Guides with safety vest

If the cars are still on the way, often only helps the breakdown service on. But some problems can be solved itself also in modern vehicles with some reflective material. However, if the electronics involved, should we leave it alone.


The elders can remember that we find: There was a time when it was almost de rigueur to make some small repairs on his vehicle itself. The technology of VW beetles was simply constructed; carburetor or belt gave people with basic technical understanding no unsolvable riddles. Therefore, many drivers were able to make their car in case of a minor glitch itself afloat again.


Today this is often different. “The core problem is to identify the cause of a defect without diagnostic device,” says Sabine Goetz by the Automobile Club of Germany the impact of electronics in modern cars. Thomas of the Schweinfurt Vehicle Academy adds: “As a non-specialist, you do not even see today under the hood usually the individual components.”


That leaves the owners of newer vehicles only left to call a tow or Subsidiary, as the carriage road causes problems? Subject of the damage electronic components, you should leave it alone. Who does not know what he is doing, could hear the damage even bigger warns Maximilian Maurer by ADAC in Munich: “Modern vehicles take amateur repair attempts have morning sickness.”


Not call the breakdown service for every little thing

However, a few operations are still possible: a tire change, for example. Care should be taken of course is to hedge the scene by a warning triangle, hazard lights and reflective vest. But there is also when changing the tires pitfalls: Jacks operate on many different operating principles. Previous Try is so popular.


As a side effect you will find so out even if the wheel wrench in the tool kit is sufficient, or whether better accessory retailers a more stable copy should be purchased. Such tools are also available with pull-out extensions. then less power is required for the release of the wheel bolts.


In addition, there are still some other things in each car. Technology Professional Geis enumerates: “A set Ring mouth key in the most common sizes in order to loosen the nuts and tighten can, screwdriver, a pliers, a meter of wire, a roll tape, a flashlight, a set of light bulbs and a liter Oil.”


With wire and reflective tape, for example, loose parts could be fixed makeshift. The tape is smaller leaks were sealed at least for the way to the garage. Even a sufficiently thick jumper cables or a tow rope can help says Geis. “In modern vehicles, the loop for the tow rope is usually hidden under a cover. If it has to be screwed, then you should know that the bolts usually have a left-hand thread.” The emergency release for the fuel filler flap and boot should be tried quiet time, Geis advises in the event that the electronic central locking does not want one.


Who does not know such things, look up needs. Therefore, all experts advise not to remove the user from the car. “In today’s cars, the well 180 pages can be thick,” says ADAC man Maurer. “Nevertheless, they can be calm even read completely, maybe on a rainy weekend.”

The vest of reflective fabric material

The British cycling Rapha sets at its new cycling safety vest Rapha Insulated Brevet” (pictures below) to “Alpha” -Filling on front and back of functional fabric provider Polartec. This filling is to ensure even in cooler temperatures for warmth. Important for cyclists to know: Since it is a solid, easy knitted layer in “Polartec Alpha”, the thermal insulation is breathable and prevents overheating even at high intensity before.


“Polartec Alpha” has been “developed according to the charge of thermal insulation Polartec Product Manager Karen Whittier as active insulation that regulates the temperature of the body – both in motion and in static state. The adaptive breathability makes it unnecessary during the activity, clothing layers additionally on or take off. Therefore, the material is ideal for cycling. By water vapor can move freely through the reflective material, the air exchange will promote the overall and extremely shortens the drying time. The result is an increased comfort through thermal regulation. Because it is a continuous layer of fluffy, knitted fibers, fibers cannot migrate. The result is excellent stability and dimensional stability – even under heavy use and repeated washing. ”

With its new insulation to Rapha Vest is aimed at long-distance cyclists who are often exposed to a wide range of different weather conditions. Therefore, for them a light, warming outer layer that can be stowed easily and small, indispensable.

