I’m visible, I’m safe

238 first class children received glare as part of the “I’m visible, I’m safe” action. For the 13th time, the President of the City of Fresno donated reflective accessories not only to pupils but also to Fresno schools. The meeting took place on Tuesday 27 September in the Regional Center of Cultured Borderland Culture.


This year the children received coloring “Communication Education” and a set of reflective elements and lesson plans while schools got the equipment to carry out the signs for pedestrian crossing, reflecting handkerchief – aimed at improving the safety of children during various outputs.

Traditionally, the Police has prepared children’s contests for traffic rules with prizes (pendants, bands and reflective safety vest) funded by WORD.


Litter for children

The meeting summed up the presentation realized by FAMA Group Show “under the name of” merry and safe “, who talked about the dangers of basic communication, lying in wait for children on their way from home to school. Children very energetically and spontaneously participated in the show, willingly performed on stage, together with the actors sang songs, and choral voice together answered questions.


The action “I am visible, I am safe” is implemented within the program of the Mayor of the city of Fresno “I grow safe – reflective vest“. Its aim is primarily to take preventive measures to improve the safety of children and young people on and off school grounds and to prevent the risks to which a young person is exposed.



Pedestrians must now wear reflective elements

The number of road accidents caused by pedestrians is rising. This is due to the wrong passage of communication, but also walking along it, when a walker in dark clothing fits with the surroundings and the driver sees him at the last minute.


The most vulnerable people in road traffic are children and seniors, so the presentation of the need to use reflective vest is first in their ranks. Yesterday, the Territorial Department of the Police of the Czech Republic in Loom and BESIP held this issue in the Club of Seniors.


“It is the first such event in the Region. About 30 seniors, with the BESIP regional coordinator Jan, provided reflection elements and information on how to use them, “said Pavli, a spokesman for the Czech police.


Last year, police also solved 26 road traffic offenses committed by pedestrians. This number may increase rapidly this year if pedestrians fail to comply with the new mandatory reflex feature. This is stipulated in new paragraph 9, paragraph 53, of the Road Traffic Act.


He says: “If a pedestrian goes out of the village in low visibility on the roadside or on the edge of the road in a place not illuminated by public lighting, he is obliged to wear reflective material placed so as to be visible to other road users. ”

Pedestrians must remember their visibility using reflexive elements not only in the dark but also at dusk, dawn, mist or heavy rain. The provision does not say how the reflex supplements should look and where it should be located.


“For the minimum, I consider the dimensions of the reflective tape, located best above the ankle on the side facing the center of the road,” says Roman from the Road Safety Team. Because of the reduced visibility, the drivers are best viewed by pedestrians with reflective accessories placed on moving parts of the body. The moving fluorescent points react roughly three times before the reflective surfaces are statically located on the fuselage. Reflective accessories can be in different colors, more pronounced than white, which can blend in with horizontal markings, are red, red orange, orange, yellow or greenish shade to provide more contrast with the environment.


When driving, the driver should anticipate the movement of the persons on the roadside and adjust the speed of the distance to which he has a view. In surveys, it was found that a driver driving with dipped-beam headlamps can see pedestrians at a distance of 50 meters or less, pedestrians with reflective elements of 100 to 150 meters. With the lights on, the pedestrian can see a maximum of 100 meters, a pedestrian with reflexes up to 300 meters. The differences are therefore striking.


Pedestrians who fail to comply with a new obligation are subject to a new fine of up to CZK 2,000. Initially, however, policemen will use lessons, invisible pedestrians will learn about the dangers they pose not only to themselves but also to vehicle drivers. But pedestrians should remember that they are exposed not only to the threat of financial penalties, but also possibly to the obligation to pay part of the medical or other costs incurred in connection with a traffic accident.


Reflective accessories can now be purchased, for example, in stores selling sporting goods. However, it is always necessary to take care of their quality, especially their sufficient reflective capacity. Reflective pendants also fulfill their function. We found them at Altman and G3.