Runaway Chicken Polly wears a safety vest

Farmer from Dillinger equips his chicken with protective reflective clothing. From now on, chickens who repeatedly break out of their enclosure and participate in traffic as pedestrians must wear safety vests for safety reasons. Anyone caught without a signal vest must expect a severe fine of up to ten fresh eggs.


Clemens farmer from Dillinger sets a good example and has his outlier chicken Polly equipped with the protective clothing. “Polly flies over the fence on a regular basis and walks along National Road 51. We did not want to trim her wings, so she wears a reflective safety vest for her own safety,” explains Kerman.


He discovered the model on the internet at an English manufacturer. It must be a bit of fun, says the farmer, where the chickens live in free range. Polly seems comfortable with the unfamiliar chicken fluorescent clothes and undertakes her excursions as usual. Only the rooster did not trust his eyes first.

Scooter for the kids and safety vests for all

How do children and adults – especially in the dark season – safely get through the traffic? For more than 20 years, the members would like to convey this to the very young. That is why every year they call on all kindergartens to participate in their traffic safety project. This time the kindergartens as well as kindergartens Mite and St. Wellhead were there. All of them have made different projects freely and differently for the main topic “light and dark.”


The Traffic Guard supports the children and educators with various materials such as safety vests, reflective ribbons, and blinkers. With self-made books, posters and photos, educators and children have presented their projects in the kindergarten center.


Some had set up courses and some had experimented with flashlights, glow sticks, and safety vests in dark gymnasiums. Songs and dances on traffic rules were practiced. In addition, everyone agreed: Reflective clothing makes pedestrians and cyclists better visible.


Chair, Deputy Chairman Evelyn Gang and Assessor Petra were enthusiastic about the ideas and the effort that all have made. As a thank you for the commitment, every kindergarten that has participated gets a new scooter. All kindergartens are invited to participate. The traffic guard is happy about all who are there.

To make children more visible in the dark through safety vests

The days are getting shorter again; it is the time of the year when safety vests are increasingly used again. In addition, rightly so: The eye-catching items of clothing help to prevent accidents and to protect your children from the dangers of road traffic.


Especially in the dark season, it is advisable to equip children in traffic with safety vests. Therefore, other road users much more likely perceive them.


This is what the ideal safety vest for children looks like

Safety vests are made of a breathable and lightweight material. They are easy to pull over the normal jacket and do not hinder. It is best if they are closable with a Velcro fastener: So the vest is quickly put on, fastened, and stripped off again. Characteristic is the reflector strip, which should be at least one centimeter wide and once around the reflective vest should be around: Only this way it is ensured that the child is clearly visible from all sides.


The color of the vest provides extra security. If you buy a model in a fluorescent signal color, such as yellow or pink, your child will not be overlooked even in daylight. The difficulty, especially in the winter months, lies in the fact that most garments are sold like warm jackets in rather muted colors. In them, a child is much worse to recognize than in a color that does not blur with the hazy background on the winter road.


Color and reflectors make the difference in safety vests

If the children have to leave the house and go to school in the morning, it is still dark outside in the fall, winter, and early spring. Whether they are on foot or by bicycle, they are not easy to spot for motorists, and in the morning rush hour traffic on the streets are still a bit more dangerous than usual. Buy reflective vests with reflectors for your kids, they are in the light the headlights are easy to see from far away, and the drivers drive much slower and more cautiously.


You can also buy one for yourself: For example, if you bring your child to kindergarten by bike in the morning, you will also be more easily recognizable by motorists. If you find the normal vests that you find in trading too boring and not very individual, you can also order special designs. Children also like to put on a vest with their name. If you find that the reflective areas are not sufficient, you can buy additional reflective strips and fix them on the vest. How your child safely gets through the traffic!

Safety gloves against cold and wind

Nothing as annoying as frozen fingers. It is annoying, provides distraction and it can spoil your bike ride well. High-quality windproof and water-repellent gloves are not a luxury in these days. Therefore, BBB Cycling came up with the Water Shield.