The vest »Insulated Brevet” is equipped with a two-way zipper. So the shirt back pockets can be achieved quickly and easily. Reflective fabric details provide enhanced visibility in twilight or darkness. Thanks to elastic sides the vest can simply be pulled even at full back pockets. The front zipper is protected and keeps out the wind. A water-repellent coating offers additional protection in case of sudden rain showers. Since “Polartec Alpha” from – water-repellent – is, it sucks, according to providers’ also not full, when things get wet and also convinces through fast drying times. “

Illuminant with reflective material

“At the driver more space than the frame or on the running wheels is” noted on Friday a reader to post “Everything Is Illuminated” and referred to the reflective vests, available at the hardware store. He is absolutely right. In autumn and winter there are the cyclists in their own hands, to illuminate her silhouette in the dark in any form. This protects them and allows motorists often only to recognize them at all early.


Children get to school enrollment by the school or the German Traffic yellow vests or V-shaped luminous collar, they can coat the morning in the dark season. Your charisma is immense. And adults who are sporty machine often resort to neon-reflective vests. Depending on what date you drive, but the West is not necessarily the garment of choice.


This is now but no longer a problem. The fashion industry has noticed that more and more people with the wheel are traveling, and has responded. Since two or three years, is slowly improving, but continuously quote for daily commuters. There are beautiful bike fashions that are functional clothing, but not outer as such. The Jean producer has manufactured for the first time in 1895 Bike Pants. The trick is: The reflective jackets and pants are not only breathable, but also equipped with reflectors, which can fold out when driving the back or that appear when you roll up the trouser leg.


Commuters who cover long distances, the reflectors are not sufficient often. You access to sport jackets with reflectors on the arms and back. Some manufacturers equip their cycling jackets even with small LED light strip, such as here. Wolfgang has developed with the Institute for Reliability and Micro-integration high-tech jacket.


In the tissue red and white LEDs are integrated in the shoulder and back area. The lights are linked to the movements of the cyclist. They are controlled by means of a microelectronic system, sensors and control elements as well as switches and battery integrated into the jacket.


The circuit board is flexible and resistant according to Institute to moisture. You could even be washed in the washing machine, they say. In last year Wolfgang received for Sporty the Red Dot Design Award. Wolfgang wants to sell the jacket via a campaign early next year, by mid-year there will be the jacket also in stores.


Significantly cheaper and also very practical are reflective arm and leg warmers. They simply coat sleeve or pant leg. Which are much smaller driver bands – the modern form of trouser clip? They are made of truck tarpaulin, or giant cinema posters that hung at international film festivals on facades. They are wider than the classic trouser belts and have a Velcro which holds really well. For better visibility, a relatively large reflective stripe delivers. And who needs a bag, can now rely on models that reflect also. A model has been here on the blog presented.

Elementary school students are quite bright with reflective vest

With the beginning of autumn, the days are noticeably shorter. It begins the period in which the children in the morning go in the dark to school. Wear them while still dark clothes, they are seen by other road users worse. One child in dark clothing, for example, only seen from 25 meters – with a luminous reflective vest, it is at dusk since up to 140 meters for motorists visible. That’s a huge difference, as security expert’s stress.


Therefore, “Gelber Engel” the ADAC Foundation distributed this year again bright yellow safety vests to first graders, so this thanks to the attached reflective material are better seen when they wear these to school. The sooner the child is seen on the road, the more time the driver of a brake and / or evasive maneuvers. It is precisely children are the most vulnerable participants in road traffic. Still crashing many of them on the road, because they are not or too late to be seen. They are not adults and take their environment differently. In addition, they do not have the necessary overview due to their height and are also often not the road hazards aware.


But alone with the wearing of safety vests with reflective material is not enough, the correct behavior on the road has to be trained. “The schedule of the new first year is almost six weeks of enrollment not only reading, writing and arithmetic, but in the context of tangible lessons they learn, among other things, how to behave as pedestrians at traffic lights. These we have also virtually at a traffic lights rehearsed near the school, “said teacher road safety education in the Heinrich Schmitz-primary school. Then they joined forces to develop theoretically how a road safely crossed without traffic lights and on what you doing all must respect. In the week before the autumn holidays, the first graders sat around this part of the practice, while the new safety vests were equally used.


