Yellow vest and gloves are mandatory for all

That could again make the bikers angry. With the New Year, two-wheeled motorcycle owners will have to comply with two new obligations. The safety vest, first of all, it is that every motorcycle or scooter driver will have to carry with his hands, in his panniers or his top-case, whereas it is compulsory for the motorists since 2008. In the contrary case, the offender exposes himself to a first class ticket for 17 Euros. And as for motorists, the motorcyclist will have to wear it in case of emergency stop. Otherwise, he is liable to a fine of 135 Euros.


The other equipment that becomes mandatory is the pair of gloves. Not mittens or woolen gloves, but leather gloves duly approved. The implementing decree introducing this obligation must be published in the coming days.


“It will help not to destroy your hands too much”

We know the drivers of two-wheelers loving freedom, so what do they think of these obligations? In the category of good students, there is David, 41, biker to the tips of his fingers. “Me, I have the helmet, boots, a leather jacket, gloves and a yellow vest in my bag”. We want to put a 20/20, especially since according to him, impose gloves to all drivers of motorized two-wheelers; it is a measure of common sense. “I always have gloves, if you fancy your mouth; it will help not to destroy your hands too much”.


“It’s 60 Euros a pair,” he explains. He has an idea that could encourage all drivers to equip themselves: “There could be a small financial assistance, or maybe a discount at the insurance level for us to be equipped.”


“Intrusive rules that add up all the time”

It would calm down Yank, 34, who rides on a scooter. He bought a yellow jacket reluctantly and for the approved gloves, he is not ready to equip himself. “It’s quite restrictive, and everyone should be free to decide whether or not to wear gloves based on the risk they take.” He is annoyed by the “extra rules that are added all the time”. He finds this “intrusive”.


Additional obligations, there is an additional freedom all the same this year for the two wheels. From February 1st, motorcycles and scooters will be able to circulate between two lines of car in Ile-de-France, in Gironde, and in Rhône. Until then, it was only tolerating.