Go to school on foot with in safety vest

A program that teaches adults and kids to do with safety vest and without cars: Kia Motors launched it in the UK. This project – called Walking Bus. has however clear social purposes, such as pushing school children to make more movement, an aspect that has not escaped the South Korean car manufacturer that has given its support to the initiative together with the Olympic Louise Hazel, chosen as testimonial to spread the Walking Bus program. It is about bringing the boys together, all gifted as the chaperones of high visibility vest, in a sort of ‘snake’ of pedestrians, who moves neatly to the side of the road and under the constant supervision of some adults.


Research carried out in this area has shown that in Britain, 68% of boys and 76% of school-age girls are currently unable to meet the recommended minimum level of moderate exercise for at least an hour a day. In addition, 63% of children are still brought daily by car in front of the school gates. “I think that Walking Bus is a great initiative – said Louise Hazel – as it is an easy way to do something good for children’s health and encourages kids to stay active and fit every day,” said Hazel in yellow vest. It is great to know that this program can help reduce emissions and road traffic and helps to create a healthier and safer environment to walk around.”






Traffic Police in action: failure, what to do

A commonplace failure can hide a serious investment risk. The friends of the Traffic Police in safety vest explain to us what to do if we stay in motion with the bike or the car both on the highway and on the highway.


Thanks to the fundamental help of the State Police and the Traffic Police Section of Cremona, directed by Deputy Chief Justice Assistant Federica Deledda, we try to clarify different behaviors that have a direct and immediate impact on the safety of our travels by car and motorbike. We boarded the police cars to respond in a simple and immediate way to many doubts and to clarify various aspects related to road traffic.


At this address, you will find the topics covered by the editors with the Traffic Police. Today we face a situation that a priori (and making the spells) we tend to remove from our thoughts. A trivial failure can hide a serious investment risk. The friends of the Traffic Police tell us what to do if we stay in motion with the bike or the car both on the highway and on the highway.


What to do in case of vehicle failure

Our car or motorbike stops on the road to a breakdown is a potential danger to ourselves and other users. As drivers, we become pedestrians on busy roads and we must immediately get away from the investment. Once this is done, it is equally important to alert other people to the presence of our stationary vehicle, which may not be clearly visible.


So let us recap what we have to do:

  1. Let’s get in security. In addition, we put those traveling with us safe away from the road.
  2. We give maximum visibility. We use the emergency lights and the triangle to signal our presence. We wear the high visibility vest. We also report the presence of scrap or oil on the road. Our behavior must change depending on whether we are in the city, on extra-urban roads or on the motorway.


In the event of a breakdown on an urban road, we turn on the emergency lights, put on the reflective vest and position the triangle at a distance of at least 50 meters from the vehicle. When we cannot move the vehicle, we wear the high visibility jacket and, paying the utmost attention to the other vehicles, take us with the passengers to a safe place. If necessary, we pass the guardrail (with the foresight to have checked before there are no sudden changes or dangers). At this point, we can call the roadside assistance indicating precisely where we are.


In the city, we signal the danger situation to other vehicles, placing the triangle and inviting other users to slow down. We wear the reflective vest, even if it is not mandatory (we must use it on motorways and extra-urban roads instead).

The “high visibility” jackets for the children

To ensure maximum safety for the numerous children enrolled in the pied bus, the municipal administration has acquired 120 high visibility vests. “The vest – explains Sara, municipal councilor for education – will be distributed in the coming days: it is a useful measure in the context of a service of accompanying children to increasingly safer school.


The Pied bus, thanks to the active contribution of about 30 adult volunteers in safety vest as chaperones, performs a task of great importance, as it offers pupils a moment of socialization and, at the same time, allows the most healthy and simple physical activity, walking. It is certain that an activity of this kind requires an eye on the part of the municipal administration.”


The children enrolled in the Pied bus of Bellagio (an initiative desired by previous administrations and active for many years) are a hundred. The reflective vest is designed to be worn both in summers, over a shirt or a shirt, or in winter, over a coat or a jacket.



Road safety: a high visibility vest mandatory for motorcyclists

A new law will force French motorcyclists, starting next year, to have a high visibility safety vest with them while driving. The transalpine centaurs must wear the garment over the technical garments, under penalty of a rather salty fine.


