Accident killed 53-year-old woman

To the fatal accident occurred about. 18.20. In a properly reaching the woman without safety vest hit the car driven by 33-year-old. A tragic accident occurred on a county road that crosses Sew-estate. Although the route to be busy, it is not at the sidewalk. Residents move the shoulder. At the time of the accident 53-year-old woman was walking the correct side of the road in the direction of his home. 18.20 hit by a Volkswagen pass at driven by 33-year-old driver. Injured woman was transported by ambulance to the WCM-in Opole. However, the doctors could not save her.

This is not the first person who died on the way. Near the place where she died 53-year-old is a cross commemorating the death of 8-year-old boy who lost his life under the wheels of a truck. – In today’s accident killed a respected resident Synod-estates – says the mayor Henry Smoke. – I wanted to publicly ask the district governor and officials in the prefecture shooting, how many people here have yet to lose a life to the road was built in the end of the walkway? Residents Sums-estates conclude the construction of the pavement for many years. The last letter was sent to the county mayor in October.

Two trams, two classes, instructors WOŚP – today starts a social campaign Tram Warsaw called “Warsaw Education Line.” It is not only educational films in rail vehicles with reflective tape, but the real lessons from instructors Orchestra!

Trams Warsaw seven years pursuing a social campaign called “Warsaw Education Line.” The two rail vehicles driven on the Warsaw are conducted workshops with first aid. This year, the company turned to the Foundation Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity with a proposal of cooperation.

In the six years through the implementation of the campaign we were able to train 7 thousand. WOŚP Foundation also has an impressive track record in this field. Within 9 years of the Educational Program “CPR” trained over 2 million children in grades 1-3 schools.

These Friday WOŚP instructors will educate the first volunteers. The joint action will last until June 10, 2016 year will be trained over a thousand children.

We are very pleased that we can share what we have gained and work for nearly 10 years of the program – knowledge and experience. With these two factors we can save lives, and there is yet more value to the world. Very often it turns out that the first aid we give the next, you need to have the knowledge from an early age. It’s great that the Warsaw Trams are guided by the same motto – says Jerk Osaka CEO WOŚP Foundation.

Inauguration of the “Warsaw Education Line” will begin today at. 11:00 am, on the premises of Implementation Carriage Wolf Street. Transylvanian 20 in Warsaw, a press conference with the participation of children from Warsaw schools.

After the press conference, each participant will be willing to participate in a short training in first aid conducted by instructors Educational Program “CPR”. Acquire basic skills save the life of a person injured in an accident, and will receive a first aid kit emergency first aid, reflective vest and educational book “Warsaw Education Line.”

Police officers from the Metropolitan Police Traffic Supervision and instructors Tram Warsaw acquaint visitors with the rules in force in the public transport, as well as the consequences of their failure.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to go on a tour of the oldest tram cars to the town traffic Municipal Police Street. Osyka 8/10, where there will be workshops for children cycling.

Instructions for completing a friendly accident report

Surely you’re not prepared to properly complete an Accident Amitoses (DAA) Declaration, also known as “part”. It’s like losing virginity, one is never quite ready until it is in a position, involved in an accident, and then the nerves and anger can cloud our judgment. Keep in mind our tips and you go out there to Mad Max. Cater:

