Reflective material used in difficult conditions

With its second generation of winter reflective gloves, BMW Motor aims to prove all his skills to fight against the cold. Thought out in every detail, the Pro Winter 2 also wants to practice and a quality / price.


As for the design of its motorcycles, BMW has conducted extensive research on his gloves Pro Winter 2, to promote comfort, ease of use and security. These gloves resolutely “winter” however show an original look, far enough from the aspect of “good big slippers” to own many winter equipment.


The cut is elegant and cared details appear as mixing colors on the top of the glove and leverets inside the palm. Reinforced foams are applied to the fingers and back of the hand and a reflective tape 3M two centimeters short of the glove profile for improved visibility when traveling in difficult conditions (night, rain, fog, etc.).


But it is above the level of ease of use that the Bavarian brand claims to have made the most progress: internal seams at the fingertips have been removed and the stretch of mixing and goatskin should provide significant flexibility. The feel of hands on the controls is intended also improved with a lower thinner padding (100 grams), a performing of the fingers and a silicone tape application inside the palm and on the ends.


Protection against the cold is in turn provided by a padding microfiber (250 grams in thickness on the upper part), lined with a thin aluminum layer and a membrane Gore Tex. Of course, BMW says that the membrane is “waterproof, windproof and breathable.”


Finally, Pro Winter 2 have not forgotten the ergonomic and practical sides, since in addition to the traditional Velcro adjustment on the wrist, a convenient cord by pulling system is present on the top of the glove. And like the previous model, this nifty clamp – with a stopper – can operate with one hand!


Available from size 6 to 12 in black only, these winter gloves are marketed in 109 € price. A price “Consequent” but is justified by the quality of reflective materials used and its many thoughtful details.