The product developers of BBB Cycling put their heads together and came up with the Water Shield as a solution. A lightweight glove with reflective material that is designed to protect your hands against all winter conditions. The Water Shield has a three-layer thermo-construction, keeping the cold air and water out, while the microdots in the membrane drain sweat away with warm and dry hands.


The grip is also thought. The applied foam damping and silicone print on the palm are responsible for this. Thumb and index finger are suitable for touch screen. The inconspicuous black reflective tape during the day light up at night and provides extra visibility. The extra long anatomically shaped cuff made of neoprene with a Velcro closure means that there is no gap between coat and glove, so that incoming cold does not stand a chance. The Water Shield gloves must provide optimal protection against cold, water and wind.

Pedestrian without reflective vest is dangerous in the country road

It is not always possible to brake in time, even when driving at the speed limit. Not only drivers should be especially careful. The same applies to inhabitants of the village, which is reminded by KRUS.


I am driving along the road, passing cyclists and I am happy to see that they are wearing reflective vests – the reader recounts. A few hundred meters away, I am angry, because the farmers clean the ground off the road – without any glare! Gray, because evening, they are dressed dark. It is good that they clean up after beet harvester or potatoes, but people! You cannot see it, and the driver is easily worried about the tragedy.


“Farmer, be safe while moving on public roads!” Autumn in full, dusk falls faster and the days are often rainy. Road traffic participants should take care of their visibility, “more than at any other time of the year they are exposed to deductions or traveling by vehicles”.


KRUS reminds that the problem largely affects rural residents. They often move on narrow, unlit roads, without sidewalks and paved roadsides, which are followed by unlit or insufficiently lit tractors coupled with agricultural machines, motorcycles, bicycles, etc., be indicated by the Cash Register. For pedestrians walking around dark outside built-up areas without wearing reflective clothing often means moving in the dark, and for drivers completely unpredictable circumstances – such as the sudden appearance of a pedestrian or parked vehicle on the side of the road or the edge of the road.


The pedestrian sees the vehicle from a distance much larger than the pedestrian can see. If we dress in dark clothing, at night in the spotlight we are visible only from a distance of 20-30 meters. “A car traveling with a permitted speed outside the built-up area of ​​90 km / h, overcomes a distance of 25 meters in one second. The chance for the driver to attempt to bypass the pedestrian is therefore close to zero. The pedestrian equipped with glare is visible from a distance of 130-150 meters.” This significantly increases the chance of reaction.


The reflector is recommended to be placed at knee, hand, and chest and back height

What are the rules? For the last 3 years, people who are after dark on roads outside built-up areas are obliged to have reflective tapes in a visible place. A fine threatens their lack. At night, they do not have to wear flares, people walking on a sidewalk or a road intended only for pedestrians, as well as moving in a residential area.

The leader almost entered the children on the safety belts

The moment the preschooler introduced the pupils to the pedestrian crossing, a Volkswagen Golf car entered the safety belts. The 68-year-old driver did not stop and did not give way. She drove her car very close to kindergarten children who were stopped by the babysitter. The police arrested the woman’s driving license. For causing a danger on the lanes, he will answer the court.


Moments of horror at a pedestrian crossing

A group of preschoolers with babysitters approached the pedestrian crossing. The children were holding hands and wearing reflective vests.

When preschoolers were almost in the middle of the road, VW Golf passed through the belts. The driver did not stop and gave way to pedestrians.


The local police officers almost immediately received a recording from the scene of the incident. The duty officer gave the patrols a command to find the vehicle.


The police were looking for the perpetrator only a few minutes

After a dozen or so minutes, one of the partial reported to the officer on duty that he stopped the vehicle resembling the one on the film. As it turned out, a 68-year-old resident of the Bolesławiec poviat managed Volkswagen. The woman confirmed that she was the one who directed the car visible on the recording.


The police in safety vest received the driver’s license. The officers also made an application to the court to punish the 68-year-old.

