Pilgrimage to the amateur of Begonia Ursula August 14

As traditions are to meet them again this year, particularly Ursula make his pilgrimage to the Basilica of Begonia on 14 August. This initiative is part foxfire Tire tours, organized by the City of Ursula in collaboration with the Health Department of the Basque Government.

Thus, during the pre-dawn to the festival of the Virgin, August 15, residents of Urduliz leave for family Begonia.

They are quoted at eleven pm in the Town Hall Square Elortza and from there, walk through Unbe to Bilbao. Along the way there will be supplies in Asua to regain strength. To join the expedition is compulsory to wear reflective vest and a front light or flashlight. “The goal is to fulfill the tradition of pilgrimage to Begoña but together. In Urduliz tradition of going there last year and we came up with the idea that we could all go together, “says Manex Lopategui, Txiri Txiri travel organizer.

51 PEOPLE In particular, last year joined the initiative Ursula 51 neighbors, even though the weather was not. “Last year we made very bad. Until one o’clock it rained a lot and that may discourage some because they were targeted more than seventy people. This year we expect to have a similar number of participants, “concludes Mane Lopategui. – Carlos Karate

This weekend begins the first operation exit August and from the DGT indicate the roads suffer more delays. Ten of the black spots are in A Corunna and its metropolitan area.

Conflict zones are the AC-12 (National VI) road with reflective tape, at the height of kilometer 589, ie access to the city from Perils and San Pedro de Nose; the AC-11, access to A Corunna from Alfonso Molina, Palaver and Portage; at the junction of the National 550 with the A-6 in direction A Coruña; at the junction of the AP-9 Avenue Alfonso Molina and; at the junction of the A-6 at the height of Célèbre toll; in the square of A Grela and roundabouts of Santa Cristina, Bastiagueiro and Santa Cruz (Boleros); and the new access from A Coruna to the A-6, for the Third Round (AC-14).

Traffic notes that access to A Corunna from the N-VI is convenient to use the A-6 from Botanizes or the AP-9 motorway link Gismo in section 578 of the N-VI and the same itinerary in the reverse for output from a Coruna to Botanizes, from the initial binding of the AP-9 direction.

For trips to Santiago airport highway A-54 (former N-634) that starts in the SC-20 (peripheral) or from the N-550 in the roundabout Meixonfrío be used. For journeys from A Coruna AC-250 will be used from Siqueiros on the N-550, and if coming by the AP-9 will exit at Exit 55.

Agents recommend performing in advance a check to cars, checking the levels of brake fluid and oil, the proper functioning of lighting and battery charging, and other issues such as the condition of the brakes and tires. Of course, drivers must have spare tire, safety vest and triangles when failures occur. The days and hours more traffic intensity in Galicia will be on Friday from 15.00 to 23.00 hours on Saturday from 18.00 to 22.00 hours on Sunday from 18.00 to 23.00 hours and on Monday, August 1, from 14.00 to 22.00.



From Tuesday, regulatory use of reflective vest and helmet in La Dorada

“From tomorrow shall take effect the traffic rule which requires regulatory use buttoned helmet and reflective vest for drivers and motorcycle parrilleros in La Dorada again,” said Mauricio Rodriguez, secretary Transit. He also explained that “since the beginning of the month started campaigns socialization on this measure and the respective procedures to drivers who do not comply will be made, and concientizaciones for those carrying minors in the vehicle tank will be advanced” all this will benefit the community, and to reduce accident rates within the town of La Dorada and better culturizar all motorcycle riders to wear the reflective vest at the set times. Road safety, give away reflective vests motoqueros Risk group They do today in tolls porteñas highways, at peak times. In 2015 they participated in 32% of crashes. The move comes on the Day of Road Safety and points to higher risk group circulating in the city. Urban highways (AUSA) delivery reflective vests for motorcyclists in the Illia highway tolls, Perito Moreno, May 25 and Dellepiane.The campaign takes place during peak hours, from 8 to 11 and from 17 to 20, and aims to raise awareness on responsible driving and the use of elements of road safety of motorcyclists, the group most vulnerable on the highways of the city. View also: zero Alcoholemia: approves most of the locals, but it is difficult to apply This data comes from the 2015 statistics: motorcycles represent less than 5% of the total traffic on highways porteñas but participate in more than 32% of claims. 45% of the injured were motorcyclists and 67% of those killed were traveling on a motorcycle, according to official figures released by AUSA.”Because of this notorious vulnerability and considering that more than 80% of road accidents involving the human factor, it is advisable to insist on road safety education. For this reason, as it has done every year, AUSA delivery vests accompanied material information with data and recommendations on road safety, “the company said in a statement. View also: In the city, fewer crashes but increasingly violent Here are some tips to consider: The proper helmet use reduced by 70% trauma. The reflective safety vest is essential for greater visibility. Risky maneuvers or reckless actions, like speeding, are among the main causes of road accidents.

