No car should be driven without mandatory equipment

Every car must have mandatory safety equipment. If a thing is missing or invalid, the driver is liable to a fine of up to two thousand crowns. On the other hand, compulsory gear is not self-serving; it can help motorists in an accident or injury. In addition, which is the most important thing? For each driver it is different.


“Warning triangle, first aid kit, surely a vest. Probably a light bulb and a warning triangle, the most important thing to me is the reserve. “And that’s just the only thing that’s required to have a limited service life, usually five years. In addition, because it was the last time its contents changed by law in 2011, we should check if ours are still valid. In addition, according to Robert, a road safety expert, the car kit is important.


“This is because it can be useful not only when driving in a car. One has a car parked; somebody has an accident and so uses it from a car. I am still sure I can treat someone. “The youngest element of mandatory equipment is a reflective vest that we must have in all cars for the fourth year. Besides the first aid kit, there is also a warning triangle, spare bulbs and fuses, a spare or repair kit, a jack and a wheel nut. It is enough and we were wondering if the drivers had ever used some of the mandatory equipment?


“Not yet. I used a triangle and a first aid kit. I did not use anything else. I did once when I helped in an accident. I have not used anything for my driving career yet. “The law does not exactly say where the parts of the mandatory equipment should be, and so with Robert we get into the car. What mandatory equipment should we have in the cab? “Definitely a reflective vest is prescribed only for the driver. I recommend that it have all the crewmembers and have it so that I can dress it before I get off. There is also a first-aid kit at your fingertips to get her strapped from her seat. ”


We get out of the car and look back to the trunk, there should be the rest of the required gear. “But we must count on the fact that we Czechs mostly carry a full suitcase. What I need to get quickly available, perhaps a warning triangle should always be found, even if I have a suitcase full of platter. ”


In addition, due to the advent of modern techniques, Robert recommends other practical issues – Automap and small coins. “At the moment of navigation failure, the paper map may be very useful. Due to our payment cards, we often have little money. However, they can help us when we need it for example in the toilet and the petrol pump is no longer free or in the city where there is a parking machine.”


What worth to additionally have safety equipment

In different countries we meet different regulations concerning the obligation to carry such items as first aid kit, fire extinguisher or reflective vest. So what is the situation of obligatory elements in the equipment of a car in Poland?


According to the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 31 December 2002 concerning the necessary equipment of the car, there should be a fire extinguisher and warning triangle with the approval mark in every vehicle. Lack of required items and placing them in a hard-to-reach place is tantamount to receiving a mandate.


As recommended, the fire extinguisher should be inspected at least once a year and the contents of extinguishing agent must not be less than 1 kilogram. – No fire extinguisher can also contribute to the negative result of the vehicle’s technical inspection. Every vehicle must have a warning triangle with valid homologation. In the case of incorrect signaling of a stopover on a motorway or an expressway or lack of identification of a vehicle that is towed, we can also receive a mandate, “says Mace, Auto-Boss Edition Specialist.


Although it is not necessary to have a first aid kit in your car, it is important to carry it with you for the safety of others and your own. In the first aid kit you should find: bandages, gas compresses, patches, compression band, and disinfectant, mouthpiece for artificial respiration, protective gloves, triangular bandage and thermal insulation blanket. Obligatory vehicles should be equipped with a first aid kit for public transport – in taxis, buses or even in cars belonging to the driving school.


– Useful elements that should be included in our vehicle are a reflective safety vest and a set of tools that will allow you to repair any damage yourself. I encourage you to bring with you also the tow rope and light bulbs, because you can also get a mandate for driving without the required lights – added the expert Auto-Boss.