  1. After a first recognition of the damage, breathe deeply and keep calm: this is just an accident. There are far worse things (think about how you feel Murakami whenever the Nobel Prize fails). Wearing your safety vest and park the car in a secluded place and safely. First, and without getting nervous, open the glove compartment. The right hand is the one that is closest to it, but maybe has received has been directly injured or amputated in the accident: then use the left. Usually that which is in the background, crumpled between cleaning wipes parched, scratched CDs two lighters and a kit suede and polishing the spray drier than the Atacama desert dashboard. There should also be a pen that does not paint, so if you cannot find it, do not give importance. If you are someone who wears gloves in the glove, you’re probably driving a steam locomotive (these had a compartment named to deposit gloves manipulated the boiler). If you’ve been involved in an accident with a steam engine you have a problem other and this article is not going to help anything. If you just also lose his left hand in the crash, you have the opportunity to develop skills in manipulation with a stick in the mouth, although the state of calm seems to us more inaccessible.
  2. Remove the reflective vest and wear it. If you lost your arms, you’ll have difficult to do, but much hold it in place. A common problem, be positive! Think of a little trick of mindfulness of those who comment on the books of VIPS. In addition, vests are outmoded.
  3. You’re a guy GQ, and believe that only one runner accept being seen in public dress. “It’s a color to run,” while mentally think you evaluate yourself a chance to give Esperanza Aguirre and fled.
  4. Exit the car and retains the aplomb. Try to be original when icebreaker. Nothing to shout like a madman: “Are you blind or what?” He uses irony. He mentions that you would like your collection of books in Braille. If Eczema is involved in the accident (there is a high probability), jokes about the excellent goal scoring statistics Hagan this season.
  5. Shake the form to make it clear that you are in peace. You have to fill one hand, not two. Each affected correspond a copy, which is indifferent. Date, time and location should not be problematic. There is a color (blue or yellow) for each vehicle. Fill in all matters relating to your personal data, the vehicle and the insurer. Below you will find a scheme to establish the initial point of impact:

Honestly, if we are allowed a small observation, it seems somewhat modest about travel arrangements. It should cover more consistent lifestyle GQ vehicles, such as:

  1. Detailed in the main body of the printed circumstances of the accident, trying to fill as many boxes as possible. They help determine guilt and the extent of damage. Take time to read and tick the boxes properly. If you find the box allocation to the Catholic Church or activities of social interest, it is that you were wrong printed. Start again and put more attention.
  2. Look witnesses around. They can be of much use if they declare in your favor. Offer them a protection plan; promise them a new identity, monthly income, escort and a house in Illinois. If Bozeman is involved, much more right! (It is also a cumbersome and miserly way to get girls with phones).
  3. Appreciable damage to the vehicle with reflective tape and observations. A good opportunity to inform the insurance scratches and dents all of those who spent part so you do not go up the premium.
  4. Comes the fun part, with the sketch. Which can bring out all your artistic talents? Try to draw a picture that reproduces what happened, with arrows indicating the direction of vehicles:

In principle need not strive, a level Ecce homo Bora may suffice, but for a man GQ believe that we must raise the artistic tone, take the stand, take the rest and spare no dramatics and verisimilitude, such as:

For bribing a witness in the case were run over cop threatens men four years

Police suggested indicting either man whom they accused of influencing a witness in the case novo driver Josef Novak. He got 16.5 years in prison for killing a policewoman in Koestler and Labem on Maluku. The man offered 30,000 crowns the witness if he in court to argue that a police officer does not wear a reflective safety vest. Novak accused defended himself by policewoman was not seen as not wearing a vest. Witness everything immediately announced to the police and in court Novak version confirmed.

The Prague police finished the investigation and proposed to prosecute aileron man whom they accused of influencing a witness in the case zero drivers Josef Novak. He got 16.5 years in prison for killing a policewoman in a car chase near Koestler and Labem on Mick.

Investigators man accused of favoritism for which faces up to four years in prison, police began investigating the case after the commencement of trial. The second day of the trial witness testified that someone offered 30,000 crowns for it to say that a police officer does not wear a reflective vest.

The defendant had pleaded that the policewoman was not seen as not wearing a reflective vest. Witness it has reported to the police and in court Novak version confirmed.

Police initially investigating the case on suspicion of bribery, the case eventually assessed as favoritism. This crime is committed by a person who assists the perpetrator intentionally allow to escape prosecution, punishment or protective measures.

Driving under the influence of methamphetamine

“In late September, the entire file documents forwarded to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Prague 8 with a proposal to draw up an indictment,” said Ova.

