Reflective material and Reflective transfer printing

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standard, the emphasis on safety is improved, reflective vests has been more and more popular, ordinary people also recognize that the reflective material is a kind of thing that have effect on all things.

Reflective transfer printing is also called reflective heat transfer, is generally used in a variety of clothing, textile and fabric. This process is special, by pressing the ironing machine or ironing on the clothing and fabric under the condition of high temperature, and then tear off the protective film after cooling. Hot stamping temperature of reflective transfer printing is 130 degrees to 150 degrees, stamping time is 5 to 10 seconds and the pressing pressure is generally around 4.5 to 9KG.

Reflective transfer printing vinyl has a unique reflection performance, suitable for night work uniforms, to prevent life by accidental injury, suitable for all kinds of cloth, usually by labor clothing, factory clothing and high-grade trademark selection.

This kind of reflective transfer printing with its bright colors has obvious warning effect at night or in low light situations, the bright light reflection effect can effectively enhance people’s ability to identify, seeing the target, to avoid the accidents and reducing casualties and economic losses and becoming an indispensable safe guardian of road traffic.