Four young Africans with reflective vest offer social work

The City in collaboration with the coop. Black Elk of Mantua, has prepared a project to give the possibility to four refugees from Africa, three from Mali and one of Ghana, to perform community service. The four young Africans with reflective vest since this morning will be devoted to works of cleaning and maintenance of the green in the cemetery of Villa. Yesterday morning, in the Council Chamber, the four African refugees, equipped with reflective vest, were presented by the Mayor, by Councilor Claudia, the surveyor responsible for the technical department.

The four young Africans wearing safety vest held community work as volunteers. The insurance against any injuries was provided by the coop. Black Elk. “I thank the guys who voluntarily contribute to the country’s dignity – said the mayor – This project does not involve any cost to the City. The four African refugees were accommodated, for some months, in an apartment of Villa. The arrival of these migrants should not be viewed simplistically as a problem but it’s an opportunity for everyone, both for themselves, so that they do not feel “weight” but also for the communities that receive them. ”

The agreement signed between the Prefecture and municipalities, provides for the young guests with reflective jacket will be made available to the various local communities for a variety of activities: street cleaning, maintenance, public green, but also social integration projects, exhibitions, cultural events.

Reflective Jackets: You must be careful

What is in other countries already mandatory, there will be from July 1, now in Germany: the high visibility vest compulsory, what motorists must pay abroad, read our tips.

Now they also come in Germany: From July 1, motorists are required to at least one safety vest kept in the car. In other European countries, from France to Croatia the flash plating has long been prescribed. “We generally recommend to put safety vests for safety reasons in case of a breakdown, no matter what country, are ADAC lawyer Michael travelers along the way, which break up by car in the summer. The best is, according to Nissan in the car for each passenger a reflective vest at hand – and not in the trunk, but to hand in the glove compartment.

With the high visibility vest compulsory it does not matter whether the vest is now manufactured in yellow, orange or red, such as the Automobile Association – protection (KS) informs. The KS Regrets that in Germany only the carriage of a vest is however required. With an offense threatened in Germany warning money of 15 Euros.

Different countries, different rules

The regulations for the safety vest duty and fines if not heeded, can vary from country to holiday destination. Things to watch out overlooking the high visibility vest compulsory in the various countries, we have put together for you.

Instead of fines policemen distributes reflective tape

Six out of ten deaths of pedestrians dying on the roads are at night and in poor visibility. The sad statistics logically led to supplement the Law on Road Traffic mandatory reflective tapes. Policemen and constables pedestrian control, but as the survey showed rights, yet instead of fatty fines handed out reflective tape.

Penalty for lack of safety features may reach up to CZK 2,000. But punishments do not come yet; it is confirmed by her colleagues.

“Rather violators explain how important it is to be seen, and on that occasion reflective tapes were given away,” she said.

“It is now essential especially prevention and education, police also distribute reflective elements to pedestrians,” confirmed a police spokeswoman. For example, on Monday morning seniors on one of the busy intersections in the city center received shopping bags with reflective heat transfer film.

“During events we give pedestrians reflective tape, which is quite interesting,” said spokesman.

“In the past six months, we handed out maybe eight hundred reflective armbands to put on sleeves,” said the police spokesman.

His colleague added that people even go as well as to police and reflective tape on request. “Unfortunately, we do not have much that we can give out to everyone free of charge upon request. We do it just for preventive action. ”

Contrast tape instead of a fine for pedestrians without reflectors. “Strider evening check and inform them that they should have reflective elements. They are also the BESIP married and we give them, “he told the police.

Officers are frequently on preventive actions such as handing reflective armbands. “People come for them and our staff, in the past six months, we handed them perhaps eight hundred,” said city police spokesman.

Police officers explain to people that the reflective elements are also good to wear in, not only in the dimly lit streets, but everywhere, especially in poor visibility.

Qualified assessment of the impact of the new law is still early, but questioned the police officers and it unanimously welcomed. And again, it’s not just sanctions.

“Personally, I believe that it is very good that the issue of the visibility of pedestrians speaking, it has a preventive effect. I notice that people and daytime wear reflective tape on bags, so awareness is pretty, “said one pedestrian.

According to local police the number of pedestrians with reflective elements on clothing definitely increased. “It is not enough, for example, Walker had in his hand a flashlight, must be visible from the rear. Therefore, it is best with reflective tape or reflective vest, “she added.

Bad driving habits sanctioned by police in reflective vests

“I just got out of the house and I’m getting amended by police in reflective vests, allegedly because I did not stop myself before someone who was close to the pedestrian crossing. I think it is a bit abused … “This father waits before the painful school, nervous, seeing time turn: he must quickly take his son to school and then spinning at work. It’s 8 am on Monday of the school year. Ordinary life resumes, and with bad habits.

“Good day and be careful on the road,” says a policeman after he handed a fine of 140 francs for non-compliance to pedestrians. This is the fourth time that the agent released his book in minutes, including a mother driving without a safety vest or a vehicle parked on a pedestrian crossing.

