Anyone traveling with Banner Bumper

EM jewelry on vehicles and motorcades pose an increased property and casualty risk. Even if in an emergency jump in motor liability or comprehensive insurance, you should despite all enthusiasm observe certain safety precautions, so it does not even come to harm. And EM tourists in reflective vest traveling to France to be live at the European Football Championship this should note the specifics of.
Whether pennants, stickers or national flags – at least since the 2006 home World Cup in Germany to show guests the Germans also at its car flag. Even before the weekend started at the European Football Championship in France the number of vehicles with EM jewelry has increased daily.
Caution at high speeds
But for all his enthusiasm should not be forgotten that flags & Co. can always mean a security risk. So double careful about with such flags, which are secured with a plastic plug in the window gap. Because these cheap products have long since the quality such as the flags on diplomatic cars usually.
During the last European Football Championship and World Cup could be observed ditches in numerous German (highway) that many flags have adopted from the stalk. It is particularly dangerous if you have a car ride on.
Because these flags are not permitted in the rule for high speeds and the loads occurring on the material here does not stand. To play it safe, so the flags Deco should be completely removed before long (highway) rides. On the destination Ansteckfahnen can be mounted again.
Free sight
Watching you also in flags, streamers and other decorations when they are mounted on the windshield or rear window. Because it belongs to the traffic safety obligations of a motorist, ensure an unobstructed view.
Therefore, one should renounce such joy expressions most complete or remove at least after the jubilation aria in motorcade such Patriotism statements as quickly as possible.
Caution should be exercised in motorcades. Even if they are tolerated by the police often, so they are not allowed by the Road Traffic Act – and pose a huge security risk.
People who live in the euphoria of the victory of the national team in the window opening, or leaning out of windows or sunroof, risking serious or even fatal injuries. This has the Allianz Center for Technology found in crash tests – and has been at a relatively low speed of 40 km / h.
And what is the damage?
Makes use of the EM-decoration autonomously and damaged, for example, another car with reflective tape or injuring a pedestrian, the motor vehicle liability insurance commences. Cannot be determined the cause, the victim remains sitting on the damage.
If a burglary committed by a due infected banner not completely closed window, which is a case for the comprehensive insurance. However, since even a small window gap increases the risk of theft, the damage will be considered as gross negligence.
Then, the insurer may reduce the benefits payable commensurate with the severity of the policyholder’s fault ratio. Many insurers offer but rates with waiving the defense of gross negligence, depending on your provider up to certain maximum amounts and until the sum insured.
Therefore it is advisable, in the window gap fortified flags always dismount when you park the vehicle unattended. This also applies to an ever so brief detour to the supermarket – because professional thieves only need a few seconds to clear a car empty.
French Features
When do football fans with the car on the trip to France, they should observe the legal features the (traffic-). For example, includes the InfoCenter of R + V Versicherung out that are significantly higher fines for certain offenses.
Make sure to avoid should therefore distractions behind the wheel – it calls without a hands or just searching the glove compartment. Even wearing headphones is prohibited. Up to 1,500 euro fine threaten the person who looks at a screen while driving, warns the R + V.
Unlike in Germany, flip-flops and Co. are prohibited for drivers – they have to wear sturdy shoes in France. Who does not adhere to it and is caught, can it be requested up to 75 Euro to the cashier.
Also, notwithstanding the rules in this country, not only the driver, but all passengers must wear a reflective safety vest when leaving the vehicle after an accident or breakdown. It otherwise threaten up to 750 euros fine.


