Airbag reflective vest for motorcycle

Used in competition, the biker airbag vest by reflective material for the private individuals. A bit constraining to put on the first times, it is discreet to use and, above all, it does not bother the driver.


Specializing in bike equipment, Dinesen offers an airbag, D-Air Street, designed to protect the back, clavicles and thorax in case of an accident. Sensors, installed on the fork and under the seat, record the movements of the two-wheeler before being analyzed by a central computer. Thus, according to the manufacturer, the system is able to recognize all the critical situations: fall alone, rear impact, frontal or lateral impact… The life jacket swells in a maximum of 45 milliseconds. But the main interest of this new waistcoat is that the connection between the system and the waistcoat is wireless, which leaves a total freedom of movement. The other visible part of the device, the screen installed on the handlebar and which makes it possible to control the correct operation of the system is rather unsightly and too bulky. And all the more so because it provides only two really interesting information: the level of charge of the battery of the vest and the correct connection between the safety vest and the system.


The waistcoat also has autonomy of about 10 hours, a delay that we have actually observed. Let us hope that over the months, even years, it remains of the same order. However, in order to preserve the battery life of the life jacket, it will be necessary to switch off after every use. Similarly, it is advisable to switch it on only when installed on the two-wheeler to ensure good interaction with the control unit. An annoying detail: if the motor cuts off when the connection has already been established, in the event of a stall, for example, it will then be necessary to switch off and then turn the vest on again so that a new connection can be established. However, this operation is easy and the switch is easy to handle even with a large winter glove.


At the time of purchase, attention should be paid to the size of the vest because it is necessary to predict the differences in thickness between the summer and winter clothing. However, since it has wide elastics, it accepts size differences, but you should not take too large a size if you buy it in winter (and vice versa if you buy it in summer). Finally, once the habit of donning it, we appreciated the maintenance offered by D-Air Street thanks, in particular, to a very effective backbone. And, its yellow reflective back is also a not insignificant in terms of security because it makes it visible from a distance.