Wear reflective clothes celebrate Kurdish New Year

With a view of the spring and wear nature-look bright beautiful preparations begin dramatically in the Kurdistan region to receive Nitrous and the head of the Kurdish New Year. Despite the busy markets in general on this occasion and prosperity of the movement in preparation for the reception, but the fabrics market, tailoring, both male and female raise the degree of high alert and mobilize more than others, everyone wants to wear new reflective safety vest and distinct, and without it there will be a taste of the festival. Amid the relentless movement was (range) this round of exploratory preparations for pre-feast tomorrow on the doors.
We start the journey from near Caesarean market of Erbil Citadel, which consists of a group of specialized and interdependent markets, such as cloth, which seems to inside him that in a sea of ​​bright colors and is packed with more than any other movement in these days, where the relentless swarms of shoppers market, which forced owners shops to extend their periods to cover the growing demand for cloth.
Amid the hustle customers are uniquely the owner of one of the largest stores in the market, which Doer Ismail, who tells us that most of the goods in a friendly imported specifically for him, where manufactured according to specifications required by the owner of the Chinese plant which combines quality and appropriate price specifications which asks citizens and accept to buy more than others, noting that the Chinese fabrics ranging price per square meter of which between four and ten thousand dinars, according to the quality of the raw, a price slightly higher than those of the Indian and Korean fabrics that convergence is well popular, but it cannot be compared to Chinese ores.
Ismail confirms that sales in these days can be equal to a large part of the total full-year sales, where rarely find a citizen of Kurdish receives Nitrous without buying or new clothes with reflective tape tailoring for him and his family, which is reflected positively on the work of the shops fabrics owners, and apologizes for continuing talk to meet the needs of customers.
It stresses Schiller cream, which was accompanied by her mother in the cloth market to buy ready-made or sewn costumes longer fixed rituals among Kurdish women in different layers and levels of living and they personally keen on this matter since childhood have not remember the feast of Nitrous over them without having bought or separated new uniforms worn during celebrations that begin in March and reaches its peak on atheist and the twentieth of it while gathering families in open areas and mountain slopes to celebrate the performance of songs and dances and Kurdish Darken.
Sellers of men’s fabrics is no less preoccupied with their colleagues specialists Bonsai, the man has his share also see here most of the fabrics from Chinese origins with the difference in the presence of fabrics of a domestic industry, a variety, but months types of cloth shawl made of goat hair, which is used in the manufacture of the bulk of the Kurdish men’s reflective uniform.
The sewing part, supplementing the work of vendors fabrics shops, Tsarist market and contains a large number of tailors (male and female), and here you need to a semblance of a miracle in order to talk to someone, Maid given many of the customers and the remaining time a little but it does not prevent the fashion designer Nasr in morning to clarify some matters relating to women’s attire Kurdish, where it consists of a long dishwasher cover mostly the soles of the feet, with an ambush lengthy linked Beveling Mkhroutian longs also are called in the Kurdish language (Fijian).

And sew these Dishwasher of a soft cloth with silk threads and embroidered with various types of metallic glittering scales, the woman wears under these Dishwasher petition shirt silk, but it has a dark color to become the backdrop of reflective dishwasher transparent, while comprising the upper part of this outfit is very short vest Hose sews mostly from a special type of full-coated fabrics sparkling Monument that add further luster to the outfit that range from prices between the (250) and (700) thousand dinars sometimes, it rises more price by adding various accessories consisting of metal belts and hats head embroidered pounds which vary depending on the standard of living, women chandeliers users of the gold belts, hats, and low-income users of accessories made of gold-colored gold metals.
Morning show into a beautiful phenomenon is spreading, where growing public demand from other provinces and Arab and foreign tourists to buy women’s fashion Kurdish as well as costumes for children, noting that customers Arabs started to multiply on an ongoing basis, especially with the large tourist traffic taking place in the region, especially in the Negros as celebrated citizens provinces Iraqi side by side with their fellow Kurds and Kurdish prefer to wear fashion at these events.
Young designer believes that fashion Kurdish feminist and even men of which remained the province of the basic designs, despite the change in the industry and types of fabrics used, but lately has seen minor changes in this fashion, where mayors of some designers, especially returning from abroad to find some designs that combine the confusion methods the Kurds of Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq, and we find that these designs find acceptance among young people.