Wear reflective clothes celebrate Kurdish New Year

With a view of the spring and wear nature-look bright beautiful preparations begin dramatically in the Kurdistan region to receive Nitrous and the head of the Kurdish New Year. Despite the busy markets in general on this occasion and prosperity of the movement in preparation for the reception, but the fabrics market, tailoring, both male and female raise the degree of high alert and mobilize more than others, everyone wants to wear new reflective safety vest and distinct, and without it there will be a taste of the festival. Amid the relentless movement was (range) this round of exploratory preparations for pre-feast tomorrow on the doors.
We start the journey from near Caesarean market of Erbil Citadel, which consists of a group of specialized and interdependent markets, such as cloth, which seems to inside him that in a sea of ​​bright colors and is packed with more than any other movement in these days, where the relentless swarms of shoppers market, which forced owners shops to extend their periods to cover the growing demand for cloth.
Amid the hustle customers are uniquely the owner of one of the largest stores in the market, which Doer Ismail, who tells us that most of the goods in a friendly imported specifically for him, where manufactured according to specifications required by the owner of the Chinese plant which combines quality and appropriate price specifications which asks citizens and accept to buy more than others, noting that the Chinese fabrics ranging price per square meter of which between four and ten thousand dinars, according to the quality of the raw, a price slightly higher than those of the Indian and Korean fabrics that convergence is well popular, but it cannot be compared to Chinese ores.
Ismail confirms that sales in these days can be equal to a large part of the total full-year sales, where rarely find a citizen of Kurdish receives Nitrous without buying or new clothes with reflective tape tailoring for him and his family, which is reflected positively on the work of the shops fabrics owners, and apologizes for continuing talk to meet the needs of customers.
It stresses Schiller cream, which was accompanied by her mother in the cloth market to buy ready-made or sewn costumes longer fixed rituals among Kurdish women in different layers and levels of living and they personally keen on this matter since childhood have not remember the feast of Nitrous over them without having bought or separated new uniforms worn during celebrations that begin in March and reaches its peak on atheist and the twentieth of it while gathering families in open areas and mountain slopes to celebrate the performance of songs and dances and Kurdish Darken.
Sellers of men’s fabrics is no less preoccupied with their colleagues specialists Bonsai, the man has his share also see here most of the fabrics from Chinese origins with the difference in the presence of fabrics of a domestic industry, a variety, but months types of cloth shawl made of goat hair, which is used in the manufacture of the bulk of the Kurdish men’s reflective uniform.
The sewing part, supplementing the work of vendors fabrics shops, Tsarist market and contains a large number of tailors (male and female), and here you need to a semblance of a miracle in order to talk to someone, Maid given many of the customers and the remaining time a little but it does not prevent the fashion designer Nasr in morning to clarify some matters relating to women’s attire Kurdish, where it consists of a long dishwasher cover mostly the soles of the feet, with an ambush lengthy linked Beveling Mkhroutian longs also are called in the Kurdish language (Fijian).

And sew these Dishwasher of a soft cloth with silk threads and embroidered with various types of metallic glittering scales, the woman wears under these Dishwasher petition shirt silk, but it has a dark color to become the backdrop of reflective dishwasher transparent, while comprising the upper part of this outfit is very short vest Hose sews mostly from a special type of full-coated fabrics sparkling Monument that add further luster to the outfit that range from prices between the (250) and (700) thousand dinars sometimes, it rises more price by adding various accessories consisting of metal belts and hats head embroidered pounds which vary depending on the standard of living, women chandeliers users of the gold belts, hats, and low-income users of accessories made of gold-colored gold metals.
Morning show into a beautiful phenomenon is spreading, where growing public demand from other provinces and Arab and foreign tourists to buy women’s fashion Kurdish as well as costumes for children, noting that customers Arabs started to multiply on an ongoing basis, especially with the large tourist traffic taking place in the region, especially in the Negros as celebrated citizens provinces Iraqi side by side with their fellow Kurds and Kurdish prefer to wear fashion at these events.
Young designer believes that fashion Kurdish feminist and even men of which remained the province of the basic designs, despite the change in the industry and types of fabrics used, but lately has seen minor changes in this fashion, where mayors of some designers, especially returning from abroad to find some designs that combine the confusion methods the Kurds of Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq, and we find that these designs find acceptance among young people.