Mandatory wearing of reflective elements?

Two hundred and a half thousand crowns may become more expensive for pedestrians in the evening on the road. If they do not have reflective elements outside the village in poor visibility, they risk a fine. The amendment seeks to reduce the number of people with cars.

Reflective clothing, belts, and bags were distributed yesterday by police officers in several places in Brno. Pedestrians and cyclists have been instructed to change the law to protect pedestrians on the road. Police will continue in preventive actions throughout the region. lupa-plus click to enlarge.

Reflective clothing, belts, and bags were distributed yesterday by police officers in several places in Brno. Pedestrians and cyclists have been instructed to change the law to protect pedestrians on the road. Police will continue in preventive actions throughout the region.

The police will focus on prevention rather than penalizing pedestrians in the first weeks of the amendment to the Road Traffic Act. “We are planning dozens of events in the region where we want to inform pedestrians about a new duty and give them items in a reflective design,” said police spokesman Pavel Svab.

The first reflective tapes, bags, and vests were distributed by police in Brno on Thursday. They stopped and informed about thirty people. “Few of them knew about the change of the law,” Swab noted. At the same time, he recommended wearing well-visible clothing accessories not only outside the towns but also in them.

Also in schools

The police action was also appreciated by Dagmar Šebelová, who received a reflective tape. “When a man in black goes on gray asphalt, he is hardly visible in the evening,” she said.

Not only police officers but also schools distribute information about the amendment in South Moravia. For example, in elementary school in Židlochovice in Brno, teachers are explaining new duties to pupils these days. “Many parents have not registered the change of the law at all,” said the director Jana Králová. She added that they had acquired visible elements for school events that would lend to pupils.

that changes the amendment to the pedestrian law

Pedestrians must wear reflective elements outside the village when walking on the shoulder or roadside in poor visibility

If they fail to comply with the law, they face a fine of up to two thousand crowns on the spot or a fine of fifteen hundred to two and a half thousand crowns in administrative proceedings

A pedestrian does not need to wear a reflective vest, it is enough to use accessories such as straps on the arm or reflective strips on clothes

The amendment to the Road Traffic Act came into effect on Saturday

The amendment requires pedestrians to use reflective elements when walking on the shoulder or the edge of a road outside the village. According to Besip, the visibility of the reflective material at night is two hundred meters, while a man wearing a blue suit is seen at approximately one-tenth of the distance. At a speed of ninety kilometers per hour, the braking distance of the car is about forty meters. “We welcome the fact that wearing reflective elements has become an obligation,” said Besip regional coordinator Pavel Cizek.

However, he said the amendment to the law is untouched. When a car collides with a pedestrian without reflective elements, it is the driver who is to blame for not adapting the speed to the road conditions. The insufficiently visible person at risk of a collision risks only a fine. “In practice, this means that I can never drive on the 90s on the county roads at night because I have to count on someone unlit on them,” Cizek said.

Tighter neighbors

An even stricter law has been in force in Slovakia since 2014. Pedestrians must wear reflective elements on the road regardless of whether they are in or outside the village. “In the beginning, people complained, but now they have no problem with it,” said Cizek.

Efforts to make pedestrians safer have so far been felt by some merchants. “Reflective elements are sold about twice as much as before,” said Yveta Eiselt, a shop assistant from the Brno workwear shop.

On the contrary, Miroslav Šalanda from the haberdashery of Znojmo did not know any change. “The sale has not gone up so far. More interest will always start in the autumn when the days are shorter,” said Šalanda.

Last year, police in the South Moravian Region recorded four hundred and thirteen pedestrian-car crashes. “Two hundred and twenty-eight of these happened in Brno,” Swab said.

Over forty percent of pedestrian-car collisions took place at pedestrian crossings. Collisions of cars with pedestrians are increasing every year.

Recommendations for cyclists and motorcyclists

County Police Inspectorate supports the movement in the open air and wishes the cyclists and motorcyclists pleasant, safe travel!

Bicycle Safety Recommendations:

Before changing the direction of travel, especially to the left or to the overrun, make sure that there is no vehicle approaching – front and rear!

Move as close as possible to the right edge of the road, and when you move in a group, only one column in the column!

Do not ride a bicycle under the influence of alcoholic beverages!

It is advisable to wear an approved helmet and a reflective vest!