The case became on May 2 last year, when she wanted to stop the driver of the patrol department in Brandies and Labem. Driver under the influence of methamphetamine police responded to the challenge and began to pull away.

Near the village Sibyl Novak hit a cop who moved around a barricade of police cars. Woman injuries died in hospital. Courts Novak sent to prison for the murder of an official, banned him for nine years to drive the car with reflective tape and ordered the payment of reparations to survivors of nearly nine million.

The case might have continued. The applicants do after the final judgment is delivered stated that it would consider whether to impeach some of the witnesses of perjury. It proved the fact that falsely testified in favor of Novak.

Reflective safety vest for pedestrians mandatory since the last day of August

Safety vest must wear pedestrians who walk after dark outside built-up. Since September glare for pedestrians will be mandatory.

The tragedy was lacking a little. Ms. Alicia Lodz rode with her husband to leave the country. It was dark; the road was winding and narrow. We drove Beetle; the car had no lights superstring. It was a communal way of access to the village. There was no lighthouse – says Diana. – I was tired, but we were almost at the end. Suddenly some 30 meters in front of him, I saw a group of people. They walked down the road, had no glare, they were all dressed in black. I have not had a chance to see them before. The road was winding, and I saw these people only when I went behind the next turn.

Fortunately, Mrs. Alice managed to brake. – They’re too scared, some fled to the side of the road. Such a situation would not be if these people were more visible. Therefore it is very good that the rules will change and everyone – both children and adults – will have to wear reflective vest – says Ms Alice. The new regulations enter into force on 31 August. With the new school year every pedestrian who is walking after dark outside built-up areas must wear reflective elements. – Reflectors must be prominently displayed on clothing – emphasizes the younger aspirant madder Baraka department traffic the Municipal Police Headquarters in Lodz. – Everyone, regardless of age, will be required to wear them. So far, reflective elements had to wear only children under 15 years of age. The new regulations are intended to improve pedestrian safety on the roads.

Reflective elements, in many cases, save lives. – The exception, when you do not have to wear glare, there are places outside built-up areas where there is pedestrian road or pavement – marks younger aspirant Borski.

Way to school. How to ensure the safety of the child

End holidays, and this means that from September 1, at pedestrian with safety vest crossings will be more children. They are particularly vulnerable – distracted and inattentive may not notice the approaching car. Therefore, drivers should exercise extreme caution, especially around schools.

Pedestrian crossings are by definition places that allow pedestrians safe passage to the other side of the street. Therefore usually we meet them in built-up areas, at places such as schools, offices, hospitals and shops. – The driver must absolutely stop before entering the crosswalk, if he sees approaching the belts person. Many drivers do not yet have such a habit, so a pedestrian crossing the road should also observe whether not come under the speeding wheels of the car – says Zbgniew Wesel, director of the School of Safe Driving Renault.

The child to be safer as a participant with reflective tape of the road, parents should teach them how to properly cross the road. Most children learn from their parents, so it’s important that the parent was a child model, created the appropriate behavior patterns and it consistently inculcated at every opportunity. It is no different from teaching proper crossing the road. Your child should explain the basic rules of behavior on the belts. – First of all, before moving should stop, look around, look first to the left, then right and left again when the vehicle is coming, go on the road stride, but never run up – advice the coaches Safe Driving School Renault.

Visibility on the road

Child safety also depends on whether it will be properly reflected on the road, especially in autumn, when the days are getting shorter and faster nightfall. – To our child was safe, just attaching evens a small reflective element to a backpack or jacket sleeve. It also dresses them up in coats in bright colors, so that the driver will notice earlier child. Especially in cloudy weather or at dusk – an expert advises.

“Tenderhearted on the road also” encourages priest for summer holidays

With the start of the summer holidays in Europe, the number of accidents is triggered. Over the past year nearly two thousand people died in accident in Spain, four were pedestrians without safety vest.

Aware of the serious problem of road safety is in society, the Spanish Episcopal Conference has a service of Ministry of Road not only to raise awareness of the danger, but also to bring the Word of God to those who spend much of their lives upon four wheels.