But before Grothe went on the road with the 26 students, she showed them still on the playground how such a high visibility vest works by them with a flashlight. “I know that the West already out of kindergarten. The strips glow in the dark when there light” of Jan Six years knows Together with his classmates he should then cross the first street in front of the primary school. “Left-right, left … nothing to see here, I can go,” said the two studied the rule and looked it in the appropriate directions. It was not a car or bicycle, and so Jan could safely cross the street.


In addition to the West the school received yet sufficient information for teaching, and for the parents there are useful tips for safe school.


Because all should know that in addition to the proper behavior on the road and the regular wearing of safety vests is important. Only then will the visually protective companion can have full effect, not only on the daily commute to school.

Virtually indispensable workwear with reflective material

It is a classic: the work dungarees. We tested pants from four manufacturers, as always under real shop conditions.


For the popularity of the work dungarees with reflective material there are many reasons. So the bib protects outerwear such as T-shirts, shirts and sweaters from dirt and damage. And the length-adjustable straps provide the advantage that the pants are cut at the waist on, without being able to slip. In addition, the outerwear cannot slip out, as it is possible in normal pants. In many models, the carriers are brought together at the back below the shoulder blades and form a common piece of fabric to the buttock. But there are also embodiments in which the carrier extends parallel to the back. Thanks to the support it needs no belt, which feels some pleasant. It is best to try several models.


In practice, it depends on the equipment to

A dungaree provides plenty of storage space – back pockets, side pockets, pockets on the bib and the legs are standard. Tools and other job-related things can be carrying easily, the ruler over screwdriver up to the mobile phone.

The knees of pockets are attached, allow to be pushed cushion. This protects the knees when working on the floor. By the way, warming the reflective overalls the kidneys, which can be an important aspect in drafty halls? In general, the pants rugged & durable materials are produced. If they are dirty, they can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. Finally, they come in many shapes, sizes and colors – there’s something for every taste. However, many shops consider it important that their employees the same model wearing – for a unified image to the outside due to customers and visitors, but also to foster a sense of togetherness among colleagues.

Several days testing under practical conditions


Four models of the manufacturer Strauss, pioneer workwear and Crow; we have undergone a multi-day workshop test. The pants were worn during normal working. Our testers were four workshop employees of GSS Commercial Vehicles GmbH & Co. KG. Maik Hanselmann, trained vehicle technicians and commissioner for technical sales in the commercial vehicle specialist, summarizes the impressions of four colleagues. The

Pants were provided by the manufacturers. Our test criteria were features, comfort and handling.


Good news: All four pants beat well and will get the “thumbs up” logo. That struck us at the individual pants:

Bags offer the pants “esmotion” by Strauss plentiful, both with zippers and Velcro fasteners. On there is an inner and an outer pocket and two pen holders. “But you should remember where you stored that, otherwise you may look for first time,” says Hanselmann. At The Hip him elastics fall on, which increases the wearing comfort. At the knees, a pad can be inserted. The trousers have a hanger, which Hanselmann noted positively. The verdict: “The overalls is neatly cut and processed, the distribution of bags makes sense.” One can work well with the pants and move well in it. Suggested retail price: about 57, 90 Euro (net).

Dungarees “Modern Plus Pro” from Crow


Many ways to store things, the model provides “Modern plus Pro” from Crow. The manufacturer speaks of a “multifunctional pocket organization”. Thus, there are side pockets, pen holders on the bib, integrated coin pockets with zip and many other pockets. The back pocket is provided with reflective stripes for better visibility. “I am sometimes puzzling, for which the individual pockets are intended. But since everyone has different needs,” says Hanselmann. There is an adjustable elastic band on the side and the usual knee, which are additionally equipped with reflectors. A hanger has not discovered Hanselmann. When getting used to it looks at the arrangement of the carrier. They run on the back almost parallel. The verdict: “The pants has a proper equipment and can be worn well Also the workmanship is good.”


