It is worth to take reflective vest at your car

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a first aid kit and reflective vest. It is worth to carry them, because they can save our lives. Drivers need to remember to bring a warning triangle when traveling. Otherwise, in the case of road traffic control, they may be fined from PLN 20 to PLN 500. The triangle is necessary in the event of a crash to be able to warn other road users of the event.


Fire extinguisher in place easily accessible

In addition to the triangle, the driver must also have a fire extinguisher. According to the rules, it should be placed in a place easily accessible if needed. In case of absence, the driver is also exposed to a general mandate.

If there is no fire extinguisher in the car, the diagnostic at the vehicle control station may decide that the car will not pass the technical test. The driver must then buy a fire extinguisher as soon as possible. Also check its expiry date. If it is exceeded, it would not be a problem, it is best to buy a new one.


However, contrary to the common opinion of drivers, when traveling in Poland, do not have to have in the car reflective safety vest. However, it may be useful, because it significantly increases safety when you need to change the wheel, for example, in a dimly lit night. The police, however, advise you to push your car on the shoulder or otherwise off the road.


– Even wearing a vest on you, we cannot forget about the imagination, especially as we have pierced the wheel on the left side of the vehicle. In such a situation, let us put our car in a safe place before we start to change the wheel – calls Mares from the Road Traffic Office at the Headquarters of the Police. He adds that a reflective vest is not required by law, but it is worth having – we are visible from it at a distance of up to 200 meters. Without a waistcoat the driver will notice us at a distance of 40 to 100 meters, provided he has well positioned lights.

– Car traveling 90 km / h. If we are wearing a reflective vest, we give others more time to react appropriately – says Mares.


Contrary to popular opinion, car drivers do not have to have in the vehicle also the first aid kit. Nevertheless, it is better to equip it. In accordance with the provisions of the Road Traffic Law, a person involved in an accident in which he or she is injured should immediately provide the necessary assistance and call the police and the ambulance. The driver who participates in the incident and does not provide assistance to the victim is subject to penalty of a fine or imprisonment.

– If the driver has a first aid kit and can give first aid, it significantly increases the chance that the injured person will survive in the accident – says Mares.


First aid kit may prove useful not only to help others.

“It may happen that the help will be provided to us by another driver, using the first aid kit that will be found in our car,” says Jack, medical rescuer, Allenton Baby Academy consultant “With a Safer Pharmacy.”

However, the regulations stipulate that in some vehicles the first aid kit and reflective triangle must be compulsory. This is true even in the case of passenger cars that drive as taxis. In addition, the first aid kit must be equipped with a personal trainer for driving lessons. It should always be included in the equipment of buses and trucks, as long as they are used for the carriage of passengers.




Reflections for pedestrians – What does the driver see

From 1 September, pedestrians going after dark outside the built-up area will be required to wear reflective elements. How important this change was argued during the “Reflection” action on the Poznan Tor.


Police statistics on the autumn-winter period are absolute. – Half of the fatalities on our roads are pedestrians. Sometimes it is a miracle to avoid tragedy – says Raffia, provincial police chief in Poznan.


Statistics cover all deductions: both day and night, people with and without reflectors.

– The highest number of fatalities is in the 40 to 60 age group. They are people who have not yet had to wear reflective vest. The youth already had such elements, notes Picot Florey, the governor.


The importance of making changes can be seen on Tuesday evening at the Poznan Tor. It shows the distance from which the driver sees a moving column of people with and without reflective elements at night. The second presentation consisted in counting mannequins while passing.


How much does it give you a retro reflective safety vest, and also an experiment by TVN 24 reporter? Pedestrians with a glare are visible from almost 100 meters, while a man in a black jacket appears in front of a mask unexpectedly, a dozen meters in front of the vehicle.

Children got reflective vests – be safer

Such actions are not so cool as simply needed, “said Jolanta Kupczyk, Head of School and Pre-School Team in Górki Śląskie. Recently amended traffic regulations apply to all pedestrians who, after dark, are moving in undeveloped areas, are obliged to use reflective elements. This is to improve road safety.


Equipping students in reflective vests is not a new idea in the commune of Nędza. – In previous years, they were sent to older students, this year we decided to give them first class. Every child such a reflective element should have, it is a matter of safety, and the best, most visible vest is – said the head of the commune of Národs Anna Iskała.


Until now, the use of pedestrian reflectors on the side of the road has been compulsory for children up to the age of 15. This obligation now covers all pedestrians on the underside of the road. When it gets dark, each of them should be fitted with any reflective element so that it is visible to the driver.