To run on the public road, the bicycle must be properly equipped (effective braking device, an audible warning device, white or yellow light in front, red backlight and at least one reflective material of the same color)!

When changing direction, even if you have to cross priority, make sure the other road users understand your intention!

Safety recommendations for motorcyclists:

Keep eye contact – does not assume that others see you. Always try to have visual contact with the drivers that might be intersecting your trajectory.

Anticipate the intentions of your road mates – even when drivers, cyclists and pedestrians see you are approaching, they often mistakenly appreciate the distance or speed. Do not rely solely on their good reaction.

Increase attention to turns and intersections – the most common type of motorcycle crash is generated by drivers who do not ensure that left turns are turned or that the lane changes.

Be prepared for hazardous road conditions – wet road, liquid leakage, sand, gravel, tramway, pits and other road surface danger that can severely affect your adhesion by causing accidents.

Use an approved helmet – which meets current safety standards. Avoid buying a used helmet, you may have suffered an accident, and repair may hide structural flaws.

Wear safety clothing for motorcyclists – only this can provide good protection during an accident and protects you from the weather. Modular “layered” equipment is recommended so you can adapt it to the changing weather conditions.

Be visible – wear bright, reflective clothing. Add additional reflective material or wear a reflective vest. Always keep the headlamp lit and run to the position where drivers can easily see you in the rear view mirror (2/3 of the belt width). Avoid dead angles of other vehicles.

Keep your safety with safety vest when meet Vehicle failure

First and foremost, we must take care of our safety. First, when the vehicle is immobilized, we should turn on emergency lights. The next step should be to put on a reflective vest – every driver, even if he does not have a legal obligation in Poland, should have it in his car.


Ideally, if the car had a vest for all passengers, remember to keep the vests in your cabin rather than in the hard-to-reach luggage compartment. The cost of buying a vest is small and its impact on immense security. After dusk no glare, we are only visible to the oncoming driver when it is 20 meters ahead – reflections increase this distance to 130 meters. This is a huge difference that gives the driver time to respond appropriately. In addition, note that reflective vests in most European countries are already mandatory vehicle equipment.


In the event of a car failure, do not sit in the vehicle

Wearing safety vests, the driver and passengers should safely leave the vehicle. Being in a vehicle exposes us to additional risks. Many people are killed in vehicle immobilization. The speed, bad marking of a broken vehicle, difficult road conditions cause drivers to crash into a broken car.

“Let’s pay special attention to children when leaving the vehicle. Let’s make sure they get off the right side and without hitching on the side of the road behind security barriers or in a zone where there is no risk of getting into another vehicle, “advises ŠKODA Auto School instructor Jackal.

The vehicle in addition to emergency lights should be marked with a warning triangle. Every car must have a car. His absence is not only a sign of negligence for his safety, but also the risk of receiving a mandate in the amount of 50 to 200 zł.


How to set up a warning triangle?

By marking a vehicle with a triangle we should have in mind the code of the road code. If we are on a freeway or expressway, the triangle should be set 100 meters from the vehicle. The triangle should be on the roadway or roadside. Outside the built-up area of ​​the triangle, we set 30-50 meters from the vehicle and in the built-up area – just behind the vehicle or on the vehicle at a height of no more than one meter.


Our life and health have no price. Reflecting your car with reflective clothing, learning how to deal with a crash is a small effort if you put our safety on the table.

Soon compulsory yellow vest in school transport

The County Council is considering, from the 2016 school year, to make the port due reflective vest to ride the bus. Meanwhile, an awareness campaign will be launched. What do you think?


I n September 2010, the County Council endowed students via departmental lines of school transport a fluorescent safety vest. Five years later, it is clear that the yellow vest with reflective tape remains mostly in the binders that is endorsed by the college … This measure is nevertheless part of a program to strengthen the security of 12,000 students Lot- et-Garonne delivered daily to their establishment.



Partnership with SU Agen

The Departmental Youth Council had the idea of an awareness campaign in partnership with SUA. Five players (George, Taylor Paris, Quentin Bethune Pierre and Corentin) therefore posed alongside twenty young departmental advisers, to encourage students to wear the vest.


Nicolas Lacombe, vice president of the County Council in charge of school transport, and Laurence, Vice President in charge of citizenship, also were on hand Tuesday in the stands of the stadium, which hosted the photo session serve to illustrate posters and flyers that will soon be distributed in the schools of the department.