As part of this campaign, information material on road safety and drivers recommendations cars, trucks, buses, vans and trucks will also deliver

COLOMBIA: Tragedy triple by accident

The Universal / Sandon family cannot take another blow. Osmany Sandón Jose Diaz died on Wednesday night in a traffic accident that occurred on the road cordiality, opposite El Pozón. Yesterday, at 7 am, the family learned of the accident and not yet assimilated the situation when another unfortunate fact hit them. And in what way. Knowing that his father had died, Osmany’s daughter who lived with him in New Cartagena barrio sector Pozón entered into crisis. The youngest was 3 months pregnant and gestating in her womb twins. After upset with the news, he was taken to a medical center, but the two creatures died. She was saved.

Osmany was known that was 50 and working as a plasterer. On Wednesday, at 7:30 pm, he is riding his bicycle by way cordiality, against the gazebo that is after the Pozón. At that point, a bus company Cootransurb of UAQ-830 plates, which would in direction Cartagena-Barranquilla, hit him. A hypothesis handled by the police reveals that the darkness of the sector, the mini-bus driver did not see the cyclist, who was not wearing a reflective vest.

Osmany suffered multiple fractures and wounds, and was taken by ambulance to the General Clinic Caribbean, where he was pronounced dead. “From accident not know anything. Only until today -ayer- in the morning, we found out he was dead because they called a sister to tell. We went to Legal Medicine and found that the body was there,” said Dabeiba Sandón Diaz, sister deceased.

Minister of Transport and Telecommunications answer questions about use of reflective vest
Do motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians have to wear the vest? It was one of the questions you answered Andrés Gómez-Lobo in DNA testing.

The Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Andrés Gómez-Lobo spoke with Andrea and Jose Antonio Neme Arístegui on the use of reflective vest, the possession in the car is compulsory from the first of January this 2016 that is just beginning.

The head of the portfolio answered some of the questions that have resonated more recent days: Why yellow reflective clothing?”The reason for that is because it is a color that is very visible day” and “night, what you see are the retroreflective bands have,” said Gomez-Lobo.

Does the use is mandatory, or only avaialble in the car?

“We must carry a reflective vest as part of the emergency kit, and this vest has to be accessible from inside the cabin of the car,” said the minister, explaining that it is not necessary to take hung in the passenger seat, but carry visible it might be useful to show that the device actually possessed.

Do motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians should use it?

“No, in the current standard, no. Now eachother always recommend that pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, who are particularly vulnerable on the roads use a reflective element and hopefully the safety vest,” he said.

Yellow is cool in the autumn darkness

With Spillum IL Nordic skiing in bright reflective tape on the back, there is no doubt where these young people belong to when they train in the autumn darkness

SPILLUM: – The autumn darkness is a demanding time. Part of the training will necessarily take place in areas where there may also be automobiles and other road users, and with such a large training group that we have, so we need to put extra focus on safety, says Ann Kristin Jansen skigruppa in Spillum IL.

Skigruppa therefore applied Gjensidigestiftelsen on road funds; funds that would be earmarked own reflective jackets for use in training.

– We received 26 000 million in funding, and the money is used to purchase jackets. On the jackets we got pressed extra reflective tape on the front and the club name is reflective on the back. Therefore, athletes should appear along the road, says Jansen, who is happy for the many feedback skigruppa received for the initiative.

– It is noticed, and it seems we are good. For it is important that we think in traffic. Although such roller training takes place on footpaths, so will the athletes occasionally pass areas where there are also cars present, says Jansen.

