A driver hitting and killing two horses, injured riders

One animal was killed on the spot and another had to be euthanized a little later, while two riders had to be hospitalized. The driver was intoxicated and not equipped any safety equipments, according to the first elements of the investigation.


The car “tumbled at full speed,” according to a witness. A rare road accident caused the death of two horses near Toulouse and injured two riders, reports this Friday “La Dépêche du Midi.”


The scene occurred Thursday, June 22. A procession of six riders, accompanied by a van, takes the side of a section of the departmental road near Mont, shortly before 23h. “They were driving to the left of the road to face any cars, as would pedestrians,” said the mayor of the village.


According to a witness, the group was “lit by the white truck of the owner, lights and warnings on to signal them well,” each rider wearing a yellow reflective vest and a bomb on the head. The road is also straight and illuminated at this place, the newspaper says.


“One of the horses literally flew in the air”

A car would have emerged and overturned the first two horses in the group. “One of the horses literally flew in the air, as well as his rider, to mow another before going to stop on the side,” says a woman who attended the scene.


One animal was killed on the spot and the other one had to be euthanized two hours later by a veterinarian who was there. Two riders were also hospitalized: a woman who left the hospital one week later for kidney pain and four broken ribs and a man for major wounds, which required the installation of six stitches.


According to the “Dispatch,” it appears that the driver of the car, a 34-year-old man, without wearing safety vest, was driving while intoxicated. An investigation is opened to know the exact circumstances of the accident.


Bus crushes head to cyclist without reflective vest

A man identified as Ricardo Sosa Retina, 32, died when a bus hit him while riding his bicycle without any safety equipment. This happened in front of the Hotel San Isidro in Villa, on the South highway.

According to the story of several witnesses, the cyclist was on the side of the road to Buenos Aires and the San Isidro-Palmaris bus was behind him, but for reasons that are still unknown, he lost control and he ran over him.


These people said that the public transport vehicle passed over him and one of his tires crushed his head, causing him to die instantly. The absence of a helmet, lights, and reflective vest influenced the bus driver not to observe him.


The Red Cross was the first to arrive at the site, verified a head injury and for that reason they declared him deceased. William Murillo of the Traffic Police added that the bus driver was given the respective exams to rule out any sign of alcohol. “The bus is in order, while the driver was tested for alcohol and came out negative,” he said.


Sosa lived in San Francisco by Daniel Flores, worked in a supermarket in the area with wear a safety vest, and was the father of a girl. In the comments of his neighbors, they remember him as a humble, hard-working, responsible, respectful, and loving man of his family. The investigation was carried out by the Judicial Investigation Agency.


Remember the safety equipment before starting a road trip

The drivers are increasingly rushing to use their vehicles and it is common to drive with cars that exceed 10 years, an age in which they increase the chances of suffering breakdowns. In this case, the safety equipment for car is necessary. When the car starts making strange sounds or gives problems in the middle of a journey, nerves should not carry you away and it is better to act calmly and respecting the rules. To avoid lying on the road, it is best to ensure that the vehicle is in condition beforehand, if it has passed its revisions and does not give problems, it is more difficult to stop working suddenly.


Before you get behind the wheel, check also that you have all the required documentation and, of course, check that your policy is in order and inform yourself of all the guarantees you have and before what problems you can resort to your insurance. For example, not all companies offer assistance when your car suffers a puncture or stops on the road. Others cover even the journey, stay in a hotel if you are away from home, and need accommodation.


What happens if the car breaks down while driving?

When your car starts to suffer problems, chances are you have time to detect it and take it to a workshop without needing a crane. If it stops, working suddenly while you are in town, getting help will be easy for you. The biggest problem is on roads, where you expose yourself to a more dangerous situation. Keep a reflective vest is good for your safety on road.


In addition, you will have to point out the accident with the emergency triangles. Placing them is very simple: on freeways or motorways you will have to place a triangle at a minimum distance of 50 meters from the back of the car and, on two-way roads, you will also have to put one on the front. Remember that whenever you are out of the car you will have to wear a reflective vest. If you do not, you run the risk fined or another driver will not see you and suffer an accident.


When everything signaled, it is time to contact your insurer or a roadside assistance service. While you wait, stay out of the circulation area and preferably inside the vehicle, unless you are standing on the road. If you go outside, stay behind the guardrail with the safety vest on. First, keep calm while you wait for help to arrive and act with caution.

What do you need for Safe Vacation?

There are Warm rays of sunshine, the sound of waves hitting the shore and hot sand. Who would not want to break away from work and take a short break over the Baltic Sea? However, before we realize such a scenario, we need to keep in mind a few basic things and safety equipment.


Have you made a decision? Let’s go! If you have chosen the purpose of your trip to the Polish sea, you are most likely to get there by car. At this stage it is worth remembering a few things. We often forget that our car also requires proper preparation. Therefore, before traveling make sure to check tire pressure, oil level and refrigerant. Be sure to make sure all the lights and indicators are working, and no part of the car will raise your doubts. If you have them – go to the workshop for a review.


Everything works? Do not forget also about the appropriate equipment: car kit, reflective vest, or warning devices – not all you should but also you must have in the car. If everything works as it should, and in the car everything is in place, it’s time to set out.


The right luggage is the basis

Although it may seem that “it’s just Polish sea”, the right luggage is a necessary part of a successful trip. Of course everyone has to take into account personal preferences, but some things are universal. You will definitely need a rain jacket, warm sweatshirt, swimsuit and light clothing for hot days. In addition, every responsible traveler should bring a well-equipped first aid kit. It is good to have more advanced accessories with you: a breathing mask and a life blanket.


But dress and first aid kit are not all. It is also worthwhile to ensure adequate protection from the sun. Let us remember that it is worth to take the umbrella and the windscreen to the Baltic. For all of this, let’s remember about the right sunscreen that is adapted to our skin as well as the hydration of the body. Do not stay too long in the sun, because it can end with a sun stroke.


Safe seaside relaxation

If we were able to remember all the things and finally reached the desired Baltic, then we can indulge in blissful laziness. However, remember that with the sea there are no jokes, so we only swim in the area guarded by WOPR rescuers and safety vest. Especially since the most common circumstance of drowning is bathing in unguarded but undefended. Second, under no circumstances do you combine rest with alcohol. We do not push ourselves too, because our body need not be accustomed to exercise, and then it is not difficult for the accident.