Volvo launches reflective spray for cyclists

Very involved in the field of road safety, Volvo has developed a reflective aerosol for cyclists: in a single gesture, they become phosphorescent at night and therefore more visible to other road users.


The figures speak for themselves. In Britain, more than 19,000 cyclists have been involved in an accident on the road. In France, 1 cyclist killed on 4 died following a collision with a vehicle.


A reality that may soon change thanks to an invention is made by Volvo. The latter has developed a spray that, when reflective material sprayed on his bike, his helmet and even his clothes, allow cyclists to take a night trip by being more visible to motorists.


“Life Paint”: a descriptive name

Called “Life Painting”, the spray is invisible on the day but reflects light of night lights. The pulverized product is washable, no abyss or painting bike or textiles and is effective up to a week.


The Swedish manufacturer has demonstrated an objective that is clear and ambitious: no user killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo by 2020, thanks to a better sharing of the road. As stated so well Paint Life slogan: “The best way to survive a crash is not crash”. To translate, the best way to survive an accident is to not have … Simply!


For now, only 2000 sprays are sold in six stores based in London and Kent. If the reflective product has the desired success, the distribution points multiply internationally.

Reflective products for sports

Spring is coming and with it the sun, good weather and ‘warmth’. We look forward to renewing our clothes, to buy us new clothes that make us feel more beautiful and interesting, and, of course, sports also, better with reflective tape. the time to leave behind the gray and dark clothing has come, let some color more alive to lift our spirits and remind us that spring is about to arrive.

When we buy sportswear is very important to consider other details besides the aesthetic. We need to look at comfort in perspiration at the seams in technical fabrics … This will help us to find the right balance between comfort, freedom of movement, personal hygiene and athletic performance.

Here are our proposals. Make sport with class, style and chic is ours.

We really like the Stella McCartney collection for Adidas has made. The designer brings more than notes of color. As the name implies, shines like a ‘star’ in the world of fashion and this union with Adidas it gives us the possibility to exercise comfortably and glamorous.

The Adidas by Stella McCartney bag is perfect for jogging. It is made of synthetic leather, which we really like for us and our pets, and sports a casual appeal. It has reflective piping and strap waist. The main compartment is double zipper for easy movement and breathable mesh back panel.

A game with the backpack, we can get the fantastic Cap Run also Stella McCartney collection. It is designed especially for women who practice the running because it protects us from the sun without increasing our temperature thanks to breathable mesh design. Transparent visor allows better visibility and incorporates protection against UVA rays. We found the reflective backpack and cap in two colors, Scarlet Red and Gun Metal.

First grade students wear reflective product to keep visible

The student’s first grade elementary Szczecin knows how to be visible, and how to behave safely on the road with reflective tapes. On Thursday (5.03) during the finals of the “Szczecin – safe city” youngest citizens once again remembered about the principles of navigating the roadway, and also how important it is that everyone is walking after dark was attached to the jacket with reflective fabric. The action was organized through the cooperation of the Municipal Police and the Local Government and Culture Promotion Agency. Patronage over the event covered an association City of Vision and Subject Szczecin.

During the finals, which were invited all primary schools in Szczecin with their teachers, their short artistic programs presented youngest first grade students. Class IA SP No. 4 with a tutor Anna Landowska, as well as the IE class of Primary School No 7, which was accompanied by teacher Joanna – sang songs about flares. In this way proved that well aware of the fact that a small band placed somewhere on the arm allows the driver to figure out the right time that is in front of you walking?

The fact that you should carry flares encouraged the younger protégés Local Government and Culture Promotion Agency. They prepared a brief fashion show, which confirmed that wearing reflective product is not only safe but also attractive and can give a lot of fun and joy. In turn, young people from the field of dance and hip-hop culture through its dance with reflective material proved that shiny ties in any case there is nothing to be ashamed of.

In Poland, there is a large number of accidents involving pedestrians – during the grand finale stressed the Younger Spec Paulina of the Municipal Police. – By such action, such as “Szczecin – safe city” we want to encourage all children and all pedestrians to use reflective elements.

The fact that its target been achieved, it can also evidenced by the fact that children with great commitment and takeover participated throughout the event. Moreover, during the finals of the “Szczecin – safe city” representations submitted commander of the first class SM Gregory thanks and handed flowers. – We would like to thank you for taking part in school life – told the students class. – Thank you for providing security while crossing the road on the way to school – added the class students. IA SP No. 4.

At the end of all the children participating in the sport of municipal guards they were given gifts. As part of the “Szczecin – safe city”, each student received first-class reflective bands.