But the tone might harden from the school year 2016, since the County Council is considering making the wearing of the safety vest payable as well as the school board to ride the bus.

Pilgrimage to the amateur of Begonia Ursula August 14

As traditions are to meet them again this year, particularly Ursula make his pilgrimage to the Basilica of Begonia on 14 August. This initiative is part foxfire Tire tours, organized by the City of Ursula in collaboration with the Health Department of the Basque Government.

Thus, during the pre-dawn to the festival of the Virgin, August 15, residents of Urduliz leave for family Begonia.

They are quoted at eleven pm in the Town Hall Square Elortza and from there, walk through Unbe to Bilbao. Along the way there will be supplies in Asua to regain strength. To join the expedition is compulsory to wear reflective vest and a front light or flashlight. “The goal is to fulfill the tradition of pilgrimage to Begoña but together. In Urduliz tradition of going there last year and we came up with the idea that we could all go together, “says Manex Lopategui, Txiri Txiri travel organizer.

51 PEOPLE In particular, last year joined the initiative Ursula 51 neighbors, even though the weather was not. “Last year we made very bad. Until one o’clock it rained a lot and that may discourage some because they were targeted more than seventy people. This year we expect to have a similar number of participants, “concludes Mane Lopategui. – Carlos Karate

This weekend begins the first operation exit August and from the DGT indicate the roads suffer more delays. Ten of the black spots are in A Corunna and its metropolitan area.

Conflict zones are the AC-12 (National VI) road with reflective tape, at the height of kilometer 589, ie access to the city from Perils and San Pedro de Nose; the AC-11, access to A Corunna from Alfonso Molina, Palaver and Portage; at the junction of the National 550 with the A-6 in direction A Coruña; at the junction of the AP-9 Avenue Alfonso Molina and; at the junction of the A-6 at the height of Célèbre toll; in the square of A Grela and roundabouts of Santa Cristina, Bastiagueiro and Santa Cruz (Boleros); and the new access from A Coruna to the A-6, for the Third Round (AC-14).

Traffic notes that access to A Corunna from the N-VI is convenient to use the A-6 from Botanizes or the AP-9 motorway link Gismo in section 578 of the N-VI and the same itinerary in the reverse for output from a Coruna to Botanizes, from the initial binding of the AP-9 direction.

For trips to Santiago airport highway A-54 (former N-634) that starts in the SC-20 (peripheral) or from the N-550 in the roundabout Meixonfrío be used. For journeys from A Coruna AC-250 will be used from Siqueiros on the N-550, and if coming by the AP-9 will exit at Exit 55.

Agents recommend performing in advance a check to cars, checking the levels of brake fluid and oil, the proper functioning of lighting and battery charging, and other issues such as the condition of the brakes and tires. Of course, drivers must have spare tire, safety vest and triangles when failures occur. The days and hours more traffic intensity in Galicia will be on Friday from 15.00 to 23.00 hours on Saturday from 18.00 to 22.00 hours on Sunday from 18.00 to 23.00 hours and on Monday, August 1, from 14.00 to 22.00.



Hunting with reflective vest keep you safety

Slim Region – Autumn hunting season is in full swing. Hunters went about their catches to the countryside, to track them, but they are also officers of the slim region. The reason for this is to check the shooters involved in the various stadia throughout the region. These checks are carried out as officers of the department for arms and security equipment and policemen in reflective vest from individual district departments.

This past November and December, we plan to more than seventy controls furlongs. To date was checked 37 furlongs, so we have until the end of dozens of checks waiting. Neither their place nor the exact date, quite logically, but do not specify, “Explained a spokesman for the regional police Slim Region Pert Jars.

According to him, in most cases, yet control and went without any penalties. The control group in place monitors the hunter’s gun license, proof to the weapon, its technical condition and is not the holder of a firearms license the influence of alcohol or any other addictive substance.

“Last year, 47 inspections were carried out hunting,” said Peter yet Jars.

According to regional police officers are cases where the hunt occurs injuries happen rarely. The most recently included the one in which a woman was seriously injured – temporary workers from Holešova Kroměříž.

“The hunter returning from the forest he saw something move among firs gray and heard a noise. Believing that it is a short walk from wild boar, he took his loaded gun and fired in the direction where he heard a noise and saw movement. Then he poured cold sweat. Immediately he ran to the place where he saw a woman lying curled up in a green dress, which coincided with forest and holding her belly, “explained event slim police spokeswoman Monika Kozumplíková.

