The tested reflective bag for children

The AK has tested ten school bags with reflective tape – as a decision aid for the Easter bunny, which often brings the hotly awaited first schoolbag for the upcoming days.


Together with a physiotherapist of the Kipper University Clinic and two schoolchildren, the consumer protectors tested ten standard commercial models. Winners are the Ergo bag cubes and the Schneider tool bag soft.


Both favorites reached 16 out of 18 points and cost 219 respectively 170.95 Euros – the highest price the winner shares with the last one in the test. Also the Scout Buddy Style comes to 219 euro, however with only four points. The three best-rated satchels convinced with an adjustable back part, which means they grow with the child. The test winners also wait with a waist belt by reflective fabric.


The weight of the shoulder bag, whether it grows, the freedom or limitation of head mobility, weight distribution horizontal, stability of child movement, padding of backs and straps, format, presence of chest and waist belt and fan divisions.


Ergonomic factors

While children are more interested in color and design, parents should pay attention to the ergonomic factors, the Chamber of Labor recommends. Adjustable straps have all; the adjustable back part comes on. The upper edge of the shoulder bag should be at the level of the shoulders.


Heavy things should be stored directly on the back and not in side pockets, as this can lead to oblique position and postural damage. The chest and hip belt support a stable fit at the back. All schoolchildren in the test had reflective surfaces. Yellow or orange areas, which contribute to recognition by drivers during the day and at dusk, were only available on one model.


In any case, the child should be present at the purchase and the school bags with and without jacket try, advises the AK. So you can immediately see if the belts can be adjusted well.