– No later than on Thursday became the Terese Johaug hit when she was on roller training, so accidents can happen, she adds.

Jansen says that the idea for reflective jackets came after coaches discovered that the oldest athletes ever had “forgotten” reflective vest when they arrived at training.

– We found that among young people there was not always cool to use reflective vest, but with reflective jackets disappeared this problem, she smiles.

The club bought 55 coats, and these were swept away.

– We bought jackets intended for training group of 12-13 years, and these are almost sold out, says Jansen, who has been responsible for the jacket sales team.

– We have received many questions from people outside the skiing community to get buy jacket of us, but unfortunately we are unable to do so, then the warehouse thus was sold among its practitioners, she said.

She hopes other training groups in Namdalen follow the team’s example.

– To equip practitioners with training garments with safety vest that they will use while they are visible in traffic is important. It means everyone wins, says Ann Kristin Jansen Spillum ILs cross country team.

Functionality from Wrist counter

Wrist counter is a concept for active people against doping, and preaches an attitude and retail products for an active and healthy lifestyle.

Under the motto “Active people against doping” would Wrist counter to create a brand that is not only associate with training clothes and training accessories, but also represents an attitude. You not only take you a garment, but you also show an attitude. The goal is that users of products from Wrist counter feel an obligation to be active while showing distance against doping.

Central to the concept is the bracelet Wrist counter, which was the product it all started three years ago. In addition to the bracelet to symbolize the good and healthy attitudes and interests, you can also use it to count with it in different situations. For example,  in connection with training to keep track of the number of remaining intervals or repetitions. Demonstration video of the bracelet

Training Vest for dark days
In addition to the bracelet collection consists of Wrist counter of a number of other products, including safety vest, shorts, tights, triathlon suit, training socks, sports bag and drink bottles.

Kinds In these dark days of winter took a closer test of reflex vest to Wrist counter.

Reflecting the West, or training vest, available in two different sizes. The division is at Bust above and below 115 cm. West sits tightly on the body thanks to elastic on each side of the chest and Velcro in life which allows for individual adjustment of the fit.

Mid chest sits a relatively large pocket. This is made of waterproof fabric and equipped with a flap with Velcro. The pocket can be used on what one wants, but is intended for mobile phones. Now it is clear that mobile phones come in many different sizes and pocket will not fit all phones on the market today. Some are too large, while others are too small for the phone to be stable. Conditions did not fit the Samsung Galaxy S3, this was with its 136 mm just a bit too high. Phone 5 and accordingly should however fit.

In addition to the largest breast pocket in front there is also a smaller pocket at the side of the chest. This is equipped with a zipper and perfect for cash, credit card or a key.

But then the reflective vest main purpose, namely to make the user visible in the dark. A 5 cm wide reflective tape goes all the way around the waist. That reflex sits so low on the body is quite handy if you were to have a small bag with him on his back. Somewhat depending on the bag size will reflex belt around his waist still visible below the sack.
In addition to reflective band around the waist is the vest also equipped with thin stripes reflective edges, plus a couple of reflective logos in the front? Overall, does this user clearly visible in the dark, even though the West an advantage could have been equipped with some reflex center back too. But the West is CE marked and approved, which is a safety and quality characters.

Reflecting the West seems durable and of good quality, but as with any other reflective clothing recommended to replace it after approximately 25 washes since washing corrodes reflexes functionality.

Night vision to deteriorate rapidly with age

40-year-olds need four times as much light as a 20-year-old to see a person without safety vest in the dark. – They have night vision which is close to 70-year olds, says head of the Norwegian Opticians Association.

Seeing in the dark is a trait that quickly becomes worse with age. Are you in the 40s, you will notice that your vision has been noticeably impaired while driving, according to news agency Newswire.- People in their 40s have night vision which is nearly 70-year-olds than 20-year-olds, says general manager of the Norwegian Opticians Association, Per Kristina Knudsen Newswire.
Look no pedestrian in the dark

A new study shows that it takes twice as long for elderly people to spot a pedestrian in the dark.

Also read: Would you be able to stop? The survey discovered 20-year-olds pedestrian at 100 meters distance, while 70-year-olds not that person before the 50 meters distance. There are researchers from Queensland University of Technology in Australia and Clemson University in the US who conducted the study. Needs four times more light than 20-year-olds?

