Obvious reflections for pedestrians on outside built-up areas

From August 31, every pedestrian moving along the roads outside the built-up area will have to equip themselves with reflective material. The police will be able to punish the pedestrian with a mandate for lack of required reflections.


The amendment to the road traffic law will come into force on the last day of holidays. Goal is to increase pedestrian safety, and at the same time to reduce the number of fatal accidents. Until now, the regulations for the obligatory use of reflections after dark outside built-up areas concerned persons under the age of 15. Everyone will now be regulated, without exception.


The holidays are over and the school year begins any day. What does it mean? In addition to the density of cars on the streets, the number of pedestrians moving outside the built-up area will increase significantly. An unspecified stroller combined with faster and faster dusk – these are often the main reasons for the tragic events on the roads. Many pedestrians also move on the wrong side of the road.


Pedestrians are often forced to move outside built-up areas, in places without lighting, sidewalks or even shoulders. They move along the edge of the road. Even if they follow the right, left side of the road, but do not have reflective elements: vests, braces, bands – their visibility is limited to only 30 meters. For a driver driving 90 km / h, it is too short a distance for reaction and effective avoidance of such a person – explains the younger aspirant Joanna.


After sunset, the visibility of the pedestrian is very limited. Thanks to the vests, the drivers will be able to see people walking from nearly 120 meters. Remember that the permitted speed of cars moving outside the built-up area is 90 km / h. On dry asphalt at such a speed, the distance from the moment of braking to the complete stop of the vehicle will be extended to nearly 80 meters. It is scary to think about the length of the car driving on the wet road.


If the pedestrian does not comply with the regulations – the police will be able to impose on him a fine of 20 to even 500 PLN. Just look at last year’s statistics, which clearly present the scale of danger. In 2013, 9.5 thousand were recorded on Polish roads. accidents involving pedestrians, in which 1147 people were killed. For nearly 9,000 the injured parties ended up with injuries. The most tragic month was November, when 159 pedestrians died.


It is worth educating and making aware of how big a danger on the road is an invisible pedestrian. A simple, ordinary reflector is always worth having with you, even if you are moving in built-up areas – he adds. It is worth to buy reflective elements. The price of the set: reflective band and vest should not exceed PLN 10. The costs of treatment are disproportionately higher.


Road safety: a high visibility vest mandatory for motorcyclists

A new law will force French motorcyclists, starting next year, to have a high visibility safety vest with them while driving. The transalpine centaurs must wear the garment over the technical garments, under penalty of a rather salty fine.


From January 2016, in France, motorcyclists will also be obliged to wear a high visibility safety vest. The new rule of the Transalpine road code, provides that centaurs are not obliged to purchase a technical garment specifically designed for motorcycles, but that will be enough the “classic” yellow vest that, even we Italians, we are obliged to keep in the car. In the case of two wheels (in reality the obligation also applies to three-wheeled scooters and quads), the garment will necessarily be worn while driving and not hidden in the saddle. Also the sanctions are ready: who should not wear it, in fact, could incur a fine from 11 to 135 Euros, a figure considered too high by the French Federation of Motorcyclists, already contrary to the law and that would like the use of the vest is a personal choice.


As is clear, the provision is aimed at protecting the safety of motorcyclists, making them much more visible on the roadway: since 2008, in fact, when the garment became mandatory in the event of a breakdown or stop, the number of victims has dropped. In addition to the FFMC, many motorcyclists turn up their nose, already fitted with reflective bands on helmets and technical jackets. In Italy, for the moment, there is no change to the code in this direction, even if common sense recommends to always wearing a garment equipped with at least high visibility strips.



The Ultra Gore-Tex jacket with reflective elements

The new Ultra Gore-Tex Shaker incorporates a patent-pending Zip Over system on the back that allows the backpack to be comfortably carried under the safety jacket.


Endurance sports brand presents the second generation of its functional two-layer jacket by Gore-Tex Active Shell with the innovative Shaker technology. Until now, the constant rubbing of the backpack could impair the performance of the membrane. To put an end to this limitation, Dynamic’s textile designers have developed a solution: the new Ultra Gore-Tex Shaker incorporates a patent-pending Zip Over system on the back that allows the backpack to be comfortably carried under the jacket.


