Ergodyne adds to its GloWear high visibility reflective material

Ergodyne has added new products to its GloWear Hi-Vis Apparel Line in preparation for summer outdoor works. These new garments provide ANSI-compliant visibility to prevent struck-by accidents and are packed with features to help workers to beat the heat.

“These new products continue to set GloWear apart,” said Andy Olson, product director, Ergodyne.” From the lightweight breathability of 3M Scotchlite’s segmented Comfort Trim reflective material to smart, innovative details such as reflective vest to further enhance nighttime visibility beyond standard compliance, we’re excited to offer these new hi-vis solutions.”

Each item is made of as an ANSI-compliant polyester breathable knit for heat stress management along with other unique features. The 8216BA’s breakaway design prevents entanglement; the 8246Z has a reflective clothing for improved nighttime visibility; the heavy-duty 8253HDZ has webbing reinforcements and ample storage; the black fronts and accents of the 8280BK and 8281BK hide dirt and wear; and the 8005 keeps the sun off the neck without trapping heat. See full product features and benefits below.

“For over a decade, GloWear has been keeping workers safe and seen on the job,” said Tom Votel, president & CEO, Ergodyne. “We strive to innovate in both design and materials, and this new collection of reflective vests, shirts, and accessories built specifically for summer is no exception.”

How to cross the road properly

Police officers, together with BESIP, went to pedestrian crossings near schools. As part of the Zebra campaign, they do not look at you alerting you about safe road traffic behavior. This nationwide event also took place in front of the Street School.

The preventive Zebra project does not look at you as a safe behavior in road traffic since 2007. It takes place twice a year, at the beginning of the school year and in April.

“Police at pre-established crossings, especially in the vicinity of schools, introduce children to the basic principles of safe behavior that they should observe when passing the road, and it is useful to wear clothing which is sewn-on reflective materials.” said Drain.

The event takes place in various places in the Moravian-Silesian Region. For example, in Navy Jilin, Police, together with BESIP, surprised children at elementary school at Comenius Street.

“I look to the left, then to the right, to the left for the last time, and then you can go when nothing is possible,” said the passage of the journey to the first man. “I’ll see if there is a car when I wait until it stops,” added the sixth grade student.

“Unfortunately, I have to say that the kids, when they go to school early in the morning, rely on protecting the crowd. It is a group, they are talking and the basic criteria they should observe, look at, make eye contact, so it lags in that group, “said Pave Rakes, coordinator of BESIP for the MS Region.

According to police officers, everyone should remember one important rule. It is also important to wear a reflective vest when go out at night.

“Not only children but all pedestrians should remember that they do not have absolute pedestrian crossings,” police spokesperson added.

Other rules of safe pedestrian crossing also include the fact that we should cross the road perpendicularly, to the right of the crossing and not to use it unnecessarily.

“We strive to influence not only the thinking of children but of all road users,” concluded the BESIP coordinator.

As a gift for the right knowledge of crossing the pedestrian crossing and a reminder of security rules, children received small gifts from the Police and BESIP – puzzles, coloring books and reflective tapes.

Prepare your car for skiing

Spring breaks are here to see. Are you going to ski by car? Then check his condition and equipment before riding. We advise how to avoid accidents and fines.

Have the car checked before servicing. You can easily check your tire pressure or sample depth yourself, other things no longer. Only properly adjusted chassis (geometry, brakes, dampers) will ensure optimum winter jacket characteristics, vehicle safety and driving comfort.

Check the coolant and brake fluid and the winter mix in the washers before long journeys. And take a spare with you. In Germany, for example, you can get a fine of up to 40 Euros and one point for a non-functional washer.

Practically in all mountain areas, a marker chain may appear. And behind it is mandatory. Be careful especially in Austria. Only chains are approved by ÖNORM V5117 or V5119 are counted.

Fasten the skis to the roof rack. Not only for your own safety. For example, in Austria, a fine of up to 500 Euros is threatened with a poorly fixed load.

You must have winter tires if there is a continuous layer of snow or ice on the road. Regardless of the date. The tread depth is just 3mm. The wagon’s equipment must be a warning triangle, a first aid kit and a reflective vest, which you must always use when leaving the village outside the village. The GPS device may not be located in the center of the windscreen. Ten-day electronic highway toll costs 10 Euros and you can buy it via the internet.

Winter tires must be in the period from November 1 to April 15 and under unfavorable conditions outside this period. The minimum tread depth is 4mm. You need at least a warning triangle, a first aid kit and a reflective vest with reflective tapes for all passengers, which you must always use when driving out of the village. The ten-day highway stamp costs 9 Euros, some of them paying additional tolls.

In the mountain regions of Lombardy, Trenton, Valle d’Aosta and Piedmont, you must have winter tires from 15 November to 15 April regardless of the weather. You must have a warning triangle and safety clothing for all passengers. On toll freeways, tolls are about 6 Euros for 100km.