Newswire has recreated the survey in the video at the top of the case. They found that dark vision is bad before you reach retirement.

– As 40-year-old need four times as much light as a 20-year-old to read a book. Also in traffic need a person in their 40s much more light to see well, compared with a 20-year-old, says Knudsen.

Read also: Why you should not read in poor light when the eye gets older, release it in less light. It allows the retina does not perceive as much detail as when they were younger. There are increasingly older drivers in traffic. Between 2011 and 2031, nearly 890,000 license holders fill 75 years, according to a forecast from the NPRA. Then it is problematic that the Norwegians are not good enough to use reflex. Fewer than 30 percent use reflex

Asker and Traffic Safety Association checked recently the use of reflector in Brume. They spoke 1.541 pedestrians. Only 29 percent of them lit up in the dark. This was an improvement of one per cent from last year and three percent since 2005, writes Budstikka.

Also read: Now you can knit reflex mittens

Without reflection, a motorist drives in 50 km / h using two seconds to detect you. With reflex makes the driver ten seconds available. There are eight seconds can mean the difference between life and death.

According to Institute of Transport Economics happens 35 percent of fatal accidents in Norway with air in the dark. Only five percent of those who get hit and damaged user reflex, writes Budstikka. This can motorist do

Also motorists can take some steps to improve visibility.

– Clean windshields are a prerequisite to see well in the dark. Check that you have enough window washer fluid and wipers are in good condition, said Acting Communications Director Carina Henske in Road Safety for Newswire.

She also recommended checking that the headlights are working properly, and make sure the lights are clean. If you have poor night vision, and feel that you have poor visibility when driving, recommends Safe Traffic you to run a little slower than the speed limit.

Train safe and visible in the autumn darkness

Luminous effects and functional underwear gives impetus to outdoor exercise in the darkest time of year.

Benedict Ohren Danielson and Emil Ahlbäck cannot be put off by its dark, wet and cold. In fine drive going they jogged through Frogner Park one of those gray days of November, when it is not properly desire, even at midday.

Emil’s national runner with reflective vest in orienteering and runs a lot of trails in the forest with headlamp. Benedicte added up as an active athlete, but runs still a lot, mostly on asphalt. Both are well informed about the clever effects and appropriate clothing for outdoor treningsøkter. De encourages people to get out, even though the couch deadlines.

Fresh air is bonus

– Have you first sit down at home after school or work, it is run. Therefore, it is smart to combine work begins with a training. While running I often go home, says Benedicte Ohren Danielsen.

– Getting out in the fresh air is bonus, and exercise becomes a habit. You’ll want to run every night, adds Emil Ahlbäck. In sports shops get Aftenposten reported that many ask for equipment that makes you visible in the dark. Much of the running casing with integrated reflectors.

– People have become more conscious of being visible in the dark, says Trond Enger at Anton Sport at Roa in Oslo.

– The people demand the most in the store right now is equipment that makes you visible in the dark. People will also have clothes that make sure they stay dry and warm in training, says store manager Oliver Strandberg-Jensen Löplabbet in downtown Oslo. He has assisted in equipping the young runners with appropriate clothing and luminous effects of training in the autumn darkness. Reflective is smart

Headlamp and safety vest are both smart and necessary when training in the dark. Hats and gloves with reflective one also in most sports shops. Shell jackets are windproof front and back with reflective tape are practical to run.

Headlamps obtained from ca. 300 million and up to 5000 kroner. As orienteer is Ahlbäck dependent on a good and easy headlamp.

– The headlamp must be easy and smooth to wear, says huntsman flashing security light that can be attached to most make you also visible in the autumn darkness. Smålyktene firmly bag or clothes making carpet clearly visible. Such smålykter is also popular for cyclists. Many also equips dog with a flashing beacon in the collar.

In the autumn darkness, it is important to be seen, especially if you run the streets on wet asphalt. – It’s not so much glare as it takes to find, says Danielsen and Ahlbäck.

Both have bright laces which should not be tied in jog forests. The fun feature is a popular gadget in the running environment. Lighted heelstrap to attach the shoe’s latest art equipment for training happy who like gadgets. They are available in different colors and lights well up. Of course, heel counter flashing.