About the safety on the road and not only told the police officers from the police station in Racibórz Kuźnia. The school also visited Sznupek – mascot of the command. – It is important for children to understand that reflections are really important. Especially now, in the autumn and winter, when it gets darker. New regulations are not just another requirement to be fulfilled. Reflective safety vest actually increase safety because they make it visible on the road that the driver can react quickly enough, “said the youngster. Radosław Rolka, District Police Commissar in Racibórz Forge. A pedestrian who travels in darkness without glare, the driver can see only 20 meters away. Visible reflectors increase this distance to more than 150 meters.


A great attraction was a show for the children prepared by the firefighters of the OSP from Misery. Students could see, among others. What is the car body cutting equipment used in roadside rescue when injured are stuck in the car. Each student could also see what the fire truck looks like inside. “The kids see the tie, but they rarely have the chance to meet firefighters, see the equipment they use to save people’s lives,” said Leszek Pietrasz, President of the Board of the Municipal Branch of the TSO Union in Ned. “Anyway, children should be equipped with knowledge of firefighting, security, human help,” he added.


“We had a lot of happiness and joy,” admitted the young Maj. – Many interesting things we learned today! Said Kevin’s colleague. “Well, for example, how to cross the road,” Maja added quickly. – And thanks to these vests we will not lose, because we will be visible! She said. “And the driver can see us quickly,” Kevin added.

Reflective vests with the coat of arms of the Commune of Nędza will also be supplied by high school students in Nida, Babice and Zawada Książęca.

Be visible on the road with wear reflectors

You go to darkness to shop, friends, school or church – remember to wear reflective vest! They can save your life!


It has been a year since the introduction of regulations that require anyone who after dark to walk on undeveloped terrain wear reflective. Police officers are reminded that they have a duty to check that we “shine” in the dark.

– It does not necessarily have to be a yellow vest. You can have a tie, a tinsel or a pendant that has reflective elements – explains asp. The reflection must be visible when we walk side by side. For his lack of police can be punished with a mandate. Up to 500 zł!

– Pedestrians with reflective elements are seen on the road at a distance of more than 150 meters.

Good visibility of the pedestrian will give the driver a chance at his early notice, and thus avoiding the accident. There is no need to worry about walking on the sidewalk in the built-up area.


Do not forget about it:

  1. Always have a reflective tape. You do not have to wear a yellow vest. It is important that you have a fluorescent band. Available in the market are in colors: yellow, white, blue. The bicyclists put on their feet and hands, so you can do that too


  1. Ladies can attach small reflective pendants to their bags. Such beams in the spotlight can be seen from afar. It’s a sign to the driver that walking is moving along the way. Men can wear armbands, on legs or waistcoats, which we will buy for 5-10 zlotys


  1. The youngest child can buy reflective toys in the form of toy teddy bears, elephants that flash. The point is to attract the attention of road traffic. The cost of buying such a gadget is 3 to 5 zł. We put it in a prominent place, on a backpack, a jacket, or a bag that holds a toddler going home


  1. When buying a jacket for autumn, you should choose one that already has sewn reflective stripes. Many sportswear stores have such covers. If you do not have such a jacket, you can buy a reflective tape in trimmings and make a baby in a jacket or a school bag.


  1. Watch out for the mandate. If you are not at dusk visible by moving in undeveloped area you can get a mandate. From 20 to 500 zł. How much we get depends on the policeman and on the threat that we caused. The participant of the traffic is not only a driver on the road, but also a pedestrian.

Police officers handed out reflective vests

Bearing in mind the road safety of pedestrians and cyclists, the Road Traffic Division of morrow, together with the Sorrow District Office, conducted the “Road show” action.


The “Kick the Road” action was conducted on 20 and 23 December. During these operations, Road Patrols serving at selected points of the county roads paid particular attention to unprotected road users, cyclists and pedestrians. These people were given reflective safety vests purchased from the funds of the district office. Activities in addition to police officers were attended by representatives of the District Office in morrow.


How important it is to see the cyclist or the pedestrian on the road in time that does not need to be persuaded. The reflective vests allow the driver to see cyclists and pedestrians at dusk at night and weather conditions that limit visibility.



Mandatory glare – wear a reflective vest at night

From August 31st, anyone who goes to a non-built-up area after dark uses a glare – reflective clothes. This is the effect of the amendment of the law on traffic. There is no mercy – if you are not visible, you will get a mandate.


From Sunday the police will check whether we are in the dark. Therefore, if you are planning to return after dusk outside the built-up area, you need to get reflective.

“It does not have to be a whole yellow vest, you can have an armband, a tinsel, a pendant that has reflective elements,” says Marcela Swede from traffic department of Police Headquarters in Katowice.


