Yellow vests and gloves approved: new obligations for bikers

In principle already in the trunk of any car since 2008, the yellow reflective vest will also have to find prominently in the top case s of motorcycles. Beginning this January 1 and under penalty of a 1st class ticket (17 Euros), moped users, scooters and motorcycles will, indeed, be holders of this equipment. They must wear it only during emergency stops. And in case of non-compliance, they will face a fine range, this time to 135 Euros.


This measure designed to make it more visible this category of user closes for now the long debates on this vest that bikers came close to having to take permanently wheelchair. The decision was even announced in 2011 during a committee on road safety (IRB) before a turnaround in 2012 under pressure from his many opponents … actually, almost majority of PTW users. “Motorists forget that one exists. Then they probably would not have seen we better with a permanent fluorescent held on the back, “said Marc Bertrand, in charge of Road Safety at the French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC). Satisfied with the abandonment of the previous provision, it remains unsatisfied with this new choice. “It is better convinced of the relevance of that measure to force it through sanctions, as has been decided,” he said.


Yet another mandatory provision will affect that category of users: they will soon have to wear approved gloves with reflective tape. In preparation for the Council of State decree is expected in the coming days. This new provision does not find more favor with the FFMC. “For years we are campaigning for the reduction of VAT on motorcycle equipment to facilitate their purchase. This is what is expected to better protect this category, “said Marc Bertrand. In 2014, among users of motorized two-wheelers, the road was 22,000 wounded and killed 790 people.


The case of “urban scooter”

If the bikers did not wait for the next issue of the decree to develop gloves, this is not always the case among the ‘urban scooter.” “They are former drivers who do not feel the soul of bikers!” To avoid traffic jams, many of them have indeed swapped four wheels for two-wheelers without changing the “dress code”. “They refuse to equipment that would protect them, but we must convince them to do it,” insists the responsible road safety association, which welcomes another measure: from 1 February as part of an experiment four years, the motorcycles in safety vest will be able to travel between two lines of cars under certain conditions in Île-de-France, Gironde and the Rhône. A practice is already widespread particularly on the Paris ring. But, as recognized, this mode of driving will be taught in driving schools.

Bicycle and safety reflective vest. A lovely birthday trip

Ten was the number of years celebrated yesterday by bicycle. Percent (or more), it was the number of cyclists, young and old who took the start of the urban ride that nicely celebrated this anniversary.


A guide wear yellow reflective vest, “floor leader” on the back in orange vest. It is a little over 14 hours and the first group for the ride of ten years of Treg Bicycle rushed from the place of the Patriots.


One hundred two-wheelers

They were six platoons of its kind to take the start yesterday afternoon, a total of more than a hundred motorbikes, members or not, a record for a family outing organized by the association. But in fact bikes, there were vehicles and all kinds rolling in the streets and edges, according to the different tours offered. Children we saw in trailers, others on their bikes connected by a drawbar than Mom or Dad, tandems, a unicycle and a recumbent bike. And even a dog, that, no, not pedaling but took advantage of the walk in a carriage at the rear. So it was an exit in good humor and without a hitch, which brought the participants at the end of the afternoon in the hall, where the animation wheel continued to turn. The kids had fun pedaling to generate energy or produce fruit juice. Enough to give a smile to the organizers pleased to welcome all fans of cycling in safety vest. “We made this event not only for us, it is open to all,” explained president of bicycle.


A new operation “Bike to Work”

In ten years, the association has advanced the cause of cycling, although much progress can still be made to him.

“The cycling is increasing for tourism and travel. People are also very sensitive to the health aspect, “said Gerard, reminiscent of the great success of the operation” Bike to work”, organized last spring. “We expected to have 150 people, we saw almost 500. Many people came to the bike with that. “And be pleased to know that the operation will be repeated in the month of May.


Routes and car parks

Bicycle continues to actively advocate for the development of cycle routes and facilities. “Take the connection between Lannion and Guirec. Where you go? There is the old railway line, which is 12 km. But it lacks a reflective tape markup; there are some intersections to be processed for safety, particularly in Petit Camp, and the roundabout at the entrance. We have to come to put around the table Community Department. “Efforts are also underway to develop a secure covered car parking near the train station and other near bus stops, the head of the lines.”The public are increasingly sensitive. Things have changed in ten years. But we have going at top speed, there is an ambition. “In short, do not necessarily play slow race, as one of the activities offered yesterday afternoon.

Firefighters in safety vest for CHATEAUROUX Vehicle destroyed by fire

Firefighters were called on Friday at 21 h 50, for a vehicle fire reported Corbusier Boulevard. The diesel car was completely destroyed by fire. The police in safety vest went on site.


INGRANDES burning car

A car fire was reported on the provincial road 951, Bessines road yesterday to 1 am 50. Firefighters from White and the police went to the scene. The vehicle, BMW type, was destroyed by the fire.


