Distribution of neon vests and armbands for Cyclists

The association for the development of public transport, bike paths and pedestrians of the Grenoble region (ADTC) relays, as every year for fifteen years, the national campaign “Cyclists shine”. Objective: to improve cycling road safety in the agglomeration. Awareness campaigns are thus conducted to warn about the dangers of nighttime traffic. The program includes a distribution of vests and fluorescent armbands this Thursday, November 9 in Grenoble.


Since 7 November, the ADTC has been deployed in different places frequented by cyclists as part of the national “Cyclists shine” campaign, subsidized by Grenoble.

On Thursday, the association will be present Pasteur place and on Avenue Marceline Berthelot near the MC2, until 18 h 45. In the program, distribution of equipment to be better seen at dusk: safety vest and fluorescent armbands, some reflex reflectors for non-equipped bicycles and goodies (fluorescent pouches for backpacks etc.).


The goal is to raise awareness of the dangers of traffic at night. But also inform cyclists not equipped with active lights (front and rear) and passive (retro-reflectors on the wheels) that they can be verbalized up to 11 Euros per missing item. The ADTC also works with bicycle dealers who must encourage their customers to equip themselves with these mandatory elements.


So what initial assessment can we draw from this awareness-raising work to “see and be seen well” on a bicycle? “We have seen a change in the behavior of cyclists,” says ADTC. A few years ago, the fluorescent vest was out of date. Today, we notice that the attitude of cyclists has changed. More and more bicycles are equipped with visibility elements. There is a real awareness of the issues of road safety. Although there is still a percentage of “ghost bikes” without any elements of visibility and protection, the association recognizes.

Develop dangerous junctions and further improve the network of cycle lanes to smooth traffic and avoid bicycles on sidewalks.



False employees in yellow vest steal works of art

A duo of vandals seized a dozen mosaics of the street artist Invader in broad daylight.

Who are the smart guys, wearing a fluorescent yellow vest, flanked by a large ladder and rolling in Mercedes “who pretend to be agents of the City of Paris” and come to pick up in daylight the works of the street artist Invader?


The question stirred Twitter. Some Parisians, believing that the City was at the origin of this initiative, were offended. Pierre, twists, adds: “2 possibilities: it is about residents who asked to remove it, or they are thieves.” The controversy went back to Jerome Comet, the mayor (PS) of the thirteenth, who knows the artist well and whose works are particularly present in the borough, as well as at the Hotel de Ville.


For several days, this funny crew has been seen attacking the famous mosaics that bloom on the walls of Paris, representing the little guys “Space Invaders” inspired by the video game of 1978. And who can resell expensive… The procedure is peculiar: one of the false agents in yellow reflective vest, perched on a ladder, seeks to take off the work, the other, down, eventually answering the questions of passers-by, like “We are from the City”! When their job is over, the duo goes back to Mercedes!


“At no time was it asked to remove these works”

“At no time was it asked to remove these works,” said one of the spokesmen of the Paris City Hall yesterday, who says on the contrary “in total support to Invader” . The pseudo agents in fluorescent vest have also by the look of the agents of the DPE (Directorate of cleanliness and water) who dressed in green, ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of public space.


“These flights are a problem, regrets Jerome Comet. Moreover, boulevard Saint-Germaine, at the level of Odeon, a condominium, proud to have on its wall a mosaic of the artist, protected it by putting a glass anti-theft! In Paris, many of these works on the walls are incomplete. People are trying to take off without success. The artist, who cannot complain because he sticks his mosaics at night, masked and most of the time without permission, uses, by design, glues more and more powerful!


The yellow vest that has style

Interview conducted as part of the Maker Faire Grenoble 2017. Come meet the makers, Saturday, March 18 and Sunday, March 19, from 10am to 19pm at Alps Congress!


Who are you and what are you doing at the Make Maker?

My name is Baptist Michel, and I present here, a start-up that has existed for 5 years now! This project was born from the idea of ​​redesigning the fluorescent safety vest, which is not very beautiful and not necessarily practical, even if it perfectly fulfills its security function! So we designed a cooler design, graphics, decorations that are pretty and that make you want! Facsimile is also a solidarity economy; everything is “Made in Rhône-Alpes”! All products are manufactured in workshops in which either people with disabilities or people in reintegration work.



Can you present us your products?

Of course! The flagship product is the fluorescent vest, which is the most used, but there are also armbands that attach to the arms or legs, ponchos with retro collars, snoods, scarves, belts etc! We always try to innovate, for example we have a new pocket all reflective and totally waterproof! The cyclist can therefore walk with his essentials (keys, phone …) without them taking the water and with a small wink to the motorists with the message “1m50” on the cover, which reminds them to hold the regulatory distance when passing.


Where can I find the products?

For the moment, we sell our reflective products online on our site, knowing that for Grenoble delivery is free! And if not, we do a lot of “B2B” (business to business), we have partnerships with schools, companies, associations, or even departments. For example, the Dome has bought chasubles with its logo!