License freshmen and abroad

Villach – Living in Villach has many advantages, one of which is definitely the short distance to the popular holiday countries Italy and Slovenia. This year thousands of Villach and Villach’s will take up their vacation in one of our neighboring countries as well as to Croatia. But be careful! As license novice is to pay attention to much.
Now before the summer months make many young people wearing reflective vest still fast driving test in order in the summer to be somewhat independent from their parents. Then it is also often on the first holiday without family. But especially when it comes to a holiday abroad, be aware of license newcomers lot! We asked ÖAMTC.
Driver’s license is not the same license
The most important for L17-license-Neulige is that they may not be traveling by car abroad until the age of 18 years (18th birthday).
Only Germany, Denmark, Great Britain and Northern Ireland permit “L-17 journeys”!
So it looks with the regulations in the popular holiday countries
Here applies to handlebar under the age of 21 years total ban on alcohol. This also applies to tourists!
In addition to bandages and warning triangle here is the carrying of at least one safety vest duty.
License experience freshmen class B only allowed to drive at 90 km / h in the first 3 years after issuance on highways only at 100 km / h and on highways. Again, at this time there is a complete ban on alcohol.
Here are just a warning triangle with reflective tape must be carried. If you stopped without safety vest in the car, it has no consequences if you then in case of breakdown gets off without warning vest, you have to expect a penalty.
Here handlebar must keep them under 24 years of reduced speed limits – 80 km / h on highways, 100 km / h on expressways and 120 km / h on motorways.
Although this scheme normally applies only to Croatian citizens, it is recommended to comply with these in order to save yourself unnecessary trouble.
Motorway vehicles which may be driven in Croatia of license newcomers (to 24 years) have not more than 75 kW / 102 hp. The same rule applies to wheeled vehicles with more 25 kW / 34 PS.
And again total ban on alcohol!
Here are bandages, spare bulbs kit and warning triangle obligatory carry. Safety vest must even be present for each occupant. In addition, a fire extinguisher with the car must be.
Drivers who have less than two years of driving experience must observe a 0.3 alcohol limit.
Not carry are bandages and replacement lamps set, however, the safety vests Griffbereit must be stored and a spare tire must be located in the vehicle.
Who owns the license less than three years, must be in France on a holding 0.2 alcohol limit. Moreover apply for these novice drivers reduced speed limits: 80 km / h on highways, 100 km / h on expressways and 110 km / h on motorways.
It is recommended carry a first aid kit, spare bulbs kit and warning triangle are compulsorily alongside safety vests for all occupants. Also an alcohol test should be carried, but a non-carry is unpunished.
If these rules are observed, we are left with more to say one thing:
Have a good trip and happy holidays!