A driver without safety vest cause an accident in Easter

The 061 asks drivers with safety vest caution and collaboration to traffic accidents during Easter
The service Health Urxencias of Galicia-061 has asked drivers to use extreme “caution” when driving on the Galician roads during the holidays of Easter and its “collaboration” in case of witnessing a traffic accident .
Given the forecast of an increase in traffic from Thursday, the 061 has called for “caution” and pointed out that, once an accident occurs, it is “fundamental act properly to avoid increasing the number of victims.”
First, he pointed out the need to call as soon as possible to the emergency services, because “the person who is in the place of the accident can be very useful, as directed by medical personnel transmitted from the Central Coordination 061 “until the arrival of healthcare resources.
“It is necessary to provide the exact location of the accident site and the condition of the wounded so they can send necessary medical resources,” recall from the 061, while warning that, to assist, it is necessary to “park the car a safe place, away from the accident and emergency lights turn on “and put on your reflective safety clothing.
Another measure to be performed in addition to signaling the accident, turn off lights and removing the damaged vehicle keys and added considering the existence of dangers, such as outgassing, fires or electrical cables.
In any case, from the emergency recall that “what should never do is endanger life”, preventing further accidents. Unless there is new fire or collision, do not move any wounded as they could aggravate their injuries.
During Holy Week last year, the 061-Galicia attended a total of 96 people involved in 74 traffic accidents on Galician roads between April 1 and 5 of the same month. The largest number of attention was on the final day on Sunday, with 22 accidents.
By provinces, A Coruña was the one that registered more accidents, with 29, followed by Pontevedra with 22, Lugo, 14, and Ourense, where nine incidents took place.
In relation to victims, 65 percent of those assisted were men and 35 percent women. In addition, 20 percent were between 25 and 39 years.
In 83 cases the injured were taken to the appropriate hospitals, 11 people were treated at the scene and two died.
• Become View: To move you or do sports in low light hours, using reflectance. So you can see a driver 130 meters and has the ability to slow down and avoid an accident. Instead, you are no visible reflectance only 20 meters away, a space that does not give enough time for a driver to react.

Take your safety vest began the rail safety week

This year’s Rail Safety Week carries messages red is red. The campaign aims to remind road users with safety vest that the traffic lights at level crossings installed red light is equivalent to the streets mounted on traffic lights red light. Rail Safety Week lasts 2 May 2010.
“When the Red traffic lights on the street, noting the generally expected to be addressed and permitting traffic lights illuminated, then crossing a burning traffic lights are often ignored and both drivers with reflective element and the pedestrians,” said Chairman of the Board of Operation Lifesaver Estonia Tame Mets.
Regrettably, it is just a pedestrian widespread opinion that the level crossing and the traffic control devices are intended only for drivers and pedestrians are not valid. ”
Disregard a red light are also frequent level crossings fitted with barriers mahasõitmised. Estonia, run down every year about 100-140 barriers.
Rail Safety Week is carried out in educational institutions of railway safety presentations, the streets will begin a nation-wide outdoor advertising campaign in cooperation with the Estonian Railway Culture Foundation handed out about 3,000 reflective vests to kindergartens.