ISSOUDUN cyclist injured by falling

Four cyclists in a group of eight, which circulated Migny road, collided and fell yesterday to 16 h 15. Firefighters were hired at the scene of the accident that has done that slightly injured. The injured cyclist was taken to hospital in Chateauroux.


False calendars seller

In a statement on social networks, the mayor of Issoudun warns against the canvassing: “An individual wearing a yellow reflective vest was reported on Saturday, touting false schedules pickups of bulky. This does in no way an agent of the City or the community of municipalities. I call everyone to the greatest vigilance and to report suspicious sales to the gendarmerie. The regular schedule will be sent by mail. ”


LOIR-ET-CHER Professor assaulted: the high school student arrested

The schoolboy alleged to have assaulted Thursday a math teacher at Camille Claudel High School Blois was arrested yesterday afternoon, announced the prosecutor of Blois. This teenager was 17 and a half years without a criminal record, was taken into custody at the police station of Blois. It should be presented Monday at a juvenile judge. The teacher in reflective jacket was assaulted after taking a photo of the student who was discussing near the facility with the occupants of a car. The teacher has received several blows (one in one eye) that caused him five days of total disability.

Hip to reduce the burden on the tension of the reflective material with support software introduction

NIPPO is 29 days, in pavement construction and asphalt materials for the plant, announced the introduction of the support software that can reduce the burden of the hip due to the work. Agriculture and logistics, to the lumbar support wear of Morita Holdings with a proven track record in the nursing care field “rakunie (Rakunie)”, adopted a new model fitted with a cover-type reflective material the company has proposed. Reduce the fatigue accumulation in such work and transport at room temperature when material in the kneeling position to use the dragonfly and the scoop. Safety vest marked with a reflective material to wear in outdoor work also becomes unnecessary.

The company as one of the working environment improvement measures starts the test introduction of fatigue mitigation suit in 2002. Paver, product manufacturing, such as to about 50 people, including a woman in charge of the testing operations asked to wear a plurality of types of suits such as a motor-driven or compressed air type, it was evaluated in the assist force and a feeling of wear.

Paving work, in addition to often work in the kneeling position, crouching, such as marking work and operation of the machine, one is working posture is different depending on the contents in the work you do in one day. For this reason, it was decided to adopt the wearing feeling and desorption of labor is less Rakunie.

It was released Rakunie to 12 years, using the tension of the previous of stretch elastic reflective fabrics using the back (rubber) to support the lumbar region. In the experiment to lift the luggage from knee to waist height, make sure that the burden of the erector spinae muscles and thigh (roughly) biceps to support the stooped posture can be reduced an average of 17%.Any color is black. Selling price is 23,000 yen; there are about 12,000 pieces sales of so far.

The company has been required to wear a safety vest equipped with a reflective material in the outdoor work, there were numerous opinion that “when used in conjunction with support software and safety vest in the summer of field sultry”.

For this reason, we proposed a reflective material of the cover expression that can be retrofitted in the fastener to Morita Holdings. Increasing the visibility of the night worker, also improved the safety of the work.

Reputation of the new model is the very best, the person who was wearing in a total material factory is referred to as “the fatigue accumulation is small; it has become a necessity not do without.” Aida Engineering Division General Engineering Department production machinery center machine development manager has been with the “I want to continue to provide appropriate to a person in need.”

Safety vest: attention to road accidents

The last weekend of October is already here and its transition to winter time too. Surely we gain an hour of sleep though a spate of road accidents was recorded, because it can’t be seen clearly without safety vest in dimly light.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday at 3 am it will be 2 hours. The day will dawn sooner but the blues Sunday night will come a little earlier than usual with the dusk to 17 pm 30 …


Yet an additional hour of sleep clearly not enough to recover from this time change since a study of the Public Security Directorate has been an increase in the number of road accidents the following week.


The peak accident rate and mortality was noted in 8 slices / 10h and 17h / 21h or at peak hours. More people on the roads and a reduced visibility in the dark that accentuates are the main causes. Pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, everyone would be concerned. A reflective vest can enhance visibility and make you safer effect with more effective.


Fatigue may also be a cause of this accident rate increased, since chronobiologists noted that this time change would be more harmful to the body than the time difference when traveling. Sleep, diet and mood would change the point of seeing a 5% increase in myocardial week after the transition to winter time.


To reduce these risks, we should anticipate by lying earlier a few days before, by drinking plenty of water, enjoy the sunshine, make cure magnesium and vitamins.


Road Safety recommends “choose bright clothing or better still with retro reflective tapes.” It is strongly recommended that cyclists wear a reflective safety vest even if it is not required (except when driving outside urban areas at night or in low visibility day).


