Safety vests save lives

In recent years, attention has increasingly focused on better visibility by wearing reflective safety vests or throws.

Corresponding safety vests get the schools free of charge for each student via the ADAC. The foundation also took part in the year so that safety vests in a bright blue with the emblem of FC Schaller 04 were distributed to the schools for a complete urban vintage.

In November, the parties to the regulatory partnership carried out counts of reflective clothing (safety vests, warning triangles, covers for the school bag and so on) at all elementary schools in Gelsenkirchen. The result of this action was for the regulatory partners for the most part very disappointing: out of a total of more than 10,000 elementary school students, only 1412 (the previous year 1479) carried vest. Of these, less than 5 percent of students in one-third of elementary schools have worn reflective clothing. The counting takes place since 2012 so that one can draw comparisons to the previous year’s again and again.

Kirsten Jens, second chairman of the Gelsenkirchen Road Safety Board, makes it clear: “The safety vests are available and will be replaced regularly if they have been around for several years, the biggest problem being parents sending their children to school without this safety.”

Certainly one of the school’s tasks is to alert students to road hazards and to show them behaviors. However, this does not replace the responsibility of the parents.

For the visibility of our children when leaving the apartment, especially in the dark, only the parents are responsible. So once again an appeal to all parents and guardians: Give your children timely help for safe behavior in traffic! Make them visible in the dark at this time of the year so that other road users can recognize them in time!

In the middle of December, the Verkehrswacht Gelsenkirchen and the foundation made a handover appointment in the daycare center on behalf of all other kindergartens. In total, around 2,300 safety vests with reflective materials were distributed.

Especially “Schaller helps” is very committed to the safety of the kids.

Dances, flags and a lost reflective vest

On June 2, the first party of this year in the Park was organized by the Ochoa District Office and the Culture Department. The honor of the host was made by our deputy mayor, Mr. Gregory Winsock, who bravely embraced what some of the residents were doing.

The fun began at 18 and then the majority were children who warmed up to dance their parents. Later, with time, the fun created and the elders began to dance with greater daring. There were also small interludes in which residents could hear information that Chock together with the Foundation for Social Assistance “EVA” runs a public collection called “Ochoa”.

I lost my reflective safety vest

After such announcements, residents and participants of the party gave me generous gift of food donations for the purchase of flags. Thank you for everything. About 21.30 I went to my bicycle clipped to the stage (back) and unfortunately I noticed that someone did not like my reflective vest hanging (entangled) on the steering wheel and decided to adopt it from me. I hope that it will serve this, and if it was not and it was just a malicious punishment for an article. I think it was a primitive behavior. It is unfortunate that the spell breaks so quickly. So I have to buy a new reflective clothing.

The next dance in the park on June 9 and June 23.

A national safety project to combat motorcycles

The initiative of the government of Marci proposes that motorcyclists circulate with high visibility vests where the patent appears.


On Friday night a group of motorcyclists armed robbery assaulted a Capital supermarket and in just 60 seconds they managed to take money, cell phones and drinks, luckily everything was registered in the security cameras and the police managed to stop them this weekend. That type of situation is what the National Government hopes to combat with a modification of the regulatory decree of Traffic to which San Juan plans to adhere once the measure announced and approved. To apply the change in the province, it is necessary to pass a law that, according to the Executive, they are willing to take forward although they assured that they still do not know the detail of the modification.


The initiative of the government is that all motorcyclists should use a reflective vest permanently and that the placard should appear on the road, either for the driver or for the case that has a companion. From Nation understand that with this measure, along with others, will manage to reduce the crimes committed by motorcycles and therefore requested their peers from each district to adhere to the initiative. Patricia Bullrich presented the proposal this weekend at the meeting of the Internal Security Council, that took place in Mendoza and where the Minister of Government of the province participated.


As explained by Emilio “one of the points to be addressed at the meeting is a modification of the regulatory decree of the National Traffic Law that should occur, the province should adhere to a law. The proposed amendment proposes that motorcycles cannot leave the dealerships without a patent and that the motorcyclists must circulate with a vest where the domain of the vehicle is registered, as well as for the companions.” In addition, the official said, “we are waiting for the details of the modification but it is feasible that we can join. I understand that the President will announce it in the next few days. ”


Currently, in San Juan there is a schedule where the use of reflective safety vest or shoulder strap is mandatory from 20 to seven in the morning, both for users of motorcycles and bikes. On the other hand, from Transit of the province they explained that today when buying a motorcycle, the concessionaires give the mobility now with the patent or with a certificate of circulation that lasts until the patenting process is finished. They also confirmed that if the amendment was approved and the law passed, there would be no problems for the implementation to be immediate.


Regarding the number of crimes that are produced by motorcycles in the province, Minister Emilio told the press yesterday that there is no established number, but in general, terms, the number of events has remained between 2015 and 2016, with the difference that last year there were more detainees.