Prevent children’s traffic accidents with safety clothes

Under the theme of “Protecting children from traffic accidents with fashion,” students at the Bunka Fashion College, a vocational school, created stylish “child safety clothes” that are easy to see for drivers. On the 5th, there was a final review meeting at the same school, and “honey bee raincoat” was selected as a Grand Prix from among works using fluorescent fabrics and reflective materials.

Rainwear with the image of Sentai Heroes and vests for men and women combining denim and fluorescent fabrics. Ten teams of first-year fashion engineering basic courses presented their work at the judging panel.

Clothes using reflective fabrics and fluorescent fabrics are called “high visibility safety clothes” and there are official standards for adults such as vests worn by road workers, but there are many color and design restrictions, it is difficult to apply for children.

From May this year, students took lectures and conducted market research, and worked on clothing design and production. A popular vote was held by visitors at a cultural festival last month, and the top 10 teams faced the judging.

In the screening, eleven experts inside and outside the university, such as traffic safety education organizations and apparel-related experts, comprehensively evaluated the items that they wanted to wear and want to wear, in addition to safety and fashion.

Grand Prix raincoat designed bee color and shape. It is a conspicuous color of yellow and black. The waterproof cover on the back that can cover the school bag has an image of transparent wings and a flower on the bottom. Leader Momoka Kudo (19) said, “I wanted to make use of the features of bees, such as the roundness of the buttocks and stripes, in the design.”

The initiative is the second year this year. The school was sponsored by the Nissenken Quality Evaluation Center, which promotes the spread of safety clothing.

Mandatory equipment does not change

The mandatory equipment of the car does not change with the arrival of the new Traffic Act, as it is determined by another regulation. The spare wheel does not have to have every car and a reflective vest with reflective tape is included.

The panic around the color of the reflective vest is unfounded. The new law orders it to be used.

The new regulations on the mandatory equipping of vehicles came into force three years ago and were not changed by the new Road Traffic Act. It only determines how and when to use individual equipment elements on the road. This is particularly true of the reflective vest, which must be within a comfortable and fast reach of the driver. He should get out of the car dressed if possible. Owners of vehicles with xenon lamps do not have to have spare lamps, but they must not lack other bulbs used for the exterior lighting of the car. At least one of each species. The fire extinguisher does not belong to the mandatory equipment of the car in Slovakia, but it is necessary and recommended. Many modern cars might not burn completely if the driver had a fire extinguisher in their car.

Panic with vests

The new law imposes an obligation on the driver to wear safety clothing if he/she is on a road outside the vehicle during an emergency. Failure to comply can result in a fine of up to € 60.

No penalties shall be imposed for green or yellow-green. Although the new law provides that a driver may not wear a vest that is interchangeable with safety clothing used by armed forces or armed security forces, the type and color of the reflective vest are determined by a decree of the Ministry of Transport on compulsory car equipment.

Police vests have an inscription on the back and a different fastening than the vests available on the market, so there should be no confusion. “We chose other vests for police officers, which have several reflective elements, are shorter and designed to have access, for example, to weapons,” said Eva Uhliarikova of the Ministry of the Interior. The reflective vest in the car is designed to give visibility and protection to the driver of the car, so its use will be monitored.

There is not always a reserve

The spare wheel to be used in the event of a puncture must have only cars that not equipped with a special adhesive kit or Runflat tires that allow the puncture to travel. This also applies to the jack and wheel removal tools. Tires with Runflat technology have long been used by BMW vehicles. Their owners do not have to carry the spare wheel until they have ordinary tires on their car. “We have no problem with the Slovak regulations because it is homologated by the manufacturer and we use Runflat throughout Eastern Europe,” confirmed Milan Stupka of the BMW Group. Since February, winter tires on snow and ice are mandatory. This does not apply to the spare wheel, which may not have a winter tread pattern and can be used in an emergency even on snow and ice.

The late arrival of winter, along with the new traffic law, should force drivers who have not used these winter tires to buy or not to drive after the snow. In the tire repair shops after the first of February, there was no increase in interest, even though the spring break of the Bratislava region was approaching and it is snowing in the Orava and the Tatras. “Those who want to use winter tires have bought them,” said Marin, tire service owner. Some sizes of winter tires are a problem to get because they just sold out. In that case, the alternative dimension of the technical license must be looked at.

Alliander makes safety clothing circular

The personnel of network operator Alliander receives circular safety clothing. All 2,600 technicians must have new clothing before the end of the year. With the circular safety clothing, Alliander wants to take a step towards circular operational management.