Motorists should be vigilant, reduce speed and “beware of” black holes “, these passages from a lighted area to a darker area where a pedestrian may arise, and finally to deviate from the sidewalks as much as possible.”

Build your running reflective material gear pack with our cheap trick

As passionate about running, I was equipped for the winter in order to make my sport sessions in comfort. And yes, when the cold comes, it is difficult to motivate yourself to go running in the winter freshness. However, when one is equipped with quality reflective equipment, it becomes less demanding to go outside to face the cool temperatures and rain. You can make more serenely your workouts and be more efficient. This is also why I cracked by purchasing multiple products recently. This for me is a form of reward for my future and past at the same time efforts. I would give my right plan to fit you the best price in winter for your running sessions. These tips will also help you to find running equipment for any season at the same time…


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I’ll present the package I offered myself after much research. This pack includes complete running attire with reflective clothes, shoes and accessories. I searched for the best running products at the best price while selecting cosmetic products. I present my findings that make up my running gear pack for winter in this article. I also give you my unstoppable trick to buy cheap running equipment…


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Essential part of the panoply of the runner, the pair of running shoes should be comfortable and light. It must provide good cushioning also because with the cold, the body and muscles are strained. We must therefore preserve avoiding traumatizing. For this, you have to have a pair of shoes that properly cushioned the shock due to strides. Consider choosing a pair of shoes with the qualities of studs for grip the ground despite the humidity and weather conditions like snow or ice.


Before facing the cold winter, you need to equip yourself with accessories to retain body heat while ensuring optimal ventilation. According to the profiles, some people will opt for the “shorts / socks”, others for “jogging / socks.” Personally, I opt for the short / low contortion. This allows me to get good ventilation while warming calves and ease of movement more consistent. The sweater or jacket, the hat and the gloves are other essential accessories to equip the winter. They too must keep warm and ensure optimal ventilation. Finally, make sure your security by equipping you with reflective material to clothing and a lamp to see and be seen.


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Volunteers wear safety vests are at the service of their village

Momentum seems to be born, pushing people to give a “helping hand” occasional village. These do not sulk-pocket savings in terms of labor.


They progress heads lowered in the tall grass, the steeple of the village piercing the sky away in this marshy area of ​​the valley or along a rolling county. They are generally identifiable by their fluorescent reflective vests and gloves, and hang a trash bag still too heavy. They erase the shame from tirelessly behind the perpetrators of illegal waste deposits, and do it for nothing. They are simple villagers taking things in hand, and a little over rural municipalities that are struggling to cope, as confesses Olivier Citron.


Washing machines, tires, bottles…

The mayor knows it can count on the action of the Exona association, which, twice a year, cleans the campaign, as will be the case on 3 December: “The town does not directly appeal to them, they are independent, but I have to admit that their action relieves municipal employees who could not make it to pick up.”


Pick up, but not just that, it’s also that fact, once a year – next time Saturday, March 11 – At the All ages association. “It’s now been two years since we organize this kind of beaten. It is from 15 to 20 pickers, and I would say that in the space of one morning, we subtract the nature around 300 kilos of rubbish, “says the President Martine. Some 90 glass bottles, not to mention plastic ones, but pieces of washing machines, tires … “It’s impressive, filled an entire trailer before sending it all to the dump. ” “That’s why we only accept children wear safety vest accompanied” says Martine, on behalf of his association, believes normal “this small gesture towards the village,” happy to provide garbage bags.


They repair the village

A village solidarity equally appreciable therefore, and also Boulancourt (terraced town Seine-et-Marne side), but we will also find another form this time. Is not this that was held in July the first day? If, and it has gathered a dozen villagers and elected officials around mini-sites that list Chantal, Associate Mayor 160 inhabitants: “We mainly remade the bus shelter, that is painted, with mounting a wall in front with his glass to cut the wind and rain the students waiting since the early morning. A Way of the Cross, then in the nettles, was cleared and repainted, we punched a hole in the pavement and also quilted flowers … We for example, provided the paint, but it makes you realize savings at Workforce. ”


The delegate mayor evokes its scope of action: “A dormitory area, many leave work early to Paris and return late with reflective material at night; it was also an opportunity for them to meet, to invest a little in the life of town. I think this type of action could be developed in the future; it is also perhaps one of the solutions to budgetary problems encountered in rural areas. ”


There must also odd jobs to do there … City staff to troubleshoot. “Do not imagine that it is to work for people in their place, but it is true that it represents a significant helping hand,” says Chantal, grateful.


“A significant helping hand”

But it had been created as well as Augerville the mayor did not say anything when he praises the citizen service provided. “People swing their garbage in the woods, unscrupulous contractors toss their rubble, we find old doors or tires in the river, appliance along hiking trails … But, as it has have happened, are sometimes found an envelope with an address among garbage … “Out of respect flouted nature, Olivier Citron then called the gendarmes that provide a statement and initiate legal proceedings. What, no doubt, bring the offender in the right way? And relieve some of the unbearable task the volunteers of the campaign to rescue their town.

