Eugenio Serrano was hit by a car

Eugenio Serrano was hit Monday at a stretch without sidewalks or crosswalks along which each year hundreds of pilgrims Camino de Santiago.

Drivers who travel daily on the road linking the A-67 Myopia, Mort era and Lynches were accustomed to seeing this man of 66 years walking around with his staff, his straw hat and yellow safety vest. Neighbors say the victim had had more than one accident while crossing “dangerous places”.

He had a hard time walking and made it very, very slowly, but every day of the year, rain or heat, Eugenio Serrano ran scarce kilometer from home to the gas station Myopia with unwavering determination. He does not hesitate to leave the sidewalk that runs along the luxurious villas of Myopia and disappears up to the station FEVE to continue walking along a very narrow shoulder, with his side going 50 or 60 mph car. More than one driver had to dodge at the last moment in the same place where he was hit two days ago. And more than one had to slam on the brakes at the roundabout Myopia because Eugenio Serrano was crossing the road station. But he was not the only guy that played in that stretch, poorly lit, no sidewalks or crosswalks. There come every year hundreds of pilgrims way to Santiago de Compostable where you can also cross.

“Everyone here knew that one day he had a car ahead” Mort era said a neighbor who prefers that his name does not appear in the newspaper. “I myself have ever had to dodge.” For many locals it was a death foretold, but as someone did for him was to give a reflective vest for cars will look better.

Eugenio Serrano worked all his life in a farm of Myopia, but did not accumulate money or property and started a family. When he retired a few years ago there was nothing, but then ceded pattern until one block at El Adrenal (Myopia) surrounded by luxury homes, to at least have a roof to sleep. It is also that, in the absence of known family is taking care of funeral arrangements.

A man died after being hit in Bizana Clinic near Myopia.

On Monday, as so often, Eugenio Serrano down the hill to make a purchase at the gas station when he was hit at the beginning of the bridge over the train tracks, where the hump very difficult vision. The Civil Guard Traffic is investigating the circumstances of the accident, but since the body of Eugenio Serrano was found in the lane that runs from Mort era and the vehicle that hit circulated to Mort era, it looks like it was hit when was crossing . It was at nine, at night. Its reflective clothing did not appear anywhere.

Eugenio Serrano’s death is the fifth produced this year in Cantabria for injuries. A few days ago, on 16 October, two women died run over by a car in Leganes. May 13, another woman died hit by a truck on the market of Laredo. And on March 30, a man died after being hit by a car at the intersection of Castillo (Arguer).

People wear reflective clothing commemorate Oration Di Garza in Catania

Chronicle – Oration Di Garza has traveled for sixty years the road that linked his home on Via Nuovalucello the field cultivated in Mascalucia. “From farmer I did 14 times around the world, four more than Merck,” he said. Cyclists in safety clothes will meet to Catania retraces his steps to seven years after his death. Watch the video.

“He never looked at the road in front of him.” White hair and a dark cap – to protect themselves when the rain when the heat – head down pushing his bike for all 15 kilometers of ascent that linked the house where he lived – in Catania – with cultivated land, near Mascalucia. “And he did not want anyone’s help.” Every day, for all its past sixty years, this was the life of Oration Di Garza. It was called so the man that many people of Catania have crossed at least once along the road that connects the city to the municipalities foothills, but any of them remembers how the old bike. It failed to 84 years old, on November 4 seven years ago. The association released Promenade, in collaboration with freewheels and Stesicoro square Liberate, Sunday commemorates him with a ride.

“We will leave from Catania Cathedral at 11 – says Alsip Machete, one of the organizers -, we will pass from his home, located in via Nuovalucello, and we will reach Nicolas,” at 16:30 approximately. Participants in reflective clothing will retrace the road in single file that Di Garza daily grind “with the boots with rubber feet and – said those who knew him – a bicycle loaded with vegetables, fruit and working tools.” Put them all in a box red, tied to the roof rack. After being hit by a car – and hospitalized – she decided to wear a reflective jacket. Especially that made his figure and his effort even more evident in the eyes of commuters and residents.

