Scooter for the kids and safety vests for all

How do children and adults – especially in the dark season – safely get through the traffic? For more than 20 years, the members would like to convey this to the very young. That is why every year they call on all kindergartens to participate in their traffic safety project. This time the kindergartens as well as kindergartens Mite and St. Wellhead were there. All of them have made different projects freely and differently for the main topic “light and dark.”


The Traffic Guard supports the children and educators with various materials such as safety vests, reflective ribbons, and blinkers. With self-made books, posters and photos, educators and children have presented their projects in the kindergarten center.


Some had set up courses and some had experimented with flashlights, glow sticks, and safety vests in dark gymnasiums. Songs and dances on traffic rules were practiced. In addition, everyone agreed: Reflective clothing makes pedestrians and cyclists better visible.


Chair, Deputy Chairman Evelyn Gang and Assessor Petra were enthusiastic about the ideas and the effort that all have made. As a thank you for the commitment, every kindergarten that has participated gets a new scooter. All kindergartens are invited to participate. The traffic guard is happy about all who are there.

Police in safety vest are searching for two robbers

Police officers who wear safety vest are searching for a pair of men who, on the 30th of June, overwhelmed two games in a few dozen minutes. According to new information, it is about Joseph K. and Peter V., who may be responsible for other robberies outside the capital. Police spokeswoman Andrea said on police website. The men, in the case of robberies in the games, threatened the service with firearms, then tied it and took tens of thousands of crowns from the safes. They are threatened with up to ten years in prison.


Both men are searched at the age of 40 and speak Czech without accent. One of them was about 170 to 180 centimeters high and had dark eyes. At the time of the robbery he was wearing a dark blue sweatshirt and blue trousers carrying a brown bag over his shoulder. The other was 185 centimeters tall and had black short hair. He was dressed in a blue jacket and gray sweatpants that had reflective ribbons on his calves. He had a light cap on his head, around his waist.


The men first defeated at about 7:30 in Prague 4, and the other had been attacked before 8:30 pm in Armoire Street in Prague 2. In the assaults no one was injured. “Investigation has shown that this pair of rapists may be responsible for other robberies outside the metropolis,” Zola said.


Criminologists therefore ask for further potential victims or witnesses who have come in contact with them and can provide any information about their current residence to call emergency number 158. The police in reflective vest have warned earlier that people should not try to detain themselves.