In the Smolensk region, traffic police officers presented drivers with reflective vests

Traffic police officers conducted a preventive event, during which they explained to drivers the essence of the new changes in traffic rules.


In March 2018, amendments to the Rules of the Road come into force, obliging drivers to use clothes with retro-reflective elements when stopping a car outside a populated area.


Employees of OGIBDD MO Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia “Pochinkovsky” in the service area held a preventive measure, during which they explained to the drivers the essence of the new changes and distributed reflective vests.


According to the new paragraph 2.3.4 of the Traffic Regulations of the Russian Federation in the event of a forced stopping of a vehicle or a traffic accident outside human settlements at night or in conditions of limited visibility while on a roadway or curb, the driver must wear a jacket, vest, caps with stripes of retro-reflective material that meets the requirements of GOST 12.4.281-2014.


Unlike pedestrians who can use a variety of reflective accessories, drivers are offered only a few options for retro-reflective clothing. Moreover, both the jacket and the vest should be initially manufactured using reflective fabric. For example, use a retro-reflective bracelet, a key chain or independently sew reflective strips on his jacket. The requirement of the new item applies only to car drivers. those. passengers retro-reflective clothing is not required.


The changes are primarily aimed at improving the safety of people on the roadway. If there are light reflectors, the probability of getting under the wheels of a moving car is much less, because the person on the roadway can be seen from afar.


If the driver will be on the roadway without a vest (at night outside the city) and he will be driven by another vehicle, then the driver himself, who has neglected safety requirements, will be guilty in an accident.


The state traffic inspectorate recommends that now every driver should have a retro-reflective vest in his car and put it on when leaving the carriageway.

A pedestrian died in Berezovsky district: crossed the M1 highway

On Friday, March 29, at the 122 kilometers of the M1 road accident occurred with a tragic outcome.


According to the Department of Internal Affairs of the Brest Regional Executive Committee, in the Berezovsky district at 20:45 a BMW 325сi car, driven by a 35-year-old resident of Birch, hit a pedestrian.


A 50-year-old local resident, who crossed the road in an unspecified place with a bicycle in his hands, hit the wheels of the car.


It is noted that the man had reflective vests, but this did not help to avoid an accident.


The driver did not notice the man and hit him in the left lane of the road. From pedestrian injuries died on the spot.

Children were reminded of the importance of traffic rules during the holidays

Children should learn the rules of the road from an early age and constantly observe them, including during the May holidays. This is the opinion of the Ministry of Education of Russia.


The child must learn the rules of the road and get the skills of safe movement, starting from pre-school age, RIA Novosti quoted the press service of the department.


The special attention of children on the observance of traffic rules should be paid on holidays and on the eve of the summer holidays. For this purpose, the specialists developed and sent out three leaflets to all regions of Russia: for students, parents, and teachers.


The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation participates in the implementation of the federal target program “Improving road safety in 2013–2020”. The department conducts advanced training courses for school teachers, employees of institutions of additional education and kindergarten teachers. They explain how to properly teach children about safe behavior on the street.


Experts stressed that the rules should be mastered gradually, starting with permanent routes. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account age-related peculiarities and psycho-emotional development of the child.


In addition, parents of schoolchildren should remember the importance of a personal example and abide by the traffic rules, that is, correctly perceive traffic lights and cross the “zebra” road. Children under the age of 12 should be transported in a car in a special chair, and reflective materials or reflective tapes should be attached to children’s clothing.


Earlier reported that the head of the traffic police, Mikhail Chernikov, at the conference “Safe Road. Road safety strategy until 2024” stated that he had made a proposal in the main committee of the department to reduce the maximum allowable speed for cars with children at 20 km / h.

Light in the dark kingdom. Where to buy a reflector for pedestrians

In the black-and-black city, black-and-black people walk on dark nights. Sometimes, even on the illuminated streets of Pskov, pedestrians literally fall out of the darkness onto the “zebra”. A lone figure hiding in a lampshade jumps out onto a crosswalk. What to say about the unlit roads in district centers. Yes, and in Pskov, there are enough dark streets and even avenues.


Suddenly warm November and December, a short light day turned snowless Pskov into the realm of dark streets, weak lanterns, and pedestrians in dark clothes. “People, you are not visible!” I want to shout to every person whose footsteps on the roadway.