Among them is Alessandro Marinara, that the old bike has dedicated a feature film. It tells the story “of an extraordinary man, out of time – explains the director – who loved cycling, nature and especially Gazelle”. The girl he wanted to marry but that – by the will of the family – was married to a rich cousin, while Di Garza had left for World War II. “He had no news of his beloved for two years. All letters he sent were torn from her father who – adds Marinara – told her that he was dead. “But instead he deserted, returned to Sicily and met again; “But she was not the girl he remembered the pain of losing him had stopped eating.” He died a few months later “and Horace became the mourning in the sense of guilt for not being able to protect her.”

From then on, “he claimed that God had sentenced him to push his bicycle as a long Way of the Cross – he continues – but at the same time, in his love for the bicycle could be free.” In the documentary Of Grace explains: “Gazelle has not been able to enjoy life, not even I want to enjoy myself.” The cycling champion Eddy Merck said once to have done ten times around the world, running with his bike. “Horace was sure I beat him – he tells marinate – said” I, as a farmer, traveled around the world fourteen times I did it. ‘” In memory of those who knew him, “will remain an example of freedom, simplicity, poetry, willpower – said the director – that there has to reflect on what our company is certified to conformity.”

A 12 years activity in Quito attract cyclists

A real party lives 12 years of Ciclopaseo in Quito. This activity takes place every Sunday and runs through the streets of the south, center and north of the city. To celebrate these years of work, Nilopolis prepared a concert in the Amazon and Veintimilla Avenue, in the north of the city. It is done on Sunday 20 September, 2015.

Up to this point came Mauricio Roads, mayor of the city. He cycle from the South Grandstand (citadel Atahualpa) with their first child (Mauricio Alberto), the representative of Nilopolis, Christian Credo, and other authorities. In this space, he took the opportunity to highlight the work of this organization to raise awareness of the importance of using an alternative vehicle to get around in the city. In addition, Rhodes announced that in the coming weeks will come a contingent of 300 electric bikes. “We will be the first city in Latin America to have electric bikes so that users can easily mobilize in the city”. In his remarks, he said that as part of its work plan is the expansion of bike lanes south of the city and pedestrian in safety vest in various sectors. For example, the streets around the Plaza Theatre in the historic center will be pedestrian. This will be ready in two weeks. “Our mobility model is like a pyramid, where it gets the pedestrian main actor. For this, adjustments are made on the sidewalks. These projects are designed pedestrian … “

For the mayor, another point that stands out to improve mobility is the mass transit. At this point, he said, it is expanding and trolleybus Covina north and south of the city. In addition, broker’s stops and automotive fleet will be improved. “We will give off a public transport system quality”. And the last point is the use of private vehicles. This should not be necessary, he concluded. In the event he attended Christian Credo, CEO of Nilopolis, noting that in recent years, the Ciclopaseo has been a success. “It’s a recreational space and linking the city to the south, center and north. In total, there are 30 kilometers. “For Credo, it is important to highlight that the activity will be strengthened. Next year it is expected that the route extends to other sectors of Quito. From 2003 to date there have been at least 418 Ciclopaseos. Every Sunday reach an average of 50,000 users. One is Isabel Velasco, who comes with her husband and daughter. A couple of months decided to leave with his family to have fun and spend a weekend asset. “I love this activity and even more if you enjoy my family.” This inhabitant also recommends that they should have more points of garbage and hydration so that the business is conducted better. Another attendee is Jorge Rubio, Spanish. This man and his wife attend Ciclopaseo two years (time arrived in Ecuador) ago. “It seems perfect that this activity is done on Sundays, because it took the opportunity to play sports and have fun. In this match his wife, Patricia Gable, who said the Ciclopaseo is a positive initiative for the whole family. At the time, cyclists wearing reflective clothing continue doing the activity. Some chose to take a balloon and tie it to your ‘bike’ and continue the journey. Others stopped to take a bicycle kit, which includes a backpack, tomato do, a shirt and a reflective tape or a glass of water at the point of hydration. Some to relax enjoy the musical show. Activities range until the afternoon.