A consortium of three companies can supply the package of new clothing. The package includes safety clothing with reflective tapes, work clothing, and personal protective equipment. Employees can order new clothing via an app, it will be delivered within 24 hours.


Tailored to staff

According to the network manager, the clothing is better tailored to the work of the staff than before. A thermopile with long sleeves is now provided. “Warm in the winter and cooling in the summer,” Alliander describes. With the new clothing, the fit is also adapted to the work that is done.


With the circular clothing, Alliander also appeals to employees: the clothing must last as long as possible. Any damage to the clothing must be repaired as quickly as possible. Clothing that can no longer be used is taken by a textile recycler. The clothing is then recycled into a product of the same level; an old reflective jacket gets a second life as a safety jacket. If that is no longer possible, the clothing is processed into, for example, insulation material or car upholstery.


Circular in other ways

Alliander applies the circular principle in more places. For example, two buildings of the company were made circular during a recent renovation. In Arnhem, an office uses geothermal heat and cold to sustainably cool and heat. The energy that is needed is generated by solar panels on the roof. The building also has an energy buffer to store generated solar energy.


Other companies

Circular clothing is used by more companies. Last year the police announced that they would reuse the discarded uniforms. Hostokay staff and a number of construction companies have been wearing circular clothing for some time.

Rubix creates an innovative EPI catalog

Rubix has just released “Your EPIs in 24 hours”. The new catalog of the group has an innovative approach, in addition to containing more than 4,000 products, it focuses on the provision of solutions for industrial plants. The aim is that those responsible for prevention have, in addition to the wider range of PPE, solutions, and services that improve prevention in industrial plants.

At the beginning of each section of the catalog, professionals in prevention have at their disposal information and services that allow them to prevent potential problems associated with industrial activity and select the products that best suit the needs of their plant.

This is the case of the problem of hearing loss, which is considered the most common occupational disease worldwide with more than 360 million affected. The new Rubix catalog includes practical information on noise measurement standards and the types of protection each decibel scenario should have. The purpose is, in addition to presenting its range of hearing protection products, to offer solutions on how to optimize the hearing protection of industrial operators. For example, through the Honeywell hearing protection validation service that customizes the analysis of the level of attenuation of plugs, adapting it to each company. Or through the service, offered with “Medop”, of automation of request and delivery of tailored caps.

Solutions for all EPI families

The provision of solutions is transversal to all sections of the catalog and ranges from eye protection (with the 3M protection goggles validation service) to the solutions to select the most suitable footprints for each operator.

Highlights the information on hand protection by the new categorization of risks that has introduced the recent EPI regulations. This new regulation contemplates 3 risk categories. Category 1: Minimum, category 2: Intermediate and category 3: Very serious. Because each category corresponds to different glove typologies, the catalog informs about the requirements established by this new regulation for each category. In this way, the correct choice of the glove is facilitated according to its application or the job position for which it is intended.

The most extensive catalog on the market

Professionals can find in the twelve sections of “Your EPIs in 24h” more than 4,000 products of the first brands of hearing protection, eye protection, respiratory protection, head protection, hand protection, safety clothing and protection, chemical clothing and disposable, welding protection, safety footwear, protection, fall protection, as well as gas detection and plant safety. All this, available in 24 hours.

“At Rubix, we continue to bet on occupational health and safety, and our objective is that all our clients count on us as a reference partner when implementing improvements in the area of risk prevention”, explains Jesús Martínez Planas, CEO of Rubix Iberia.

Among the references in the catalog, figure GISS, brand exclusively distributed by Rubix, which extends its product range in relation to the previous edition with ergonomics solutions or spill control systems and antifatigue carpets, among others.

7 reasons to trust your security to Rubix

The launch of the new catalog is one of the 7 reasons why the industry must entrust its safety to Rubix. “Reasons such as integral management, since it offers different PPE supply and management systems, the immediate availability of the more than 4,000 references of the new catalog with 24-hour delivery time or the company’s service focus. the hand of the main brands in the sector “says Jesús Martínez Planas.

Other reasons, “Our complete technical advisory service, the fact that we are specialists in professional clothing, our comprehensive service of work at height and commitment to saving Rubix.”Jesús Martínez adds.

Nokia presents a super-resistant Smart jacket

At Mobile World Congress 2018, Nokia Technologies not only limited its commercial offerings to the mobile segment but, to the great surprise, presented an innovative Smart reflective jacket that promises to revolutionize the public security sector.

Nokia CHASE: security, first of all Nokia 7 Plus has certainly caught us by surprise. But what would you say if we told you that the company has also presented a new smart jacket for emergency rescuers? Interesting, right?