A guardian angel in safety vest saved lives and the EM

Salim Toorabally in safety vest says that he had only done his job. Had he not done so, probably many people would have died and been canceled the EM. The folder was in November the hero of Paris.
The service, which changed his life, began to Salim Toorabally at 16 o’clock. Around noon there was on that November 13, 2015 a bomb threat against the hotel of the German national team in Paris, Toorabally had heard on the radio. A false alarm.
Even otherwise ran the service for the folder at the Stade de France in Paris this Friday once quiet. 80,000 spectators were expected, the staff was preparing itself. Routine. Nothing indicated that Toorabally soon, namely should be countless lives ahead of the kick-off of the friendly match between France and the German team, from simple stadium stewards to rescuers. The man, originally from Mauritius, has even saved the European Football Championship in France.
It took five days to the 43-year-old his prowess itself was even aware of. Three bomb blasts there had been directly at the Stade de France, tens of thousands of terrified fans, more terrorist attacks in the city. Paris was in shock. Then Monsieur Toorabally was shown by the police several photos of holy warriors who had killed a total of 130 people with. He immediately recognized the man who previously wanted to slip through the turnstile at the entrance L on Friday without a ticket. His input.
“I did my job, nothing more”
Toorabally stopped him. Bilal Hadfi, the youngest of the Paris-bomber blew up a little later at an intersection next to the stadium in the air, instead of the grandstand destroyed the terrorist only a little asphalt. “I did my job,” says Toorabally than meets him the “Welt am Sonntag” on a sunny afternoon in Paris, “nothing more.”
This is partly correct: check cards Browse backpacks, disoriented visitors lead the way – all that is in the job profile of the nearly 1,000 folders that work the Stade de France. On the other hand Salim Toorabally is a special folder as work to rule is more that evening. Had the bomb at the stadium and did not explode before that, the European would hardly have occurred.
Although the attack was thwarted and was not a single fan to damage, called for politicians the cancellation. They want the terrorists even more “soft targets” offer than it already. Football icon Just Fontaine spoke out several times in favor of discharge the EM in another country. But it will be played as scheduled. With one difference: The tournament takes place in a high-security wing.
The Uefa, which hosted the tournament, doubled their security budget, she bought drones and surveillance technology, they also increased the number of police officers with reflective vest and folders from the arenas. The French government extended the state of emergency until about the final addition to detain terror suspects more quickly, the US government warns Americans explicitly before visiting France. European Championship matches behind closed doors are a realistic scenario, the Interpol chief was in advance in demand as a coach and player. Never before in the history of football the concerns of an attack were larger and more concrete than now.
In “Events” the images come in the head high again
“In the stadiums, the audience will be safe,” says Toorabally and stretched his back through. It sounds like a promise. He also knows how lucky he and the 80,000 spectators at the Stade de France had then.
If he passes today at the fast food restaurant, in front of which Hadfi blew when he drinks a coffee in the “Events”, before the crack another terrorist with his bomb belt and a passer-by to death, the images come into his head high again. As the terrorist with the shy glance tried crowded to the front man to reach the stadium grounds.
As Toorabally, who had previously admitted thousands cheerful Schlachtenbummler, attentive, because the man did not respond at first, as he spoke to him. Eventually, he held him with his left arm at the shoulder, asked him his ticket. “He said his friend was already in the stadium,” reports the folder: “The have the tickets he wanted to pick them up and come back later to show off it..” A cheap trick zigfach applied at major events every weekend. But this time it comes as evidenced later, life and death.
Toorabally not believe the story of the friend with the ticket and sends the visitor with reflective tape away. While Bilal Hadfi goes, but it differs only a few meters back. For several minutes he stalks up and down in front of the input L. Toorabally informed about radio first his colleagues that someone trying to get into the stadium without a ticket, and later the police. By the time the game is already under way. Many folders whose inputs are closed during the game, follow the game on small speakers. Their work begins only after the final whistle again. Even the stubborn visitors without a ticket is part of their routine. The ends at 21:17.

To school without fear. Children in Olomouc accompany undergraduates

Unique service for parents who fear their children alone venturing bike to school without reflective vest, started recently in Olomouc Ride2sCool Association in cooperation with local Palacky University (UP). It offers children accompaniment in the form of college volunteers, who little bikers along the way they oversee.
Olomouc Ride2sCool Association in cooperation with Palacky University offers escort children in the form of college students who oversee the little bikers not only the way to school, but also in the opposite direction. | Photo: Tomas Frait, MF DNES
Nontraditional school cyklodoprovod association began offering in mid-May. Accompaniment, which provide students of the Faculty of Physical Culture UP, to which should, in future, to join their colleagues from other disciplines, yet uses eight schoolchildren.
Instructors have the morning to pick up their so-called collection points are in the village Křelov-Břuchotín the city in the New World, on New Street and Litovelské street.
“Soon they will be added post Neředín where he signed one girl. She found herself instructors, he would like to ride with them. Regarding schools, the project has so far involved Elementary School and St. Ursula Zeyerova, “explained a member of the association Ride2sCool Jan Hoffmann from the Faculty of Physical Culture UP with the fact that the first two weeks of pay for accompanying parents, now paid seven crowns per ride.
“Our goal was that the service was more expensive than a child’s ticket for public transport. Otherwise, the whole principle works so that parents accompany children ordered through the reservation system, “he explained.
The association was inspired by Australia and the United States
Instructors for the safety of cyclists handing out small before every ride safety vest.
“The condition of the wheel correspond parents. They must also equip children helmet, “said Hoffmann. The association was inspired by her school bus, which tie the children to school, for example in the USA.
“We decided to bike so that the children could before and after school stretch. The bike is also, of course, more environmentally friendly mode of transportation than the bus, “explained Hoffmann.
A similar road safety service is currently only operates in Australia. In the Antipodes, however, escorting fend parents who alternate in the heats.
“Maybe to do once we arrive in our country and our service is no longer needed,” said a member of the association.