School uniform with reflective tape for children’s safety

Each year, the state enterprise conducted research of quality school supplies. But since most of them are not subject to mandatory certification, this year such large-scale test was not. “In order to check any goods to us no one spoke – said” Glared “in the” Ukrmetrteststandard. “- And for their own means, we decided not to. Until this year, we ourselves buy samples for testing and then inform the public about the results “.

This year, for checking the quality of school products took. She has not found a single case when the school uniform can be dangerous to health. “Research within the control of the law” On Protection of Consumer Rights “, showed that the product may be of poor quality, but to represent the danger, these facts were not – told reporters the Acting Head of Market Surveillance of the State Inspectorate of Ukraine on Consumer Protection Nikolai Dmitry. – You cannot argue that it is safe in general, but the products that are tested, and those examinations, which were carried out until the facts of the danger of production of school reflective uniform have not identified. ”

However, the head of the Scientific and Technical Center of conformity assessment, standardization and light industry product testing SE Natalia Popover advises parents to carefully consider the product, check for information about the manufacturer, trademark, address and phone number to search for the enterprise. And on the label must contain the name of the product, the size, and the composition of raw materials, operating conditions and care, the date of manufacture.

When you select a shape necessary to pay attention to the lining – Polyester will soar. According to the rules, the lining 32 uniforms size should be used natural materials – cotton, linen and rayon fibers, and 32 may be sized using fabrics having no more than 50% synthetic fibers.

“School uniforms made of chemical fibers and threads, can cause chronic allergies, skin diseases provoke, to cause recurrent symptoms of fever, chronic rhinitis, asthma attacks, eczema, headaches,” – warn in the “Ukrmetrteststandard”.

If you have any questions after purchase on a form – always keep a check, if any items can be returned.

You cannot forget about the shoes. The older the student, the more expensive clothes – with dimensions rising prices. So on clothes for the parents of high school students have to pay 20-30% more.

Another school is quite expensive purchase – a bag or briefcase.

Above the question “What to buy?” often scratching their heads parents of first-graders. Manufacturers and sellers of portfolios to them ruthless – on children’s products, meet the entire requirements put childish price – 500-1000 hryvnia.

Satchel for first-graders should be comfortable and safe. When selecting matter the size, weight, color. The first thing you pay attention to the sellers – orthopedic back. Satchel should be so designed that, when worn, fixed child’s spine. Orthopedic backrest follows the natural curvature of the spine, and therefore does not harm, but on the contrary, helps to form a correct posture. In the lower part lumbar support, a small cushion which when properly worn backpack will account for the main burden. Thus, the portfolio should be backed with a rigid bottom and rigid.

The second presence of reflective tape on the front, side and top surfaces are of valve products. It is necessary that in the dark or dusk when drivers can clearly see that the next student. Third – dimensions. The width of the student’s backpack should not be wider than the shoulders of the child, the upper edge – not above shoulder height, the bottom edge – not below the hips.

The fourth criterion – the shoulder straps. Their width should be no less than three centimeters and a length – adjustable. Not more than a kilogram. After all, there are requirements to the weight of the bag with textbooks in different classes. In the 1-2 class kid can wear behind no more than 1.5-2 kg, 3-4 Class – 2-2.3 kilograms, 7-8 Class – 3-3.5 kilograms, 9-12 – class 3,5-4,5 kg.

After the purchase of the portfolio at an average price of 600 hryvnia, the total amount of the check will be 3050 and 3300 hryvnia for boys and girls respectively.

Now fill a school bag. Besides textbooks, which must provide the school, you have to buy yourself a few dozen notebooks.

Their safety depends on the quality of raw reflective material. In “Ukrmetrteststandard” say, for example, “page in the notebook should not be pure white; white above 88% is not allowed regulations and current health and hygiene standards for printed materials for children.” After all, white is achieved by optical brighteners, which are harmful to the child’s eyes and lead to vision problems; resulting in a fourth grade students have half wears glasses.