It is a product that combines the need for security with intelligent technology conferred by Colon Industries (South Korean clothing company) and Gina Software (software developer).

Aesthetically identical to a classic rescuer’s jacket, the new solution integrates diversified sensors, such as body-cams for police officers and thermometers for firefighters, to inevitable cardiac sensors for biorhythm detection. In this case, the system monitors the status of the user, recording the data that are then sent to the control unit.

Nokia CHASE (Connected Health And Safety Equipment), this is the name of the product, meets all the required technical safety requirements and realizes a weatherproof GORE-TEX structure. The colors, of course, are the classic ones in yellow with distinctive reflective materials. The modules can be removed and recharged via the integrated micro USB port, and the jacket can easily be washed by hand or in the washing machine.

Nokia has exposed what has been classified as a first prototype to be released to the commercial market by 2019. Meanwhile, the company has come into contact with rescuers in order to propose this new security solution, that is wearing safety clothing when working at night.

Reflective bike jacket

The Sago Zap Bike Jacket lives up to its name: ZAP! Describes the unique look of the jacket, especially at night, probably best. On the outer material are innumerable small, reflective points, which made of reflective materials can light up the entire jacket at nocturnal light incidence. These small, silver dots are also what give the Sago jacket a unique look and feel even during the day. As a safety clothing, this jacket can provide bikers safety. They are slightly elevated and easy to feel – that takes some getting used to, but does not feel cheap at all. The cut of the Sago Zap is undoubtedly geared more to athletic use, with an extremely long black, no hood, and a more body-conscious cut. Overall, the jacket is quite large and offers enough space for the second layer of clothing.

On the back, you will find the only pocket of the reflective jacket, which is centered and protected with a Velcro from moisture. It provides ample storage space for a Smartphone and the most necessary utensils while driving. However, those who like to store their household goods in their jacket pockets will hardly be happy with the Sago. Somewhat pity we find the waiver of vents, as it is under the Sago – as with any rain jacket – on longer trips like to be a bit sweaty. Another criticism is the cuffs: These are very wide and equipped with a simple rubber band. Who has thin forearms, has no way to provide here for a neat cuff and must even help with Velcro or the like.

Weather protection of the Sago Zap is good. The zipper sealed and also the contents of the back pocket remain dry during the ride. Problems made here, however, the too loose fitting cuffs, where the water can easily push past the inside of the jacket.

Mandatory helmets and vests protect cyclists

Helmets and safety clothing work great in sports, especially when driving in the field. When the cyclist falls off the bike or he hits his head on the branch, the helmet can protect him from injuries. Although it is worth remembering that the helmet does not give a guarantee, and the condition of its proper operation in the event of a fall is a good fit of the helmet to the head.


However, there is also many data saying that the obligatory use of helmets or vests in urban traffic and on the road either is ineffective or even has negative effects – reduced bicycle traffic, deteriorating the safety of cyclists. In the UK (Ian Walker’s famous study), it has been shown that cyclists in helmets, reflective vests or sports outfits are statistically overtaken by drivers with a less secure distance than cyclists who is wearing non-Vogue clothes. In Australia, after the introduction of mandatory helmets, the number of events involving cyclists has not decreased, although bicycle traffic has significantly decreased – this means that the safety of cyclists because of the introduction of mandatory helmets has deteriorated. On the other hand, in the most cycling countries and about the best cyclists’ safety as the Netherlands, the use of helmets and vests by cyclists is virtually.


All this indicates that the subject of compulsory helmets and high visibility vests requires a lot of research and analysis before any suggestions for their obligation appearing on various internet forums can be taken seriously.

The bikers in the viewfinder of the gendarmes

At the time of the return of the beautiful days, and therefore the outings on motorbikes, the gendarmes of the departmental squadron led, yesterday in Moseley-South, an important operation of control. The site was not chosen at random. Yesterday afternoon, the gendarmes of the departmental road safety squadron of Metz chose a very particular sector of Moseley-South to carry out a great operation of road safety: the roads of Dao and Demon.