In the summer season of 2017, Gore’s textile engineers caused a stir with their new laminate with Shaker technology. This laminate is composed of two layers: a waterproof membrane on the outside and a light woven lining on the inside. On the other hand, the outer textile layer disappears and it is the same membrane serves as the outer skin. The Shaker technology ensures that the water on the surface slides permanently and can be shaken, without causing annoying impregnation.


Thanks to the design in two layers, it is possible to reduce the weight considerably without sacrificing functionality. However, this Gore-Tex material, which is currently the lightest and most breathable on the market, has a limitation: it is not recommended to use a backpack with reflective material, since the performance of the membrane could be altered by constant friction. The response to this challenge from Dynamite endurance sports specialists is both simple and intelligent.


The indispensable backpack for long races will be under the jacket. The Ultra Gore-Tex jacket Shaker Jacket 150 incorporates a backpack system on the back. When necessary, the fitted jacket can be expanded with a zipper closure and the additional material offers enough space to comfortably carry a small backpack under the jacket. This principle also offers the advantage that the backpack is protected from the wind and the weather, while saving the runner the time to put on and take off the backpack every time he wants to do the same with the jacket.


In case of training without a backpack, the garment can shrink back in the blink of an eye and is adjusted to the body without the excess material limiting the freedom of movement of the runner. The new Ultra Gore-Tex Shaker Jacket 150 weighs an amazing 150 grams in the model for men and 138 grams in the model for women, which marks new milestones in the ultra light category. The jacket is windproof and thanks to its water column of 28,000 millimeters, offers total comfort and protection against the weather. In addition, as it also has a high breathability, it is the perfect complement for a variety of sports disciplines in the background and long distance, without having to put it on and take it off constantly.


With its patches that favor the transport of moisture, the so-called Active Airflow Ventilation, laser-perforated areas under the arms, provides additional ventilation. For its design, the product developers thought of minimalist equipment that would reduce the weight and volume as much as possible. The jacket is provided with a zipper along the entire front and elastic waistbands. The hood has an aerodynamic and tight design, has a small-reinforced area to ensure optimal visibility and can adjust its width with a single pull.


This functional minimalist jacket is completed with reflective bands on the sleeves and the back area, so that the athlete is more visible in bad weather or in the dark. Folded inside the hood, the Ultra Gore-Tex Shaker Jacket 150 fits perfectly in any backpack and even in the pocket of the pants.


Police and insurance distribute yellow vests

Monday, October 23, 2017, in Lemieux, insurers and police distributed safety kits, including a yellow safety vest, to prevent pedestrians and cyclists, more vulnerable to winter time.


On Monday, October 23, 2017, police and insurance agents settled in Place, from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm, to distribute safety kits to pedestrians and cyclists in Lemieux. “Our goal is to make prevention with the most exposed users,” says Karina, mutual insurer of Poitiers. Inside the kit: a yellow vest, a reflective bracelet, and a prevention plate. All bag with a reflective band.


This distribution takes place this week because “every year, in the weeks following the transition to winter time, accidents increase by 40% for pedestrians”. In fact, the night arrives earlier and makes pedestrians and cyclists less visible. The National Federation of General Insurance Agents Associations and France Bleu distribute 10,000 kits and reflective vest in “the prefectures and sub-prefectures of France”.


Reflective vest – be visible in the dark

To be on the road as a cyclist in the dark in city traffic is dangerous. The police in reflective vest are tips on what measures it will be well seen. Many bicycle dealer offer bulbs that enhance security.


When cyclists and pedestrians are overlooked on the road by motorists, they have to be very lucky to stay unharmed. The risk for them to be victims of an accident is higher than usual in the dark season. Therefore, they should not challenge their luck and even ensure that they are perceived by motorists. The Commissariat traffic accident prevention – protection of victims and the Road Safety advise in the dark season to take extra care and inform about the “security through visibility”. Here is an overview of which means there are, and how they are assessed by their impact ago.


Front and rear light since the summer do not have to be operated with a dynamo these lights – officially approved are now even those with batteries or battery. “There are better and worse. In recent years, the bulbs have evolved,” said Police Chief Superintendent Rainer. Were already halogens lamps and improvement over the old incandescent bulbs, there are now LED lights in vogue. Front lights are fitted to the handlebars, rear lights on the seat post or on the rear luggage rack. Experts such as Jan from the bike shop “Chic Hat” preferred battery-powered lights, because waste is avoided with them (from 54 Euros for both). The simple act of being seen primarily as to who would like to see even the environment better, which requires a headlight.