Also, when choosing notebooks need to pay attention to them there was no wrinkles and folds on the pages, dirt and tears – that is, anything that interferes with the quality work of the student.

Advocate for cyclists share the road: reflective clothing is important

Advocate for a city with various means of transport, clean air and in its low carbon emissions: in other words, it is not set around the car, is the slogan of cycling groups, environmental organizations, municipalities and diplomats.

Thus, proponents of this idea take to the streets to demonstrate, by example, that it is feasible to leave the car at home and travel by train, bike or foot.

In that sense, from Sunday until next Tuesday activities will be conducted under the World Car Free Day to be held on September 22.

The first one is today, Sunday, when a “cleteada” due out at 9 to be made. M. Spain Park (downtown San Jose), San Pedro will tour and will culminate in Curridabat.

The activity is organized by the municipalities of these cantons together with ARCA, ChepeCletas, Kick Bike, fireflies, Action 2015 and ARA groups.

Roberto Guzman, head of ChepeCletas, asks participants to take bikes in good condition, helmet, and reflective clothing, solar and moisturizing lotion.

For those who do not have bicycled group The Fireflies ( rental units. To do this, you can call the following numbers: 2280-6516 and 8703-0799.

As the route is 25 kilometers, it is recommended that children who participate are older than 10 years.

“It seeks to raise awareness about the urgent need to transform our model of urban mobility, based on the intensive use of private cars; and is characterized by high levels of traffic congestion, air pollution, noise, emissions, urban stress, high rates of cardiac disease and sedentary lifestyle, “said Jorge Mora, of fireflies.

In this sense, the groups of cyclists in safety vest have a number of petitions to the authorities.

The first is to promote the use of bicycles as a means of transport as required by the Traffic Law Article 118.

Also they asked developing bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure that enables secure and inclusive movement in our cities (wide sidewalks, pedestrian boulevards, bike paths, bike lanes, etc.).

The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT) will seek to fulfill its obligation to cooperate with municipalities in enabling routes for bicycle traffic on Sundays and holidays, and thus prevent road deaths.

Also comply with the obligation to promote the placement of bicycle racks in all public buildings.

As for the traffic police, they asked to comply with the duty to regulate and punish reckless and drunk drivers; make operating especially on Sundays and holidays in the high traffic areas of cyclists and pedestrians.

Today, Carthage will be visited by the ambassadors of the European Union, who will travel by train to the old metropolis, then move cycle or walk to the campus of the Technological Institute of Costa Rica.

There they will participate in a panel discussion entitled Citizenship, local governments and urban mobility, which is open to the public and free.

For its part, the University of Costa Rica invites students, teachers and administrative employees in safety jacket to use bicycles, skates or scooters, or walking. This action will remind people died in road.

There will also be a series of conferences on mobility.

Reflector vest are advised to use for safety

Highway Patrol was the driving force behind the widespread use of reflector vest element implemented as the law required. The Head of the Directorate of Road Police in Durazno, Horace Olive, along with staff of the detachment, were compared with 13th place in the police station along with municipal transit authorities, in the presentation of this element.

There, officials were explaining to motorcyclists who passed through the place on the benefits of using the reflective vest, plus deliver these elements to provide the appropriate security.

“The campaign aims to persons traveling on bikes more visible so they are safer during transportation,” said Chief Coalminer.

“Both the driver and passenger must wear the reflective vest that allows an excellent vision on the road. Should not have both, at least going back to put it on and remind everyone that, as the law says, the children cannot move motorcycle until they can properly support their feet on the footrest or nor on the seat forward, “he added.

These measures are in addition to the mandatory reflective helmet when moving motorcycle, always seeking greater security and lower incidence of accidents.

“The response was good by the people, and is in some knowledge of the law, which even provides for fines in the case of not using it, you are on stage of dissemination and awareness, seeking the measure was voluntarily adopted by those passing motorcycle “Olive said.
The motorcyclists are the main protagonists of traffic accidents on the roads, so this provides more downward share figures.