The new Skoda Fabia: larger and more ingenious than ever

New Skoda Fabia impresses not only through emotional design, but is also more practical and more ingenious than ever. The new offer space for five occupants and their luggage, even if the external dimensions are compact and highly agile and manoeuvrable. The trunk with reflective tape is the largest in size mini car segment. The new Fabia is available with up to 17 more “Simply Clever”, of which 9 are new facilities.
“The new Skoda Fabia is a true champion in terms of practicality, allowing various possible uses. It is the ideal car for modern mobility, the totdata practice in the city and the perfect combination of emotional and functional, “said Dr. Frank Welsch, Skoda Board of Directors Member responsible for Technical Development.
Skoda Fabia offers more space for occupants and luggage. Passenger space is longer and wider than before. Also, drivers and passengers in safety vest have more space to the head. Though the new Skoda Fabia is 8mm shorter than its predecessor, the interior has a length of 8 mm higher by 1.674 mm. Width in the right elbow has also increased, in front of 1,401 mm (plus 21 mm), 1,386 mm in the rear (plus 2 mm).
The trunk is the largest in the segment, including 330 liters, ie 15 liters more than before and far more relevant than the competitors. With rear seats folded, load volume increases to 1,150 liters. Due to the wide opening of 1,098 mm tailgate that opens to a great height, the threshold 1,915 and lowered trunk (659 mm), charging is very easy. Cargo space has a width of 960 mm, ie 2 mm more than the previous generation.
For the first time in a Skoda Fabia new technology has MirrorLink. This translates smartphone applications on infotainment display. Thus, for example, uses navigation software or music listening personalized dashboard takes on a new quality. The connection is fast and easy. With a USB cable, just connect your smartphone with Bolero system, activated from MirrorLink way radio system and then MirrorLink certified applications will be “mirrored” on the screen infotainment system.
SmartGate is very useful function. This allows for each trip storing and mobile use in certain applications of the smartphone certain information about car, such as fuel consumption, average speed, cost and others. Data transfer is done wirelessly via WiFi.
Starting now, the Fabia is the first time an ice scraper in the fuel filler flap. New support multimedia cupholder in the center console offers place for mobile phone, smartphone or iPod. For reflective vest compulsory in many countries, you will find a special storage space in the driver’s door. Side door is available for a container for leftovers. Storage nets on the inner edges of the front seats offer the right place for smaller objects. It was enlarged and space for beverage bottles. In both rear doors now takes place a bottle of 0.5 liter. The glove box has also been a 1 liter bottle. Thus, the new Skoda Fabia offers a total storage capacity for up to seven bottles: two doors in front, two rear doors, the center console and in the glove box.
Moreover, the new Skoda Fabia impresses with additional solutions “Simply Clever”, which have already proven practicality to the second generation model. These include standard support for tickets, on the left inside the pillars, and the two Optional hooks for bags in the trunk. On request, the two nets set nets will ensure order in the trunk. Panel covering the trunk can be used as intermediate floor can be pushed horizontally or vertically after seat. Also optional is available a flexible trunk storage box, which helps safe transportation of objects. “Simply Clever” Cornering light function is (cornering light) of the fog.