The priest Father Joseph would is responsible for the Pastoral Care of the Road in Spain: pioneer pastoral service in the world, born more than 50 years ago when a priest was helped by a truck driver on Christmas Eve 1962.

“A priest had to go from one village to another and had no car. A truck driver stopped to help and on the way told about his life, how difficult it was to always work on the road and how that special Christmas day will not come for dinner with his family for a setback on the trip, “says Father would CNA.

This impressed the priest who began this pastoral road, an initiative that in 1968 the EEC endorsed.

This time it joins the Year of Mercy under the slogan “Blessed are the merciful” and calls everyone connected with the road: truckers, truckers, taxi drivers, bus drivers, ambulances, etc.

This message is also aimed “to people who every day spend most of their time behind the wheel for work, need or because they enjoy holiday, also motorists with reflective vest, cyclists and pedestrians who, in one way or another, make use of public roads “.

Proof of this was a recent blessing of trucks Father would made in a village near the city of Albacete.

“It’s a very nice day because at that time his family accompanies the truck driver. They enter the cabin, which is a very special place for them. Truck blessed with holy water and gave them a picture of St. Christopher, prayer driver, “he told CNA the priest.

“The Church has always left as the main date day responsibility in traffic, held in early July that coincides with the feast of San Cristobal and the beginning of massive summer vacation,” says P. would.

This pastoral also deals with those who suffer the pain of the loss of a loved one who died in the accident and also those who suffer the consequences thereof.

So the third Sunday of November celebrates a Mass in memory of those who died on the roads and in May a day to comfort the family and who changed their lives after an accident.

Given the millions of journeys are made each summer throughout the world, P. would recommend to be “too tenderhearted on the road”.

“Everyone has passed us going in a car and insulting other drivers because they do wrong. It is therefore important to know that in the car and on the road also have to give in and be merciful “.”The exercise of spiritual and corporal works of mercy is also beneficial for those who performed and in this case the use of the car with reflective tape also helps us exercise them,” he says.

Also encouraged to take advantage journeys to pray and remember that a few words of Pope Paul VI who said “enjoy life while you’re on your way and raising the spirit to God when you see in a town that stands the belfry.”

In Switzerland, watch out for pedestrians, cyclists in France

End of the year is usually the sign of vacations and family trips to foreign mountains. Experienced drivers with safety vest already know how to prepare your car for a good portion of kilometers and frosty days to do but it is also good to understand the differences of traffic rules in the countries visited. At some rules do not go from the Czech accustomed.

On the Slovak applies similarly in the Czech Republic obligation to use winter tires when the conditions demand it (the road is covered with snow, ice or frost). Reflective vest must have strung everyone outside of the village rises on the road due to a vehicle breakdown, flat tire or an accident. The obligation also applies to motorcyclists. Daytime running lights are mandatory year round.

Slovenia is better to go on winter tires (local drivers will probably also use the opportunity to go to summer, in which case it must be in the trunk snow chains and use them in case of prevailing winter conditions). Reflective vest must have strung everyone who leaves the vehicle on the road in the event of a breakdown or accident. Vests in the required number should thus be transported in the cabin and not in the trunk. Daytime running lights are mandatory year round.

Snow chains need

In Switzerland it is to be expected that some roads may be allowed to enter only with snow chains. Using reflective clothing is not required, while daytime running lights mandatory year-round. Outside the resort pays from the sharp corners in places with poor outlook obligation to use acoustic warning sign, dark briefly blink beam headlights. Beware of pedestrians, are accustomed to a high level of respect and tolerance on the part of drivers can enter without proper look around the roadway in places where it normally expect. Drivers who to manage have prescribed glasses must carry a spare pair.