Such a thing must be pinned when we walk on the side. If we walk on the sidewalk in a built-up area, we do not need to have glare. In any other case, you need to provide a reflective element. Reflect must be visible from afar. “It could be a band, a spot of light, a belt sewn in a jacket, a vest,” Marcela adds.

If we do not have it, they will sign us a mandate. The forks range from $ 20 to $ 500, depending on the risk.


Remember this:

  1. You do not necessarily have to wear a yellow reflective vest. It is important that you have a fluorescent band. Available in the market are in colors: yellow, white, blue. The bicyclists put on their legs and hands, so you can do it too.


  1. Ladies can attach small reflective pendants to their bags. Such beams in the spotlight can be seen from afar. It’s a sign to the driver that walking is moving along the way. Men can wear armbands, on legs or waistcoats, which we will buy for 5-10 zł.


  1. The youngest child can buy reflective teddy bears, elephants that flash. The point is to attract the attention of road traffic. The cost of buying such a gadget is 3 to 5 zł. We put it in a prominent place, on a backpack, a jacket or a bag that holds a toddler going home.


  1. When buying a jacket for autumn, you should choose one that already has reflective stripes sewn on. Many sports shops have such covers for sale. If you do not have such a jacket, you can wear a reflective tape and wear a jacket or a school bag in trimmings.


  1. If you are not at twilight, you will be able to get a mandate by moving in undeveloped areas. From 20 to 500 zł. The amount we get depends on the policeman and on the threat that we caused. The participant of the traffic is not only a driver on the road, but also a pedestrian.



5 things you have to check before you go on a car trip

Your business trip or vacation should be carefully planned. The risk of unpleasant surprises on the route applies to all drivers, also using safety and comfortable cars. Checking various things before you go can limit your unnecessary nerves and expenses, also keep road safety.


  1. Technical condition with the technical condition of the vehicle is like with human health. Problems may appear unexpectedly, either before or during the expected trip. It is better to bet on prevention than repair. Particularly worth noting is the state of elements affecting the safety of travelers? Under the magnifying glass should be located: brake system, steering and suspension. Travel preparation is also a good time to supplement operating fluids: brake, cooling, washer, and engine oil.


  1. Tires Heavy safety has tires. The trailer of the problems can be not only scratches or abrasions. Before leaving, you must pay attention to the depth of the tread. For this, a special scoop or a tread depth indicator inside the grooves will be useful. Excessive wear is felt primarily on wet surfaces. Then the braking distance is extended. In addition, you should check the tire pressure, preferably after packing your luggage. You also need to remember about the condition of the wheel or spare wheels. Inadequate amount of air translates among others.


  1. Driver’s Guide the lists of things to be prohibited include different items. It is important to be prepared for various scenarios during the journey. Some drivers take back spare keys. It is worth keeping them somewhere other than those used as standard. It is good to start with a set of spare bulbs. Their purchase on the road, especially at night, can be like “Mission: Impossible”. In many situations, a hook and a tow rope are supported in the trunk. In an easily accessible location, there should be a warning triangle, a reflective vest and a first aid kit.


  1. Travel Plan The shortest, fastest, and perhaps bypass of routes and toll motorways? These are just some of the questions you need to answer while planning your trip. Before traveling abroad it is useful to check the regulations in the country of transit or destination, especially speed limits. There is information on the fees for using roads, tunnels and bridges. For longer distances, knowledge of potential places of rest or accommodation will be useful. Interruptions should occur at least once every two hours or every 200 km. Not only fatigue can lengthen the time it takes to reach the destination. Often nightmare is a change of turnout, affecting more traffic. It is therefore worth checking to see if, for example, road sections are not temporarily excluded from traffic.


  1. The contents of the first aid kit there are exceptions, but the vast majority of drivers in Poland do not need a first aid kit. However, each of them has a duty, among others. Provide necessary assistance to the victims of the accident. It is difficult without proper equipment, and failure to provide assistance is an offense. On the market you can find first aid kits for 20-30 zł. There are basic medical devices. First aid kits with safety triangle and warning vest are useful. They are required in selected EU countries. It is therefore important to analyze the regulations in force abroad and to make up for any shortcomings.


Enjoying the bike season with safety

In the vast majority of the country, snow has remained a mere memory, and in some parts of Poland one can enjoy several degrees of heat. So it is no wonder that for many bike riders the cycling season has already begun. The cops in reflective uniform also joined in the action, paying more attention to the two-wheelers. What must be equipped with a bicycle so that he can legally move on the road and what should be remembered when deciding on this means of transport?


