The best entrepreneurial project in road safety

“An accessory that can save your life”, this is how “Help-Flash” is presented, a Vigo project that has won the III Entrepreneurs and Road Safety Award from the Lines Directs Foundation. The invention consists of a led device that helps to signal vehicles stopped on the road due to breakdown or accident, thus preventing possible collisions of its occupants.


The idea, which began to take its first steps last year, left Jorge Torre, a civil guard based in Vigo, who joined the consultant Roberto Perez. Torre’s years of service led to this simple device: “If a fault occurs at night on a highway or a highway, the situation is very dangerous,” he explained to FARO at the launch of the lantern. “If a driver has to go out and put the triangles, it is not the same to go out only with the reflective vest that carries with it a light that emits visible flashes at a long distance,” he continued.


The jury of the event highlighted “its contribution to the improvement of road safety, its didactic and awareness-raising work, as well as its degree of innovation and its solid economic and organizational viability.” For this reason, he ranked among the 67 projects submitted to the event, which awards a prize of 20,000 Euros.


The “Help-Flash” is a small emergency lamp visible up to a kilometer away. It is activated with a magnetic support and can be used as a flashlight. The project has been developed in collaboration with the Automotive Technology Center of Galicia (CTAG), based in Portion, and with Avatar Hispania, which is a support association for victims of traffic accidents.