Go walking with your safety vest

Diabetics, exercise is almost as important as diet management haigus.Ja there are a number of simple and convenient forms of work, such as walking.
Walking does not require any special equipment except a good pair of shoes, and may have some safety vest if you plan to attend öösel. Sa do not need expensive gym membership or expensive jooksulint.Kõik you need is on the street, the sidewalk, the mall, or even in the corridors of his kodus.Vastutasuks , you will gain more control of their diabetes.
Before looking at, and get more from your doctor, people whose diabetes is not under control, as a rule, do not have to use until your blood sugar normaliseerub.Kui you are in good condition, the doctor may advise you to start training and to recommend what to use to suit your physical condition .
Diabetes and Exercise: Benefits
Plan physical activity, people with diabetes should include a combination of aerobic exercise such as walking and walking and harjutamiseks.Kasu movement generally includes:
lowering blood glucose
enhance the body’s ability to use insulin
Reduction of cardiovascular disease and stroke
Increasing good cholesterol, lowering bad cholesterol
Strengthening muscles and bones
Also keep in mind that the time kiireneb.Walking walking at a fast pace to raise your heart rate, which gives your heart and lungs even more effective treening.Kerge Walk also burns more calories.
Studies show that people who want to get the health benefits of aerobic exercise, have to work for 30 minutes a day at least five days nädalas.Kuid you should not engage in 30 minutes at a time, such as three 10-minute walk will do your work day.
You have two options to start walking for diabetes.
The first is simple – to find ways to make the day more steps ajal.Kasutage pedometer to count the steps that you do every day, and try to add an extra 2,000 steps päevas.Jätka adding steps until you reach lõppeesmärk.Kuidas to achieve this goal:
Use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.
If you find yourself uncrowded escalator with reflective accessories, walk instead of ride the escalator.
Take short walks during breaks.
Rise up and walk to place ads.
walk the dog every day.
Another strategy is the beginning of a more structured walking where you walk as aerobic exercise to treat their diabeet.See means more effort, but it has many health benefits.
to start a walking program:
Buy good shoes .Suhkurtõve complication can lead to a feeling limbs .Therefore, you need a shoe heel stable, solid arch support and a thick flexible soles to relieve the legs and šokk.Jalanõud should fit the shape of your feet and relieve movement liigeseid.Olenemata size indicated on the box – always trying to shop for shoes and to see how it suits you.
To warm up and cool down .Fill certainly an easy warm-up and cool down at the beginning and end of each treeningut.Nad should include slow walking about five minutit.Tehke gentle stretching after the warm-up and cool down.
The right to move .Kontsad should touch the ground, and then the rest of the foot when you throw your weight edasi.Hoidke fingers forward, chin up and shoulders with reflective element back lähete.Kindlasti swing your arms.
Boost durability over time .Start walking 15-minute intervals during the first week, five-minute warm-up, followed by a five minute easy walk for five minutes and jahutatakse.Lisa three minutes to walk to your daily exercise plan each week for as long as you cannot walk fast one hour or rohkem.Pea in mind that the biggest benefit, you need to walk at least five days a week.
precautionary measures
exercises diabetes may need special precautions:
Avoid use if you have high or low blood sugar levels.
inject insulin in places far away from the muscles that you use the most during exercise to prevent hypoglycemia.
Drink a lot of water exercise.

Also, do not forget to keep an eye on his blood sugar before; during and after treeningut.Lühikest time you walk your way to better fitness and better control of diabetes.

Traffic accounts for an important place in the child rearing

everyday lives. Traffic begins doorstep or -caravan thereafter. The child is developing as he practiced correctly routed and driving.
Traffic education in kindergarten through play and daily activities where the child learns to behave safely in traffic as a pedestrian. Traffic education in a seamless manner through the different subjects – examines, explores, heard, spoken, comparing, molded, drawing, painted, glued, singing, etc. in transportation issues.
Very good experience and practice of our kindergarten children each week of the fall of the traffic organization. Traffic Week, the children met on 19 October, a juvenile police officer with reflective vest Mary Punakuga. Children got new knowledge and skills in the functioning of the traffic, the reflex of necessity, and the work of the police. Toddler’s policeman had a lot of questions. Excitement sparked a police investigation of a car.
The groups crafted headgear policeman that the group “traffic supervision” exercise. Vane-mass and the average group of children liikluskäitumisalased rooted knowledge of the textbook “Zebra and Fred” form. In the younger groups were heard and discussed liiklusalaseltraamatukese “Jute and Jasper moves” basis. Teaching activities in the said group of teachers also use DVDs ‘be seen’, which traffic the dog Weirdo teaches children to behave properly in traffic.

