Police in safety vest said that he had the right to do so

Our reader recorded a police car in Gdynia when he was controlling speed while standing in a stoppage place. Police officers in reflective uniform say they were allowed to stand there because they were doing their duty, which meant that “there was an out-of-court counter-offender for the offense.”


Our reader registered an unregistered police car on Friday morning when traffic policemen controlled the car radar driving down the street. Flyers see the map of Gdynia in Gdynia.

– Do not the police have traffic regulations? – With such a question he sent us a film.

What about the police? – The actions of the uniformed officers of the road traffic department consisted in controlling the speed. Officers had reflective vests and used a tagged police car. Speed ​​control belongs to the statutory tasks of the police, aims to protect life and human health as a priceless good – explains Michal Ruska from Gdynia City Police Headquarters.


He points out that in recent months there have been 19 accidents in the city, caused by excessive speed. One person was killed and 22 others were injured.

– The activities of the police officers should be interpreted as a non-partisan counter-offense in respect of the exercise of their right or duty. The speed control location has been selected in such a way as not to expose the remaining road users to any danger, Ruska explains.


But there is some reflection. The stop sign was set because someone thought stopping at this place was dangerous. Does the parked police car in this place such a danger to traffic does not cause? And would the driver who would be detained by the police in this place also not threaten the traffic? As traffic officials in safety vest say two cars on a stoppage do not pose a threat, then maybe the sign of the ban is unnecessary?


The police in safety vest intervenes the fuss

The animal defenders interrupted the Christmas hunt in Forest. Between them and the hunters there was a fuss. The police in safety vest and municipal guard intervened.


Hunters scheduled a Saturday morning meeting. Earlier, they had made all the required approvals and arranged the announcements in the area, informing them that hunting would be held in the forests. It was suggested to limit walks to the forest and exercise extreme caution.

Knowing the event, the activists called “I do not give a hunter’s hand,” dealing with animal defense, stumbled on one of the popular social networking sites willing to thwart hunting. Interest was great.


On Saturday morning, representatives of “I do not give a hunter’s hand” with an anarchist group, dressed in colorful, reflective vests, appeared in a place in the Forest, where it was to hunt.

– Instead of hunters under the forester’s lodge Macho waited for forest guards and police, but ignored our presence. They hung up the pages of another fake gathering site, the activists say.


– We have already received information on where to go hunting. That’s why we put our patrols in the wilderness. Our actions came down to the fact that we informed people to move cautiously around the forest, “admits Refax, Commander of the Commune Guard.


Hunting was not there

Defenders of the animals were well organized. They kept informing themselves where the hunters were. And they have reached their goal.

“The people who helped us moved into the wilderness where they managed to meet and stop a few shooters. Then from other activists we were informed that a hunter gathering in the Anew hunting lodge is ongoing. We went to the place. There were about 25 people making it impossible for the hunter to land in the area – they brag on the social networking site.


The hunter was hardly in the taste. There was a fuss. The police and the local police were called in to resolve the dispute. There was indeed an intervention in the Forest. The policemen lobbied and instructed both sides. This was over, “the press office of the police told us.


A more detailed account is presented by Commander, who was in place.

– How we came all this was happening normally, people were calm, and there was no aggression. Apparently, before we came here, there was some sharp exchange of opinions. The police in reflective uniform heard both sides, but there was no reason to take any consequences. Everyone went their separate ways – ends the guard.


Enjoying the bike season with safety

In the vast majority of the country, snow has remained a mere memory, and in some parts of Poland one can enjoy several degrees of heat. So it is no wonder that for many bike riders the cycling season has already begun. The cops in reflective uniform also joined in the action, paying more attention to the two-wheelers. What must be equipped with a bicycle so that he can legally move on the road and what should be remembered when deciding on this means of transport?


Over the past few years, the popularity of bicycles – especially as an urban means of transport – has grown very dynamically. Not every bike that leaves the shop with a happy new owner, however, is adapted to the Polish regulations on the obligatory equipment of wheelchairs. In Warsaw, as part of the “Safe Cyclist” action, the police check that cyclists and riders are riding according to regulations and bicycle equipment. What can you get a mandate for?


In paragraph 53 of the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure, as amended in 2015, on the technical conditions of vehicles and the scope of their equipment, we must read that the bicycle must be equipped with at least one white or yellow front light, at least one non-triangular with reflective tape And one red positioning light at the back, at least one smooth brake, as well as a bell or other signal of non-repulsive sound.