Horrible death for a driver pierced the neck of a timber from a wagon unmarked

A woman aged 40 years, of Dolhasca, died in terrible conditions after he crashed the car he was driving into wood from a wagon unmarked circulating before it, and a tree came through the windshield of his car and entered his throat. She had the strength to get out of the car and ended up in the yard of a house, where, because of massive bleeding, died. The woman died under the eyes of terrified people who have been waiting ambulance about half an hour.
He died when he had 50 meters to home
The accident has happened on Wednesday night, around 21.30, the DJ 208S, across Gulia village, town Dolhasca.
Petronela Cretu, aged 40, local girl, returning from work at that time. Without reflective vest He was driving a Ford Mondeo car, and death came 50 meters before she gets home.
The car hit the back of a cart pulled by a horse that was running in the same direction, loaded with thin wood. The load was much hypo sticking out of the coupling so that what followed seems detached from a horror movie. One of wood, the longest, broke through the windshield and pierced the woman’s body, in the neck.
“He had great bleeding, his blood spurting and mouth, and throat …”
Woman aged 40 years left the car on her feet even though he had a massive hemorrhage. He would die in a neighbor’s yard.
Peter Chinole, whose husband died in the yard of the woman, recounted nightmarish moments: “He got out, opened the gates of my household and fell immediately. I helped her as best I could, I held her in my arms around 25 minutes, and I put the candle. Was hemorrhaging high, his blood spurting and mouth, and throat … you cannot imagine what I went through. The ambulance arrived only after 25-30 minutes. ”
The driver fled carrying wood on site
Road policemen who arrived at the scene they found only the cart and horse cart driver fled the spot.
People living in the area reported that the car was crashed into the cart that was last in a column of carts loaded with wood hypo. They belonged to Roma in Gulia, returning with wood from the forest.
Valeriu Rosca’s father who died, told the anguished “The girl came home from work, there was no way to have speed, but the cart is full of GATEJ without any signaling. There were about four carts one after another, with stolen wood. Police officers in Dolhasca know this well, but do nothing. ”
The car had no speed
It was later determined that Attachment hypo was led by Carmen Sirbu, a woman aged 43, Gulia. The cart and its cargo were not reflective tape to make them visible. Only a vest hung somewhere on the wood. Basically, Petronela Cretu had no way to avoid tragedy, slamming into the wood came out of the wagon. Attachment hypo that was not destroyed, and the horse was not injured driver does demonstrate that circulates at high speed. But was that enough wood to come through the windshield and pierce a vital area. If wood would have gone farther shoulder, she probably would have survived.
Ionut commissioner Epureanu, in Suceava County Police Inspectorate confirmed that Attachment hypo was not registered or flagged for movement at night. On behalf woman aged 43 years was a criminal case against the offense of manslaughter. This was verified with etilotest device, resulting not consumed alcohol. The woman will be investigated at large.
Suceava Monitor wrote in 2013 about the need for a point SMURD Dolhasca
The tragic accident and how the woman died without having a chance to be saved, bring in actuality an acute problem, which was signaled by the leadership of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations Suceava for the past few years. In 2013, Monitor Suceava publish an article entitled “Firefighters with safety vest could get two workstations, the Broşteni and Dolhasca”, which indicated the need for the two cities to open even stops SMURD, where there is a ambulance staff intervention and 24 hours from 24. that’s because the two towns are located at great distances from the nearest ISU subunits from Fălticeni, respectively Wah. Unfortunately, these plans have not been materialized so far. The main reason is that local municipalities have not found suitable premises for such a point SMURD. Adequate space means a building with utilities, dormitories for staff and space for car parking of intervention.

What sports can practice this spring

With warm weather and warm clothes quitting, we may have a problem with weight gained. Whether you such reasons or simply want to maintain your health, sport is recommended by experts. You can start with one that is not very expensive.
Whether out jogging or simply go rollerblading or bike park, experts recommend movement every day. Cristi is Petraş tennis instructor and sports teacher at a prestigious high school in Targu-Mures. When it comes to movement, explains why it indicated a stroll in the park or a hike through the woods, and what sport we can choose according to your preference and physical condition.
Brisk walking, running, and sports teacher, Cristi Petraş tells us that walking briskly and running in nearly all recommended to those who want to move. Fortunately, no need, at least initially, of special equipment. “Running and walking alert address almost all. You must, instead, to know and how to run and take care of joints. And wearing reflective vest when you walk outside.Avoid textured surfaces, but can run on specially designed tracks on the grass or on the ground, and running shoes should be with a thicker sole, foam, if possible highest quality. Do not run the entire sole. We can even look on the internet, where videos in which we explain exactly how it ran. Running is only 20% more efficient than walking in unritm alert “, explains Cristi Petraş, professor of sport dancing, cycling and roller Once running, the following hierarchy of sport, in terms of difficulty or the request body are dancing , cycling and rollerblading. Coach explains why. “Dancing is a great way to burn calories, but also to socialize. Latin dances recommend. It bears a lot, there are many dance schools. Also, the equipment does not really matter, at least initially. Cycling and rolls cost us less, and if we have a little patience to look for a good bike, we can even purchase sale. You have to consider and where you want to ride with it, when you choose: only on road or on rough terrain. We need helmet and safety vest. Where do you get on your bike cycling, but first choose a route. You’re closer to nature and at the same time you move “rollerblading instructor completes and skateboard favorite sports are usually young, and thus they can and socialize. And these cazulri we need a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and a skate board suitable age and level of training. Lawn tennis “I recommend to start spring sport like tennis, and when the summer season starts it will be easier. ABC is now formed in tennis and in summer these people will have already begun. Then you can play tennis with friends. In this sport you need a casual sports equipment that will allow you to do any movement. Most important is footwear. Sports shoes should preferably be specific for the game of tennis. This gives the foot stability during changes in direction, the hard braking, otherwise we risk accident. If we choose to play with a trainer, most coaches already have missiles, which it lends students. Thus they do not invest in them at first. It means you do not invest in balls and tennis racket. It’s a pretty demanding sport during initiation, but rewards those who persevere and reach a minimum level of knowledge. The period during which you can acquire the minimum required depends on the physical attributes of the person and the frequency of workouts, “says instructor tennis Cristi Petraş In conclusion, the sport is indicated in any time of year, especially when the weather is beautiful and allows us to choose any sport suits with reflective tape us. Professor recommends youth sports and not only play and team sports, such as basketball, volleyball, handball or volleyball, and if you can make as many hiking outdoors.

