Cyclist in safety vest check with their wheels

Before it goes to the first bike ride of spring, wheels should be thoroughly checked. Together with the police explained Prussia mascot at the stadium, how to do it correctly. At its own tricycle light was broken.


With a stern look Erwin Henchman Prussia looks at Mascot Günter. “On your bike light is broken,” says the traffic police educator in safety vest. Günter can hardly believe it. His green-white bicycle which visited the foal regular elementary school students of the city was a few months in the cellar. Now that spring is around the corner, Günter has dug out his tricycle back and invited all fourth graders to have control with him in a car fixed bicycles. The police came by and looked to see if everything is in order. Was once something is defective, the children got immediate help from members of the ADFC. They repaired the wheels. However, the response to the traffic was extremely hard maul.


“Starting in April, I’ll try to ride a bike to work,” says Mathis Wassermann. The police chief is an enthusiastic hobby cyclist and just could not resist when he saw Junkers tricycle. He immediately jumped on the vehicle and raced behind up and down. A colleague of bike season commented: “The proceeds from pretty.” may never absent in Wassermann the helmet. “I am already fallen twice and was glad not to hurt me. That is why it is important to wear a helmet and reflective vest,” he told the children. Most of them follow suit. The cooperation with the primary schools is not new for Prussia and the police. “Since 2012 we are committed to be the first club for road safety,” said Junkers supervisor Nadine. For two years Günter attends the training bike the fourth school year. For as much use were he and the police of the children the price “The Red Knight”. The Transport Festival should serve to make the children and their parents aware that a bicycle before riding in the spring must be thoroughly checked to ensure that nothing happens.


“If it cannot itself, help shops in maintenance,” said Erwin. It is important, for example, that the chain is not rusted. The brakes and the lights should work. Importantly not only the brake hoses should be intact, but also the small rubber with which the brake touches the tire. Has a bike stood long, possibly air has to be pumped into the wheels. “One should renew it every five years. Even if he does not have any visible damage, fine hairline cracks may have formed. Then, the helmet is no longer safe,” explains traffic educators Henchman. Since it is not yet properly morning and evening light, bicycles must have at least two reflectors per tire. Alternatively, it also does reflective strips that are attached between the spokes.


The children who came to Junkers traffic hard, had little defects on its wheels. As a reward, there was for them yellow safety vests, where Prussia’s mascot is ready.

Tower School received traffic safety vests from AC glues

For a few days they go now in the school: The new first-graders in safety vest have slowly adapted to life in the tower school glues. Also the way to school they become better and better, even though they are brought still mostly brought by the parents to class. But that is eventually no longer necessary – they can walk to school then cope alone. Whether by bike, the scooter or on foot – on the road, the youngest students must still take good care. Autumn comes by leaps and bounds and so slow it is outside also dark earlier.


Allowing students nevertheless are highly visible to other road users on their way to school, the Motor Club Leiden has carried out its Body protector’s action in the ADAC again. Nationwide distribute the local organizations of the Automobile Association a total of approximately 750 000 yellow reflective vest to first graders.


Also in Leiden distributed Horst, the Secretary and Christa, the main cashier of the automobile club ADAC glues together with Mayor Hans Reginald 100 reflective vests to the first graders, the tower school glues. Full of enthusiasm the children accepted the West and tried to also equal to. Angela Munch, freshly tilled new principal of the Tower School, thanked on behalf of the children, the teachers and the parents for this important donation.


This means that the parents can help the children can find their way on the road and thus inform, about the safety vest and other reflective fabric, there are tips below

Reflector at night – so you see the light

It’s dark, suddenly appears a cyclist on without wearing safety vest, you put out an emergency stop. The cyclist continues unchecked, you sitting with a beating heart behind the wheel. To experience something Hamburger motorists often: Because nearly 40 percent of the cyclists in the dark without light are traveling. It is not always made lightly. At the other extreme: bike, the same one driving disco with flash all-round flashing lights in rainbow colors. Here you can read about the rules there are and what is allowed.


What is allowed?

According to Road Traffic Licensing Regulations bicycles must have a white headlight and a red tail light of at least three watts and six volts. The light intensity of the light must be ten lox or more. “The beam must be at least tilted so that its center only half to five meters is as it leaves the spotlight,” said police spokesman Ulf the optimal setting.


