Children received a safety vest as a reward

“Colorful diversity – all less than one roof” was the motto of this year’s school festival of the Friedrich, which had to offer an equally colorful and diverse program. The official welcome was received by the pupils themselves: “We welcome you on behalf of the Children’s Council. The children wear reflective vest was also prepared for a welcome speech, coordinated by Christophe Underlet, and a welcome parade in several languages.


Since headmaster Markus Taube is currently on parental leave, he was only a guest at the school party. That is why the deputy headmaster Silk Seitz took over the task of welcoming the numerous visitors: “Diversity can be found in many areas: as we have seen, this is among other things the cultural diversity that brings us together in the classes and classes, but also in other areas: school, photo-center, musical elementary school and WPU courses.


In addition, Seitz reported: “Activities are also taking place in the framework of projects that we undertake as an Enesco school. These include exchanges with our partnerships in Lithuania, excursions to Enesco World Heritage sites and cooperation with the world shop or clubs, schools in Burkina Faso support. “A planning group led by Carton Schaech and Maria Günter had taken over the organization of the school festival. A number of cooperation partners such as the youth promotion of the city of West with the focus club, the DAK Blenheim, the Yana Soma association and the world shop were also represented with stands.


At the stand of the municipal youth promotion West and the association Focus the children in warning vest could go on a trip to a village in Senegal. Through cooperation with the children’s museum in the suitcase from Nuremberg, the guests were able to relive the everyday life of a family in Africa. An employee of the museum in the suitcase has brought many photos and objects of use from a visit to a family in Senegal. “We make a rattle,” two girls proudly said, “It’s not that easy!” Visitors were given the opportunity to taste or to taste African food.


At the DAK stand, the children were able to save the badge Max with a quiver and received a safety vest as a reward. Class 9 has produced key trailers and sold them at a booth. The proceeds will benefit the projects in Burkina Faso. Particularly sought after were the childish make-up and the raffle. With a “passport”, the children were able to visit different countries across the school grounds and take part in activities there. For each station there was a stamp – from eight stamps the young got a small price? Whether goal wall shooting, can throwing, ball games, a quiz about the school, the world shop or a nutritional quiz – both physical and mental skill and skill were to prove. In the sports hall, the young guests in a bouncy castle could really let off steam.

The colorful world of school reflective bags

Surely they should be easy and easy when it comes to their parents. Children pay attention to patterns and colors when purchasing school bags. If you ask the police, it is mainly light reflecting surfaces, so that every school child is seen well.


In the old days school bags were made of sturdy leather. The material held a lot in the school day, but also brought a handsome weight. Today the fashion looks a bit different. Colorful plastic is used, which most children like. Nicole Fischer, who has just been trained in class 1b of the Gerhard, is wearing a pink portfolio of Filly horses. “I was allowed to choose myself,” says the five-year-old. Her classmates, Tibet, Sharon, Jason and Jessica, have chosen their portfolios primarily as to which colors, patterns and figures they like best.


But besides the chic appearance, safety and weight should also play a part in the purchase. Orthopedists and health insurance companies recommend that an empty sack should not be heavier than 1100 to 1400 grams. And even for five, six-year-old schoolchildren it is already a great deal, considering that books and notebooks still have to be transported.


Deter Schulz, Prefect of the Police, advises to pay attention to sufficiently large reflectors when purchasing them. “They are very important in the sides of the satchels, so they can only be seen by schoolchildren when they cross the street.” Nowadays, most school bags are relatively well equipped with light-reflective material, says Schulz. “Where there is a lack of reflectors, parents should retrofit and sew them tightly to the binders, and when the dark season comes, it is indispensable.”


“Dr. Theodor Neuberger” among the first-year satchels is many colorful motifs. Hello Kitty and Mermaid Arielle, but also butterflies have chosen many girls. Sea-dwellers dominate the boys. All folders are color. “We were never asked by the parents before,” says Monika. The decision is still made by the children in the families. “However, what we are already giving to the parents of the new first years at the preparatory meeting is an information folder with all the contacts and a detailed material list for each lesson.”


