Equipment Reflective MACNA Night-Eye: bright

Applicable from January, the questionable – and challenged! – Government action forcing to wear retro-reflective equipment motorbikes seems nevertheless having a positive effect: it pushes the motorcycle equipment manufacturers to improve the visibility of motorcyclists and scooter riders.


Three years of development

The result of three years of research and development, Night-Eye process has the feature to capture and refract light strongly, even low. “More ambient brightness is low, the more the material reflects intensely” says the Dutch manufacturing MACNA.

To achieve this, the reflective material “Night Eye” consists of a micro-faceted multitude hemispherical at grainy, which act like tiny mirrors. The advantage of this technology lies in its discretion: to date, and jackets motorcycle and scooter covered the Night-Eye does not differ from traditional equipment.


At night however, their ability to reflect light shows much higher: the proof image with the above arrangement made with the jacket touring MACNA Concrete.

Currently MACNA offers two ranges of equipment that use the Night-Eye technology: a first fluorescent yellow for maximum visibility and a second gray that can be found on clothing less “flashy the eye “as the Concrete reflective jacket.

Build your running reflective material gear pack with our cheap trick

As passionate about running, I was equipped for the winter in order to make my sport sessions in comfort. And yes, when the cold comes, it is difficult to motivate yourself to go running in the winter freshness. However, when one is equipped with quality reflective equipment, it becomes less demanding to go outside to face the cool temperatures and rain. You can make more serenely your workouts and be more efficient. This is also why I cracked by purchasing multiple products recently. This for me is a form of reward for my future and past at the same time efforts. I would give my right plan to fit you the best price in winter for your running sessions. These tips will also help you to find running equipment for any season at the same time…


Objective: To buy clothing and accessories Cheap running!

I searched the internet to purchase packages at good prices all equipment for winter. And yes, logically we buy in quantity and prices are low. Unfortunately I have not found overall interesting if it is unsuitable or too expensive products. Prices soar indeed dice you buy several product brands and no running kit worthy of the name is sold.


I’ll present the package I offered myself after much research. This pack includes complete running attire with reflective clothes, shoes and accessories. I searched for the best running products at the best price while selecting cosmetic products. I present my findings that make up my running gear pack for winter in this article. I also give you my unstoppable trick to buy cheap running equipment…


Above all, it references a multitude of products and promotional inventory purposes. These discounts allow acquiring running really cheap products and therefore constitute complete equipment. This site is also inexpensive because it is located in Germany and practical prices cheaper than those of French shops and sites (a tax case).


In addition, it is possible to get a discount of 21 € to 130 € purchase on the site. You will see that you can buy a full pack to make your equipment running at low prices.

Build a running outfit complete for the winter … And was cheap!


Essential part of the panoply of the runner, the pair of running shoes should be comfortable and light. It must provide good cushioning also because with the cold, the body and muscles are strained. We must therefore preserve avoiding traumatizing. For this, you have to have a pair of shoes that properly cushioned the shock due to strides. Consider choosing a pair of shoes with the qualities of studs for grip the ground despite the humidity and weather conditions like snow or ice.


Before facing the cold winter, you need to equip yourself with accessories to retain body heat while ensuring optimal ventilation. According to the profiles, some people will opt for the “shorts / socks”, others for “jogging / socks.” Personally, I opt for the short / low contortion. This allows me to get good ventilation while warming calves and ease of movement more consistent. The sweater or jacket, the hat and the gloves are other essential accessories to equip the winter. They too must keep warm and ensure optimal ventilation. Finally, make sure your security by equipping you with reflective material to clothing and a lamp to see and be seen.


You could see that the running of products offered on this site has an excellent quality / price ratio. You understood this approach to equip the winter is the same as to equip the summer. You will gain a little less product though and it’s better for your budget. I now present my approach to buy my running clothes and accessories at the best price.

Buy your running pack cheap, the trick!

You may have noticed that some references that I presented you are out of stock. And yes, discontinued items are not eternal. However, it is still possible to equip you for winter and summer cheap you are a woman or a man! Promotions are regularly on this site.