On the back harem has a Nathan Backlight beverage west to 1500 kroner. It looks neutral out day but glows sharply in the darkness like a giant flare. – It’s about to keep warm, and then its fine with wind- and waterproof clothes, they say. Basically they use garments that wicks moisture. Both emphasize the importance of having the right clothes for different weather conditions. It rains a lot; it is practical with water-repellent jacket. Våtsokker of neoprene acts as a wetsuit and keeps your feet warm, even if one gets their feet wet. When temperatures drop, it’s smart with slightly warmer shoes.

Spikes under the shoes with reflective tape are an advantage when it freezes on the pavement. Benedict recommends a good muted winter shoes with spikes. It is also possible to insert studs during favorittløp shoes if it is thick enough sole.

Reflective vest – arrange to respect both day and night

Temperatures started dropping below freezing point and weathermen promise that he will be better. With time, we have a full fat autumn and with him ever shorter day and dark and dark evenings. We runners do nothing else than to accept the situation and change to the dark side of the Force – to start running in the dark. Whether we give our portion of kilometers in the morning before going to work or coming home from her evening, the dark queen of our favorite lines, because the darkness is probably unavoidable. Let’s test it one of the reflective safety vest to increase its passive safety!

When enclosures in this weather is no good to think well on your comfort level. It may not be exactly shrouded as Eskimos, but the T-shirt he also will not be right. A good portion of the thermal protection as well as excellent passive safety ensures a reflective vest in the decathlon.
Reflection eyes to merge

For cross-country vest that I was still wearing, this is no exaggeration best equipped in reflective material. Reflective surfaces found on the back, shoulders, armholes, at several points on the hips, abdomen and lesions on the cover fasteners. Runner becomes one huge, visible in the distance reflector.

The manufacturer guarantees a minimum visibility from a distance of 120 meters, in the range of 360 °. While according to some sources, the 120 meters was a personal vehicle enough to stop even a speed of 130 km / h on a wet road. Reflective material manufacturers certainly spared no expense, moreover, it used high-quality production from 3M.

Delight but also a selection of other materials and their processing. The entire back, with the exception of the uppermost parts reflexive implementation are led in meshové fabric. Decently mesh are also areas in the armpit. Which is not used or reflective mesh material, you’ll find a bright yellow polyester fabric. It adds to the visibility and safety as well as daylight.
Indeed for runners

In testing, I felt as if the man who designed this kind of reflective clothing, was himself a runner. He thought about everything. Vesta adequately ventilated while the right places to protect athletes from the wind. The back is nicely extended and more so protects some parts of the guard.

Pockets, mesh inside, are large enough to accommodate even the largest mobile phone, handkerchiefs or a handful of energy gels. The entrance is guarded them quality YKK zippers and cover extention. In addition the pockets are sewn so that it can also be used inside in which actually consists of two other pockets. Though not closing, but if necessary, represent an additional storage space.

Quality and sturdy zipper is also used to fasten the vest. Cover Legum form a mutually reflective material. In addition, placket at the upper end creates a so-called garage, so after you complete tensioning zip will not rub on the chin. The collar is worked into the collar. Protection from wind and nowhere neplandá nor avoids stiffness.
Good price

The reflective vest is available in four sizes: S, M, L and XL. My person short little over 170 cm size M fell like a glove. A very pleasant surprise was the price. Less than 650 crowns came to me for this piece more than folk. Basically for the same price I was on sale (!) Once he bought a reflective running vest from one world tinged manufacturer. Scanty reflective elements and bad treatment from her soon made a hated piece of equipment.

How to use a puncture kit

Fewer and fewer cars are on the street with spare wheel and they replace this item by a puncture kit. Without evaluating which of the two is more convenient, we show you how to use the kit in case you emergency arises.

If your car does not have a spare wheel, you will be good to be clear how a puncture kit is used. Moreover, it is information that should handle all drivers wearing reflective safety vest because, for some years, it is rare to find a car carrying spare wheel itself and not so much one equipped with wheel cookie or not even that.

Among the arguments used by manufacturers to leave this element out of the standard equipment are weight gain and consumption. Now this does not mean you should give up traveling with a spare wheel of identical size to the four axes that fit your car in the trunk.
When you buy a car, it will normally give you three options:

– Wheel size spare (upon payment of the additional amount).