From January 2016, in France, motorcyclists will also be obliged to wear a high visibility safety vest. The new rule of the Transalpine road code, provides that centaurs are not obliged to purchase a technical garment specifically designed for motorcycles, but that will be enough the “classic” yellow vest that, even we Italians, we are obliged to keep in the car. In the case of two wheels (in reality the obligation also applies to three-wheeled scooters and quads), the garment will necessarily be worn while driving and not hidden in the saddle. Also the sanctions are ready: who should not wear it, in fact, could incur a fine from 11 to 135 Euros, a figure considered too high by the French Federation of Motorcyclists, already contrary to the law and that would like the use of the vest is a personal choice.


As is clear, the provision is aimed at protecting the safety of motorcyclists, making them much more visible on the roadway: since 2008, in fact, when the garment became mandatory in the event of a breakdown or stop, the number of victims has dropped. In addition to the FFMC, many motorcyclists turn up their nose, already fitted with reflective bands on helmets and technical jackets. In Italy, for the moment, there is no change to the code in this direction, even if common sense recommends to always wearing a garment equipped with at least high visibility strips.



The Ultra Gore-Tex jacket with reflective elements

The new Ultra Gore-Tex Shaker incorporates a patent-pending Zip Over system on the back that allows the backpack to be comfortably carried under the safety jacket.


Endurance sports brand presents the second generation of its functional two-layer jacket by Gore-Tex Active Shell with the innovative Shaker technology. Until now, the constant rubbing of the backpack could impair the performance of the membrane. To put an end to this limitation, Dynamic’s textile designers have developed a solution: the new Ultra Gore-Tex Shaker incorporates a patent-pending Zip Over system on the back that allows the backpack to be comfortably carried under the jacket.


In the summer season of 2017, Gore’s textile engineers caused a stir with their new laminate with Shaker technology. This laminate is composed of two layers: a waterproof membrane on the outside and a light woven lining on the inside. On the other hand, the outer textile layer disappears and it is the same membrane serves as the outer skin. The Shaker technology ensures that the water on the surface slides permanently and can be shaken, without causing annoying impregnation.


Thanks to the design in two layers, it is possible to reduce the weight considerably without sacrificing functionality. However, this Gore-Tex material, which is currently the lightest and most breathable on the market, has a limitation: it is not recommended to use a backpack with reflective material, since the performance of the membrane could be altered by constant friction. The response to this challenge from Dynamite endurance sports specialists is both simple and intelligent.


The indispensable backpack for long races will be under the jacket. The Ultra Gore-Tex jacket Shaker Jacket 150 incorporates a backpack system on the back. When necessary, the fitted jacket can be expanded with a zipper closure and the additional material offers enough space to comfortably carry a small backpack under the jacket. This principle also offers the advantage that the backpack is protected from the wind and the weather, while saving the runner the time to put on and take off the backpack every time he wants to do the same with the jacket.


In case of training without a backpack, the garment can shrink back in the blink of an eye and is adjusted to the body without the excess material limiting the freedom of movement of the runner. The new Ultra Gore-Tex Shaker Jacket 150 weighs an amazing 150 grams in the model for men and 138 grams in the model for women, which marks new milestones in the ultra light category. The jacket is windproof and thanks to its water column of 28,000 millimeters, offers total comfort and protection against the weather. In addition, as it also has a high breathability, it is the perfect complement for a variety of sports disciplines in the background and long distance, without having to put it on and take it off constantly.


With its patches that favor the transport of moisture, the so-called Active Airflow Ventilation, laser-perforated areas under the arms, provides additional ventilation. For its design, the product developers thought of minimalist equipment that would reduce the weight and volume as much as possible. The jacket is provided with a zipper along the entire front and elastic waistbands. The hood has an aerodynamic and tight design, has a small-reinforced area to ensure optimal visibility and can adjust its width with a single pull.


This functional minimalist jacket is completed with reflective bands on the sleeves and the back area, so that the athlete is more visible in bad weather or in the dark. Folded inside the hood, the Ultra Gore-Tex Shaker Jacket 150 fits perfectly in any backpack and even in the pocket of the pants.


New cycling clothes for the coldest seasons

For all the fans of the Game of Thrones series, “winter is coming” and although in Spain the fall is delaying a little more than normal, the cold begins to make an appearance and every time we have to put more clothes when we went out to shoot. The Taylor brand has presented four new safety garments for men and women that stand out for their advanced technology and personalization.


