Reflective clothing in the dark: See and be seen

A black winter coat may be elegant – but it is certainly not. If you are a pedestrian or cyclist in the dark time on the road, you should wear something with reflective tape.


In the dark season, pedestrians and cyclists are particularly vulnerable to road traffic. Dull autumn or winter weather and the early dawning darkness ensure that drivers can recognize the weaker traffic later. Therefore, one should wear light clothing and reflective materials.


Darkly dressed people are usually only noticed when they are lit directly by vehicle lamps or a street lamp – but it can be too late. Even better visible than with light clothes is with reflective materials, they illuminate brightly in the dipped beam of a car. Such reflector strips are best applied to the arms and legs, as the movement further enhances the effect.


Satchels are usually provided with reflector surfaces. On the safe side, a bookcase conforming to DIN standard 58124 is covered with reflectors. Dog owners can secure their four-legged animals with a harness or collar with the back-lit material or such a dog’s line. Reflectors in the spokes of a bicycle are also particularly useful, of course only in addition to functioning bicycle lights. Rollers or baby carriages can simply be attached with a reflective belt.


Also the drivers can do something for them to see and see more. So you should drive with low beam and clean headlights. Fogged or icy slices should be completely free from moisture or ice before the ride.

Police will distribute reflective vests and belts

Pedestrians and passengers two groups of people, which in those days would turn the attention of police in Olin reason in both cases is the same: to be more visible. Reflective vests today 15 to 17 hours will be handing police a passenger in the passenger seat on the road at the entrance.


“In vehicles because in most cases is the only reflective vests drivers. Other participants did not, and so are often in danger when they move, for example in traffic accident site, “explained Olin police in safety vest.


According to her, more and more tragic accidents, which could often be avoided just that, if a person moving at dusk or in darkness have seen enough already from afar. If pedestrians can wear reflective tape on hand, it will be a greatly help.


“You will, together with representatives of road safety and traffic patrol handing pedestrians in Olin Street on Thursday,” said Lucie. The reflective belts handed out event was held by her between seven and eight o’clock in the morning.