2230 cyclists in safety apparel to celebrate anniversary

Celebrating the 235 the anniversary of the capital of the Kombi Republic and the Day of Russia in Syktyvkar completed a major sporting event “Velonoch” backed by a record number of participants – 2230 cyclists in reflective safety apparel.

For the first time, “Velonoch” Syktyvkar took place in 2013. Then its participants were 520 fans of two-wheeled transport. A year later, the streets traveled more than a thousand cyclists.

In the current “Velonochi” on their iron horses come first persons of the republic: the head of Yacht enslave Gainer, Prime Minister Vladimir Tuck make and Parliament Speaker Igor Kevel.

Also among the participants was seen deputy of the State Council, the rector of SSU. P. Sorokin Marina, her colleague on parliamentary chair Sergey Art, head of the youth of the Agency Viktor Tell nova with his family, as well as the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Roman Polished with his twin brother.

Before the start has been instructed by the traffic police have registered their vehicles and were numbered bracelets with reflective tape, automatically become participants in the distribution of prizes and gifts from organizers and partners of the action.

Start the main sporting event of the year was given at exactly 21.00. Column cyclists lined up to go to Stefano’s kayak area. Participants of the bike ride allowed in small batches so as not to disturb a safe distance.

The route length of ten kilometers adjusted Syktyvkar traffic police officers and volunteers are in reflective vests. The cyclists rode through the streets of the area of ​​Lenin, Pushkin, and Sisals highway Moro ova, Dimmit rove, the October prospectus and Curator.

From the stage director of the Agency for Sports and Physical Culture Stephan Cherenkov congratulated sixty Kombi and guests on the anniversary of the city and the Day of Russia, noting that the participants “Velonochi” no problem to defeat.