In Italy, the use of winter tires mandatory on some roads, however, may be allowed only with snow chains. Not only for the driver but for every passenger must carry a reflective vest for its eventual use, must be marked with reflective, red-white diagonally striped square, measuring 50×50 centimeters. Daytime running lights mandatory year-round driving outside populated areas, as well as rain, snow or otherwise reduced visibility. Rear fog lights can only be used when visibility is reduced to a maximum of 50 meters in heavy rain or intense snow.

In France, the use of winter tires mandatory in some road sections, however, may be allowed only with them, respectively. Reflective vest for the driver and each passenger must be transported in the cabin of the vehicle. Daytime running lights are not mandated, but are recommended. Generally outside town travel speeds up to 90 km / h and on highways to 130 km / h. During rain, however, are obliged to slow down to a maximum of 80, respectively. 110 km / h. This restriction also applies to persons who hold a driving license up to three years. Definitely not worth transporting or even use a radar detector. Otherwise, a fine of 1,500 euro (over 40,000 dollars) and confiscation of the device, in extreme cases the vehicle. Beware of overtaking cyclists. There is a need from them observe lateral distance of at least one meter outside the village at least 1.5 meters. French police from the very beginning of October has been tightened, the omnipresent and uncompromising.

June 24 the second edition of Shine example, the night of Motor Center

Already on June 24 Motor Centre dealer Harley-Davidson and a group of rescue  invite you to the second edition of the stock Shine example ,, the night of Motor Center “.

Our goal is to spread the use of reflective safety vest. At the moment among Trinity motorcyclists to use the flare is not very popular. Through our action we want to change this trend. We believe that our actions can measurably reduce the number of accidents. We invite all users of two-wheelers, these small and large, Japanese, Italian, and German. We assume glare and illuminates together Gdansk.

The event starts with training in first aid before medical already at 17:00. Thanks to the support provided by PZU first 100 riders participating in the training will receive a gift Professional reflective vest. Organizers predicted and other attractions. One of them is a motorcycle stunt show performed on a Harley by Mackie Dope project Stunt Story.

The very night parade will begin with a fine Trail at 21:45. Will lead through the center of Gdansk, and the length of the route is provided for pond 22 km. Last year’s campaign brought together hundreds of motorcyclists; this year may exceed the more than 1,000 machines participating in the parade. The only condition to be fulfilled by each participant is to have wearing reflective elements.

The first holiday weekend in the Harley-Davidson Gdansk is not only a Friday party. On Saturday and Sunday on a shallow Route will visit the next edition, Demo Truck Tour “. It is the only such occasion in the year when the two-wheeler enthusiasts can test any model Harley-Davidson. Anyone with a driver’s license category a today can sign up for a ride selected model.

The crew Harley is not slowing down, and later in the season. Already on July 1 for holders of legendary motorcycles from Milwaukee organizes his second this year ACADEMY HARD DRIVE at the aerodrome. ,, With this type of classes we want our customers to be safer and driving new to them even more fun. “.

A day later, on July 2 falls first Saturday of the month. It is a tradition that is in every first Saturday of the month with a fine trail embarks field trip under the motto BREATH from the noise, Pomerania and Kaszuby a beautiful area for motorcyclists in reflective clothing. Shared ride gives you a lot of fun. In addition, this year we are trying to join each excursion tour of the castle. Our tours are open to all motorcyclists and as always, we present information about them on the website and Face book. Each participates in them about 20 machines, and this is probably the best recommendation for those who are still with us not to go. “- Phil goat

Harley-Davidson Gdansk heavily marked its presence in the Tri-motorcycle environment, thus introducing a new quality in building dealer relationship with customers. It remains for us to wish sunny weather for upcoming events and invite everyone to Harley-Davidson Gdansk Street. Shallow Route 4/8



Experience winter in comfort Czech – winter running tights Axis 4070 + N

With great pleasure I acknowledged the fact that in our test clutches to encounter a winter stretch pants or safety vest sewn in the Czech Republic. Czech real stretch pants! It is no great wonder? But go! Have you never noticed where those entire beautiful cross our stuff come from? I am overjoyed almost like after sitting under the Christmas conifer. Such reunion after so many years!

