolding, sailed over Europe , from Norwegian ports to the southern Mediterranean.

Peter Grau greet Adelino Duarte and calls him consistent “captain”. The joker little about the threat of pirates, but actually there is a real risk.

The ship is equipped with racing-wire (a kind of barbed wire with knives instead of spikes, ed.),reflective tape, And we have two armed guards on the boat, says Peter Grau.

But Indian Dawn can sail 17 knots, and it is faster than the pirates’ small fishing boats, explains the captain.

Back in the office witnesses a shaded area around the Gulf of Aden on a computer screen also about the threat. This field shows up on the screen when a route is planned.

It is quite different than in the old days – there was no danger of pirates, says Peter Grau, who has been in business since 1977th. Still, he looks at the past three years as his greatest achievement. Certainly. It is hard to reach our revenue, and this is no little shop, says Peter Grau with a hint of a proud smile.

Spring: High season for killing motorcyclists

More than half of all fatal accidents on motorcycle occurred during the three spring months. The figures from the Council for Road Safety.There can be several reasons, says special consultant in the Road Safety Council, Søren Troels Berg.

Many motorcyclists have not given their motorcycle a thought since November where they parked it in the garage. When the sun begins to shine and the snow has melted, then they just out and without wearing reflective vest, and give it gas. The problem is that the routine and feel for the motorcycle has been weakened over the winter. It may be a factor in the accident, we see, he says.

Also speed affects the number of accidents. Too many motorcyclists are riding on too heavily.

Many motorcyclists running simply too strong. That, mixed with untrained reflexes and feel for other drivers are highly instrumental in increasing the number of accidents, says Søren Troels Berg.

Motorists do not pay attention

In almost 2/3 of last year’s 27 fatalities were another car, van or tractor involved in the accident. In the spring, many drivers accustomed from looking after the bikes, because so few of them running over the winter. At the same time, many believe also that the light they see in retrospect, from a moped 45. This underestimates the speed of the motorcycle, and it can cause accidents, says Søren Troels Berg.

The rules of lights on motorcycles need to be changed

Currently seen from administrative side at whether the rules for motorcykellys be changed.Currently discusses what changes can be made with respect to light on motorcycles for bringing accident numbers down. There being viewed several options, and considering whether stronger light and using reflective tape can be  the safety measures that would enhance safety and reduce the frequency of accidents. Such a change in the law could be implemented administratively and thus bypassing the legislative process in parliament, says Head of Road Safety and Transport Agency’s department for road safety, Ib Rasmussen.

The figures speak their clear language. Over the past five years, 140 people have been killed and a further 1,500 have been injured as a result of motorcycle accidents.

It went wrong for Richardt

37-year-old Richardt from Randers is one of those currently living with the consequences of a motorcycle accident. One July day in 1995 he kept waiting at the traffic at a traffic light.

400 meters further on was another cross, and I knew if I drove, I could reach across. So it turns green, so I give gas. At a MOMENT light starts to change. I’m starting to slow down, while a left-turning motorist runs through this junction, says Richardt.

Richardt speed has since been measured to 97 km / h. He does not dodge the car that collides with him at the intersection.

I fly one forty meters, and so I lie there and look at my leg. It was broken, and so is my shoulder, he said.Richardt was subsequently amputated his leg just below the knee, and he got a new shoulder. He worked ten years after the accident but today no longer able to hold down a job because of the consequences of the accident.

It is clearly the go, making the accident occurs. It was my risk-blindness that caused it. I had driven 50 km / h, so the situation never arose. It might have changed the situation, if I had been more visible. if I had worn a safety vest, for example, but it’s definitely the go who made the difference, says Richardt.