What our testers to the model “Star Line” was first noticed, the two large front pockets. “I did at first, at least perceived as a bit disturbing as unusual,” says Hanselmann. Bags offer the pants in all forms. On Latz there is an additional pocket, back pockets are closable. There is the usual ergonomic on a cushion on his knees. On the right side a hammer loop falls on. The plant has a hanger, which Hanselmann is important. In the hip, the width can be adjusted by means of studs, our testers noted positively. The verdict: “The pants have a good comfort and are well made.” Dungarees “Tools” from pioneer workwear


The two-colored dungarees “Tools” from pioneer waits with stretch on the sides, but also in the step. The straps are adjustable elastic. “The pants are nice flexible,” says Hanselmann. Numerous pockets and pen pockets offer enough options to accommodate things. “When the bags are filled, you have to take a little, that remains hanging anywhere,” he says. On his knees there is the possibility, upholstered foisting. The verdict: the comfort and the functionality rated Hanselmann as “good”. The processing was okay. As for the bags, everyone must know himself what he needs.

Reflective material – Cyclists should be seen

The police dressed in safety vest in the district controlled bicycling students: Almost 90 percent of the wheels are in order.


Whether for work, school or private – more and more people use the bicycle for short to medium-long distances, even in winter. Motorists should make their vehicles winterized also as cyclists. The students in the district were now taken in terms of light by the police under the microscope. 111 officials checked over a month, the bicycles by students. The result was very positive. Nearly 90 percent of all two-wheelers were according to the police in order. Especially from the new legislation, which came into force on August 1 this year, many students have made use: Even battery- and battery-powered lights are approved for road traffic since the summer. According significantly more wheels were better lit than in recent years, it said in a statement to the police.


The bikes of the students were checked before the 30 schools involved in the morning hours 7:30 to 8:30. Only twelve percent of the inspected wheels there had been complaints. “That’s 128 less than last year”, concluded the county police with reflective vest. For the light offenders there was a defect map, which must be redeemed within a week by appropriate retrofitting. “Whoever does not receive the card defects in time, receives from us visit,” says Thomas ceiling, Head of Directorate of Transport.


How dangerous for cyclists of road, show the number of accidents. “341 crashed cyclists there were 2012” says police spokeswoman Nicole. A woman died. 330 were cyclists crashed in accidents, again a woman died.


But for a safe ride even in winter does not only functioning light. Marc Michalsky from bike shop cycling Michalsky recommends an inspection as in the car. “Who has a hydraulic disc brake, should refrigeration solid oil use,” says the expert. For a non-slip drive on snow and ice, there are winter tires, some with built-in spikes for a better grip on the road. “From mountain to Holland wheel all models can be converted,” says Marc Michalsky. Important are also the reflectors, for which there are legal requirements. In addition to front and rear reflectors bicycle per pedals must have two cats’ eyes. “Front and rear also in the spokes should be attached per two reflectors or reflective strips on the tire itself,” said Michalsky. Who uses a battery-powered lamp, must pay attention to the so-called K-identifier. “This is the prescribed DIN standard.” A flashlight that is fixed with a few strips on the handlebar is, by falling at a police checkpoint. In the clothing of bicycle specialist also has a tip: In addition to the recommendable helmet there are special thermal clothing that keeps you warm even in freezing temperatures.

Safe cycling with reflective vest in autumn

The days are getting shorter, leaves and rain making the roads slippery. There are many dangerous if you riding at night without reflective vest. As cyclists safely through the winter months, you can read here.


With slip traps expect

Moist Deciduous, gully tops and rails are in the colder months to fall traps. Wilhelm, traffic officer at the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) says: “In the fall and winter cyclists should be on the road and always count on slippery places is always a bit more careful.”


Tempo reduce

Wilhelm: “Continue to speak five minutes earlier than usual going on, take a bit of pace out and avoid abrupt swerve and sharp braking.”


Light up – even in twilight

Fog, drizzle or early twilight provides poor visibility. Good lighting has not only the cyclists the way – it also helps other road users to see the bike. The law requires a headlight with a white reflector, a rear light and two red reflectors, reflective strips on the tires or reflectors in the spokes and two yellow reflectors on the pedals. The lighting may be operated by Dynamo, battery or battery. Wilhelm: “It is not enough to have a good lighting system at the wheel – they must also turn – best already at dusk!”