Flicker: what is it and what is it eating with?


For those who do not know. Light reflective material makes the pedestrian more visible in the dark. According to official statistics, in the dark and when the dipped beam is on, a black body without a reflector can be seen in 30 meters. With a reflector – for 130 meters.


The citizens of Pskov who have visited Estonia with enthusiasm speak about the wonderful tradition of neighbors to wear reflective fabrics on their clothes. The survey results on the Pskov News site (507 people participated) showed the following:


4.93% of respondents wear flickers themselves.


10.06% answered that their child was wearing it.


3.75% reported that “the whole family is wearing.”


43.39% do not wear flickers.


37.87% do not know what it is.


We decided to find out: what about the light reflectors in Pskov. In search of “fireflies,” they phoned and walked around the Pskov shops. The search took place in various retail outlets: from small shops to supermarkets, gas stations, and auto parts stores.


I had to walk a lot and ride around the city. For example, at three Pskov gas stations could not find a single reflector. At the Pskovnefteprodukt gas station, they said that recently there were reflective badges and reflective vests on sale, but now they are over.


By the way, not everyone knows the word “flicker”. “How, as you said?”, “What is it?” Is the most common reaction of sellers. In fact, why use a foreign word, if the manufacturers came up with a Russian equivalent – light reflectors? Official speech and official slang are more suitable “reflectors”. Better and ask.

Owners required to hang reflective strips on livestock

Mangistau police ordered livestock owners to wear reflective tape on animals. In case of refusal, the owners face administrative liability. This was reported in the police department of the Mangystau region.


The action “Attention, animals on the road!” The police held from 23 to 27 November. They met with pet owners and talked about the importance of using reflective elements.


“As the analysis shows, the main share of accidents involving pets takes place at night, when the driver is not able to see an animal that has suddenly entered the roadway. This element will allow better notice of the animal at night. Feeds pet owners will have to make or purchase on their own. But at a meeting with the owners, we brought a few ribbons with us and showed what fabric they were made of. If the animal is found without a special tape, the owner will be held administratively liable,” the department said.

Lit up on the road: where to buy reflectors in Tyumen

Autumn has come, the light day is gradually reduced, and very soon the young Tyumen will go to school and return from it in the dark. Children remain active road users. But practical clothing of dark colors in this situation becomes an additional risk factor if there are no reflective materials on it. To protect children and make them visible on the road is an important concern of the Tyumen parents.


What does the law say

The use of retro-reflective elements is mandatory in accordance with the Rules of the road of the Russian Federation. The amendment obligating pedestrians walking along country roads to wear reflectors entered into force on July 1, 2015. For pedestrians moving along city roads, this measure is a recommendation, but not superfluous.


According to the traffic police, more than 90 percent of visits to pedestrians with serious consequences occur in the dark. A driver moving even at a low speed of about 40 km / h and using low beam headlights sometimes notices a pedestrian without reflectors too late. The driver is to blame, yes: not convinced of security. But after all many accidents could be avoided if pedestrians were more visible.


Children on the roads become participants in road accidents as passengers, cyclists and, of course, pedestrians. This year, 250 traffic accidents involving children took place on the roads of the Tyumen region. Seven children died, 274 injured. For all three indicators, there is an increase compared with the previous year. Meanwhile, the light reflector on clothes is a real way to protect a child from road injuries.


Where to attach the flicker

A reflector, or as it is called – flicker, works on the principle of road signs and reflects the light of car headlights. Light, falling on the surface of flicker, is concentrated and reflected in the form of a narrow beam. When the headlights of the car snatch out even a small light reflector, the driver sees a bright light point from a distance. Therefore, the chances that a pedestrian or cyclist will be noticed to increase many times over.


For example, when driving with a high beam, a pedestrian without a flicker can be seen only from one hundred meters, while a person provided with a reflective element can be seen for 300 meters. And this is sometimes enough to save lives.


Retro-reflective elements can be very different: in the form of strips, badges, bracelets, pendants or stickers. There are no GOST standards for placing retro-reflectors, there are only recommendations. For example, in the city, it is recommended that pedestrians identify themselves with retro-reflective elements on the left and right hands, and hang one flicker per belt and behind them a backpack. It is also advised to buy white or lemon light reflectors. It is believed that these colors have the most optimal light reflectivity in the dark.


