Children in reflective vest join the police station activity

On Thursday (24.08) on the premises of the Pavia Police Headquarters in Katowice, the “Open Command Day” was organized, in which about 70 children took part in a half-camp, everyone of them received a reflective vest, organized by the Social Integration Association Victoria in Katowice.


The aim of this project was, as in previous years, to familiarize children with the specificity of the work of the police as well as to create opportunities for an interesting way of spending free time. During the meeting, the officers of the Juvenile and Pathological Team presented equipment that was on police equipment, such as clubs, shields, helmets and bulletproof safety vests.


The police officers presented the structure of the unit and the tasks of each division. The children had the opportunity to get to know different types of service uniforms, service levels, as well as the work of forensic technician who showed how the traces are secured at the scene.


In addition, officers in safety uniform conducted preventive talks with children on the principles of safe behavior in various situations, including while staying alone in the place of residence, contact with strangers and safety of water reservoirs and rivers as part of the action “I’m being safe … by the water.”


The blatant response of a police in safety vest

A police officer in safety vest driving a motorcycle recorded by a citizen in a street in Bogota, who complained about taking two other people on board when the rule requires that in this vehicle a maximum of two passengers mobilized and prohibited from transporting Children under 10 years old.


When asked if the bike was for three or two (passengers), the safety uniformed gave a surprising and blatant answer. This was justified by carrying a girl in the middle of it and the barbecue.


In the video, which has gone viral in social networks, it also observed that the passenger in the back does not wear the reflective vest also required by law. Had it been another citizen surprised by the transit authorities, the punishment would have included a fine and the immobilization of the vehicle, with the expenses that this represents.