Precautions of reflective accessory for running in cold weather

Practicing outdoors when the temperature drops is good for health. It is still worth taking some precautions of reflective material. Cold can also be dangerous.


In times of cold, the temperature and air quality changes strengthen the immune system. Energy consumption is increased and makes training more effective. Joel Gaillard, former international veteran 3,000m steeplechase, and coach of the OC, gives you five tips to lead you in these conditions.


Warm up. The body takes longer to warm when the cold is there. It is therefore essential to devote at least 20 minutes to a gradual warming of all muscle groups, so as not to traumatize the muscles, tendons and joints.


Cover up well. The training in cold weather requires the wearing warm clothing with reflective tape. For clothing when the temperature drops, it is recommended to use the “onion principle” which is to multiply and isolate each layer. Cover well the extremities (head, feet, hands) that are naturally very hot areas.


Warm up after exercise. After training, do not wait to take off your wet or damp clothing. The immune system is particularly weak and vulnerable effect directly within 30 minutes of effort. And then wrap up warm.


Think of recovery. Recovery is just as important as warming up. Your training is completed, obtain and breathe for a few minutes before joining a warm place, so as to prevent your muscles from cooling too quickly.


Be careful at night. Be very careful if you are going to train at night. It is essential to have at least a fluorescent safety vest to be seen and a headlamp to see if you operate in poorly lit places.

Attention, police let poorly lit cyclists wear safety vest

The shorter days obliges recently cyclists to be equipped with lights and reflective accessories when they travel early or late in the day. Surprised many after the push when to change the batteries in the lamp or come out her fluorescent yellow safety vest. But beware, the national police Loire before.


Wednesday noon, an operation in the city center of Nantes from 7 am to 8:30 has led to the verbalization of seven cyclists (12 controls) for visible defects (11 euro fine): five were driving with defective lighting, two had no rear reflector. Furthermore, a cyclist was fined for traffic with a headset and two others for crossing a red light.


The shorter days obliges recently cyclists to be equipped with lights and reflective accessories when they travel early or late in the day. Surprised many after the push when to change the batteries in the lamp or come out her fluorescent yellow vest. But beware, the national police Loire before.

Wednesday noon, an operation in the city center of Nantes from 7 am to 8:30 has led to the verbalization of seven cyclists (12 controls) for visible defects (11 euro fine): five were driving with defective lighting, two had no rear reflector. Furthermore, a cyclist was fined for traffic with a headset and two others for crossing a red light.

What is obligatory (and what is not)


Police remind that the following equipment is required: light and red reflector at the back, light yellow or white reflector in front, orange reflector on the rear wheel, orange reflectors on the wheels, orange reflector on the pedals, reflective vest (non-urban), horn and, of course, brakes.

All about safety vests and triangles mandatory

Starting Wednesday, any car not equipped with fluorescent jacket and emergency warning triangle is liable to a fine of 90 Euros.


How vest and triangle should we have on board? A reflective vest and emergency warning triangle must be in each vehicle since 1 July. However, the Minister of Ecology, responsible for road safety, Borloo was granted an extension until Wednesday so that motorists can buy “in the best conditions.” From 1 October the police verbalize any driver that does not have at his car the two objects.


Should the jacket be visible in all circumstances? The retro-reflective vest must be worn by the driver before he goes out of his vehicle. But it is not compulsory to drape the reflective jacket on the front passenger seat. The jacket should only be easy to access, store it in the glove box or under a seat enough.


Where should we place the triangle? The triangle should be on board the vehicle, bestowed in the cabin and not in the trunk of the car, and be placed on the floor as soon as the driver leaves the vehicle at a distance of 30 meters at least automotive or obstacle to report. The hazard warning lights still required when the car is equipped.


Where can you buy them? The kit is located in supermarkets in the auto service (note these are sometimes out of stock) market as in the Paris metro. Prices can vary from simple to triple, from € 6.50 to € 20 hypermarket in the corridors of public transport in the capital.


To comply with European legislation, the vest should be marked “CE” and the triangle marked “E27R”.

In case of violation, what risk is there? The motorist offender faces 135 euro fine. The amount of the ticket may be reduced to 90 Euros if paid immediately or within three days of verbalization.


What is the legislation for two wheels? Bikers like scooter drivers are exempt from wearing the vest whatever the circumstances. The jacket is recommended but not mandatory for cyclists riding in town.


However, wearing the safety vest is imposed cycling fans, drivers as passengers traveling out of towns in poor visibility conditions (rain, fog) or overnight. If you forget, the pedaling must pay a fine of 35 Euros (22 Euros if you pay in less than two weeks).