Reflectors allow because front and rear light only the visibility of the front and rear reflectors ensure that cyclists be seen from the side. These include the classic cat eyes in the spokes (four pieces cost four Euros for example in Eller). By the company 3M, there are also spoke reflectors (about 20 Euros for 72 pieces, for example at Lucky Bike). Also popular are reflective bracelets. With reflective band not only bicycle racks can be pasted, but also walkers. A disadvantage is obviously the lack of ventilation. From the head lamp is not recommended in dense urban traffic, because it blinds other road users often.


Clothes the appeal to wear bright clothing to be visible in the dark, bears little fruit if the winter fashion provides muted colors. Very large areas are perceived cyclists who wear over his jacket a safety vest, as already seen this year a few times. Motorists are required since July, carry them. They are available to buy in hardware stores, among others, in some places even for one or two Euros.


A reflective strip, which can be fastened to the satchel, umbrella or walking frame on the zipper jackets or bags, citizens can obtain from the Traffic Control. The same goes for reflective material that can be sewn into clothing. Both accessories shine in the spotlight at long range. The tape costs two Euros, the yarn 1.70 Euros per five meters.

Pictures with reflective element

First exclusive photos of the new radar site Careful motorist were able to photograph for the first time the cab of the new radar site. These pictures with reflective element were taken in the Doubs on the A36 in Agincourt, i.e. a few kilometers from the headquarters of Cudgeled Sod Alsace France Comet, the company that won the procurement of radar sites.
As seen, the cab is mounted on a trailer and it looks like a faired motorcycle trailer. This allows it to be easily moved to suit the specifications that require an installation in less than 30 minutes. The cabin is bigger than cabs tested in 2012 but ultimately more discreet. It will be a little less during commissioning, since the cabin will be equipped with yellow and black retro-reflective tape on all edges of the front and rear.
To reduce vandalism, the radar was fully integrated in the screen room. To prevent the car being “stolen”, the wheels are retracted and secured the arrow shaft when the cab is in service.
As we have presented, radar Vitriolic Polis can that will be installed in these cabins is already approved by cons, the cabin is still in development, and the final version should be completed in June. Reflective accessories are necessary. The first radar site should be installed early July for major holiday departures on the A10.

Police say reflective band will increase visibility

Reflective band will increase your visibility. Police in the Hradec Kralove region warn cyclists and pedestrians.

Not being seen is a gamble with life. Is the name of the campaign traffic police in the. By the end of every day the police will warn cyclists and pedestrians how very important it is to wear reflective elements. These, they can greatly enhance our visibility and morning way to work or school, then it is a lot safer.

Student Thomas walked to school along the road was still dark. He was wearing dark clothes. Drivers him so they can easily be overlooked. From police that he got reflective armband. “It seems pointless because I have not experienced that here, someone honked at me,” comments Thomas.

Wear reflective elements certainly not useless. According to the coordinator BESIP for Hradec Kralove Region Pert Hose are even indispensable:

“I would recommend reflective tape for cyclists would be appropriate even waistcoat. When the driver is directed at me, so there is a much greater distance visibility than when I drive only in dark clothes. Distance there may range up to about 200 meters. ”

If a man wearing a black jacket, for example, the driver can see it in the dark only from thirty meters. And that can often be too late. Traffic police in the Hradec Kralove region, therefore, started a campaign without being seen is a gamble with life right now in November, when days are shortest. Pedestrians and cyclists get reflective objects.

“We are talking with them on the topic of good visibility. Cyclist has a statutory obligation to use front and rear lights in poor visibility, and generally reflective light. Pedestrian such obligation under the law and does not think it’s risky. Therefore, we try to explain it to the people to understand and heed their safety, “said police officer Jan Čížkovský.

In the first quarter of this year on the roads in the Hradec Kralove region killed seven pedestrians and two cyclists. Throughout the Hradec Kralove Region, cyclists and pedestrians at the end of the year will focus 30 police patrols. The field will be mainly in the morning and evening.