Bright clothes and additional reflectors

ADFC recommends a maintenance-free as possible lighting technology: hub dynamo LED headlights and LED rear light – preferably with parking light. Wilhelm: “hub dynamos slip even when wet or slush and not produce at all time’s sufficient power, so are the clear opposite side runner dynamos advantage.” Bright clothes and additional reflectors on safety jacket, trousers or helmets are another safety feature.

Wrong reflector sewed problems with the safety vest

False start for the largest protective action that has ever existed in Germany: ADAC wanted to distribute nationwide 750 000. Safety vests to first graders at the beginning of this school year. In city and district court is probably not to think of a distribution before November.

During this and the next week the ADAC safety vests should be passed in the primary schools in the city and in the district court. But it is – for now – nothing. Klaus has all handover scheduled appointments in the Hofer primary schools – and already canceled again.

He said it is nothing else left, chairman of ADAC automobile club Hof said yesterday. Although the free ADAC safety vests already subject before in some schools, such as in primary school. But now you practically spend pro forma, in order afterwards to gather again and to the factory for repair, would be grotesque.

New handover dates not yet facts are clear. The city of Hof, consoles himself was, however, not affected alone. Nationwide to the west are distributed to 16,000 primary and special schools, he knows.

What exactly happened? The Franken post asked while referring to Nuremberg. Hildebrandt, traffic expert at the ADAC Northern Bavaria, says first: “Actually, nothing serious to the West.” However: “A reflective tape does not comply with the European standard on the nameplate.” Therefore, now run a large product recall, finally, many west had already been delivered to the schools. The official handover should take place within a week of action.

He regretted that the issue of security in the West City and County Court now delaying, on the other hand wants the ADAC let the reflective strips to the West but only sew new. “Move the handover dates only,” he promised. The revised with prescribed reflective strips safety vests to be sent to the schools again between 15 October and 9 November.

Trigger for the delay has been, according to Hildebrandt a voluntary, additional quality testing of the West after their arrival in Germany. One of the reflector strips did not meet the high requirements of the European standard in all respects. For everything else, he refers to the homepage.

“The Protectors indeed serve an important protective function, the partners of the action… But want to achieve the best possible safety standards. Schools that have received safety vests are asked not to this issue. The already delivered West will be picked up by the DHL again” is to be read here.

The reflective vests were produced under the direction of CWS, clothing supplier of the ADAC road patrol in China. To ensure the quality of the West, CWS had early taken extensive precautions to certify the west and prompted a quality assurance and on-site inspection.

“The West existed here numerous tests and the final full test,” it says in the statement on the website. They were made of absolutely contaminant-free and durable material, and be free of advertising.

Reflective material caring for children in autumn

With the arrival of autumn, the days grow shorter and the weather changes, which can bring special risks to children. More people can’t see very clearly if you don’t wearing reflective vest at night.

The fact is that the days become shorter; it means that young people could go home walking or cycling extracurricular activities at dusk or when it’s dark.

Experts Pediatric Hospital of the University of California at Davis and Injury Prevention Program at UC Davis say they should teach children to make sure they can see, even when visibility is low.

To prevent injury, advise parents to remind their children the following:

Go down the sidewalk and kept out of the asphalt. It is important to teach cross only at the end of the street and never between parked cars.

Wearing some shiny clothes, like reflective jackets. They can also wear shoes with reflective material or have a small warning light in the bag, backpack or belt loop so drivers can see them.

Use lights at night. Install headlights and taillights on bicycles or scooters for their children to be switched when it is dark.

Stay alert and wear a helmet. Remind your children about the risks of riding a bike or scooter near cars and insist they wear helmets whenever they do are.

The parks are another place where children may be at risk.

More than 200,000 injuries occur annually in the parks in the United States, often from falls caused by wet conditions, according to experts at UC Davis. They suggest that parents teach their children to follow these steps:

Pay attention to the surroundings and be careful with playgrounds, including transoms and bars.

Wear sneakers with laces.

Avoid putting your head between the bars or chains.

Use handrails on bridges and gateways.