The coming spring and the milder temperatures led the gendarmes to act quickly to meet them, with both hands: one, for all, for prevention; and the other, if necessary, for repression. In addition, the stakes are important. “After the winter season, the first exits are riskier because the bikers are slow to regain all their reflexes driving two-wheeled, says the captain Jean-Jack, second in command of the EDSR Metz. There is a 27 times greater risk of being killed by motorized two-wheelers than by car. Still, many bikers take a lot of risks, feeling in control. ”


On a motorcycle, the slightest carelessness can be fatal. The recent news is there to confirm it. “Last year in Moseley, during the first quarter, there were three accidents of two-wheelers and three wounded,” says Captain. This year, at the same time, we recorded eight accidents, with one killed and ten wounded. These accidents involved five motorcycles and five cycles. “In addition, faced with these disturbing figures, the gendarmes decided to hit hard. They distributed to them a guide of good behavior. “There are tips to be well equipped, to behave appropriately, to be vigilant, and to respect the rules of conduct and so on. Since January 1, it is for example mandatory that all two-wheels have a reflective vest, to put in case of accident or breakdown.


All those who were in good standing left without being worried. The others, including cars, were caught by the patrol. Especially since, for the exercise, the EDSR also mobilized two of its most effective and formidable weapons for the violators: the unmarked motorcycles and the unmarked car, able in particular to grasp with discretion every speeding in the two directions of circulation.


In the end, 150 bikers were checked and all were in good standing. Twenty offenses have been reported against motorists: 18 speeding (recorded thanks to the dreaded unmarked car with embedded radar), a phone behind the wheel and driving under the influence of alcohol. The presence of the gendarmes with safety clothing in force, however, was not enough to reason everyone. A biker lost control of his craft in the climb of Demon.



Homeland researcher with safety vest in the subsoil

Although the gas warning device continually beeped, CO2 values ​​of up to 0.7 volume percent were indicated and the employees of the urban drainage were visibly nervous – Roland Bugle, honorary representative of the Land Memorial Office, was not to be stopped on Wednesday morning: “I get down there and done. “With an orange safety vest, a rope around his belly, and a yellow helmet on his head, he descended over a ladder into the old shaft whose access had previously been opened by the employees of the city drain before the health food store. On his own responsibility, so the agreement – and Bugle was, when he came back to the top, glad that he was down, “but not satisfied”.


In the five minutes he could spend in the ground, he could just descend down the steps of a spiral staircase and dare to look around the corner. There he discovered a low channel, which runs in a southerly direction but does not carry any water. Light, which could point to the opening for the better ventilation open before the Brunel – and thus a channel connection – Bugle did not see. For this, he wear the safety clothing and discovered a framed inscription below, which he did not know how to interpret quickly: apart from the year 1876, the letter sequence IFVFL is carved into the sandstone, and HC and the numbers 18011 below measured, are 15 centimeters high and 45 centimeters wide.


The fact that Bugle in reflective vest has gotten a chance to descend into the subsoil is thanks to the construction site on the other side: for the construction of a four-storey flat roof building, which is to accommodate 22 properties and a two-storey garage GmbH had the existing building demolished. And when in June a construction site vehicle broke the manhole cover in front of the property while driving over, a six-meter-deep, built-in shaft appeared unexpectedly, a testimony of history.




Sportswear with reflective strip for visible

Within the extensive catalog of Spink we all know such outstanding products as helmets, sneakers, glasses or cycling safety clothes, to give just a few examples, but within it we can find many other equally interesting. On this occasion we want to show you the Sportswear range, which includes both casual wear and accessories and accessories for the day to day.


Focusing on clothing, the Basque brand has several street sportswears. Cycling enthusiasts will find these models attractive to wear after a cycling tour or a weekend outing, or quietly pedal through the city, among many other situations, feeling comfortable without losing the cyclist style at any time.


Among the garments of the Sportswear collection we find the Europe short magi polo, with a collar, button placket and a small Spink shield on the side of the chest. Made in cotton and reflective fabric, its cut is adjusted. It is available in gray and blue, and costs 30 Euros. The Spanish firm also has the Empire short sleeve jersey, made of 100% cotton. You can get it for € 20 in black or light gray, and it emphasizes the wide Spink logo on the chest.


Jacket and sweatshirt

Spink sundae for the coolest days, Spink also presents two sports proposals: the Sundae jacket and the Archery sweatshirt. The first one has full front zip, two side pockets, high collar and the word Spink written in large letters on the front. In simple and classic style, the Sundae is available in gray only. Its price is 40 Euros.


For its part, the Archery sweatshirt incorporates hood with adjustable drawstring and half-zip, which reaches right up to the large central pocket. The elastic at the waist and cuffs helps to keep it always in place. Another interesting detail is its reflective strip on the shoulders, which provides greater visibility if we use it to pedal around the city. This model is in blue and light gray, the latter in four sizes (XS, S, M and L), while blue, like the other garments of the Spink Sportswear line, only in three (S, M and L).