The rear light must be at least 25 centimeters above the ground attached. In addition, reflectors (front white, pedals and spokes yellow, red at the rear) required. Admitted are also white reflective strip on the tires. Since 2013 bikes must have no more Dynamos. That is, lights are allowed plug – but only if the said reflectors are mounted. Furthermore: so Dirk Lau ADFC Hamburg “For cyclists the behavior duty also daily operational carry remains”.


Are there exceptions?

On road bikes under eleven kilos reflectors are not required.

Can I install additional lighting?

In principle, only the prescribed lights and reflectors may be attached. Colorful disco light and other effects are prohibited. Given also the popular power belongs saving flashing. “But when the lights in accordance with the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations, each wheel can be individually” says Lau. However, should not be blinded to other road users.


How expensive it is, when I’m driving without lights?

Theoretically, the light must always be switched on. Who plug lights; these must always have and at a control also can turn during the day. If one is without lighting the way, threatens a fine of 20 Euros. If one risks in addition other, there are 25 Euro. And if by an accident occurs with damage to property, even 35 Euros.


What should I look for lighting fixtures?

Racing cyclists need rather far glowing, narrow light cone. Mountain bikers and city cyclists better use a shorter, but wide floodlight. Who has many stops at traffic lights on his way, should install a lighting system that brings from start-maximum brightness. All lights must be approved by the Federal Motor Transport Authority. These lights can be recognized that they have the following characters: a wavy line, behind a “K” and the test number.


Dirk Lau ADFC still has a tip: “When buying LED lights should make sure that you can mount the bracket easily. The lights you take with usually when you park your bike. It is therefore important that the lamps can be easily removed. ”


What can I do to be seen well?

Lau holds a “with the legal regulations appropriate lighting” sufficient. “No cyclist must ride as a flashing Santa Claus in the winter,” he says. “Road safety is increased by adjusting the speed, especially motorists, not by safety vests or flashing bicycle helmets.” Who wants to play it safe, but can wear reflective vests or bicycle helmets.

Simple safety vest that can save lives

To make the schooling for children safer, the ADAC has set its sights on the flag. Children are particularly dangerous in road traffic, because they are often recognized by drivers as late. Reason enough for the ADAC to equip the youngest traffic users with reflective safety vests. The 44 first-graders of the Hardener Montessori received free warnings for all about 750,000 school-leavers in Germany yesterday.


After the headmaster Martina Flore had thanked the representatives of the sponsors for their traffic safety management, Heinz, Managing Director of ADAC, Wolf-Otto Birgit (ADAC OWL) and “Yellow Angel” Robin the first i-male their safety vest. Until the beginning of the autumn holidays, the West is to be handed over to all other first years of the participating 16,000 schools throughout Germany.


The ADAC’s representatives made it clear that the high incidents of young traffic were still alarming. According to this, 28,235 children were injured in road traffic in Germany in the past year, 84 children fewer than 15 died, 20 of them in primary school. “Children still do not have a proper overview and recognize risks often too late,” Sasses urges and appeals to the parents to make their offspring visible. “A bright, reflective clothing like our safety vest helps to protect children better.”


The campaign goes into the seventh edition this year. Since the beginning, some 5.3 million security vests have been distributed free of charge to first-graders. “Children are much more likely to be injured in autumn than in summer”, says Whitecap. “With the safety vest, girls and boys are perceived much earlier. This is why the West should be worn not only on the way to school, but also during leisure time. ”


In the district of Minden-Lubbock there are 64 schools with 3110 first years. In OWL a total of 372 schools with 19,910 school beginners participate in this action. In order to improve the traffic safety of schoolchildren, parents with their offspring should practice the school route. “Very important: always go on the road, where the cars meet,” concluded in the end with all on the way. District police superintendent Fried helm Rotec warned: “Always take good care in road traffic and always wear the safety reflective vest!” Afterwards the girls and boys were allowed to take a look at the ADAC vehicle “Yellow Angel”.

Pedestrians in the dark must wear safety vest

Last year, six pedestrians without safety vest have been killed in the district of Schweinfurt in accidents. They had not been recognized in the dark on the road and motorists. This year, another pedestrian was killed. How should you protect yourself?


Within the city, the thing in the dark is quite simple – mostly, anyway. Pedestrians use the sidewalks, cross at crosswalks or traffic lights roads and have a sense of security. The pedestrian sees a car coming – the other way that is not often the case.