Saturday. Dense fog on motorways A1 and A2 – low visibility in traffic

Infotrafic center of the Romanian General Inspectorate of Police reflective vest that on Saturday morning, on the A1 Bucharest – Pitesti motorway traffic is being carried out in dense fog. In places, visibility drops below 100 just below 50 meters.
Apart from the usual rules on the movement of Fog, should be considered and specific recommendations highways:
-urmaţi directions displayed on electronic boards, primarily those related to speed!
-Increase the walking distance between cars!
Do not shut down the lanes and the emergency lane! In case of power failure or technical failure, turn on hazard warning lights, equip yourself with safety vest, remove occupants off the roadway and place reflective triangles, one after the other, at greater distances! You can also request support Motorways Police, the National System for Emergency Calls 112, informs the Romanian Police Infotrafic Center.
The National Meteorology Administration issued four warnings on nowcasting fog that lowers the local visibility below 200 meters and 50 meters isolated as valid today until 9:00. According Realiattea TV, there may be yellow code warning FOG be extended in certain areas of the country and after this time.
A3 motorway Turda – Gilau, traffic is conducted in fog, visibility is below 100 meters and 50 meters isolated. Under the same conditions and traveled motorways A1 Bucharest – Pitesti and A2 Bucharest – Constanta.
Teleorman county, affected by fog is DN6 (E70), low visibility is below 100 meters and isolated, under 50 meters. In Calarasi county fog reduced visibility below 100 meters on DN31 Calarasi Olteniţa.
In Arad, on DN 7 Pecica – Nădlac, there are sections where visibility is reduced below 50 meters without reflective tape.
To not be involved in road events unwanted Center Infotrafic General Inspectorate of Romanian Police advises drivers traveling on roads in the counties affected by fog, to exercise greater caution while driving, avoid overruns, keep within walking distance and use low beam (and if applicable, and the fog), announces the Romanian Police Infotrafic Center.


All of RATB controllers are required to wear uniforms? How good payers will be awarded trips