Has fashion changed over the years? “In the past, the satchels were definitely not plastic,” says Monika. Her own model decades ago were still leather and not as colorful as the knapsack nowadays. How fast the primary schoolchildren are separated from their first choice for enrollment is seen in the third grade. Only four of the 13 pupils are still on the road with their satchels – partly proud, partly waiting for him to break. “My colorful portfolio was embarrassing to me,” says Pirelli. He moved to a single-color blue model. “The old one has always been depressed,” says Leon, who now wants a comfortable backpack with safety reflective tape – just like many other high school students.





The tested reflective bag for children

The AK has tested ten school bags with reflective tape – as a decision aid for the Easter bunny, which often brings the hotly awaited first schoolbag for the upcoming days.


Together with a physiotherapist of the Kipper University Clinic and two schoolchildren, the consumer protectors tested ten standard commercial models. Winners are the Ergo bag cubes and the Schneider tool bag soft.


Both favorites reached 16 out of 18 points and cost 219 respectively 170.95 Euros – the highest price the winner shares with the last one in the test. Also the Scout Buddy Style comes to 219 euro, however with only four points. The three best-rated satchels convinced with an adjustable back part, which means they grow with the child. The test winners also wait with a waist belt by reflective fabric.


The weight of the shoulder bag, whether it grows, the freedom or limitation of head mobility, weight distribution horizontal, stability of child movement, padding of backs and straps, format, presence of chest and waist belt and fan divisions.


Ergonomic factors

While children are more interested in color and design, parents should pay attention to the ergonomic factors, the Chamber of Labor recommends. Adjustable straps have all; the adjustable back part comes on. The upper edge of the shoulder bag should be at the level of the shoulders.


Heavy things should be stored directly on the back and not in side pockets, as this can lead to oblique position and postural damage. The chest and hip belt support a stable fit at the back. All schoolchildren in the test had reflective surfaces. Yellow or orange areas, which contribute to recognition by drivers during the day and at dusk, were only available on one model.


In any case, the child should be present at the purchase and the school bags with and without jacket try, advises the AK. So you can immediately see if the belts can be adjusted well.


Clothing for poor visibility in autumn and winter

Market: With the product line Magic Vision, the French traditional manufacturer would like to appeal to those who do not allow themselves to be stopped by cool temperatures and short days of cycling during the autumn and winter months. Special attention was paid to the developers for good visibility by reflective material – not just at night but also during the treacherous hours of dawn.


For all those who regularly ride the bike during the autumn and winter, the bad weather conditions are also a big challenge. Whether on the way to the office or during a winter training session: the days are short and the chance to sit on the bike even after dark is correspondingly high. In order to be easily visible in road traffic and to prevent possible accidents, the right clothing is the right choice. Reflective vests are now found on a large part of the bike wear, but the French manufacturer Magic goes one step further with its vision collection.


For bicyclists, these two times 30-45 minutes per day are also so dangerous, since conventional reflectors barely develop their effect and lose their appearance in the dim light. At Magic, therefore, one has thought about it and equips the entire vision product line – from the waistcoat to the helmet – with two different reflector materials. In addition to the already known silver / white surfaces, the Magic yellow reflective elements are supposed to improve visibility during twilight.


The new collection, as used by Magic, focuses primarily on sportive riders: endurance, body-concave cut and good vapor permeability are just two consequences of sporting orientation. The vision of the H2O Vest is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the Vision products: this waterproof safety vest is a faithful companion in the dingy weather and when the training ride reaches again into the evening hours.



Reflective clothing in the dark: See and be seen

A black winter coat may be elegant – but it is certainly not. If you are a pedestrian or cyclist in the dark time on the road, you should wear something with reflective tape.


In the dark season, pedestrians and cyclists are particularly vulnerable to road traffic. Dull autumn or winter weather and the early dawning darkness ensure that drivers can recognize the weaker traffic later. Therefore, one should wear light clothing and reflective materials.


Darkly dressed people are usually only noticed when they are lit directly by vehicle lamps or a street lamp – but it can be too late. Even better visible than with light clothes is with reflective materials, they illuminate brightly in the dipped beam of a car. Such reflector strips are best applied to the arms and legs, as the movement further enhances the effect.


Satchels are usually provided with reflector surfaces. On the safe side, a bookcase conforming to DIN standard 58124 is covered with reflectors. Dog owners can secure their four-legged animals with a harness or collar with the back-lit material or such a dog’s line. Reflectors in the spokes of a bicycle are also particularly useful, of course only in addition to functioning bicycle lights. Rollers or baby carriages can simply be attached with a reflective belt.