Winter tires are not mandatory, but the Pneus neige may be ordered by you. The minimum tread depth is 3.5mm. The warning triangle and reflective vest is mandatory and the test must be within reach of the driver. On motorways tolls are collected around 9 Euros per 100km.

The bikers learned about safety on the roads

Last year, 60 motorcyclists died on Czech roads. So the police, in co-operation with bikers, have decided to organize an event to reduce the number under the motto of “bikes down”.

The Directorate of Traffic Police Service of the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic, in cooperation with the Association of Training Centers for Drivers of the Czech Republic, a preventive action aimed at the safety of motorcycle drivers on the polygon. The aim of the project was to present new safety features, mediate practical training and improve motorcycle drivers, but above all to reduce the consequences and the number of road accidents caused by bikers and to educate all road users.

“The interest was quite large, about two hundred bikers arrived, passed about 80 kilometers along the roads and then on the polygon they were prepared for a program of driving skills, traffic tests, demonstrations of the latest safety features because unlike car drivers , nothing but safety clothing does not protect, “said police spokeswoman Monika.


Part of the program was also a demonstration of new safety vests of the Police of the Czech Republic, which uses a helmet and to protect themselves from injuries in the fall of the motorcycle. “It is obvious that the safety vest works as it is, seals the hull and fixes the helmet, so when the fall falls, the biker will save,” Pavel of the Police Department confided with his feelings, who demonstrated the present operation of the new vest which is sewn-on reflective tapes.

In addition to rides and safety features, a show of motorcycle and quad bike riders was also included, and they did not hesitate to engage the audience. The action has shown that motorcyclists should be aware that they are more vulnerable than vehicle drivers and even the best equipment is not a guarantee of a safe ride if a biker goes risky and does not adapt the speed of traffic, weather and traffic density. “Special caution should be exercised when driving, especially if there is foliage, oil spills on the road, various unevenness such as bridge joints, transition to another surface or cobblestones,” the police spokeswoman said.

Recommendations for cyclists and motorcyclists

County Police Inspectorate supports the movement in the open air and wishes the cyclists and motorcyclists pleasant, safe travel!

Bicycle Safety Recommendations:

Before changing the direction of travel, especially to the left or to the overrun, make sure that there is no vehicle approaching – front and rear!

Move as close as possible to the right edge of the road, and when you move in a group, only one column in the column!

Do not ride a bicycle under the influence of alcoholic beverages!

It is advisable to wear an approved helmet and a reflective vest!

To run on the public road, the bicycle must be properly equipped (effective braking device, an audible warning device, white or yellow light in front, red backlight and at least one reflective material of the same color)!

When changing direction, even if you have to cross priority, make sure the other road users understand your intention!

Safety recommendations for motorcyclists:

Keep eye contact – does not assume that others see you. Always try to have visual contact with the drivers that might be intersecting your trajectory.

Anticipate the intentions of your road mates – even when drivers, cyclists and pedestrians see you are approaching, they often mistakenly appreciate the distance or speed. Do not rely solely on their good reaction.

Increase attention to turns and intersections – the most common type of motorcycle crash is generated by drivers who do not ensure that left turns are turned or that the lane changes.

Be prepared for hazardous road conditions – wet road, liquid leakage, sand, gravel, tramway, pits and other road surface danger that can severely affect your adhesion by causing accidents.

Use an approved helmet – which meets current safety standards. Avoid buying a used helmet, you may have suffered an accident, and repair may hide structural flaws.

Wear safety clothing for motorcyclists – only this can provide good protection during an accident and protects you from the weather. Modular “layered” equipment is recommended so you can adapt it to the changing weather conditions.

Be visible – wear bright, reflective clothing. Add additional reflective material or wear a reflective vest. Always keep the headlamp lit and run to the position where drivers can easily see you in the rear view mirror (2/3 of the belt width). Avoid dead angles of other vehicles.

You are visible. You are safe

This is another edition of the “You are visible. You are safe” campaign, organized by the Provincial Road Traffic Center in Radom and the Marshal’s Office. Over 120 students of grades I-VII received reflective vests. They had the opportunity to practice their skills on a bicycle obstacle course. They also familiarized themselves with the rules of first aid and safety in road traffic.

Today, children got sets with four reflective elements. These are two reflective tapes that can be put on your arm, leg and two pendants, which you can attach to your backpack or keys – said Tomasz from the Marshal’s Office.

In addition to education, safety and health are in the first place. This campaign should be promoted by all schools to make young people aware that safety is the most important thing for their lives – said Tomasz, director of the ZSO.

Every action that will save human life is the most important one. If any visible and visible reflection allows the car not to enter only one person, then it is already a success – said the councilor of Amazonia regional council Lessen.

The Grope police and fire brigade were also involved in the reflective action.

Reflectors are very important, especially important among the youngest ones. There are no sidewalks in this area, which also significantly affects safety. In addition, now it is not clear enough yet, when children go to school, so they will be able to use these reflections for their safety as much as possible, a press officer of the Pavia Police Headquarters.