“In general, it is best to buy clothes or satchels already equipped with retro-reflective fabrics. It is a guarantee that the child will not lose the key chain and will not forget to fasten it,” says Angela, head of the traffic police traffic safety propaganda department in the Tyumen region. At the same time, the presence of retro-reflective elements does not give an advantage in movement, they remind in the traffic police. Be sure to make sure that the driver saw you and misses.


Go, buy, hang

“The law was invented good, and they didn’t say where to get these reflectors” – the most frequent remark in conversations about flickers. If this problem really exists, then we have the power to solve it.

Tips for walking safely in the dark

The darkest days of the year are fast approaching. For many runners, this means training before the sun rises, or after work when it is pitch dark. With our tips, you can also keep it safe during those dark running sessions.


  1. Fluo is the new black


The more striking your clothing, the greater the chance that other road users will notice you from far away. So leave your black standard outfits in the closet and put on your most flashy sports clothing. Fashion guru Jani Kazaltzis may not like it, but you will also receive bonus points if you combine fluorescent with reflective tape. Nowadays there are even sprays that lay a temporary reflective layer over your clothing.


  1. Invest in lighting


You are well on your way with fluorescent and reflective running clothing. Which is much safer? Take care of your own lighting! With this, you shine on the floor in front of you, so that you can see where to put your feet. And drivers, of course, see from a great distance that a runner is coming. Think not only of white front light such as a head lamp but also a red rear light, for example, a run light that you wear comfortably in a “harness”.


The British firm RST launches three new versions of its Rallye jacket and trousers, garments specially designed for users of trail bikes.


They arrive at our market at the hands of BIHR, the exclusive distributor for Spain and Portugal of RST, the new versions of the Rallye textile jacket and trousers. Some technical garments specially designed to adapt perfectly to the different climatic conditions that adventure motorcycle riders must face on their trips.


Rallye jackets and trousers are designed with the purpose of offering lightness, comfort, and resistance in the most varied situations. For this reason, a combination of ballistic nylon and Maxtex has been used in its construction, also mounting reinforcements made of laminated nylon with triple seam. The result is garments with high resistance to tearing and abrasion, which, in addition, thanks to the incorporation of protections on knees, elbows, and shoulders, with CE approval; a trellis (level 1); and reflective tapes in different areas comfortably meet the safety standards required in the European Union.



As we told you, RST Rallye jackets and trousers are focused on a trail or adventure use, so they must be adapted to the most varied weather conditions. To achieve this, these garments incorporate a waterproof and breathable membrane called Sinagua, which is combined with strategically placed ventilation holes and heat-sealed zippers, an assembly that offers efficient protection against water without sacrificing a good level of perspiration. In addition, the Rallye set includes a removable thermal lining with which to face the coldest days of the year.



In RST, they have not forgotten the comfort section when creating their Rallye garments, incorporating elastic panels behind the knees, elbows and shoulders, with ergonomic design to facilitate the movements of the driver; offering different regulation options in waists, arms, neck and bottom of the trousers, by means of strips and buttons; and including numerous interior and exterior pockets to be able to always carry documentation, keys, smartphone at hand. And if it were, to get a perfect fit, you can find garments that are available in sizes ranging from S to 5XL, include interior straps and zipper union between jacket and pants.


Colors and prices

Rally jacket and trousers are available in three color combinations and in full black. The most striking and striking, specially created to circulate in areas with poor visibility, is the yellow version of fluorine and black. Next, to this, we have a more adventure, which combines different shades of browns; and another clearly asphaltic in silver and metal.

Reflective vest: the best 3

We have selected the best three high visibility reflective vests to wear on the bike when the moment requires it. All available at an attractive price.


  1. A-Pro


High visibility vest with reflector approved for motorcycles and cars. High-strength material with reinforced stitching, ergonomic design, lined, with an internal pocket for documents. Price of 6.79 euros, instead of 11.39, shipping in Express mode.


  1. Reflective vest with 36 LEDs:


18 powerful LEDs in the front and 18 LEDs in the back. Made of waterproof material. High-quality reflective tape. Two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for about 16 hours of light. The battery can be charged at any time via USB cable. Price of 49.95 euros, free shipping.