The broadcast day had the active participation of officials Coalminer detachment, 13th Sectional Police who assisted in the organization and distribution of reflective vests legally specified.

Municipal Transit also adopt the National Law.

Municipal Transit director, Ariel Mantilla, accompanied the activity on Route 5, near the roundabout to the city.

“This vest is important for the visibility of motonetista en route and the city would certainly be very helpful, especially considering the amount of circulating motorcycles and scooters every day,” he said.

“We will try to talk with our authorities, superiors, to see how you can implement this vest according to current regulations. In transit, all institutions are involved, the Inspectorate, Ministry of Interior, Coalminer, Sectionals we work every day in coordination with the transit area, are reflective elements that are added to the helmet and controls on items that are He applied to the bikes, as thunderous, which are specifically prohibited and motorcycles make an instrument of insecurity, “he said.

Urban campaign will probably with support from companies operating in the city for its implementation.

On the Road Police intervention can do in the “chopped” that proliferate in routes and roads around the city, the Head of Coalminer said that “the law is hard and can not intervene in the way we wanted, as if to avoid a chopped make a greater evil are officials who have severe penalties “.

“In these cases and to the many complaints we receive as much 911 to your Coalminer or staff we relied and usually when we arrived and were alerted and no one. It is a deterrent, which has no purpose other than cause them to leave the place, but all we can do. “

Child education on road safety

The Metropolitan School “Vassal April” launched an initiative to educate children on road safety.

By the end of the year “Recess with the traffic police” will be held with children up to 4th grade of all schools in Sofia and in the second period – and students to 7th grade.

All students took a few minutes in the school yard, where they were greeted by the director of the Chief of the Metropolitan Traffic Police Began Matched, Deputy Mayor Lyubomir Rostov Transport and Deputy Mayor for Education Mary Painting.

Began Matched announced that the capital’s traffic police reason to be in school as children. “Your life is the most important and that you learn to follow the rules now, while small, is extremely important,” he said.

According to this enables, when they get older people can be confident that their party will have some disciplined drivers and pedestrians.

The head of the capital’s traffic police in reflective uniform said that the organization was established and by the end of the year, teams of traffic police will visit all schools and absolutely will hold open lessons on road safety during classes.

In his first open lesson in class 4D Matched remind children how to cross on the way to school – just a walkway and a raised hand.

“This ensures that drivers will see you and stop. Will protect you yourself will keep you and motorists. ”

Deputy Mayor for Transport Rostov pointed out that this initiative is the main merit of the Traffic Police Sofia. He added that this is part of the general policy of Sofia municipality related to traffic safety of children.

In his words, 33 cabinets are designed for road safety education. There are 25 interactive sites in schools and kindergartens. Over 300,000 levies have been used by European programs and are bought over 600 bicycles to schools in the “Maddest” and “Poduyane.”

Rostov said that separate from more than 200 hiking trails in Sofia are further illuminated lights in the areas of schools and kindergartens.

Maria Painters did express hope that today’s children wear reflective clothing will spend a very interesting hour road safety. According to her, except police, special guests in these hours will be from riders and capital motoklubove.

Painters urged children to take great care and everything today learn to pass it on to their parents. “It is important for children to show that they know and can move properly on the roads and walkways, she said.

After a brief explanation the students returned to classrooms in anticipation of open classes.

Reflective apparel for outdoor safety

Saturday, Jolly Site welcomes lovers of trail running, Nordic walking and hiking greedy who loves to wear all kinds of reflective apparel for safety. The sporting dimension of the event will be secondary, agrees Freddy Litter, responsible for the Northern Athletics Committee: “The tests will be decorated with gastronomic supplies (sausage, pâté …). We note the friendly aspect of the event. ”

By smell, enticed, many participants in safety vest have already answered this: “On the trail, we are almost 400 registered runners. Participation is equivalent to Nordic walking. The trail is limited to 500 riders for safety reasons. “A member of ESA 59, Julian Beauvais, already winner of the Val Jolly trail on distance of 31 km, appears able to win the new version of the race. But this short 12 km, he might not find his usual efficiency, competition from uneven specialists from Belgium. In the lot, another candidate has every chance: the Stephaney Curlier, a versatile competitor, equally at home on the Trail of pebble Saint-Waist-la-Vale on the Marathon des sables Morocco.

