TCS gives away 80,000 safety guards for school trips

Whether the children attend a new school year or go to school for the first time – the “school trail” campaign of the TCS takes care of the traffic safety of all schoolchildren. In addition, this year again, the successful campaign will be carried out, at which 80,000 Giblets will be handed over free of charge to first-graders. In the coming school year, the largest mobility club in Switzerland, together with the counseling center for accident prevention and the police, is again committed to the safety of children on the way to school.


80,000 TCS-Giblets to start school

Those who change from nursery to primary school in the autumn (3rd primary school after Harms Concordat) can look forward to one of 80,000 of the well-known TCS safety vests, distributed free of charge by the TCS in all of Switzerland. Since 2013, this action has been part of a comprehensive traffic safety campaign for the safety of children on the way to school. The west are printed with the silhouette of the Play Mobil student logos and the logo of the “school trail” campaign, have a hood as well as reflective light bands and are high-quality processed. These Giblets expand the TCS Troikas range, which has been successfully distributed to cribs and kindergartens for many years.


With this action, the TCS reoriented the focus of the traffic safety campaign on the endangered target group of the first years. For these, the first day of schooling after the kindergarten is often associated with habituation to a new school path, which also entails new risks. The safety vest is well received by the little ones and, thanks to its striking color and the reflective ribbons, fulfills the important function that the children are already visible from far away.


The motorized traffic people are again made aware of the children in the street traffic by means of the well-known Play Mobil pupils and reminded them of the central message: “Stop before you stop, do not just stop!” The car drivers must also be aware of the risks of schoolchildren in road traffic at the beginning of the school year, and ensure that they stop completely as soon as children want to cross the road. The speed only slow down is not enough because small children can not estimate the speed and the distance of an approaching car correctly.


The campaign with the emblematic play Mobil student club will be launched again this year in the whole country, on television, on the radio and on posters.