Compulsory car equipment should shrink or not

Required safety equipment in cars could undergo changes. Replacement bulbs and fuses could replace the list of what drivers have to carry in the car. Some Members are inclined to do so. According to them, cars are as unnecessary as most drivers can not or can not replace them. At the same time, they want to unify mandatory equipment in Europe. However, there are some experts.


Replacement light bulbs and fuses, spare wheel or tire repair kit, warning triangle, reflective vest, car kit and key wheel nuts. The mandatory equipment is that every driver must have in his car. However, according to some deputies, the first three listed items might have disappeared.


MEPs have just been discussing it and have not reached any official conclusion.

“There is no problem with replacing the light bulb with other vehicles, considering that in the case of diminished visibility, if I break the light that is facing the road, I can not continue driving,” says politician Martin of BESIP.


Some experts would not be releasing the hiver and the spare wheel. According to them, it is not a problem for the driver to replace the damaged tire himself. According to experts, a fire extinguisher could be included in the mandatory equipment in the Czech Republic. He is required in Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria or Romania. Denmark only recommends it.


The Czech Republic and Slovakia are the last countries where spare fuses and incandescent lamps are mandatory. However, according to traffic safety experts, only the most recent cars, which the driver virtually can not manage, are driving on Czech roads. The average age of cars is fifteen years for us.


Warning vests should protect motorcyclists

“Seen – not to be overlooked” under this motto, the Association for Crime and Traffic Prevention would like to motivate motorcyclists to wear neon yellow safety warning vests.


Reutlingen. Although the accidents in the county of Reutlingen declined significantly, the motorcyclists were still over proportionally affected, police director Franz Lutz declared on Wednesday at the press conference to the start of the motorcycle season. 39 bikers and riders were heavy in 2009, twice as many easily injured. Two accidents were fatal for the cyclists concerned.


“We do not want to accept that,” emphasized Land Thomas Riemann, the chairman of the association. And because almost half of all accidents are involved in the motorcyclists, are caused by the other traffic user, because they overlook the cyclists, too late or misjudge their speed, the association now wants to intensify the “better recognize ability” of the bikers , This is to be achieved by means of the reflective safety vests. Unfortunately, the acceptance of the neon yellow jackets among the traditionally rather black dressed bikers so far quite bad, admitted Riemann. “Safety has to be sexy,” Riemann warned for a change in fashion awareness.


For Horst Porringer of the criminal and traffic preemption, the jacket has already proved its best. The passionate two-wheeled driver has worn the vest since 2009 and since then “has not had a single critical situation”. Even his colleague Matthias Spitzer, who used to be in the “fashionable black” – he was almost overlooked – swear by the vest worn over the normal motorcycle clothing.


Of course, does not want to be left alone with the West action. Because of the accidents caused by the bikers themselves, more than 90 percent are due to excessive speed, the speed controls should be tightened. To improve the safety of bikers, lectures are offered for motorcycling clubs. And in schools, the traffic safety mobile is again on the road, which is intended to make it easier for young people to enter motorized traffic. The roundabout guard also offers several one-day safety training courses for motorcyclists.


Participants are not only trained to better identify and avoid danger situations, they also learn how to cope with dangers in practical training. “95 per cent of all motorcyclists cannot have full braking,” says Dieter Sheffield, the head of the roundabout watch. Curving also risks many bikers are not aware of: “A motorcycle in an inclined position almost covers the width of a passenger car.”


Knock-out vests for all ABC shooters

School beginners were the first in the Upper Palatinate to get the new ADAC safety vest. On Tuesday was the start of the security vest action. The boys and girls were quite excited, as Jacqueline with her yellow post wheel in the school hall of the school. In her luggage, she had 33 yellow securities for the first years. According to Jorgen Hildebrandt, the department head responsible for traffic at ADAC, Swiss Post is bringing the safety vestments to schools all over Germany.


The responsibility for this logistical task lies in the hands of Marianne, the head of Deutsche Post’s branch office in Bayreuth, which was therefore also a prelude.

Headmaster Siegfried See liger, emphasized that the security campaign was a special action for the children. He showed the children a leaf, which was held in gray tones. On another, the tigers and the bear of Janos were seen in bright colors. The children learned that bright colors such as those of the safety reflective vest were visible. Michael Herbs, Member of the Board of the ADAC, thanked the action partners who “bring this joint car with them” to avoid accidents. “Accidents with children are terrible”. The West was specially tailored to the needs of the pupils. They shone through their high proportion of reflex material. The ADAC traffic detectives Felix and Frieda on the back of the vest accompanied the children on the daily school route.


Mayor Brigitte Natta said that children were getting west because adults were concerned about their health. This jacket should be worn not only on the way to school but also when playing, Natta excited. “Your heart is very dear to us. We want you to come safely to school and home, “said police president Michael Liege. He warned that the fastest way to school was not the best. The children had greeted Liege with an extra reverb, which confirmed that they had no trouble with the police.