The school year was coupled with an output of the traffic police. A bike and rollerblading, a swarm of agents with their visible fluorescent yellow vest with reflective tape were first made prevention and cracked if they saw offenses. “A conductor has abused the horn because she found that the cars before they were not going fast enough,” says another official.

The police action is not always well perceived. A van is penalized for no stopping on a yellow line reducing visibility to approaching a pedestrian crossing. “My husband stopped two seconds to kiss me and he is verbalizing. You find that normal?” said a mom on the edge of hysteria. Another, very quiet, denounced the establishment of the zone 30 in the area that was accompanied by the removal of pedestrian crossings … Road safety is a poem!

Patrick PULH, new chief of traffic police department knows it. “In September, the year of peak stress for families, parents arriving by car, motorbike or bicycle to school by doing a little anything sometimes: they phone, eat, ride on sidewalks, etc. They first think of their child, but not to others. We do not hunt the offense, but we do prevention. Each school year is elsewhere. Only this year, the strategy has changed. “Instead of staying outside the hotel, the police patrol visibly with reflective band on the clothing on the way to school in a wider area. There are also mobile speed cameras. “This big operation will target a different scope of the right bank and left bank until Wednesday. It will be repeated randomly throughout the year, not necessarily after the holidays.

The department will fund yellow safety vests

The General Council of Loire-Atlantique confirmed yesterday that he would make compulsory the wearing of the yellow safety vest for students in kindergarten and elementary school Lila who use the bus network. The measure will take effect in September 2010.

Each student will take the fluorescent reflective vest up and down the bus. Otherwise, sanctions ranging from a warning to fining will be applied. A device that is already tested since early November on 29,000 high school students.

“The obligation to primary is a result of a strong request of parents, elected officials and school leaders who see teenagers with reflective vests and also want the same. Somehow our initiative creates interest, “says Yves Daniel, vice president of the council.

Contrary to what he considered there are still a few weeks; the department will indeed be responsible for the purchase of additional vests with reflective tape. Some 18,000 security safety vests and will be commissioned: 8500 in two different sizes for kindergarten and elementary, 9500 for future students of sixth. Wearing a vest is today well respected by college students, a little less by students. Signs reminding its utility will be displayed on the school bus network.

PTW: The compulsory safety vest on January 1st, 2016

The measure was announced earlier this year, after the release of poor figures of road deaths. It’s official: the drivers of two or three wheeler will obligation from 1 January 2016 to have on board a yellow reflective vest, as motorists, according to a decree published on Sunday in the Official Gazette.

Officially called “high visibility vest,” “retro reflective vest” or “fluorescent jacket” by some, this accessory will be on hand drivers “on them or in their vehicle storage (net, safe …) “and they will” wear down when their vehicle after an emergency stop, to improve their visibility, “says the decree.

Fine from 11 to 135 Euros

Mandatory since 1 July 2008 for motorists -like red triangle signalization- fluorescent yellow vest with reflective tape, complies with the regulations in force (CE marking), must be endorsed by the driver before leaving his vehicle in case of immobilization on the roadway or its surroundings after an emergency stop.

Violators will incur a fine of 11 Euros if no jacket on board, 135 Euros if they do not carry the following emergency stop.

The measure, announced several times, had been an outcry of the French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC). This encourages incentives to operate suitable equipment (gloves, jacket with back, boots, safety vest etc.).

Output operation tips: Safety must be the main premise of every driver

As every year, come August and millions of people wearing safety vest take to the road to enjoy a well-deserved holiday break. Before leaving trip it is necessary to be psyched that may be traffic, tired drivers and more likely to collide than other common paths.

The Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) has already begun to communicate warnings and many tips for the ‘operation exit’ goes smoothly and these safety tips, you want to add insights and details that the Group Sabatier Nora has been observed during this year’s.

By this time they will be more trips long and short haul and that is why the Group wants to recommend carrying out, in due time, a complete overhaul of the vehicles that are to be used.

For this, the Group Sabatier Uri has, since its inception, air machines so users with reflective tape can check the air pressure of the wheels with maximum precision, among many other necessary travel solutions to meet optimally.

What should be checked before hitting the road? – The level of brake fluid, oil and windshield wiper fluid products that can be found in service stations Group Sabatier Uri.

Also need to review the correct lighting, not having blown bulbs, good visibility in the windows and headlights a good height.

You have to know the battery charge, the good condition of the spark plugs, cables, filters and brakes. The steering, tires, wiper blades…

In Group Sabatier Nora also recommend careful look at the tires for cracks or striations, having a good air pressure and tread pattern is deep.

You also have to check that the seat position is correct, there are no blind spots in mirrors and the driver has the essential parts, such as the spare wheel with tools for installation, reflective vest and two warning triangles approved danger, some items very sold in service stations Group.

Group Sabatier Nora, that throughout the month of August working normally, wants to use to recommend that drivers do stoppages every two hours away, drink sugary drinks and get used to circulate the fuel tank full as before any abnormal situation (delays, accidents, bad weather, loss …) will always be helpful.