Reflective jacket for cyclists when it is compulsory

It’s Obligatory to wear the jacket or the reflex reflective braces when you ride out of town, half an hour after sunset at half an hour before dawn. And it’s Obligatory also in the gallery. These are the new rules of the Road Code.


Obligation of jacket and braces

For all cyclists to see in the dark is not only advisable, but also mandatory.

The Road Code forbids long journeys on bicycles without special visual signaling devices: white or yellow front light; Red backlight and red reflector; Yellow reflex reflectors on the pedals and on the wheels or on the sides. The recent changes to the Road Code also prescribe the obligation to wear a reflective vest or braces (such as those that are mandatory to hold in the car to use them in the event of an emergency stop) for cyclists in the following cases:

– Out of town half an hour before sunset at half an hour before sunrise;

– In the gallery.


Increase your bicycle safety

Improving your bicycle visibility increases your safety: therefore, it is always advisable to wear clothing with reflective bands or straps; or add intermittent lights to the bike, though not mandatory.

A “kits” visibility you buy with about 10 Euros: 3.50 euro x bracelet / leg, 5 euro for the safety vest, 6 Euros for flashing back light.

A little money and really well spent.