There are many ways to dress as pedestrians wrong in the dark. Or, the other way, it’s actually easier to increase the personal safety. Iona Berne lists three items: “reflective vest, triangle-cloth or foot and bracelets reflect.” A flashlight is also okay, but should be a pedestrian the cone of light obliquely downward directed to the street. “For motorists this is good to see,” says the acting as traffic safety consultant Police upper commissioner. But the life is not so ideal.


This is on the Highway Code

“Who goes on foot must use the sidewalks,” it says in paragraph 25 of the Road Traffic Regulations (RTR) apply. The road may only use pedestrian when the road has not yet walkway verges.


On the road applies: within built has to be passed on the right or left edge of the roadway. Outside built-up areas is the left verge duty (exceptions may be, for example, rocks or walls that rise directly at the left edge of the road).

“When it is dark, when visibility is poor or if the traffic situation so requires, must be passed one after the other.” Since the STVO knows no mercy.


From a legal perspective is likely a pedestrian, who is embroiled in dark clothes at night in an accident, always threatens a partial liability as a major contributor.

Appear exaggerated whom these instructions, a look at the accident statistics should throw: In 2015, 18 people in the district of Schweinfurt come in accidents killed. Six of them were traveling as a pedestrian “and have not been seen.” The time of the accident was in the evening or night hours, respectively.

Also this year is in the district of Schweinfurt, a pedestrian who could not be seen, died in an accident in the dark to death.


Schoolchildren, so recommends the policewoman, should always wear to school a light jacket – “it is indeed often the beginning of school year” – pay attention to the clothing or trailers with reflective tape sign. “Also during the west and Blinks should be supported because it is detected the better,” advises Iona.


But even the right clothing and the presence of a police officer does not protect forever. The road safety consultant is practice with school children’s behavior on the road. This includes the use of crosswalks. “We always tell the children that they should go only when an approaching car has stopped.” However, many motorists would not know. “The drive then but across the crosswalk because they think the children would have changed his mind,” the Upper Commissioner describes her experiences.

Sporty through the winter with reflective vest

Who does not know that? Outside, it’s too cold to go jogging. The air burns in the lungs and a runny nose. We’ll show you how you defy with the right tips of the cold.

Many recreational athletes refrain in the dark and frosty months on outdoor exercise with wearing a safety vest. But in the home, there is often not enough space and opportunities.


Strengthen your immune system:

Regular exercise such as walking, running or cycling strengthens in the cold season, not only the immune system and protects against infections but also helps against postpartum depression during the dark season. Sport and exercise in the fresh air, keep the production of the stimulant hormone serotonin and the circulation going. Even with gray, cloudy sky natural light is still three to four times as much as the room lighting. Therefore, experts advise to go if possible half an hour daily outside.


Properly warming up:

A cold start is taboo in winter. Coming from heated rooms to sports outside, the organism has to adjust to the low temperatures. Who starts the same with full intensity, breathing too fast in the cold air and risked to irritate throat, bronchial tubes and lungs? Thus, the common cold risk increases. Even muscles and joints take longer to reach operating temperature. In winter, the proper warm is therefore particularly important. The warm-up should be about 20 percent of the total training time.

Not to dress warmly:

Many athletes dressed thin clothing in wintry weather too warm to. The best athletes dress in wind or freezing temperatures after the three-layer principle: underwear, a warming insulating layer around fleece, which does not store moisture, and a protective layer with reflective material. This may for example be a breathable windbreaker which moisture can escape from the inside out, but the wind, rain and snow keeps.


Head, feet and hands Protect:

Advisable are also hats, scarves and light gloves because the person loses about 40 percent of body heat through the head and neck. Who rides a bike in winter, must be well protected especially hands and feet against the cold, otherwise they will quickly numb. For hands-lined, windproof gloves are a must. Two pairs of socks help only when the shoe is not too tight, because the air acts as an insulator between foot and shoe. Also neoprene overshoes and a breathable rain pants help against freezing temperatures.


Reflective clothing for safety:

Bright and reflective clothing increases safety for joggers and cyclists. A safety reflective vest in yellow or orange fluorescent paint can help cyclists in addition to be better perceived by the public. During the winter months it is dark earlier and is light later. Therefore, at this time reflective clothing or vests for safety in traffic very important.


