Be visible on the road, put the reflectors on!

It has been a year since the introduction of regulations that require everyone who walks in the undeveloped area after dark, wear reflectors. Policemen remind them that they have to check if we “shine” in the dark.

“It does not necessarily have to be a yellow safety vest. You can have a headband, tinsel or a key ring that has reflective elements,” explains asp. Marzena Szwed, from the KWP traffic department in Katowice. The reflector must be visible when we go sideways. For lack of it, the police may punish with a ticket. Up to PLN 500!

Pedestrians with reflective elements are seen on the road from a distance of more than 150 meters.

Good pedestrian visibility gives the driver a chance to notice him early and thus to avoid an accident. You don’t have to worry about trinkets only pedestrians walking on the sidewalk in built-up areas.

Don’t forget about it:

1. Always have your reflector with you. You don’t necessarily have to wear a yellow vest with reflective tape. You must have a fluorescent band. They are available on the market in yellow, white and blue. Bicycle drivers wear such leg and armbands, you can do that too.

2. Ladies can attach small reflective pendants to their bags. Such a strip in the spotlight can be seen from afar. This is a sign for the driver that pedestrians are traveling along the road. Gentlemen may have armbands, legs or vests, which we can buy for 5-10 zlotys.

3. The youngest kids can buy glare in the shape of teddy bears, elephants that flash. The idea is to attract the eyes of road users. The cost of buying such a gadget is 3 to 5 PLN. We place it in a visible place on a backpack, jacket or pouch that holds the toddler returning home.

4. When buying a jacket for fall, it is worth choosing one that already has reflective stripes sewn in. Many sports stores have these garments for sale. If you do not have such a jacket, you can buy a reflective tape in haberdashery and sew the child to a jacket or school bag.

5. Watch out for the ticket. If you are not visible at dusk moving in an undeveloped area you can get a ticket. From 20 to 500 PLN. How much we get depends on the policeman and the threat we have caused. The traffic participant is not only the driver on the road but also the pedestrian.

Wear reflective vest for college students

The students of the College Val Croup participated in the operation “reflective vests for college students for which the contribution of the Departmental Committee of ecotourism was required.

The lack of visibility of cyclists on the roads , is a real concern for promoters of cycling as a means of circulation or as a hobby. It was decided to work on this point. Young CDEJ members were associated with the operation to distribute retro-reflective vests in the 42 public and private colleges of the Tarn during a road safety campaign to promote the wearing of the clothes with reflective fabrics by young cyclists.

Alien Redo Departmental Ad visor was at the Collage Val Croup in the presence of Pascal Citigroup, principal, Dicer Huck CPE, and the young departmental adviser, to distribute to the students the yellow vests with a reflector tape that will make them visible on the road.