Over the past few years, the popularity of bicycles – especially as an urban means of transport – has grown very dynamically. Not every bike that leaves the shop with a happy new owner, however, is adapted to the Polish regulations on the obligatory equipment of wheelchairs. In Warsaw, as part of the “Safe Cyclist” action, the police check that cyclists and riders are riding according to regulations and bicycle equipment. What can you get a mandate for?


In paragraph 53 of the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure, as amended in 2015, on the technical conditions of vehicles and the scope of their equipment, we must read that the bicycle must be equipped with at least one white or yellow front light, at least one non-triangular with reflective tape And one red positioning light at the back, at least one smooth brake, as well as a bell or other signal of non-repulsive sound.


What are important, regulations do not break those who ride bicycles without lights during the day. The same paragraph allows the possibility of dismantling the lights if they are not required at the time of use. At the same time, setting up a headlamp does not make it possible to drive at night in accordance with regulations. After dark, the light must be equipped with a bicycle, not a cyclist. Wearing a light and reflective vest on you does not mean that we will avoid a mandate in the event of a confrontation with the police.


What worth to additionally have safety equipment

In different countries we meet different regulations concerning the obligation to carry such items as first aid kit, fire extinguisher or reflective vest. So what is the situation of obligatory elements in the equipment of a car in Poland?


According to the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 31 December 2002 concerning the necessary equipment of the car, there should be a fire extinguisher and warning triangle with the approval mark in every vehicle. Lack of required items and placing them in a hard-to-reach place is tantamount to receiving a mandate.


As recommended, the fire extinguisher should be inspected at least once a year and the contents of extinguishing agent must not be less than 1 kilogram. – No fire extinguisher can also contribute to the negative result of the vehicle’s technical inspection. Every vehicle must have a warning triangle with valid homologation. In the case of incorrect signaling of a stopover on a motorway or an expressway or lack of identification of a vehicle that is towed, we can also receive a mandate, “says Mace, Auto-Boss Edition Specialist.


Although it is not necessary to have a first aid kit in your car, it is important to carry it with you for the safety of others and your own. In the first aid kit you should find: bandages, gas compresses, patches, compression band, and disinfectant, mouthpiece for artificial respiration, protective gloves, triangular bandage and thermal insulation blanket. Obligatory vehicles should be equipped with a first aid kit for public transport – in taxis, buses or even in cars belonging to the driving school.


– Useful elements that should be included in our vehicle are a reflective safety vest and a set of tools that will allow you to repair any damage yourself. I encourage you to bring with you also the tow rope and light bulbs, because you can also get a mandate for driving without the required lights – added the expert Auto-Boss.

Keep Safety with reflective clothing on two wheels

Summer is the best season for cycling. When the two wheel drive devotees leave the masses, the risk of collisions will be increases. We advise how to take care of your safety with reflective clothing and enjoy the pleasure of two wheels.


In 2015, the number of accidents involving cyclists amounted to 14 105. As a result, 303 drivers were killed, one injured, 1 445 injured and slightly 3 038. What to do to not become part of the police statistics? How to prepare yourself and bike for the summer season?


Visibility for other road users is one of the key security issues. Different types of lights represent three of the five elements listed in the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure as mandatory for each bike. At least one spotlight white or yellow at the front and two red rear-light reflectors in the shape other than the triangle and one position light are required. In addition, if the monologue design prevents signaling the direction of travel by hand, direction indicators are required.


To improve your safety, it is also advisable to use reflective vest, accessories, and other such over-the-counter equipment. This is an example of the best. – This year, new reflective training jerseys have been set up by the players of our team. As shown by the recent months, well-visible clothing positively influences the safety of cyclists during training sessions that take place under very varied conditions – both in terms of weather and time of day, sports director of the Trek-Sugared team. – Especially when visibility is limited for example because of fog, rain or late time, visible from afar the shirt in bright, reflective colors turns out to be very useful – adds the expert. For amateurs of cycling, this is very important equipment when moving outside the built-up area. As it turns out, the obligation to wear reflective clothing on a bicycle was introduced in France and Lithuania, for example. Appropriate t-shirts or vests are required by law outside the built-up area and after dark. In our own personal safety it is worth remembering that the reflective tape should be part of the garment or be mounted in a way that is visible to other participants in the movement.


In addition to the above mentioned lighting components, the required bicycle equipment includes “at least one effective brake” and a “bell or other tampering sound”. However, the appropriate equipment is one, and the technical condition of the vehicle is second. Therefore, all active amateurs of two wheels are recommended to thoroughly clean the chain once a season – clean the chain, pump the wheels, adjust the brakes and derailleur. And above all, to fix any possible defects caused by the previous season.