What are important, regulations do not break those who ride bicycles without lights during the day. The same paragraph allows the possibility of dismantling the lights if they are not required at the time of use. At the same time, setting up a headlamp does not make it possible to drive at night in accordance with regulations. After dark, the light must be equipped with a bicycle, not a cyclist. Wearing a light and reflective vest on you does not mean that we will avoid a mandate in the event of a confrontation with the police.


Complaints about ME reflective uniform

It is adapted ME-uniform. The safety vest is replaced and the protection pieces exhalation is improved. To remedy the symptoms for heat problems is getting the riot modern thermal underwear and extra carrying instruction.


Police have the ME-uniform TNO examined after some riot was seized by the heat during exercise. This study shows that the excess heat generated in the use of the uniform is the result of a combination of factors. It is the combination of the non-moisture-permeable safety reflective vest with the other protection pieces (arms and legs).


Also, the weather conditions, the manner in which it is used and a uniform influence on the rate at which heat problems arise, the duration of use.


The ME reflective uniform was extensively tested before release. During the wear tests were no complaints. The modifications to the uniform will take some time.


New reflective uniform for police officers

Under the new concept of equipping police officers are from 1 1st 2015 equipped with all the anti-conflict teams of the Regional Police Directorate new reflective uniform. Vista, which is equipped with all 200 police officers, was tested during 2014 in a pilot project within the user tests for several counties.

Newly introduced features to the vest, which meets the standard for high visibility clothing, are the most modern materials. “Vista is a preservative that enhances the upper half of the torso without arms. The vest is designed for use in environments with high demands for visibility, especially in bad weather conditions, at night and in extreme activities and situations even in daylight, “says ACP coordinator of the Public Order Police Directorate of the Police Presidium, Cpt. Mgr. Martin who participated in the development of vests.

An innovation is the retro reflective band (providing back-reflection of light) in blue on those vests, which can boast only a handful of police forces throughout Europe. On 1cm² fabrics is up to 30,000 glass beads and light incident on the reflective strip of material is preferably reflected back to the source.

Another new feature is the placement of the English inscription “Ant conflict team” on both sides of the vest. This designation will certainly appreciate foreign fans.

“We were inspired by safety vest in other European countries; we placed and created a product that meets the strictest European regulations. Differentiating anti-conflict team members from other police forces and security agencies in football stadiums was our main demand, “says the director of the Directorate of Public Order Police Presidium, col. doc. Ingo. Shrink Martin, Ph.D., MBA.

Officers will significantly contribute to the forthcoming international events, domestic football matches and other security measures such as demonstrations, rallies and strikes.

Child education on road safety

The Metropolitan School “Vassal April” launched an initiative to educate children on road safety.

By the end of the year “Recess with the traffic police” will be held with children up to 4th grade of all schools in Sofia and in the second period – and students to 7th grade.

All students took a few minutes in the school yard, where they were greeted by the director of the Chief of the Metropolitan Traffic Police Began Matched, Deputy Mayor Lyubomir Rostov Transport and Deputy Mayor for Education Mary Painting.

Began Matched announced that the capital’s traffic police reason to be in school as children. “Your life is the most important and that you learn to follow the rules now, while small, is extremely important,” he said.

According to this enables, when they get older people can be confident that their party will have some disciplined drivers and pedestrians.

The head of the capital’s traffic police in reflective uniform said that the organization was established and by the end of the year, teams of traffic police will visit all schools and absolutely will hold open lessons on road safety during classes.

In his first open lesson in class 4D Matched remind children how to cross on the way to school – just a walkway and a raised hand.

“This ensures that drivers will see you and stop. Will protect you yourself will keep you and motorists. ”

Deputy Mayor for Transport Rostov pointed out that this initiative is the main merit of the Traffic Police Sofia. He added that this is part of the general policy of Sofia municipality related to traffic safety of children.

In his words, 33 cabinets are designed for road safety education. There are 25 interactive sites in schools and kindergartens. Over 300,000 levies have been used by European programs and are bought over 600 bicycles to schools in the “Maddest” and “Poduyane.”

Rostov said that separate from more than 200 hiking trails in Sofia are further illuminated lights in the areas of schools and kindergartens.

Maria Painters did express hope that today’s children wear reflective clothing will spend a very interesting hour road safety. According to her, except police, special guests in these hours will be from riders and capital motoklubove.

Painters urged children to take great care and everything today learn to pass it on to their parents. “It is important for children to show that they know and can move properly on the roads and walkways, she said.

After a brief explanation the students returned to classrooms in anticipation of open classes.