Also the drivers can do something for them to see and see more. So you should drive with low beam and clean headlights. Fogged or icy slices should be completely free from moisture or ice before the ride.

What children really need for school?

The enrollment is an event that many children in safety vest attend for a month. Even parents are deeply moved by the idea that the guarded nursery school will pass. Long before the big school day, parents, grandparents, godparents and, of course, the shooters themselves ask themselves what should be done for the school start. Advertising information gives the impression that school beginners need complete office equipment. But what is really necessary and what is superfluous?


A room to study

Many schoolchildren must complete their children’s rooms completely, so as to make room for a desk with a suitable desk chair. It is difficult for children to understand that the doll house or the big crate with the building blocks should now give way to a table. Not every child needs a real desk immediately. In many primary schools no homework is abandoned in the first two school years, which could be worked on at such a table. Also, many children prefer to sit at the family dining table to work when mother or father is nearby. Whether your own desk or not – it is important that children have a quiet and charming place in the apartment, where they can do homework, read or simply relax, without being disturbed.


The backpack

A school bag with reflective tape and the school bag are indispensable components of every enrollment. While the school bag can be made and decorated by itself, as explained in this manual, for example, parents should carefully inform themselves which model is most suitable for their child before purchasing a schoolbag. The satchel should be made of harmless materials. Equally important is its weight. Unfortunately, there are still models that are so hard with books and notebooks that they harm the child’s back. How hard a satchel may be and why parents should check the weight of the schoolchild over the entire primary school period regularly can be read in this article.

Reflective materials or reflectors on the satchel ensure greater road safety. Since school beginners are not well-behaved because of their small body size by drivers, any improvement in visibility by reflective materials is welcome. If you would like to be guided by the judgment of experienced testers during the purchase of the Ransom, you will find the results of the current -Test.


With the purchase of fillers and pens waiting

Even if relatives and friends ask what the Sagittarius needs for schooling, you should wait with the purchase of fillers, pens and staples until the teacher presents a list detailing which materials in the first School year.


Police in safety vest said that he had the right to do so

Our reader recorded a police car in Gdynia when he was controlling speed while standing in a stoppage place. Police officers in reflective uniform say they were allowed to stand there because they were doing their duty, which meant that “there was an out-of-court counter-offender for the offense.”


Our reader registered an unregistered police car on Friday morning when traffic policemen controlled the car radar driving down the street. Flyers see the map of Gdynia in Gdynia.

– Do not the police have traffic regulations? – With such a question he sent us a film.

What about the police? – The actions of the uniformed officers of the road traffic department consisted in controlling the speed. Officers had reflective vests and used a tagged police car. Speed ​​control belongs to the statutory tasks of the police, aims to protect life and human health as a priceless good – explains Michal Ruska from Gdynia City Police Headquarters.


He points out that in recent months there have been 19 accidents in the city, caused by excessive speed. One person was killed and 22 others were injured.

– The activities of the police officers should be interpreted as a non-partisan counter-offense in respect of the exercise of their right or duty. The speed control location has been selected in such a way as not to expose the remaining road users to any danger, Ruska explains.


But there is some reflection. The stop sign was set because someone thought stopping at this place was dangerous. Does the parked police car in this place such a danger to traffic does not cause? And would the driver who would be detained by the police in this place also not threaten the traffic? As traffic officials in safety vest say two cars on a stoppage do not pose a threat, then maybe the sign of the ban is unnecessary?


The obligation to use reflective elements by all pedestrians

On August 31, the amendment to the Road Traffic Act came into force. It introduces the obligation to use reflective elements by all pedestrians irrespective of age, moving in the dark at an undeveloped area. Until now, such an obligation was only for children under the age of 15.


This is a very important change. Cops and experts underline that after a pedestrian with a glare, the driver will notice five times faster than the unmarked. A person moving at dusk on the unlit road is practically invisible. The driver will only notice it from a distance of 20-30 m. If we assume that the allowable speed outside the built-up area is 90 km / h, and the minimum braking distance at this speed is 90 m – we see that the pedestrian has no chance. Already one reflective element causes it to be visible from 150 m, in which case the driver has enough time to slow down, slow down and safely avoid him.