Highways Agency traffic education in the southern region of the office for a week, we brought traffic to kindergarten stroller traffic, whose elements, it was possible to design a temporary traffic campus nursery school hall, or outdoors group various traffic situations play out. Traffic through the Bear introduces children to important traffic signs, their meanings and drivers. Children learn proper behavior in traffic every day activities, walks, study visits in real traffic. Traffic Dipper possible to implement both the children and the teachers’ creative approach to the design of various traffic situations. Children can be encouraged to create a campus in traffic and use of the existing road signs. The teacher here is indicative and illustrative role.
Parents’ role in the habits of the child’s traffic shaping and anchoring giving a personal example is crucial – the child mimics the behavior of their parents. From home, your child can subconsciously lead role models for a lifetime, acquiring the basic truths of behavior, attitudes, and roads in the surrounding traffic environment. If a child is experiencing repeated that with their parents go over the road red traffic lights or at pedestrian with reflective clothing crossing a few meters away, or the parents do not attach it automotive vehicle safety belt runs kindergarten learning-listening “sand.” Much easier it is to design the child correct behavior when change lies with the well-established habits. It is therefore crucial to acknowledge the role of parents in their child safe traffic behaviors.
Every autumn, this raises the Estonian Police conducted campaigns, the media, the reflector theme. Organized in cooperation with the Road Board, the reflex of our preschool education, which the kids got to see the video clips, the reflector and the need to talk about their experiences. Lots of excitement offered children outdoors at night-time test conducted in reflector and without reflector. Each child received training at the end of the new reflector. Fortunately, the design of children’s clothes mostly been mainly sewed onto the reflector stripes, but do not double-Karis – better more than not at all. Thanks to the project we got our Estonian Railway trackside than 100 kindergarten children reflective vest which children walking and excursions outside the territory of the kindergarten bear. Our kindergarten employees are very important to the safety of children in traffic.
The teachers and the children’s group of attendants to increase the competence organized in collaboration with the National Road Administration on 14 December traffic control training, which was tested at the end teachers’ knowledge of traffic. Each also received a training grant of the certificate.
Ülenurme kindergarten yard is planned in the spring of this year to set up a local area Lions Club with the help of stationary traffic city where trolley possibilities even better and more extensive traffic. It will allow children to safe cycling practice, which is currently in the yard, cannot be done. KoostööÜlenurme Gymnasium manual training instructor Thomas West has been a pleasant and long-lasting. We have cooperated in so-called puuprojektis three occasions, thanks to which we have a hall of 25 kindergartens nice child-friendly colorful pictures of chairs, wooden floor puzzle Estonia and a large dollhouse. Highways Agency initiated traffic Dipper project is a teacher Toomas Western guidance of finalizing Ülenurme kindergarten children with safety vest delight trolley with large traffic signs, their bases, “zebra” pretty authentic lights and a large number of colored blocks. We are grateful Ülenurme High School, the kindergarten students is crafted tools could enrich children’s game -and the site.

Put on safety vest to reduce possible accident

From the new traffic law into force, on 1 July 2011 until 19 August this year, a total of 555 road accidents happened cyclists with safety vest, they killed 24 and injured 522 bicyclists. It also had the participation of cyclists in traffic accidents happened injured 15 pedestrians, bicycle riders and one of three co-skater.
During this time, the unregulated pedestrian crossings and traffic lights regulated happened 53 cyclists crossing accident 16. Crossings have been killed during this period, two cyclists, one regulated and one unregulated pedestrian crossing traffic lights.
Most accidents happen cyclists in the usual way; such accidents have happened three years 268. Signalized intersections regulated by the cyclists happened 147 traffic lights controlled intersections 32, 20 intersections, traffic signs, bicycle path crossing another road and public transport stops 16 in three accidents.
Police and Border Guard police said Police Commissioner Rhino Tamaki cyclists often forget that they are not driving on pedestrian crossings over the right of way.
“Although the road users seem to know their rights and use them, it often forgets rights come responsibilities. However, the rider must give way to a pedestrian crossing on the vehicle and make sure it’s safe. As a result of the collision, the victim is always the weaker side of the road traffic regulation and thoughtfulness to prevent incidents, “said Tanoak.
Police and Border Guard Board have noted that, following the entry into force of amendments to the Road Traffic Act, which allows cyclists on pavements, pedestrians are frequent clashes between the rider and the sidewalk.
“Traffic Act has indeed provided the immediate vicinity of the pedestrian walking path of the rider to ride at the same speed and must not endanger pedestrians, alas, it sees a pedestrian moving at the same speed of cyclists pretty rare,” said Tanoak.
He said that road safety is undoubtedly the key to all traffic participants in cooperation with each other, and the sighting. Positive Tamaki has said that the bicycle is becoming a routine traffic picture, which they counted, and they are noticed.
«Noticing the side, but the riders themselves can do so much, using vivid colors of clothes, darkest time of reflective vests and bike lights. Wearing a helmet could be more elementary than annoying habit of responsibility, since the helmet may save people in case of an accident or a fall of more severe injuries. It is also basic security equipment and careful rider acting as a model for the children, who often take over an adult pattern of behavior, “said Tanoak.
He added that it is definitely safe cycling culture in shaping a major role in the cycling-related infrastructure. Tamaki rider himself has said that the traffic safely and securely with ease, certainty, however, should not thereby be transferred to squander uljusele.
Cyclists will provide an understanding of the security of the traffic rules, the rules applicable knowledge and understanding of other road users’ behavior and taking them into account. It is also essential to the existence of bike paths and lanes, which would encourage the right place and properly operate, “said Tanoak.
This year, 126 traffic accidents happened rider injured 125 and killed one rider. Last year, at the same time dismissed the accidents of life six and wounded 110 cyclists with reflective vest.