The car nearly drove into a group of preschoolers

On Tuesday, a Volkswagen passenger car entered the pedestrian crossing, through which a group of preschoolers passed through. The children were equipped with reflective vests.


The incident occurred when a group of children was on one-third of the width of the street. At some point, Volkswagen Golf entered the pedestrian crossing, which did not give way to preschoolers and their carers. After the incident, the recording went to the Police Headquarters. The officers immediately notified nearby traffic patrols.


After a while, one of them reported to the dispatcher that he stopped the vehicle visible on the film. 68-year-old was the driving car, who admitted that she was the one who directed the car shown on the recording.


The police in safety clothing arrested the woman’s driving license and made an application to the court to punish her.

Mandatory helmets and vests protect cyclists

Helmets and safety clothing work great in sports, especially when driving in the field. When the cyclist falls off the bike or he hits his head on the branch, the helmet can protect him from injuries. Although it is worth remembering that the helmet does not give a guarantee, and the condition of its proper operation in the event of a fall is a good fit of the helmet to the head.


However, there is also many data saying that the obligatory use of helmets or vests in urban traffic and on the road either is ineffective or even has negative effects – reduced bicycle traffic, deteriorating the safety of cyclists. In the UK (Ian Walker’s famous study), it has been shown that cyclists in helmets, reflective vests or sports outfits are statistically overtaken by drivers with a less secure distance than cyclists who is wearing non-Vogue clothes. In Australia, after the introduction of mandatory helmets, the number of events involving cyclists has not decreased, although bicycle traffic has significantly decreased – this means that the safety of cyclists because of the introduction of mandatory helmets has deteriorated. On the other hand, in the most cycling countries and about the best cyclists’ safety as the Netherlands, the use of helmets and vests by cyclists is virtually.


All this indicates that the subject of compulsory helmets and high visibility vests requires a lot of research and analysis before any suggestions for their obligation appearing on various internet forums can be taken seriously.

People is obliged to use reflective material at dusk

Every pedestrian, moving around the dusk along the way outside the built-up area, is obliged to use reflective material – such a provision is included in the amended Act on Road Traffic, which entered into force on Sunday.


Until now, only children under the age of 15 had the obligation to wear reflections. Now it has been extended to all pedestrians who will move around the dusk outside the built-up area. The pedestrian will be able to move without reflective elements at dusk only on the road intended exclusively for him or on the sidewalk or in the residential area, where the pedestrian takes precedence over the vehicle.


From Sunday, persons who do not comply with the new regulations may face a fine of 20 to 500 zlotys. Baronies, president of the Partnership for Road Safety stressed that this is a very important amendment. It is good that for the first time such a change appeared in the law, because shaping awareness is one thing, and the legal requirement is second and good if the legal requirement coincides with that awareness – he said.


He remarked, however, that a lot of work was still needed to make society aware of the importance of the problem. It is not just about fulfilling the duty and wearing any kind of reflection, just to wear something that is actually visible, that is, a sufficiently large, appropriately good quality material – he added.


The police officers, who are hardly visible to the driver, point out that the pedestrian, who moves on a dark road without reflections, is practically invisible. The driver is able to notice such a person only from a distance of 20-30 meters. However, if the pedestrian has reflective tapes, the driver can already see it from over 150 m.

Police officers distributed vests and reflectors to cyclists

Motorcycle Club, along with officers from the local police headquarters, carried out an action on the safety of cyclists under the slogan “Stay safe on the road” at the city marketplace.


Within it, cyclists received safety vests and reflective elements – informs Ursula, a representative of the police.


The uniforms warned that the autumn period, and consequently the early dusk, rainfall and thick fog caused the safety of vulnerable road users to be at risk. Lack of proper lighting of the bicycle and reflective tapes causes that both cyclists and the drivers do often not see pedestrians. This is particularly true outside the built-up area.


A spokesperson of the Communist party reminds that according to traffic regulations, pedestrians on the road after dusk outside the built-up area should be equipped with reflective material. Their absence exposes them not only to the penalty, but also to the danger of losing health and life.