The colorful world of school reflective bags

Surely they should be easy and easy when it comes to their parents. Children pay attention to patterns and colors when purchasing school bags. If you ask the police, it is mainly light reflecting surfaces, so that every school child is seen well.


In the old days school bags were made of sturdy leather. The material held a lot in the school day, but also brought a handsome weight. Today the fashion looks a bit different. Colorful plastic is used, which most children like. Nicole Fischer, who has just been trained in class 1b of the Gerhard, is wearing a pink portfolio of Filly horses. “I was allowed to choose myself,” says the five-year-old. Her classmates, Tibet, Sharon, Jason and Jessica, have chosen their portfolios primarily as to which colors, patterns and figures they like best.


But besides the chic appearance, safety and weight should also play a part in the purchase. Orthopedists and health insurance companies recommend that an empty sack should not be heavier than 1100 to 1400 grams. And even for five, six-year-old schoolchildren it is already a great deal, considering that books and notebooks still have to be transported.


Deter Schulz, Prefect of the Police, advises to pay attention to sufficiently large reflectors when purchasing them. “They are very important in the sides of the satchels, so they can only be seen by schoolchildren when they cross the street.” Nowadays, most school bags are relatively well equipped with light-reflective material, says Schulz. “Where there is a lack of reflectors, parents should retrofit and sew them tightly to the binders, and when the dark season comes, it is indispensable.”


“Dr. Theodor Neuberger” among the first-year satchels is many colorful motifs. Hello Kitty and Mermaid Arielle, but also butterflies have chosen many girls. Sea-dwellers dominate the boys. All folders are color. “We were never asked by the parents before,” says Monika. The decision is still made by the children in the families. “However, what we are already giving to the parents of the new first years at the preparatory meeting is an information folder with all the contacts and a detailed material list for each lesson.”


Has fashion changed over the years? “In the past, the satchels were definitely not plastic,” says Monika. Her own model decades ago were still leather and not as colorful as the knapsack nowadays. How fast the primary schoolchildren are separated from their first choice for enrollment is seen in the third grade. Only four of the 13 pupils are still on the road with their satchels – partly proud, partly waiting for him to break. “My colorful portfolio was embarrassing to me,” says Pirelli. He moved to a single-color blue model. “The old one has always been depressed,” says Leon, who now wants a comfortable backpack with safety reflective tape – just like many other high school students.