– Wheel cookie. It is known by this name to those with a limitation both in kilometers and speed and are smaller than the other four size.

– Antipinchazos Kit.

Today we are going to focus on this last item, because although the seller you have spoken of your kindness, using a puncture kit is not as easy as it seems.

For in a safe place

It is said that, when you notice that a wheel is losing air must stop running as soon as possible to prevent the movement with little pressure damaging the tire and leave the useless tire.

This maxim is completely true, but it is not unless you do not stop until you find a safe place to do so.

Once the engine stopped remembers the three letters that make your modus operandi in an emergency: PAS, ie, protect, Alerting and succor. In this case we assume that there will be injured by what you do is protect yourself and other road users safe place looking long and alerting your position with safety triangles. Remember never leave the vehicle without the reflective vest position.

Assess the situation

Out of the car, pay attention to the state of the wheel and the road conditions:

– If the affected wheel is too exposed to traffic, he calls a crane and not risk your integrity.

– If you can access it, takes the puncture kit and get to work.

Using the kit antipinchazos

The puncture kit consists of two elements:

– Liquid or foam that covers the puncture

The first thing you have to do is remove the cap from the valve. Below, you will find the howitzer, which is the part that prevents air from coming off.

If you have a manual kit, follow these steps:

– Open the can of sealant liquid. The kit includes a tube you have to build the boat and to the tire valve.

– Dumps the pot so that the liquid falls by inertia and empty all contents inside the wheel itself.

– Disconnect the valve tube, relocates the howitzer and inflates the wheel with the compressor to about 2.5 bars.

If your kit automatically antipinchazos:

– Open the pot acóplalo sealing liquid and the air compressor.

– Connect the tube to the valve compressor wheel with reflective tape and put the compressor into operation: the compressor itself introduce the liquid together with air to a pressure of about 2.5 bar.

In both cases it is desirable that last couple few kilometers to check that the tire does not lose pressure. Reached your destination, remember to pass as soon as possible by the workshop to fix the flat tire.

Therefore it is important to always use reflex

Spannavegen one evening in December. I feel quite aware where the car is rolling home. It’s dark but starlit.

I know that a few hundred meters in front of me is a pedestrian wearing safety vest crossing. I know that the lighting is not optimal. I know I look a little worse in the dark than in daylight.

Therefore I follow extra well with this evening.

When I approach the pedestrian crossing, glimpse I barely a shadow on the west side – on the opposite side of where I run.

The person enters into the road. When he reaches the center stripe, hurtling another car past – tight against his ass.

It feels as if my heart skips a beat. Heart rate increases, the palms of my being clammy.

I slows even a little, and let the boy go over the pedestrian crossing.

He is dressed in dark trousers and dark jacket.

No glare, no light, almost impossible to spot.

I do not think the incident is unique.

On the contrary, I think quite a few motorists on Haugalandet can recognize themselves in it to experience being almost-killers.

Like me, I think a lot has also been raging in its horror, and cursed the pedestrians or cyclists who have intimidated them that way.

More strange is that why so many pedestrians and cyclists are still not using reflective when they are outside the car safe seat.

When they themselves are the soft road users to travel on roads ours.

A survey for Road Safety has conducted showed that over 80 percent of those surveyed adults said they went with reflex.

But when the same organization conducted a random count, had only 1 of 3 observed reflection on themselves.

Perhaps this is the soft passengers scourge; you will “just” a little trip out, and when one needs the not take on reflex.

This week should Haugesund Avis spotlight our reflexively use locally. Some convenient, we can say: “We have many readers, but none to lose.” No one to lose.

After a traffic accident sitting there many left, besides those directly affected.

Although no one is killed, although the car only “pushed slightly down” pedestrians, putting the incident his mark on many more than those involved.

Family and friends of the person who was hit, will be told the story, and will make his own reflections on the incident.

But maybe not the event will cause them even do things differently.

Maybe not that they shall go with reflex next time they are looking.

During the winter months I ask often in the same jacket, the warmest I have. In one pocket is still reflective tape, as I lay there for a few years back.

At that time it was important to be a role model for kids.

But it was to remember to take them out of his pocket then.

Do you remember?