The Best of motorcycle backpack bag!

Soft Luggage maker deemed the Channel, Krieger is gradually moved to France. We tested the backpack on R25 over a year, in any weather and the verdict is clear: the Krieger R25 is part of the best of its kind!
Number of users of PTWs daily use a reflective backpack and often are content with a model bought in supermarkets or sports store.
For occasional trips, but this may be enough under intensive annual use or to go on a trip, this type of product quickly admits its limits: perfectible sealing risky posture, endurance and strength limited …
In such conditions, backpacks specifically designed for motorcycle and are therefore better suited Krieger, a well-known manufacturer in England, made his specialty.
Krieger R25: The Range Rover motorcycle backpacks
Sober, if not austere in its unique black hue, Krieger R25 is one of the bestsellers manufacturer in the UK. It is suitable for everyday users because, with a capacity of 25 liters, it can accommodate a laptop or something to go to a gym.
Much more innovative in contrast, Quad loc its patented harness system provides excellent support while completely freeing the movements at the shoulders. Once settled, the side headgear reflective straps adjust the backpack as close to the body and the setting is very accurate.
We discover the relevance of this system virtually allows forgetting the presence of the backpack … everything being relative; it obviously depends on its load. Tested on many bikes, the trail to the sport, the Krieger R25 has always offered excellent ergonomics.
Among the storage tips developed by Krieger include a concealed pocket in the outer flap of the backpack and another, inside, slipping to a computer or tablet.
The harness incorporates Quad loc meanwhile removable pocket called Kobe. As the backpack, she uses a waterproof YKK zipper. Effective, it still requires the use of a small zip lock type waterproof bag for rain days.
The R25 has finally coating ergonomic comfort and participating in an internal pocket that can accommodate an optional back CE approved Level 2 or pocket at Camelback water type.
After a year of use in all weathers, the backpack Krieger R25 has retained all its qualities. Harness side straps and zippers are intact and the bag remained relatively impermeable. At most Reflective parts have they lost their luster.
The R25 has proved to be an ideal everyday companion as on long trips because it dramatically limits the weight of sensation induced by most backpacks. In addition, the harness that releases the movement is a valuable ally during walking sessions.
Sold € 139, the backpack with reflective tape Krieger R25 may seem a little expensive in absolute terms, but it turns quickly endearing to use. And given its robustness and guaranteed for 10 years, its price high after all appears quite justified.