New culottes, vest and jacket by Taylor

The Spanish company Taylor has managed to differentiate itself from the rest by developing quality cycling clothing and giving the client the opportunity to customize it according to their preferences. In the case of this new outerwear, the same thing still happens and they can be personalized whenever a minimum order is placed.


Cycling windbreaker B38

The safety vest can be one of the favorite garments among cyclists since it is very easy to carry it in a pocket and offers great comfort with wind or cold. The B38 vest from Taylor is made to provide the best performance with the least weight, thus offering windproof and waterproof fabric on the front and shoulders, while the back includes a very breathable mesh fabric. It has several reflective details ideal for the night and the back pocket and chest are closed with zipper. Once folded the vest B38 of Taylor really occupies little.


Bib shorts for women B94

The Taylor women long bib is designed to fit the feminine physiognomy and the top suspenders are made in one piece and are crossed to promote comfort and support of the chest. These straps have no seams and their fabric is micro-perforated to improve perspiration. The reflective fabric incorporates the Aortic membrane that protects from the wind and the cold, and its chamois is the TM EVO that with flat seams and a fastening tape promises to be an ideal companion in long days on the bike.

The articles to improve the safety of cyclists

EMV now offers a battery of items designed to improve the safety of cyclists because they are equipped with LED direction indicators and safety vest that can be seen by pedestrians and other vehicles more easily. In a social context like the current one in which the run-ins to cyclists, unfortunately, are too frequent, this new promotion can help to prevent accidents and will undoubtedly increase the safety of cyclists.


Specifically, the newspaper presents three different products for cyclists with LED address indicators. They are intended to ensure that the cyclist’s safety is as great as possible, in order to avoid accidents, and make driving safer. It is a backpack with reservation coupon one reflective vest, with reserve coupon and one rear seat bag for 39.99, with reserve coupon. To be able to make the reservation will have to deliver 5 Euros. The reservation coupon will always appear on the advertising page.


Technical characteristics

The 3 items have 4 lights: turn to the left, turn to the right, driving forward and stop (emergency lights). The remote control is placed on the handlebar of the bike to use it easily and quickly. It is programmed once and, if the battery is not discharged, there is no need to reprogram.


Additional Information

Vests, backpacks and bags for cyclists. The novelty is that they indicate the direction you are going to take, or if you are going to continue going straight. As if they were the turn signals of a car. They include a control that is placed on the handlebar. Pressing it, the light indicates the direction you are going to take, or if on the contrary, you will continue in a straight line.


According to the studies of the Pone Freon platform, one third of cyclists without reflective clothing have ever had an accident, increasing up to 45% in those who use it every day. These percentages, so alarming, are not due to the imprudence of cyclists since only 40% of accidents are attributable to cyclists. Bikers and cyclists are the most vulnerable, their accidents being much more serious than those of other types of vehicles are. In recent days, in addition, in the Communicate Valencia there has been a series of deadly abuses of cyclists, who have to make us aware of the fragility of the cyclist.


A “technological vest” increases the safety of cyclists

The development of a modular device in the shape of a safety vest that provides information to drivers is the goal of one of the projects that is developed in Cesar laboratories.


LAMP or ‘Look at me please’ is the name of one of the projects selected in the first call Cesar Labs, which are developing different open jobs and driven by citizens in laboratories Cesar from the Art and Technology Center of Zaragoza. This project, whose idea sprang from the mind of the Zaragoza geographer, Immaculate, has been taking shape in recent weeks with the help of a team of five professionals with very different profiles but who share one objective: to contribute to increase visibility and safety of cyclists when they use the bicycle in the city.


Its promoter joined the phenomenon of wearable technology with the boom of mobility on two wheels and did it, above all, thinking about the protection of those cyclists. “Although the number of incidents is decreasing and circulation improves with the bike lanes, accidents still occur,” says Bareilly. “The basic idea is to raise the awareness of the driver behind the bike. If you have someone who, in front of you, indicates where you are going, you are already on notice. The cyclist feels more secure, watched, and encourages a peaceful coexistence in which we are all equal and can live together respecting the rules of circulation, “he adds, not forgetting to mention the environmental benefits inherent to the use of this means of transport.