Children and traffic – every age group has its own problems

As of today, 208 injured in traffic less than 18 years of age, and killed the two girls, both of whom were in a car accident at the passengers. Roughly divided into accidents so that half of the children will be injured passengers, the rest either pedestrian or driving any kind of device manager. These accidents where the child is himself an active role as decision makers, as well as a sense of culpability divided almost in half, and slightly more than half the cases, a child is injured in the accident.
Aside from the young fellow a passenger involved in the accident, the traffic, the children are the most error as foot passengers. It is quite logical that most have trouble crossing the road situation, precisely because in this situation, get into cars and so-called children of the same level. The driver’s side here is ensuring the road safety of the first rule of a reasonable driving speed of their locations in the vicinity of the road where the kids can get into. Individuals should be able to notice the warning signs, and not only the traffic signs. For example, a dog noticing the road and go through the head the idea that somewhere in the vicinity can also be a boy or a girl who goes along with the so-called dog.
Basically, you can prevent many childhood accidents for pedestrians with safety vest contribute to keeping anyone who travels on foot. In order to is a good example to show them and, if necessary, intervene simply pointing out the mistakes of others. Troll came down from the bunch meeterviiekümnene character still the second row, and in the worst case will not even see the traffic light. If a bunch of adults hasty ban on the fire despite the move begins, goes a little person unwittingly by them and promising to fire the approaching speed of the car, he did not even think about. The next traffic light is reaching back; however, he had already learned to go when you can, not when you had permits.
Ranked follows the young cyclists happened in road traffic accidents, which this year has been 28 doing shows in the last 12 months of accident analysis to pedestrian accidents, the age group 6-9 and older have less than that, and then the bicycle accidents are going to more frequent just 10 years of age upwards. Biking to help prevent traffic accidents in the rules of the knowledge, skill and proficiency in other drivers of two-wheeled chair. It is also worthwhile to prepare for the worst, and always use a helmet that is under 16 years of age and the mandatory reflective vest, which makes the rider a much more significant. The new traffic law, the possibility of wheel to use the crossing to be approached with extreme caution, however, because unlike the cyclists from pedestrians are not the prerogative of the zebra. More often sees urban traffic also unacceptable picture of a cyclist behaves according to the traffic light or other traffic conditions, when the driver once, when a pedestrian, and only as a last option, the driver defaulting cyclist.

Increasingly, parents give children with reflective clothing in road accidents in the shade of the young moped riders. Highways Agency 12-month analysis shows that nearly a hundred moped accident happened in the 40s moped drivers were under 18 years old. In 2011, in the latest accident, 22, and 13 of them have happened to a young moped driver’s fault. When it came to mopeds related laws in terms of a large gray area, it entered into force in July traffic law is here brought some clarity, and perhaps starts to spread the notion that the controller is actually the same as a car ride. Also, these driver requirements are not something a lot more lenient or less important. In any case, it should be remembered something that might be called eksponentvõrrandiks security – the higher the speed and the driver has less baggage of knowledge and experience, it should be cautious.
Uljust and team spirit does not seem out of the young people are not crying, asking or threatening. Enough only for the clarification and general understanding that the traffic violation is not cool, and do not pop or get yourself a youthful mistake in traffic or cause serious trauma to a friend. A colleague, Raul ROM from the Road Administration has said that although the bad circumstances coincide, the accident is inevitable; they are not necessarily the facts. And precisely these “facts” we must avoid the appearance.