Since the beginning of this month the people of Bucharest could see, in public transportation, controllers wearing blue reflective safety vest, which reads, in capital letters, “auditor”.
That means that if someone is not wearing such a vest requires us card bus trips should not we present? It seems that things are not so simple. Besides controllers “at sight”, there are still those “incognito” as told spokesman RATB, Constantin Tobescu.
According to him, in addition to controllers that shows the insignia of the institution vest will remain and those dressed in street clothes, so Bucharest residents who thought can realize a glance if bus, trolleybus or tram is ‘safe’ they have escaped.
“Vests are an additional accessory that is not used by all teams, there is also the controllers ‘incognito’. The traveler must validate the title at once you got in the vehicle and produce the controllers who on their delegates and badges, even if not have news, “said spokesman RATB.
So why are worn by some of these news? “RATB aims to increase the income and not to impose fines. RATB goal is to increase civic consciousness of travelers,” explains Tobescu.
Regarding the feed-back of Bucharest with this change, it is “positive”, already feeling a drop in the number of offenses. In addition, although no statistics yet, queues at counters showed that were paid several trips than ever before: “Feed-back from passengers has been positive, obviously. A statistic cannot do yet, but in the early days felt a decrease in offenses.
Also on sale was an increase that was seen with the naked eye through queues that developed centers of sale, “said spokesman RATB.
Earlier this month, it announced a change in the “Profile controller”. We wanted to know what these institution and here’s the answer: “The controller is a person who hunts simply a certain type of traveler, to punish him. Like I said, this is not our goal.
The controller is an interface travelers RATB important relationship, he must have the attitude that the whole Regie has to our customers in reflective tape, namely serving with attachments, fairness and also with firmness.
Let’s not forget, however, that these people are faced with all kinds of people. Often they were beaten, bullied. Think they know that passengers are seen without sympathy. That’s what needs to be changed: the controller is an employee who does his job, which checks whether you’ve paid your journey, so show that you respect others travelers, who pay “.
RATB, invitations to the theater of Bucharest “good payers”
Constantin Tobescu and declared that the institution thinks to travel reward “good payers”, including giving them free tickets to shows. Specifically, one of the projects designed by RATB is that holders of subscription to subscribe to the institution’s website and participate in a draw, after which the lucky ones will receive invitations or tickets to the theater, circus museum. This project has not started yet, but will be implemented “soon” as stated Tobescu.
How many Bucharest is outraged by the fact that in the middle transportation controllers seem to avoid asking the card verification trips to parts of travel, we wanted to know why this happens.
“The controller often do not have time to check travel documents to everyone. No police does not stop all traffic participants than when operations are organized in this regard. So has RATB controls scale, developed by Community Police and the Gendarmerie support, especially where problems were found, “it is the answer spokesman institution.
280 controllers in Capital
According to Constantin Tobescu in Bucharest is currently working 280 controllers in reflective vest. Regarding their program, it covers the entire schedule RATB. Therefore, in theory at least, we can expect to have our journey so wax card at 22.30 hours, on weekends, when back home in the city, and at 5.30, one day of the week, when we head to work.
We wanted to know which lines are most travelers fraudulent and which ones are the most fair in Bucharest. “On all the lines are identified travelers who go without paying. Many cases are recorded on some suburban lines, or peripheral lines. There, moreover, periodically organize raid type controls, with the support of the Police and Gendarmerie” was the answer of the institution.
The procedure in case of theft in public transport
Thefts in public transportation is another issue of “Today” for a long time, the capital. How many of us have witnessed a robbery in a bus or maybe we were the victims? And if we were the ones to whom they stole something, surely remember how I was indignant that no one intervened. Specifically, as is done in such cases, what to do?
“Tell offense to 112, give all the details, semnalmentele without entering into conflict with offenders. The means of transport there are teams of undercover cops, who in collaboration with RATB are ready to intervene in case of a flagrant and in lately the press has written about such actions of police officers from Transport.
Driver is not allowed to intervene in any way, it must follow a path and follow a schedule, to the extent that allows traffic. The driver will stop the vehicle in the lot where they expect police station, where the victim or witness call the emergency number, “said Tobescu.
RATB kiosk was closed. What to do
Another problem is the program of Bucharest RATB kiosks. How many of us we were in a position to have us moved by a means of transport after closing time RATB kiosks without having where to recharge our cards? Or morning, when we hurry to go to work, to see that counter is “temporarily closed”? What can we do in such cases?
Expected response, installing automatic ourselves where we can buy cards or even able to travel directly from us to buy bus did not come. It seems that for the moment they are not options.

“You already have a facility offered by RATB SMS payment of trip on the express line or a subscription for a day to other lines, less lines suburban, which have a special status,” said Tobescu, without referring But the seniors, not necessarily retirement that cannot mastered the technology that would allow them to pay by SMS trips or those who do not have credit on your mobile phone.