Avoid devices that have sharp edges and tools exposed.

Do not jump from swings or structures with height or from one device to another.

Children who play sports in autumn, like soccer or football, should take precautions to protect themselves from head injuries. They should always carry equipment that fits snugly them, including helmets, mouth guards, knee pads, elbow pads, shin guards and shoes. Children who play sports in autumn should also:

Do a warm and gentle stretching before playing.

Drink plenty of water during workouts or games to stay hydrated.

Footballers should never “head” the ball, especially those under 10 years.

When the colder weather arrives, children who play winter sports should rest when you feel tired.

It is important with several layers of safety clothing, sunglasses, goggles and sunscreen plus protective gear such as helmet and wrist guards.


Gal Gadot, a real ‘Wonder Woman’

The first super heroine of Hollywood blockbuster was Miss Israel, served in the army of his country and unwittingly has become a modern icon of feminism.

Few women have won a military medal and a tiara in a beauty contest. Gal

Is the new Wonder Woman is one of them.


Ex-Queen beauty lover motorcycling with reflective tape, former instructor of combat in the Israeli army, at age 30 the girl who dreamed of being a lawyer is conquering the entire planet with a role that has allowed him to not only revive one of the most emblematic figures of comics, but also empower the role of women in a male-dominated industry.


And although their presence is merely secondary in the film Batman v. Superman, many viewers in the Amazon heroine steals the limelight from his two companions. Just like someone wearing reflective vest at night. In fact, many of the criticisms that have been wroth against the film mercilessly agree that the most important moments of the film are when Gadot appears clad in armor of warrior princess.


The Israeli has had no great responsibility to revive the world’s most important symbol of female comics. Perhaps because it was celluloid, beyond his lasso of truth and reflective armbands, its picturesque path makes it a wonder woman of flesh and blood.


The road to Wonder Woman

Gal was born in a small town in Israel. Her exotic features come from a genetic network with German roots, Czech, Polish and Israelis. Gal won the competition and was to participate Ecuador, Miss Universe, where did not have a significant performance and stayed out very early. Although the experience of having participated in Miss Universe could open many, Gadot postponed what could be a successful career in the modeling world for military service in their country. In Israel the law provides that women serve in the army, so it is common to see them clad in fatigues. What is not so usual is that a woman train soldiers in the use of weapons. Gadot did the result of a great job in his first three months in training camps.


He spent two years as a military instructor and when he had finished in the military thought of becoming a lawyer, but fate had other plans.

A casting director was interested in her and recommended her to audition for the coveted role of Bond girl in the delivery Solace. However, he lost in the final stages the role at the hands of the Ukrainian, who, for those coincidences of life, would be competent to play Wonder Woman, but this time the paper went to the hands of Israel. However, the same casting director did not want to lose that magic combination of a true femme fatale-like supermodel. He convinced submitted to another project, the fourth installment of the Fast and Furious series, which Gadot finally made the leap to Hollywood.


His performance in the Fast and Furious saga attracted attraction in the world. People wondered where it came from this new talent that seemed to carry around an entire career in action films. The actress flirted with big roles, but took his talent was Zack Snyder, responsible for conceiving the mega project to film the superhero universe DC. And so it come the opportunity to become the first superhero of the time of the blockbusters of the century. And with its appearance in Batman v. Superman, he remained forever as the first Wonder Woman film.


A female symbol

The emergence of Wonder Woman in a superhero picture almost entirely dominated by men, with few exceptions such as the Black Widow Avengers or X-Men- mutants came at the time when most talked about equal roles in Hollywood.

Just a few months later, Jennifer Lawrence, who also gave birth to a kind of heroine in The Hunger Games, the shouting was taken and reported his anger to learn that there was significantly received less money than their colleagues wearing clothes with reflective material in the film American Hustle, when all the roles were equally important.


Gal has also used his newfound fame as Wonder Woman to focus attention on the inequality of women in film. “There is still much room for more women to enter the industry, not just actresses, also producers, writers and directors. I think we live a very interesting woman in all fields moment. I hope we continue like this, “He told a news conference.