Ordering pedestrians to wear a reflective belt

In 2015, a total of 669 people died on Czech roads, which is about forty more than last year. The deaths of pedestrians, often thrown in the darkness, markedly increased. Tomas, the traffic police director, sees the problem that MPs have been delaying the approval of a law ordering pedestrians to wear a reflective belt. Now the bill is in the Senate.


According to the MF DNES, according to the calculation of the DN DNES, about 120 people died, the official numbers are not yet. Half of them usually hit the car in the dark. The most risky months are when it is dark.


“Pedestrians contributed quite a lot to the increase in deaths. We were pointing to the invisibility of pedestrians, which was just reflected in December’s statistics, “said Tomas, head of the Czech Republic’s Transport Police, MF DNES.

The boss of the convoys speaks out of his experience because he served on the weekend before Christmas and counted in December only seven killed pedestrians in Christmas, all of whom died in a low visibility.


“MEPs should have taken the law sooner to make the pressure on people bigger,” Larch thinks. According to the head of the traffic police, a similar obligation already applies in the neighboring Slovakia, and even in contrast to the Czech proposal, it also applies to the streets within the village. If the law were to pay, the number of deaths would probably fall below six hundred.


Ten times safer

“Experience from abroad shows is that the mandatory introduction of reflective material will reduce the number of pedestrian victims in the night from tens to units. But we want people to lead the reflection element to save their lives, whether it is mandatory or not, “Minister of Transport Dan Dick said to MF DNES. Last year, BESIP organized an awareness campaign to distribute the reflective strips.


MF DNES underwent specific cases of accidents in which pedestrians died, several weeks back. Very impressive is the accident of December 22, when the car crashed a fifteen-year-old girl near Lidice. The schoolgirl succumbed to the injuries. The Ford Mondi, whose driver ran the girl, passed two other cars just before the collision. Their police drivers are looking for a witness.

The tragedy showed that just the moment when a pedestrian on the roadside and two cars are passing by is very risky. The driver no longer has the place to avoid the pedestrians at the last minute, and he is also dazzled.


MEPs passed a law imposing the obligation to wear reflective elements while traveling on roads outside the village, which was approved on December 9. The people who leave without them in the darkness or fog, that is, in a diminution of visibility, as pedestrians on the road between two villages, will again face a fine between 1,500 and 2,500 crowns.