The new rules do not talk about how to wear reflective elements or how they look. They only require you to be visible to other road users. Experts emphasize that the lights of the car do not illuminate the entire silhouette of the pedestrian. They are suspended low (about 25 cm above the ground) and illuminate the road asymmetrically – more light is falling on the right side of the road. That is why reflectors should be placed as low as possible and right on the right. The right leg is the right leg – knee and ankle. Reflectors can be pinned to the legs or shoes. It is also worth to have a retro reflector also at the back, at back height, so that pedestrians are also visible to the rear. It is therefore worth to invest in a reflective vest or take care of the glare of our children’s backpacks or satchels.


“One glare can protect against disability and even save lives,” emphasizes Marcela, head of the Social Prevention Section of the Traffic Department of the Capital Police Headquarters. Unfortunately, pedestrians often do not remember the safety of their own and others, and they make up nearly 9 percent all accidents. The worst part is that they are dead themselves. What mistakes do we most often commit? First and foremost we go out on the street directly in front of a car or behind another vehicle such as a bus or a car. In this situation, the driver has no chance of reaction. Besides, constantly, we often cross the road in an illegal place or in a red light – he notes.


Masonic self-government cares for the safety of children and young people. Since 2002 he has organized the “Safe Road to School” campaign, where students from grades 4 to 6 of primary schools in Masuria learn the rules of road safety. The students received sets of young cyclist – helmets, bicycle lighting, safety vest and reflectors.




Reflective vests with logos for Family Cycle

More than a thousand people signed up for the V Family Bike Ride in District from Junior to Senior. And although the Sunday weather did not spoil the participants of the expedition, the rally can undoubtedly be considered successful. During a picnic at the Almeria Inn, several hundred people spent time actively, for example at a campfire or taking part in prepared fitness competitions.


The rally took place on Sunday, June 21st, the start and finish was traditionally planned in front of the District Office building. At the start the participants received souvenir name identifiers, reflective vests with logos, sun visors and yogurts. The official opening was jointly made by straits Juliana Gone, MP for Macias and commanders of the rally. And in the circle of bikers you could meet, among others. Mateusz’s vice-presidency, who did not give up changing weather, along with his daughter Monica, traveled the route.


Pelion set off from the police station at ca. 9.30. Sadly, at the first stop in the youngsters cyclists surprised the heavy rain. However, what perseveres has come to Bud Borski, where the organizer – District Office, prepared a family picnic with attractions. There was a fire, and among fitness competitions: throw a medical ball, goalkeeper’s football and family ski. But as always the most excitement aroused the lottery. Several hundred prizes have been distributed. Bicycle gadgets or sweets from Mars. The tradition of the rally is to reward the youngest and oldest cyclist all wear high visibility vest, and the person who reported the highest number of participants. This year was no different; the youngest participants of the event were Michelin and Keeper Reni. We also remembered the oldest 83-year-old participant, and also about the soles ants – all Alice and who were celebrating their 21st birthday.


There were also special gifts and thanks to the commanders of the rally and the owners of the Lamar Guest, the Duala family. Prizes have also been awarded to athletes. More than 600 awards were distributed. The DJ was taken care of by DJ EMIL. Nice fun and busy holidays combined with a great goal. During the picnic, 9-year-old Michal from Teresa, struggling with acute leukemia, was able to donate a symbolic zloty to the can. At 2:00 pm the peloton set off. Due to unfavorable weather, the organizer on the way back has changed the route, which eventually counted 40 km.


As in the previous year, the members in safety vest of the association We Act Effectively – We Create Better “Through Sport in the Future”, as well as employees of the departments of the District and District Education, Culture and Sport. The organizers of the above-mentioned individuals and companies give great thanks to the above mentioned persons and companies. See you next year, at the next bike rally “From Junior to Senior”.


Police in safety vest visited the families of the orphanage

Policemen wear reflective vest visited the family home at Konawa is home to one of three family homes “Ewe”.

There were many topics to talk about: safe moving around the city, paying attention to strangers, dangerous scams and respect for the other person.


Children were particularly interested in what the police were doing with regard to minors. The policewoman in reflective clothing gave them some positive and negative examples to keep children and adolescents able to influence their whole lives.


There was also a discussion about the relationship between the household members. There was talk of respect, mutual help, and the building of good family climates that help each other. Children got educational booklets, reflective items and safety vests.