How to be seen at night without reflective vests

Walking around in the dark without street without wearing reflective element today is not exactly safe. Not only you might be hit by a car, but you could get fined. But what if you do not wear a reflective vest? Alternatives are reflective sprays that can be used on clothing, metal and on animals.


Reflective aerosols and elements

In the dark, with only reflective elements

In February this year entered into an amendment of the Road Traffic Act, which many of you, especially those who like to indulge in evening walks for the city, certainly noticed. It is pedestrians who are moving or pulled to the side of the road outside the village of reduced visibility (in the place where there is no public lighting), ordered to wear reflective element.

Reduced visibility does not mean only darkness, but also the dark or fog. Purpose of the regulation is clear – to avoid an impending collision with pedestrians passing cars.


Make a reflective element alone

When you say the reflective elements, probably comes to mind her tasteless bright yellow or orange vest, which is a mandatory part. Fortunately, the law requires you to wear it, but apparently sufficient complement of any visible retro reflective material – one that reflects light.


So you can buy, for example, reflective tape. A more sophisticated alternative is to spray reflective ALBEDO100 (can be purchased at the e-shop, with which you can produce a reflective element almost everything. Also available are various types of reflective sprays which can be applied to various materials.


Reflective aerosols ALBEDO100

Classics are reflective sprays on textiles, which can be used for clothes, shoes or even a bag or backpack. Although color is waterproof, it can be washed without any problems in the machine. The reflective sprays can also buy various templates that make the mandatory reflective element changes in stylish decoration.


Visibility Reflective pedestrians and spray elements

ALBEDO100 also manufactures reflective sprays for metal, wood and plastic, for example, suitable for bicycles, prams, helmets, but also on fences or gate. The paint is resistant to sunlight, wind and rain, but does not damage the surface. Those who are at night worried about their pets could then throw waterproof reflective sprays on animals, which can be easily washed off with shampoo.