Equip with reflective vest to keep visibility

Center General Inspectorate of Romanian Police informs that the A2 motorway – Constanta motorway traffic conducted in fog, visibility was at times below 100 meters. For the same reason, it is difficult and circulating the A4 (less than 100 meters visibility), don’t forget to wear a reflective vest to keep visibility.


Also, the traffic is difficult to implement in dense fog conditions in the county of Constance, the DN22 between Constance. On this portion visibility is less than 50 meters, and the roadway is wet. Also in Talca County, visibility reduces haze in the 200 meters and 50 meters isolated as the entire road network. It’s very dangerous without any reflective material, be careful about the road safety.


To prevent serious accidents, drivers are advised to drive cautiously, slowly.

Fog, as well as reducing speed, increasing the distance walking and proper use of lights, in terms of highways and other specific rules must be respected:

– turn off the lanes and the emergency lane!

– in case of power failure or technical failure, turn on hazard warning lights, equip yourself with reflective vest, remove occupants off the roadway and place reflective triangles, one after the other, at greater distances!