Hunters after police examined the offense of grievous bodily harm through negligence.

According to police, all interested parties should hunt ensure safety. “That means no alcohol, not only for hunters, but also beaters, observance of good hunting tactics, adherence to guidelines and compliance with safety rules such as the use of safety vests or balance when shooting.

However, hunters control officers in the county do not mind. On the contrary, they are welcome.

“I think they are helpful people at hunts give more careful,” said a member of the Hunting .He had been lucky with injuries during the hunt since 1989 when a hunter, yet met.

“The Czech Republic is about 120,000 hunters while hunting accident at around 1-2 per year. When you take the same number of drivers, these numbers are completely somewhere else, “said Nimrod.

According to him, the hunters during the hunt must first think about where he was going and fires, for at spherical projectile weapons across the path of death. “Hunting weapons are designed to kill, the more hunters should take care when hunting spotlight. It also hunters and all participants in the hunt warn police.

Ignoring these principles during the hunt can cause not only serious injury, but also life threatening. Therefore, their failure is strictly punished.

“If we find that any of the controlled hunting under the influence of alcohol, threatened him in administrative proceedings a fine of up to 50 thousand crowns (block into 5000 dollars). This police officer wear reflective tapes on uniform is entitled to retain the weapon, bullets, weapons license and gun license. Hon and it will end, “said county police spokesman Jaros.

He added that when it comes to hunting injury, will be to determine the legal qualifications required medical report.

“This could be, for example, crimes of bodily harm through negligence or grievous bodily harm through negligence. In extreme cases, it may be also a crime death by negligence, “spokesman enumerated.

Many thousands of fine, according to him not avoid also those gun owners who fails to call the police to check a gun license, gun, ammunition and other relevant documents or to impose orientation breath test.

Reflector vest are advised to use for safety

Highway Patrol was the driving force behind the widespread use of reflector vest element implemented as the law required. The Head of the Directorate of Road Police in Durazno, Horace Olive, along with staff of the detachment, were compared with 13th place in the police station along with municipal transit authorities, in the presentation of this element.

There, officials were explaining to motorcyclists who passed through the place on the benefits of using the reflective vest, plus deliver these elements to provide the appropriate security.

“The campaign aims to persons traveling on bikes more visible so they are safer during transportation,” said Chief Coalminer.

“Both the driver and passenger must wear the reflective vest that allows an excellent vision on the road. Should not have both, at least going back to put it on and remind everyone that, as the law says, the children cannot move motorcycle until they can properly support their feet on the footrest or nor on the seat forward, “he added.

These measures are in addition to the mandatory reflective helmet when moving motorcycle, always seeking greater security and lower incidence of accidents.

“The response was good by the people, and is in some knowledge of the law, which even provides for fines in the case of not using it, you are on stage of dissemination and awareness, seeking the measure was voluntarily adopted by those passing motorcycle “Olive said.
The motorcyclists are the main protagonists of traffic accidents on the roads, so this provides more downward share figures.

The broadcast day had the active participation of officials Coalminer detachment, 13th Sectional Police who assisted in the organization and distribution of reflective vests legally specified.

Municipal Transit also adopt the National Law.

Municipal Transit director, Ariel Mantilla, accompanied the activity on Route 5, near the roundabout to the city.

“This vest is important for the visibility of motonetista en route and the city would certainly be very helpful, especially considering the amount of circulating motorcycles and scooters every day,” he said.

“We will try to talk with our authorities, superiors, to see how you can implement this vest according to current regulations. In transit, all institutions are involved, the Inspectorate, Ministry of Interior, Coalminer, Sectionals we work every day in coordination with the transit area, are reflective elements that are added to the helmet and controls on items that are He applied to the bikes, as thunderous, which are specifically prohibited and motorcycles make an instrument of insecurity, “he said.

Urban campaign will probably with support from companies operating in the city for its implementation.

On the Road Police intervention can do in the “chopped” that proliferate in routes and roads around the city, the Head of Coalminer said that “the law is hard and can not intervene in the way we wanted, as if to avoid a chopped make a greater evil are officials who have severe penalties “.

“In these cases and to the many complaints we receive as much 911 to your Coalminer or staff we relied and usually when we arrived and were alerted and no one. It is a deterrent, which has no purpose other than cause them to leave the place, but all we can do. “