  1. OJ


Net Flash high visibility vest in perforated polyester. Equipped with two front pockets, adjustment for the bust and reflective tapes. Price of 32.69, instead of 49.39, free shipping.


The warning clothing of nationwide for assistance partner acting breakdown helpers had come in the years. Working clothing specialist Kübler developed a new collection together with the specialist dealer Drivetex, Eggolsheim. Apart from the red, the brand color of the assistance partner, it has almost nothing in common with the previous one.


The bar for the new high visibility clothing could hardly have been higher. “We wanted to find a perfect solution for the activities of the breakdown helper,” explains Erwin Schanda, whose company Drivetex exclusively distributes the new collection nationwide, if desired also as rental clothing with all associated services. In addition, there were harsh price specifications from the Munich headquarters of assistance partner, which required high quality from European production.


In order to achieve these goals, users from selected companies were involved in the entire development process. In discussions and through the observation of work assignments, it became clear that a revision of the hitherto used protective clothing was necessary. In the meantime getting old clothes the fit was outdated. The offered size mirror left to be desired, which at the expense of well-being, but also the security went. “We saw here and there rolled-up trouser legs,” reports Schanda. “In the worst case, the specifications of the warning protection class 3 for the surfaces of background and reflective material are then no longer fulfilled, which means that the insurance coverage of the trade association according to the current standard EN ISO 20471 is omitted,” warns Schanda.


Employees benefit in many ways


The new clothing impresses with its modern, sleek design. She sits like a second skin and still makes every move. This is ensured by Kübler’s specially incorporated comfort zones in the waist, back, neck, arm and knee areas, which are equipped with ergonomically positioned seams, stretch inserts and knit cuffs, among other things. In the pants, the elastic waistband contributes significantly to the excellent fit. The striking look of the clothing in warning red with anthracite-colored contrast inserts and segmented reflective tapes also guarantees a high recognition value for the employees of assistance. The arrangement of the reflective stripes gives the breakdown helpers the best all-around visibility. “Every breakdown assistant and every breakdown helper will benefit from the high wearing comfort and the improved protective function,” emphasizes Klaus Stemig, Managing Director of the assistance partner. Because the new, according to EN ISO 20471 certified high visibility clothing also includes women’s models and covers the complete garment size grid. Special sizes, like 7 XL, are also available. They are individually made by Kübler.


Individual wearing comfort


With the new high-visibility protection collection, the assistants of assistance partner will be able to choose between different garments. For the summer months, a light work jacket and a vest are ready. As an alternative to men’s trousers, there is a dungaree. For the transitional and winter months, the designers at Kübler have specially developed an onion tray system consisting of thermal underwear, trousers, and softshell jacket or vest as well as a waterproof warning jacket with breathable Sympatex climate membrane. In combination with bib or dungarees, this fulfills class 3 of the warning standard and class 3 of the weather protection standard EN 343. “On the one hand, this takes into account the individual feeling of cold and on the other hand prevents the helpers from working up a sweat when they are in the emergency vehicle,” says Schanda, referring to the comments of the wearers who tested the new clothing in advance.


The pocket solutions are also the result of intensive analysis of the typical work processes at assistance partner. For the compulsory carrying tablet work, softshell and weather jacket and the vest on the right chest side were equipped with an inside pocket and zipper. Equally cleverly designed is the Smartphone pocket integrated into the left breast pocket with lateral engagement. The free hanging pocket on the right leg picks up wrenches or other tools. Additional storage space for tools offers the left thigh pocket with zipper. Left and right-handers will enjoy the wide-cut side pockets with overgrip function. The water-repellent knee pockets, which can be quickly filled from above, also prove to be user-friendly. They are certified by Kübler in accordance with EN 14404 in combination with the matching knee pad. Cordura reinforcements on the pockets, knees, and elbows ensure that the clothing will last a long time when it comes to accident and breakdown service.


The modern design and high wearing comfort of the high-visibility clothing designed for the Assistance breakdown helpers can also benefit their colleagues in the car workshops. You have the workwear collection Pulsschlag by Kübler at your disposal, which stood by the new high-visibility clothing. Thus, the partner companies of assistance have the opportunity to dress their employees consistently high-quality.