Self-destructive attitude, or again in a retro reflector

Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) east prefectural police office manager Taro Tamest underlines the recent tragic consequences of road accidents in the light once again the necessity of the reflective fabric.
“The cells in the field of Kaput-Cells-Palavered 12 km road reflectors for pedestrians got hit by a car, injured a pedestrian died at the hospital” – just a partial message I received yesterday evening. First, I got to thinking that this year Virus road fatalities are now a total of 18 people, unfortunately, the majority of them either own or omissions as a result of abusive behavior. Quite a statistical reflection of a tough flight only, is not it!? Apparently, however, let’s also be honest about the need and necessity of the reflector with reflective tape has been said for many years, and the justifications or excuses for such behavior cannot be.
Entry of the retro-reflector is not a formal requirement of the legislator, but that it has a higher purpose – carrying it becomes more visible to pedestrians and drivers will make their driving significantly safer. The reflector is a decent car headlight light visible for a distance of 130-150 meters. While pedestrians like car headlights from afar, identified the driver without headlights pedestrian reflector spotlight only 30-40 meters away. When driving in the dark distracting the driver still oncoming car lights, scratches and dirt on the windscreen or in the rain and fog, so bad weather could almost halve this distance with a driver notices a pedestrian reflectors. In the worst case, it is only 15-20 meters, which is not enough that the driver is able to avoid the collision by braking for pedestrians with reflective vest. At a speed of 90 km / h the vehicle stopping distance on dry pavement about 70 meters. However, wet or snow is considerably longer stopping distance.

A hundred students in safety vest marched in CarMax

One hundred students from the Paul Saucier School and a handful of Divan of students marched Wednesday morning in CarMax (Ministered) against the proposed El Kombi law.
“We want the withdrawal of the law. We are worried that we could increase the working hours, lower wages or lay off more easily.” yellow reflective vest on the back, to frame the procession Tudgual Danged summarizes the claims of the students.
This Wednesday, March 9, 2016, they are one hundred (mainly Paul Saucier but also some of Divan) to have marched in the streets of CarMax (Ministered), between 11 am and 11 pm 30. Parties of Paul Saucier they joined the Town Hall square, where they were welcomed by Christian Triadic. The mayor of CarMax then received a score of them in the boardroom.
In their sights, as in other mobilizations in Britain, the draft reform of the Labor Code, carried by the Minister Miriam El Kombi. “El Kombi, this is bullshit,” they chanted in the parade. “We want things to move, for our future,” insists Tug dual Danged, student in safety vest in the first logistics pro tray.
Claims supported by Christian Triadic. “What they are contradictions as the bill is important,” responded Mayor CarMax.
The students with reflective element returned Paul Saucier shortly before noon Wednesday. The initiators of the movement have announced plans to soon organize new protests.

Wearing a retro-reflector in Estonia remain compulsory

Pedestrian to move in the left shoulder, and the dark, dusk, and in poor visibility conditions, use a reflector safety vest or a light source. Needed is a reflector in the city streets as street lighting is not everywhere adequate.
“On the left of the road to go, because people see an oncoming vehicle and caring for it to refrain from,” explained Head of Service Highways Agency traffic growing pressure Ellenberger Traffic Act rules and regulations.
The Road Administration reminds to everybody that the highway at the pedestrian to move in the left shoulder, and the dark, dusk, and in poor visibility conditions, use a reflector safety vest or a light source. Needed is a reflector in the city streets as street lighting is not everywhere adequate.
“On the left of the road to go, because people see an oncoming vehicle and caring for it to refrain from,” explained Head of Service Highways Agency traffic growing pressure Ellenberger Traffic Act rules and regulations.
According to him, this rule does not apply to cyclists, who have to move to the right side of the road. “However, it applies to everyone – pedestrians, evening darkness sörkijatele, cyclists, as well as, for example, rulluisutajaile – obliged to dark reflector safety vest or a light made visible,” said Ellenberger.
The Road Administration also shares this fall 5300 in cooperation with the police to road safety vests for cyclists, bike kodarahelkurit 6800 and 2240 sets of bicycle white or red light.
As every autumn Road Administration agrees, in addition, began the school year for all students of the first liiklusaabitsad. In co-operation with the police divided into a first-grade students and teachers in over 14 000 primary, which helps explain the important traffic rules. Primer feels as a child, parent and teacher of wisdom about how to behave in everyday traffic situations, and what to do if another road user to behave erratically. There is also talk of how important it is to make yourself visible in the dark, and you must know the bike.
In 2012, moved by a pedestrian was killed in a collision during the 16 blind pedestrians navigate, 13 of them outside built-up. This year, four have died in the dark, the injured 48 pedestrians with reflective clothing and pedestrian collisions are the number of early autumn arrives again on the rise.