Dr. Wolfgang Laths, the district chairman, took the parents into the duty: the children should calmly remind their parents. “Keep an eye on your parents to think about you.” Laths gave a lesson on traffic safety to his parents. Especially when the time pressure, parents with their children often would not stop at red at the traffic lights. The larger adults could easily see the drivers. The children who follow them are small – and therefore in great danger. Laths: “Accidents should not be, therefore: Take me the vest.” The comment function is exclusively available to our subscribers. As a subscriber, please log in or register. All other users can find cheap offers in our subscription shop.


Transport education: Safe on the road

Under the motto “Children do not have brakes”, the traffic safety advisors and district officers of the conduct a traffic education campaign in all the kindergartens of the district of Coifed. Their target group is the children who move to primary school after the summer holidays.


The action took place in the Von-Galen-Kita. Traffic safety adviser Ralf Desman sat down among the girls and boys in the chair circle. The police chief commissioner told the children that the police were a “friend and helper” for them. Ratchet, safety vest, handcuffs and other parts of the equipment more showed Ralf. The children were happily putting on police officers, although they were much too big for their heads.


In the coming weeks, Ralf Desman will return to the Von-Galen kindergarten to train the right behavior in road traffic with the future first years. “Children have no brakes, they can be easily distracted, and they are not small adults either,” explained Ralf Desman. “Both this realization and the fact that humans have not developed an innate instinct for traffic hazards makes the unconditional necessity of intensive traffic education work clear.” It is important that parents also strive to ensure the safety of children in road traffic.


“Since practical exercises with the children on the road are not to be replaced by any teaching methods, the local district officers of the police will conduct practical exercises with the children on the street during the second visit together with the teachers,” explained the traffic safety adviser.


For all parents an information event on “Child as a pedestrian and rider” as well as “Child as a cyclist” is offered. “The closer the police, the educators and the parents work together, the greater the hope that the children will be able to move safely on the streets with wear reflective vest in the future,” says Ralf.


A million security vests for schoolchildren

The Action Safety vest is going to the next round with the beginning of the new school year. For the fourth time already, the action partners – ensure a total of 770,000 safety vests free of charge Schoolchildren.


The bright yellow vests make a significant contribution to improving the safety of small traffic, especially at the beginning of the darker season. Since the beginning of the campaign in 2010, more than three million ABCs have already been issued.


Peter Meyer, ADAC President: “Children are the weakest participants in road traffic. To protect them better is the primary intention of the action security vests that we launched three years ago. It is a great success for our joint initiative that almost every German elementary school provides their first years at the beginning of the school year to the yellow vest. ”


Jorgen Geddes, CEO Deutsche Post DHL: “The issue of road safety is a key issue for Swiss Post as the largest civilian fleet operator. Here, together with strong, credible partners, we want to set a clear signal. ”

Dr. Christina Fating, 1st chairperson of the charity organization “A heart for children:” When Axel Springer heard on the radio in 1978 that every year 1,500 children died in road traffic, he called ‘A heart for children’. We are delighted to be able to make a significant contribution to the safety vest that today much fewer children are involved in traffic accidents. ”


Matthias Weismann, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry: “Children are particularly vulnerable to road traffic; they need special attention to traffic safety. This is why the automotive industry is supporting the safety challenge for schoolchildren. “The high numbers of accidents are still alarming. In 2012, 29 321 children under 15 died in road traffic, 73 of them died. Among the primary school students between six and ten years, the numbers are similarly alarming. 7 817 children were involved in accidents last year, 20 of them fatal.



Rules for decrease accident and ensure traffic safety in South Bohemia

Already this year 60 people died on the roads of South Bohemia. Over the past year there were 63. The Regional Coordinator Be sip Vaclav Smith warns that the autumn fog and black ice comes a period when accidents on the road will increase.

Until decrease the number of accidents, will not subside even deaths on the roads, emphasizes regional coordinator be sip Vaclav Cover.

According to Cover it was due to improved cars. Now, however, we have reached the bottom, no matter how good the technology is already helping.

South Bohemian died on the roads already 60 people, while for the whole of last year it was 63rd.

Moreover, we are now waiting two months of hard, in terms of traffic accidents, as it unfortunately is related to the number of fatalities. Autumn weather brings a lot of accidents with pedestrians who are not sufficiently visible. That is now the subject of our campaign. This week we start with the police traffic safety event focusing on the visibility of pedestrians.

Pedestrian thus fall riskiest?

Yes, based on statistics from previous years, most of pedestrians dying between 16 and 18 hours just in this season. Due to the time shift suddenly gets dark at five o’clock instead of six drivers and pedestrians are poorly adapted to it, and then there is very often fatal accidents. And even at pedestrian crossings. We used to offer safety vest to solve this problem, but it didn’t seems help.


What will campaign?

We will endeavor in cooperation with the police to communicate directly with drivers on the roads. Because the reflective elements is insignificant when the car is off. If the vehicle is lit poorly or not at all, it does not reflect light reflex. We have made several commercials, which we will try to get to the screen in offices and other public places in the South Region. I have also arranged several meetings at schools and homes for the elderly.

How long?