Sufficient light on the wheel:

The wheel should be clearly visible in the dark, both through its own lighting and reflectors. In addition, the can in accidents have expensive consequences. By the way: bicycle trailer need own lighting system. They must be fitted in the dark with a tail light when the rear window is obstructed on the bicycle by the trailer.


Throttle pace while cycling:

In ice and hard packed snow cyclists should slow down and enter into neither curves nor brakes. To get more grips on the road, air can be let out of the tires to the prescribed minimum pressure. Also for bikes, there are now special winter tires and provided with metal pins road spikes. Who also adjusts the saddle lower by a few centimeters, gets quickly when needed with both feet grounded?

Police advertises reflective products

Visibility in the dark is an important issue not only for children. A safety vest with reflective tape can enhance the visibility and its good help for safety. Older people are particularly at risk in traffic. The police and the Office of Transport Management informed yesterday seniors on road safety in the dark season.


Especially one was stressing: Even light-colored clothing is dark at night. , A white jacket protects hardly even if it is better than a black one. What really helps reflectors is available in all shapes and colors. Whether reflective bracelets, pendants, and umbrellas with built-in flashlight, shopping bags or the classic safety vests – everything was there, was introduced, tested, given away or sold. Joachim Tabatha, road safety consultant for the police informed around 50 interested in the center plus the Awe on the road victory. “In particular, the fully reflective jackets and caps are a great innovation,” said Tabatha. Even small trailers are particularly useful. These are hardly recognizable as such, but would have a strong effect when light falls on them. Products such as tapes and trailers should be secured, especially in the arms and legs, as the movement is easier to detect.


Maria Gaze already has many reflective items. She is particularly impressed by the fully reflective jackets and the inconspicuous trailers. “They’re not quite as flashy, but do seem to work well. My husband often uses the normal safety vest, which I like but not so much,” said Gaze. In addition to the reflective products mainly active systems such as LED or flashlights are good helpers. These shine by themselves and need not be only illuminated.


Of course, the behavior remains important in traffic. Especially in the winter months, the police will also pay greater attention to the lights of cars and adherence to predetermined speeds. Here are now also increasingly pedestrians are aware of their security, then will wear a reflective vest on the road to keep safe.

Safety vest and reflectors: children are more visible

In Hilden Monday made 37 preschoolers fit for traffic. After all, many are attracted to dark and difficult to see. Only last Friday, it happened again – a six-year-old boy was hit on the way to school by a car. He walked carelessly into the street and was seen too late by a motorist. Luckily he was only slightly injured. Even so, the police took the case as an opportunity to make the parents of school children point out once again that children should wear brighter and reflective clothing.


The purpose also follows the series “twinkle in the dark,” the Monday has made in the Caritas daycare sunflower in Hilden support. 37 pre-school children aged five to six years has been lacking playfully fit for road traffic – especially in what concerns colors and reflectors.

“It’s amazing how few children wear reflectors.”

Karoline shrub-Schmitz, General Manager Road Safety


“Finn’s jacket is the best way to see” the children when they faced each other in the darkened dining room of the day care center in jackets and winter boots and the light beam of flashlights fell on the bright green winter jacket shouting. Other kids thought Thales jacket best seen – a pale lilac model with reflective stripes.

The group of Finn and Thales is the third to be conducted on that day by the program of road safety organization. “This is a very good group,” says Andrea Hoofer from kindergarten – she means both colors of the clothes and the children’s attention. Karoline shrub-Schmitz, Managing Director of Road Safety, agrees. In contrast, it was surprising how many children wore still dark or black jackets. “It’s amazing how few children wear reflective safety vest,” she says. The problem was mainly the parents who endogen their children to dark clothing. “Parents pull children like little adults.”


In this group there were some dark blue or black jackets. It should be bright, reflective clothing so important, says Karoline shrub-Schmitz. The number of accidents with children was gone off. That is why the children would have to be sensitized. So you could also put pressure on the parents. “Otherwise, we reach the little.” This year the traffic guards were the first time at the four day care centers in Hilden guest. Grate from the city says it is still money been left out of the pot of state funding for transport projects, as he had requested for the project Hilden.


Accident rates raise again – and the money for programs

Karoline shrub-Schmitz says it generally spend more money on traffic education – for all ages. Especially in children (see box). Especially children lacked increasing traffic competence. “The children are executed placed anywhere and moved. They lose their own mobility “- and that increases the risk of accidents.” You will lose the ability to self-navigate the traffic.” And if they did but then tried by a day to the times themselves, the uncertainty is large, and the danger too.


