Reflective jackets for prostitutes

Jackets for prostitutes on the streets: Deputy Mayor confirms and adds all of them paid “out of pocket”. The town on Pauline, in the province of Cremona, has decided to adopt a unique “hard line” against prostitution on the old Pauline on the road 1, forcing the girls to reflective jackets by day and also to long trousers band reflective at night. If they do not wear them, they will get 500 euro fine. After the “hype,” he told Milano Today what happened.


Deputy Mayor, so you confirmation: a Spine jackets she paid for them?

“I explain. We have the so-called day shift, until six in the afternoon, they work in black girls. Then, in the evening, come the European. We have warned girls of color order. We do not have responded they had a problem and asked if it was common to supply the reflective vest. At this point, these being the most exploited and destitute, I thought I’d pay the jackets of my own pocket. ”


It has already delivered them?

“Yes, I’ve done that on Friday and Saturday. I thought I’d make this gesture because they are the most susceptible to exploitation.”

“They no, make do. Friday night we took a ride with the local police, to let them inspect the ordinance and doing sign for receipt. From this moment start the sanctions.”


He believes that prefer to move or accept the jackets and reflective pants?

“I have the impression that some of those evenings, it is already gone. Maybe they will move to another place, I feel sorry for the other place. The mayors of neighboring municipalities can always adopt the ordinance; it would not hurt homogeneity on the territory of Pauline because it would facilitate the work of law enforcement. “