Fixed the day before the race in the ramparts Vauban in Maubeuge, she made the race the trail of the shadow of his neighbor? “I had an interview with the head of Maubeuge Marathon. We are not on the same type of public. The foot runners are not fond of trail. And committed the trail is almost 80%, out of Aversions; they will not be present the following day at Maubeuge. But in the future we will seek an understanding with the Association sambrienne on a different date, knowing that Jolly would keep this appointment for the near Halloween, “says Freddy Litter.

The race will take place at night. For security, each participant will be equipped with a headlamp and a garment with reflective tape.

Legislation system for reflector needed

A number of citizens called for legislation system needed beauty bar owners put a light reflector is tied tightly around the neck of the camel; what allows the driver to see the beauty of bulk on the roads at night to contribute to the reduction of the collision of cars beauty incidents.

Nasser al-Bandar and the beauty that the bulk incidents on the roads have become a familiar sight, noting that it cannot be seen in a special night that the dust is volatile almost throughout the year in Al-Ash, and often result in those accidents and deaths and permanent disabilities. He pointed out that the citizen accidents that occur on the roads always recorded deaths or injuries, and called for reflective tape to see the beauty and punish those who violate and book nearby beauty of the ways that poses a danger to the Rated.

He described many of the Muslim Bulk Palmsthertyn Beauty owners. They are stressing that they are leaving their camels lying in wait Babar. Every time an incident occurring much what beauty stands behind it, if the traffic department counted the proportion of accidents on the roads of beauty overwhelmed by the proportion of incidents which promotes claims the presence of security patrols and security of the roads on the “line” in which stray animals spread, particularly at night.

Said Khalid Al-Ahmad: collided with one of the beauty as he crossed the street earlier during Seri pitted on the road heading to Hoff alluding to the importance of road lighting.

Ahmed Hassan: The beauty oblige owners to put a light reflective element on their camels, reduce the proportion of accidents, especially in the Eastern Province as it limits the human and animal has.

2230 cyclists in safety apparel to celebrate anniversary

Celebrating the 235 the anniversary of the capital of the Kombi Republic and the Day of Russia in Syktyvkar completed a major sporting event “Velonoch” backed by a record number of participants – 2230 cyclists in reflective safety apparel.

For the first time, “Velonoch” Syktyvkar took place in 2013. Then its participants were 520 fans of two-wheeled transport. A year later, the streets traveled more than a thousand cyclists.

In the current “Velonochi” on their iron horses come first persons of the republic: the head of Yacht enslave Gainer, Prime Minister Vladimir Tuck make and Parliament Speaker Igor Kevel.

Also among the participants was seen deputy of the State Council, the rector of SSU. P. Sorokin Marina, her colleague on parliamentary chair Sergey Art, head of the youth of the Agency Viktor Tell nova with his family, as well as the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Roman Polished with his twin brother.

Before the start has been instructed by the traffic police have registered their vehicles and were numbered bracelets with reflective tape, automatically become participants in the distribution of prizes and gifts from organizers and partners of the action.

Start the main sporting event of the year was given at exactly 21.00. Column cyclists lined up to go to Stefano’s kayak area. Participants of the bike ride allowed in small batches so as not to disturb a safe distance.

The route length of ten kilometers adjusted Syktyvkar traffic police officers and volunteers are in reflective vests. The cyclists rode through the streets of the area of ​​Lenin, Pushkin, and Sisals highway Moro ova, Dimmit rove, the October prospectus and Curator.

From the stage director of the Agency for Sports and Physical Culture Stephan Cherenkov congratulated sixty Kombi and guests on the anniversary of the city and the Day of Russia, noting that the participants “Velonochi” no problem to defeat.