We want to be long. Our goal is to significantly reduce the number of pedestrians killed. Over the last year throughout the Czech Republic were killed in traffic accidents about 65 pedestrians. We know from neighboring countries that adjusting the law, in which it stated that the reflective elements on clothing are required, reducing the number of deaths very aggressively.

In recent years the number of tragic accidents declined. But in the last two years there is again an increase. Does it think this statistical skew, or a trend?

The problem is that the steadily increasing number of road accidents. Every year it’s a nearly ten percent. The fact that we dropped the consequences of accidents; it is my only increasing the quality of vehicles. Cars are better in terms of active and passive safety features. Obviously, we have already reached a certain bottom, where it is not only the technical features of vehicles to reduce the number of tragic accidents. And with that, as the number of crashes will rise and the number of deaths.

So it is necessary to reduce the number of accidents?
If we want to reduce the number of deaths, we must first seek to decrease traffic accidents. The other things that can affect the consequences smashes such as better infrastructure, that they are secondary issues.

What would you think should happen? Tighten the imposition of fines?

Fines are matters of repression, we prevent sty, so we focus more on prevention. The problem is that this is precisely the long-term financially underpowered compared to the rest of Europe. But I feel that now dawning for better times, as Transport Minister is in favor of us. It should not say that, without preventive repression would not make sense. Certain increase in penalties would also help us. But mainly it is necessary to educate the whole nation. We have a big problem with arrogance drivers. But beware, as well as cyclists. Even the education they need. Necessary municipal police should patrol to cyclists moving routes, which are designed and among pedestrians.

The amount of fines is one thing. However, when an aggressive driver sees the road almost overtake cop, so it is probably not solve, right?

According to our statistics, the performance of traffic police in the South Region increased from year to year, although staffing tends to decrease. In this regard, I stand behind the police because they are trying to do the maximum.

It should not, therefore, be more?

You say it absolutely right. But there is another thing. For me, each policeman should intervene in the transport sector. I experience when I go over and see Budejovice offense like thunder around the police will pass and nothing happens. Had the matter on the spot immediately addressed, they should aggressive drivers to police certainly greater respect.

The man who spread traffic safety idea to people

He stressed the keenness of the Directorate and within its plan for traffic safety on expanding public awareness department in ways that safe driving Motorcycle, by organizing lectures traffic awareness and organizing exhibitions for school students were organized about 176 an awareness educational sector program in all of Abu Dhabi and Al Aim last year, which benefited about 19 588 people, next awareness campaigns are organized through the activities of “terrifying hill” competitions, which offers the opportunity to promote the concept of security and safety for all, and to contribute to the reduction of risks to the safety of the community and communicate with the public to familiarize them with Bmjhodat Directorate in the provision of public safety, for users of motorcycles.

Brigadier Khakis Shaq The Abu Dhabi Traffic does not seek by tightening its procedures to reduce the hobby driving motorcycles among young people, but concern for the elements of safety and urged them to exercise hobby in safe areas, pointing out that the Directorate last year organized a traffic village to educate motorcycles and Quartet drivers in the tourist area of ​​innovation, by directing awareness messages to them, especially students, to abide by the instructions and rules of traffic to reduce traffic accidents and human and material losses resulting there from.

He explained that the awareness of motorcycles program focused on earning their trust and respond to their queries and to promote their culture traffic and distribution of publications awareness of traffic, they and souvenirs, and urged them to adhere to under the leadership of motorcycles in designated areas “sandy areas uninhabited” and lack of leadership in public places, and within neighborhoods residential, stressing intensify traffic control to adjust the lawbreakers.

He called on parents to ensure the safety of their children and prevent them from traffic accidents, and to support Abu Dhabi Traffic efforts to provide safety and protection of children from the use of motorcycles on the internal and external roads and in sandy areas, and not to buy a small motorcycle or electrically operated for children who are under her leadership in ways Mmayardahm accidents Serious traffic that result in deaths and injuries seriously.

He stressed the need to adhere to the law of Sir federal and password number “21” for the year 1995, as amended, and which provided for the violation of motorcyclists in the event of not wearing a helmet with reflective tape while driving a fine of 200 dirham’s; and recording 4 traffic points on the driver and book bike month and a fine 500 in the case of causing noise, and a fine of 300 dirham’s if the diameter of a non-equipped.

He urged motorcyclists, especially the “working in the field of superconductivity by restaurants and businesses,” not to overshoot generally overtaking between vehicles while parked at intersections, being careful not to overshoot between vehicles during traffic accidents, pointing out that the squatters are subjected to the death booking their bikes a week and a fine of 200 dirham’s, and three-point percentage of traffic from overtaking what constitutes a grave danger to motorcyclists themselves and the road users.

On the other hand he pointed Brigadier Khakis Shaq to the number of violations to have been seized last year for motorcycles, which amounted to about 5449 in violation of the most prominent irregularities exceeded speeds followed by breaches of non-compliance itinerary, and overtaking in the wrong and not to renew the bike license, and not to carry bike ownership while driving, and not to wear a reflective helmet while driving and exceeding a red light signal, overtaking shoulder of the road and other irregularities.