Director is used to several “reflective” trips a week, but he also sees the effects. The campaign is bearing fruit. – It’s getting better. First of all, it is caused not so much by fashion, but the fact that producers and clothing and those reflections go with the times. It is no longer like one type of hangers, one color. Various reflective fabrics are used in bangles, vests, though even toys, mascots, bags and it is more and more visible on the streets. This is also visible among people who actively play sport. We start to look after our own safety – said Radius.

“A dangerous cyclist on the way to work”

On Thursday, you could meet the mayor Krzysztof Kaminski and the head of the road to Savoir Suisse, giving the cyclists reflective vests. A joint police and city hall called “Safe cyclist on the way to work” covered 50 people.

Between 6 and 8, the road police officers focused their activities in those regions, in the morning the most cyclists who commute to work on two-wheeled vehicles appear – informs Ursula, spokesperson of the KPP. – We encourage you to wear hi vis vests, not only in the evening but always on the road. To a large extent, the vest which has reflective tapes on it can increase the visibility of the cyclist, and thus his safety on the road.

It is worth noting that the reflective vest does not release from the obligation of proper lighting and bicycle equipment.

From year to year, cyclists from Lodz have more and more communication routes designed for them, which increase their safety – says Savoir Suisse, head of the Road Traffic Department of the CPP. – I remind drivers of cars that parking on bicycle lanes threatens to receive a 100-zloty ticket and 1 penalty point.

Nokia presents a super-resistant Smart jacket

At Mobile World Congress 2018, Nokia Technologies not only limited its commercial offerings to the mobile segment but, to the great surprise, presented an innovative Smart reflective jacket that promises to revolutionize the public security sector.

Nokia CHASE: security, first of all Nokia 7 Plus has certainly caught us by surprise. But what would you say if we told you that the company has also presented a new smart jacket for emergency rescuers? Interesting, right?

It is a product that combines the need for security with intelligent technology conferred by Colon Industries (South Korean clothing company) and Gina Software (software developer).

Aesthetically identical to a classic rescuer’s jacket, the new solution integrates diversified sensors, such as body-cams for police officers and thermometers for firefighters, to inevitable cardiac sensors for biorhythm detection. In this case, the system monitors the status of the user, recording the data that are then sent to the control unit.

Nokia CHASE (Connected Health And Safety Equipment), this is the name of the product, meets all the required technical safety requirements and realizes a weatherproof GORE-TEX structure. The colors, of course, are the classic ones in yellow with distinctive reflective materials. The modules can be removed and recharged via the integrated micro USB port, and the jacket can easily be washed by hand or in the washing machine.

Nokia has exposed what has been classified as a first prototype to be released to the commercial market by 2019. Meanwhile, the company has come into contact with rescuers in order to propose this new security solution, that is wearing safety clothing when working at night.

The high-visibility vest is a hazard prediction tool

The French start-up CAD.42 is developing a tool for predicting danger and productivity management for construction sites. The solution, which collects position data from equipment and personnel, communicates in real time connected with PPE that warns of the imminence of a risky situation. And the high-visibility vest is a hazard prediction tool.

One in ten workers is injured every year in France. Based on this observation, the founders of the CAD.42 start-up have created a predictive hazard calculation system dedicated to construction sites, quarries and mines as well as the world of industry and energy. Jean-Philippe Panged, the co-founder and president of the entity created at the end of 2016, say that it amounts to “equipping the companions and the tools of very precise position sensors”. The data that are collected by these sensors are sent to the cloud and processed in real time to allow the detection of risk situations instantly.

A video shows the example of a worker working under a crane: “The smart safety vest detects the entry of the companion into the cone of danger, it triggers a warning light and sound”. In fact, the vest starts to sound and LEDs integrated into the reflective tapes produce flashes in order to attract the attention of the crane operator and the wearer of the connected EPI. The situation can also be viewed live on the digital model of the site manager. By positioning each element equipped with a beacon to within 30cm, it is possible to avoid machine-pedestrian collisions, to secure isolated workers and to dynamically mark risk zones in the case of simultaneous interventions.

Bike safety awareness

Forty-five students of CM2 classes Angelique Le Penne and Yen de la Jarring, teachers at Cole Sainte-Anne, followed Friday, a training in road safety provided by Marlene Kerbela and Valerie Tavern Police Brice municipality in association with Bernard Juan of the association Prevention router and a parent of a student.

This training is intended for students in grades one to six.

The students first received theoretical information on signs, on the cyclist’s safety equipment (reflective vest and mandatory helmet which stick on reflective materials) and an introduction to the Highway Code.

A track with various obstacles, installed in the yard, allowed the children to put into practice what they had learned and to do some exercises on balance and braking, to feel confident and to control their bike well.

At the end of the afternoon, Jean-Hubert Epsilon issued a Road Safety training certificate encouraging them to be vigilant because they were vulnerable to cycle and to respect the rules. Reflective tape rewarded all students for their good work.