reflective vest: the craziest rule the world

When traveling by car, keep on hand a reflective vest for emergency situation. However, it is best to wear it, in critical situations before they get out. But the law does not say exactly that: in fact, it is not always required to wear it when you exit from the driver in an emergency. And paradoxically there is no obligation to keep the reflective vest in the car: in the case of law enforcement monitoring, there will neither ask if you carry the vest, let alone multarvi in ​​his absence.
AMONG quibbles CODE
Our Highway Code must be interpreted there where talk of reflective jacket. has summarized the legal requirements for you, so that your agostani movements are perfectly in order. Here’s what you need to know: out of town, if you stop on the side of the road, before getting out of the car, in only three cases (and then not always, as erroneously stated on numerous web sites) have the obligation to wear the reflective safety vest. When? First: at night, they do not work the rear parking lights or emergency. Second, at any time, if the vehicle is not visible to at least 100 meters from those coming in your direction of travel. Are cases in which the triangle is placed, so to speak. Third, if you get off the car in the breakdown lane or in a lay-by. The fine for violating the obligation is 39 Euros, plus the cutting of two points of the license. Says Article 162, paragraphs 4 and 5-ter, of the Highway Code. Obviously, the garment must be approved.
Instead, the triangle is part of the mandatory equipment. Otherwise, fine of 80 Euros. This is what sets Article 72 paragraphs 1 (point E) and 13 of the Highway Code.
And if a driver is not wearing the vest in the cases, and another car is an accident due to poor visibility the driver got off the vehicle, there will be trouble. The Supreme Court, with judgment 17451 of May 5, 2011, confirmed that a vest with reflective tape must be worn and kept in the cockpit. Otherwise, if it is hit by another vehicle, you may be held partially responsible in part for the accident.



As in the forced vest

Better safe than trendy, say just the French. Immediately all cyclists in France must wear a yellow reflective vest. It advertises none other than designer Karl Lagerfeld for lightweight camisole.
The autumn mist still hangs over the streets, when Nicolas Besancon winds on the bike through the morning traffic jam to the Paris office district of La Defense. Links from the Autoschlange preschen motorcycles over, right gymnastics students from the bus stops at the roadside. Besancon uses every free centimeters around voranzumogeln, a breathtaking spectacle. “I’m used to it,” he says, at a red light waiting. Fearing for his life he did not. And a safety vest over his trench coat, then he could do without in the future. But Cannot he, because in France shall apply from 1 October, a camisole compulsory for cyclists. Outside built-up areas and in poor visibility all cyclists must wear the vests in neon yellow, or face a fine of 35 euros. Transport Minister Jean-Louis Borloo has decided the measure. “The goal is to save lives,” he explains.
The scheme is part of a larger, now enshrined in the French Highway Code security package. It also prescribes that all drivers to have next to the warning triangle, a safety vest at hand. In particular, the regulations for cyclists are controversial or criticized as half-hearted. For cities where happens a lot of the accidents, remain the exception. Also to wear a helmet, according to experts, the best protection against serious injury, the government could not bring.
A helmet law is not provided
250 cyclists every year on the streets of France to death, 8,000 injury accidents are registered. To reduce using the vests the numbers and tackle the problem of acceptance, Borloo has hired a prominent recruiters: fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld posed on billboards, in evening dress, with a black bow tie, sunglasses and neon yellow safety vest. “It’s yellow, it’s ugly, and it matches nothing. But it can save your life,” was the slogan.
So far contributed only two percent of the French regularly the little dress-like bodice. In the last days before the introduction of compulsory safety vests which are, however, gone like hotcakes in the supermarket at the discounted price of EUR 6.50. Many camps were cleaned out. In Paris, the insurance group MMA distributed free hundreds of copies and called the cyclist on, even in the cities to increase their visibility.
The camisole compulsion is introduced in 14 other European countries. In Germany a duty to the accessory will however not come so quickly. Experts are the French model extremely critical. “To create night vests will not solve the real problem. Most accidents occur in the rush hour on the way to work and because the visibility is usually good,” says the bicycle commissioner of the Berlin Senate, Benno Koch. He cannot stand too much from the French concept, since it “the question of guilt” move: “The main problem vehicles which overlooked the cyclist when turning right.” In such accidents, the most deaths were to be deplored.
The state chairman of the General German Bicycle Club Berlin, Sarah Stark, maintains a high visibility vest with reflective tape compulsory on German roads superfluous. Bright clothes carry with for better visibility of cyclists. “One should cyclists but do not patronize. You know that they have not yet crumple zone airbag.” As the ADFC also holds the French Cycling Federation FUBicy duty counterproductive. The bike will thus less attractive, more people would again change the car or on the bike, he fears. The bike is in France the most dangerous by far Transportation, the number of victims are umpteen times higher than among cyclists. The safety vest requirement applies only to bicycles without motor.