The police cycling museum highlights the missing reflectors

A two-member police cycling tour, which takes part in the preventive event in the South Moravian Region, bikers most often draw attention to the missing reflective vests. ČTK said the police preventer Rocha. Today, cyclists were able to meet in Becalm region.


The patrol on business bicycles within the event runs throughout the territory of the South Moravian Region. Cyclists highlight the correct wheel alignment, visibility, and safe road traffic rules. Cyclists have been able to meet her before, for example, around Rocha.


“When we go to the event, we will drive about 20 to 30 kilometers a day, but we stop very much and talk to people,” Rocha said. With cyclists trying to talk about safe movement along the cycle path, considerations, discuss with them the mandatory equipment. “We all recommend a bicycle helmet, although adults are not obliged to do it, and they are very pleased to use it in most cases, and most of the mandatory equipment is lacking orange hi vis vest in wheelbase,” said a police officer. These reflectors are also missing from some new wheels that are otherwise fully equipped.


Since it is prevention, the patrol is only a positive response from a police officer. And even those who do not have a good round will receive a smaller gift, such as a reflective tape or a stick or a leaflet. “Do not forget to miss something on the bike,” she said.


The bicycle park does not forget pedestrians, which also emphasize the importance of safe movement and the importance of reflective material. It should ride along the paths of the South Moravian Region around early September.