Axis Czech brand in stores, although you can find, but a large part of its production is exported. Under her character develops and manufactures jogging, outdoor, fitness wear, but also swimwear MODETA Style from lava. In the Highlands a high-quality clothing – again a pleasant surprise – the only EU certified materials.

Elastic pants with a poetic name 4070 + N are simple but high-quality processing. Each leg is sewn of four panels. The wide top hem is stitched rubber and folded into the tunnel through which a slightly elastic string to tie. No complexity such as pockets. Flat seams connecting individual fabric panels hidden below his knees reflective tape. Another reflector is placed on the outer thighs and reflexology is also very brand logo on the front left thigh, calf borne after three reflective elements.

Completion of the legs is a gum with two silicone parallel wavy lines from the inner side, which prevents sliding legs when running. Color base pants are always practical black. On the market are pants in combination with blue and red elements. In that the color is always the calf panel and the main flat seam running through the front of the thigh to the knee and one seam side calf.

Softness bunny Azurite

Net item is in running equipment, of course, the material used. This time it’s just about the Italian Lycra Sport, that makes you the clothes fit well, and avoids stiffness while its shape keeps for a long time. Of course breathes well, which is currently operating in winter conditions crucial. Certainly offend or antibacterial (so we stink less), or increased resistance to burr (pants so they look like new for longer).

Excellent comfort (even the heat, of course) delivers fabric finish Snowstorm. Inside is a fine whisker microfilms (experts said they call it “internal soft napped”), which both stretches moisture and transports it away from you and also has excellent thermal insulation properties. They apparently were even tested in Nepal expedition Parham Peak, which is Nepalese peak with a height of 6,237 meters above sea level.

Prague calamity

It was warmer and colder. On the day I am writing this test, it was well below zero and the snow began to fall – yes, even in Prague! Regarding the wearing comfort and thermal comfort can praise itself for five (up to a certain distance).

Sometimes I feel a little lacking at least some small pocket, but fortunately I always found something on the reflective jacket. So I was especially annoyed that the seams in sensitive areas – between the legs – not too flat. Protrude slightly into space, and when the run length of ten kilometers brother he may cause some discomfort. Even so, dress pants with more flavor than others – namely ours, Czech. In vain hunt in mind when I had something similar to cross-country to another. My first shoes were made of Športvýroby Bardejov. And maybe the first one was too tracksuit from us.

New service for drivers: Free advice on the D1 motorway

Free hotline for drivers should be viewed as compensation for the purchase of vignettes. Yet it will only work on the motorway between Prague and Brno.

RMD a driver with safety vest has prepared a novelty launched a toll-free line through which the chauffeur squeezed in need of assistance. Assistance service with the telephone number 800 280 281 is currently available only on the D1 motorway between Prague and Brno.

“Until now, drivers buying a vignette as ordered by law to pass on the motorway network of the Czech Republic, now have a cost-free assistance, as right on the highway,” he says the new service offered CEO of RMD Jan Koruna.

Drivers can toll-free contact in case of any trouble. Workers RMD upon arrival at the driver either help or at least advise him what to do. Some chauffeurs can be a problem when under stress, and so workers RMD eventually calmed down.

An important task hailed crew also will mark the location of the problem, which drivers in need often do not. Unlabeled place at the same time for other road users can be dangerous.

Free not only the actual phone call to the helpline, but also acts alone workers with reflective tape RMD on the spot problem. Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The service currently works only in the form of a pilot project, the management of its operations in the coming months to evaluate and, if positive acceptance it has plans to expand to other sections of highways. Drivers would then later be able to wait for a free assistance on other highways, other than a section D1 between Prague and Brno.

RMD a motorway between Prague and Brno divided into four sections, each of which is determined by one assistance vehicle. The vehicles will be equipped with basic facilities such as a winch, reflective vest, drinking water (which can come in handy especially in the summer) or canisters with fuel. Its occupants section will regularly pass that eventually emerged undeclared danger.