Taken into practice, his project whose prototype was presented last weekend at the event Zaragoza Maker Show. It is based on the development of a modular device that takes the form of a vest or dorsal, with reflective tape parts and subject to the wearer through of handles and a belt, also designed for bicycle users, for skaters or runners who want to send information of interest about their maneuvers to vehicle drivers, other cyclists or pedestrians. “Through it I can indicate if I’m going to turn to the right or to the left without having to raise my hands from the handlebar; something that can be used to avoid shocks or accidents, especially when driving on the road, “explains the head of LAMP.


For the time being, this technology allows sending turn signals – through flashing LED lights located to the right and left – and communicate that the march continues and that the user of the device is circulating – two red lights flashing. According to Bareilly explains, the operation is simple: “The cyclist puts on his vest, turns it on and, through a control knob installed on the handlebar of the bicycle – now in development, with only one finger, he can send the different ones information to indicate turns in an intuitive way and through a joystick “, specifies. The connection between the transmitting element and the receiver is made through Bluetooth. “It could also be a wired, infrared or radio frequency connection. In addition, we do not rule out incorporating other options such as a GPS module, “they say.


They say that what makes this project different is its simplicity and lightness. In the opinion of your promoter, it is essential not to have to choose between the visibility of the cyclist and his comfort: “It has to be a useful object without being a hindrance or consuming too much energy. Other existing models consist of larger backpacks or jackets with integrated lights. “Among its advantages it states that this device can be easily disassembled and washed, in addition to recharging your battery with a mobile phone charger.


The creator of ‘Look at me please’ recognizes that she would love that Zaragoza was the city that bet to integrate this product into its environment. “I hope that a company can be born from this project. For now, we have developed the prototype and we have support, we have become known among the cycling groups and we are in the advisory phase, “he reveals. Meanwhile, they are working to take the following steps with the aim of making their project real, also helping to promote the use of bicycles and high visibility vest in the city.


The best entrepreneurial project in road safety

“An accessory that can save your life”, this is how “Help-Flash” is presented, a Vigo project that has won the III Entrepreneurs and Road Safety Award from the Lines Directs Foundation. The invention consists of a led device that helps to signal vehicles stopped on the road due to breakdown or accident, thus preventing possible collisions of its occupants.


The idea, which began to take its first steps last year, left Jorge Torre, a civil guard based in Vigo, who joined the consultant Roberto Perez. Torre’s years of service led to this simple device: “If a fault occurs at night on a highway or a highway, the situation is very dangerous,” he explained to FARO at the launch of the lantern. “If a driver has to go out and put the triangles, it is not the same to go out only with the reflective vest that carries with it a light that emits visible flashes at a long distance,” he continued.


The jury of the event highlighted “its contribution to the improvement of road safety, its didactic and awareness-raising work, as well as its degree of innovation and its solid economic and organizational viability.” For this reason, he ranked among the 67 projects submitted to the event, which awards a prize of 20,000 Euros.


The “Help-Flash” is a small emergency lamp visible up to a kilometer away. It is activated with a magnetic support and can be used as a flashlight. The project has been developed in collaboration with the Automotive Technology Center of Galicia (CTAG), based in Portion, and with Avatar Hispania, which is a support association for victims of traffic accidents.


Police in safety vest deal the Motorcycles in violation

It was in operations carried out since last September by the City Police and the Transit Secretariat of Buenos Aires. Motorcycles that are not removed by their owners will enter the compaction process.


The City Police in safety vest and the Buenos Aires Transit Secretariat seized 695 motorcycles that presented impediments to travel in joint operations carried out since September. For the procedures established motorcycle controls in fixed and dynamic points of the Federal Capital. Among the shots confiscated, the infractions that were repeated were lack of helmet, driving by minors and not having escapes.


Motorcyclists were also found to circulate with adulterated or illegible patents or without the use of the veneers placed. Others were penalized for not wearing the reflective vest, for breaching the insurance, problems with the driver’s license, missing mirrors, not having a green card or that it was expired at the time of control, and walking without a helmet.


Motorcycles in violation were derived to the beaches of the City Police with the purpose of being returned to their owners once the infractions were regularized, or compacted in the case that so required. In most cases, the bikes were not removed from the judicial deposits by their owners and will be compacted in the coming weeks. All the shots that go to the compaction process do so within the framework, which depends on the Undersecretary of Citizen Security of the Ministry of Justice and Security of the City. All of the police actives is for city road safety.