Andrea Hoofer from kindergarten Sunflower, it is important to prepare the children to the school. “Many of the children go in the coming year in various elementary schools, some with wide school routes.” The Kita strip their contribution: “We go for walks and in winter even practice the way to school,” she said. But every other program would be welcome. Because even if many would walk – a lot of kids would just yet driven by car to the day care center when their parents they would bring over on the way to work.


For the children, the program Monday was especially great fun. The children were not only the self-experiment in the dark, first without, then with reflective vest in the glow of the flashlight. They painted a paper figure on their own terms, in order to subsequently be compared to a dark painted figure in a cardboard: Which is more visible? Guidelines for the structure did not exist. The children should realize the visibility of their own color choice. Leading the charge were inspired by football color combinations such as black and yellow, blue, red and black, red and gold. But at least there were colors that are far more visible than black, gray and brown.

Safety vest as a gift for customer

With the license plates to the Admissions Office – Drivers can already go with the number plate for approval today. Who wants to sign his car new in a vehicle registration office, has plenty of time sometimes. In the spring, for example, is extremely busy at the office, because traditionally are now raising numbers of car purchases and – significantly. At least the time-consuming and often nerve-wracking step of signs pressure can save every motorist today. License plates, Environment badge, reflective material parking sign or bike rack plate can be in advance with suppliers easily and inexpensively purchased online.


Vanity Plate: direct link to the registration office

“Know only about five percent of German motorists that it marks not only the community, but also online are,” said Eduard Reinhardt, operator of the online portal. “The ordered online license plate has the same quality as you get them also at the registration office,” said Reinhardt. They are, as required by the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations, safety vest and wear on the front of the corresponding DIN test and monitoring signs. Before the customer orders the license plates online, he should have but it reserved at the registration office.


About this is conveniently possible because through the website, the customer can link with 98 percent of all German registration authorities. It is directly connected in this way with the Authority and online can check the availability of the license plate and make the reservation. The cost of the reservation and issuing a vanity plate nationwide uniform and is at 10.20 Euros for the license plates themselves and 2.60 Euros for the reservation. But the booking fees are only payable if the license plates will be issued. The amount in the approval on site at the registration office is paid.


Safety vest as a gift

With signs orders in the online shop to 18 pm, the order will be produced on the same day, safely packaged and shipped. As a gift, there are still top of a reflective vest for each customer.

The municipality funded reflective vests for the Nursery in Poverty

– Safety is the number one issue – emphasizes the director of Nursery Poverty Monika. The facility every day children are reminded of basic principles. And today, in addition each child, but the staff and the facility received the safety vest, which after dark can save lives.


Preschoolers know very well what they are reflective vests and how they work. – They are to protection – Says the 5-year-old Oskar. – After that, we were to see better – she said Olivia. – And it works so that in the light of the moon begins to shine this vest – explained the boy.


Kindergarten purchase reflective vests for children and so had planned. – But you know it’s another expense. And if we got such a beautiful gift from the community, we will be able to spend money planned for another purpose – says Monika, director of Kindergarten in Poverty. – Life jackets will be useful and it very much! Quite a few come out in the open air, on walks. Children reflective vest will be visible from a distance, it will raise the level of safety educators will be calmer. And because on the jackets bearing a coat of arms, during trips outside the municipality we will immediately know where we are – smiles the director.


For this, the glare actually increases the level of security to convince the youngest commander of the Police Station in the Forge Henry. – Twilight falls quickly. At 16.00, 17.00, children should wear them whether it is on the way from kindergarten, school or on the way to the store, church, just everywhere – advised the commander. Stresses that the difference in distance perceive pedestrian glare and without, is huge. – Drivers are aware that walking without glare see properly at the last moment, then it can lead to tragedy. With vest pedestrian you can be seen even from a distance of 150 meters. It’s a big and very important difference – explains a police officer in reflective fabric jacket.


To the topic of safety at the nursery in Poverty approach very seriously. – In one form or another virtually coming out every day. I still recall the basic principles to inform pass. We also talk with parents to sensitize children also in the home. It’s such a multilateral security cooperation children – explains the director of the kindergarten.